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  1. Hi everyone I have a problem, Another letter came today. This is what they said: "Dear Sirs Our client: Sainsbury's Supermarket Limited Balance due: £64.40 Instalment Agreement Breakdown We write with reference to your payment arrangement with our client. Having reviewed the matter, we note your monthly payment(s) of £30.00 have not been maintained. You are therefore currently in arrears by £30.00. Please ensure your arrears are paid to this office by no later than 1 June 2016. If your arrears are not received within this timeframe we will take further action
  2. Im starting to panic abit as its just come to my understanding that DWF are actual solicitors? unlike RLP? Does this mean they'll take me to court for refusing to make any more payments? Have i made a mistake by sending that letter? No one has dealt with my situation before in terms of paying installments then stopping and protesting? Does DWF have any power to take legal or criminal action?
  3. To be honest I don't want the £90 back...just want them to leave me alone. But I won't pay another penny . Is that reasonable ?
  4. Yeah that's worth stating to them. Also guys, should I actually go to the bank and get a chargeback for the 3 payments? Or would that get me into trouble? What do you guys think ?
  5. I sent the letter as a word document through an email to the main person at DWF who was contacting me.
  6. Alright well i've sent the letter via email so they can't deny them receiving it . I did put in the bit about them accepting £90 as final and full payment so I don't know if I can get the money back , but I won't be paying anymore
  7. Also, has anyone had(or dealt with ) civil recovery instances where one stops paying? Has it led to any more issues?
  8. Ok so I will send this off today , if they refuse to give money back or accept the £90 I'm just going to ignore them as I've had enough . Debt collectors are clowns so I will ignore them too.
  9. Alright thank you I'm going to send this today. What kind of response should I expect from them?
  10. So what is the best thing to do ? They have confirmed to me in email and writing that once they receive last payment they won't contact me again. What do you think I should do? As I already messed up and called/emailed them and already paid
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