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  1. I was caught shoplifting from a Sainsbury's earlier in the week, huge mistake I know. Does this mean I can't order my groceries online from Sainsbury's too?
  2. Hello (I'm new here!) can anyone please tell me whether this was successfully overturned? https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472401-Euro-car-parks-PCN-Trinity-Street-Bolton-BL3-6DH.&p=5107713#post5107713 I have had a letter from the same place, for the exact same reason. I have stupidly left it until what I thought was the day before two weeks since the letter arrived (but i now see is the day AFTER the 2-week deadline date specified on the letter. DOH! I am currently off work with mental health issues, which is not helping!) Have not had one of these for a long time (had one on Middlebrook, when I was on yellow lines outside a shop whilst collecting a balloon display on a windy day! Just sat tight and ignored- but I understand the advice now is to not do that) and am very anxious! Thank you TWrecksX
  3. I was in a rush for a charity event, which the irony of the whole situation. I didn't have the change for the second set of chocolates (£2) I just walked out with them. I was taken into a small room and after being given a talk on not doing it again I wasn't banned or given anything to sign, as I was told it wasn't worth the hassle given the extent of the items, and was just given a verbal warning. However on a paper they wanted my address, will I be getting any fines in the mail, or third party fines? If so would I have to pay it?
  4. Hi, I've been in a long running saga with Idealworld over a faulty Xhose. I owned it for 2 years and 2months when it fell apart (the inner expanding sleeve parted from the fixing). There is no one that repairs these hoses I contacted IW and said I want a replacement and they said it's over a year old - bug off! I've tried Resolver to see it that would help (as it did when I used it on NatWest) and we had a dialog over 6 months where they offered me exactly 4/6 of the original price of£56 and then they went silent. A month ago I was told by ConsumerGAA (which is what you get instead of Trading Standards) to write to warn them that I would take them to the small claims court - the deadline has passed and nothing has happened now I either have to back off and right off the money or risk taking them to court and the debts that it could incur Thoughts?
  5. Hello, We received a PCN for parking 2 hours 21 minutes at Greenwich Shopping Park. I appealed, as I believed it was a mistake as we understood the time limit to be 3 hours. They rejected the appeal, explaining that on a match day the maximum stay is 1.5 hours. There was nothing to indicate that it was a match day when we entered the car park. We also checked the shopping centre website before making our journey (greenwichshoppingpark.co.uk) which advertises 3 hours free parking. It also does not mention match days. We drive a fully electric vehicle, and planned our journey around stopping at this car park to recharge so we could make it back home! This is my appeal: Dear Sir or Madam, I received a parking fine explaining that I entered the Greenwich Shopping Park car park at 16:11 and left at 18:32 - a total of 2 hours 21 minutes. It clearly states on the website (greenwichshoppingpark.co.uk) that parking is free for 3 hours. We checked this before making our journey. I believe the charge has been made in error as we did not exceed the 3 hour time limit. Yours faithfully, (My name) In their reply they have provided a POPLA code. They have extended a discount period until 16/02/2017 which is £40, and £70 after. Should I make an appeal to POPLA? Any advice is most appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I received a PCN from smart parking on 12/12/16 which states that I allegedly breached the t&c's within the shopping park. Contravention = "over free time". I have read through other similar threads and am planning to reply with the following: xxyyy is not compliant with the POFA so no keeper liability has been created. Do not contact me again or a complaint of harassment as both a criminal act and a civil tort will be made"... as helpfully posted in one of the threads I came across. Just want to know if this is the best thing for me to do please with my own situation? Thanks in advance
  7. I received a parking charge notice from UKCPS on the windscreen of my car which was parked in a co-op car park. The PCN is for £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days). for leaving the site. Apparently I was seen by the parking attendant parking up and walking off site. I appealed the charge on the grounds that we purchased good from the store on the day and that the parking attendant had ticked the Parking Charge Notice inappropriately as the tick was outside any of the boxes on the paperwork. UKCPS rejected my appeal on the grounds that there are signs which clearly state that persons using the site must stay on site for the duration of the stay? No photographic evidence has been provided! They have given me the option to pay or appeal to the IAS. What should I consider doing? Any advice gratefully accepted.
  8. Waitrose Online Shopping:- Do they give a stuff about your refund for an unsuitable returned item? I think not and you won't get a refund easily if my experience is anything to go by. Is this Company Policy or is it the Store Manager who can't or won't manage? I made an online order which arrived in early February, an item was substituted I was offered 2 salmon fillets instead of the 4 that I had ordered. I refused the substitution as we are a multi person family, the driver told me I would get the substituted item credited back within 7 days, (£5.99). This did not happen, I contacted Customer Services via email, (I always do everything in writing as phone calls are easily forgotten), they said the refund would happen within a further 7 working days and they would contact the local store. Another 7 days; nothing! I again contacted Customer Services (the same agent) by email they said they had contacted the store who would credit my card withion 5 to 7 days and the Store would email me confirming that. Guess what? Nothing! So, one month from the initial order delivery, I made copies of my order, my emails and my card account and went out of my way to the Store and explained the issue to a Customer Services Supervisor who then refunded me the £5.99 in cash, plus £15.01 for my expenses, i.e. paper ink, diesel and my time with a "Sorry" She took all of the paperwork from me and said I would probably get a phone call from her manager to find out more. Have you guessed? No I didn't! I honestly believe that if I had not chased them, I would have had £5.99 appropriated from me with the apparent intention of permanently depriving me of it. There has been more than a little negligence in that way they have dealt with my money but at what level? So to date I have been refunded my costs, (barely) and a verbal sorry from a supervisor, nothing else. What did I expect? At least a verbal or written apology and explanation from the Manager as to why the Store failed me. So, no more online shopping because I can not trust Waitrose to do the honest thing without a fight or the right thing in hindsight. Can you? There are other supermarkets out there.
  9. Tesco are seemingly intent on annoying absolutely everyone in the UK at the moment. So what are they up to now? Well, they’ve just announced that, from 23rd July 2015, the minimum basket spend for those of you who shop online for groceries, will change from £25 to £40. Of course, you can still spend below that amount, but if you do, you’ll find yourself paying the £4 surcharge. http://www.bitterwallet.com/tesco-up-minimum-spend-for-online-shopping/86484
  10. Hi all, I have just received a PCN from Smart Parking for "the alleged breach of advertised terms and conditions within GREENWICH SHOPPING CENTRE CHARLTON on 21 April". It arrived within the 14 day period of the date of the alleged breach. They are "invoicing" me for £70, reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days. The PCN shows two photos from their ANPR (?) system - one of me entering the car park, and one of me leaving it some 3 hours and 33 minutes later. The parking T's & C's allow 3 hours of free parking. The car park was only half full when I returned to my vehicle to leave. I have read many of the threads in this forum during the past 24 hours, including a recent one regarding Smart Parking Ltd and ASDA. All of the comments and advice that I have read are of great help. Could you please clarify my position, in your opinion, regarding the £40 fee, the 14 days, et al. NB - there is no mention of POCA 12 or section 4 (hope I have those correct), nor any mention of VAT on the "speculative invoice". Many thanks in anticipation.
  11. Hello. Sorry for my bad English I have an account with littlewoods and I saw they charge me every month : Shopping Insurance Covers Your Purchases + Payments. if I pay £60 on my account amount get less for £53 because they charge me 7£ for this thing. So is that something like PPI?
  12. Hello, I have received a final reminder letter from UKPC (offence in May 2014) as I was "not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space". The letter is addressed to my personal name and a photograph of the parked car. I have not replied to any previous letters. They are requesting an £80 charge. Can you please give me some advice?
  13. they should be closed down!!! by the regulators using indian call centres to ring on unavailable or withheld or untraceable international number then leaving an 0800 number to 'further' their UK business. truecall box does its job but 41 calls in 3months!!
  14. My elderly father with limited income has been house bound since January 2014 as he lives on the first floor and there is no lift. He has been waiting several weeks for a physio therapist to visit to help him with the stairs and has no idea when one will be able to visit. He needs someone to do his shopping for him once a week. Social services can't do it and Age UK you have to go onto a waiting list. Is there any other way that he can get help with shopping? Thanks.
  15. It's been announced that from June 2014, companies will no longer be allowed to use expensive 084 and 087 numbers when customers call them. Instead, consumers will only pay the same rate they would to call a standard landline number. Other changes announced are also good news for consumers. The DSR are being 'upgraded' to allow 14 days instead of 7 for you to inspect and return goods. And to top it all off, online stores will no longer be allowed to pre-tick boxes for additional products such as insurance or 'add-on' goods. On the flipside, there are changes to refunds under the DSR. Retailers now no longer have to provide a refund until they receive the goods back. The exception to this though is if the consumer provides proof of postage, at which point the retailer must process the refund regardless of them receiving the goods back or not. A slightly 'dangerous' addition is also that retailers can deduct from a refund if they deem that a returned product has been used. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25355758 Overall, a good benefit to consumers, but there are some things to watch out for when returning goods under the DSRs
  16. In another thread a member asked if paying with a credit card would be a better option compared to say a debit card - which inspired me to share this, as I thought it was common knowledge that credit cards offer greater protection on purchases than standard bank issue debit cards. When you buy something on a credit card, you are essentially purchasing the goods on finance. Credit laws in the UK means that credit providers such as Visa and Mastercard become jointly liable to you, to ensure that you receive the goods that you paid for, in satisfactory condition. In practical terms, this means that if the shop you ordered something from were to go bust, or they didn't deliver the goods, or they did but were in poor condition or significantly not as described, then you could seek compensation from the credit card issuer (a full refund) if attempts to resolve any disputes with the retailer don't work out. Plus, when you use your credit card details online instead of your bank debit details, if any unscrupulous persons were to get hold of your card details, they could potentially try to purchase other items at your expense - but if you paid by credit card, it will be easier to resolve the matter as the credit card company wont hold you liable for any fraudulent payments. If you do pay by credit card, take care to pay off your balance in full to avoid paying interest charges. The following link leads to an infographic poster about credit cards, shopping online and cyber crime, with some interesting facts about shopping presented in the form of an illustration. Edit: Removed advertising and link whilst permission being sought
  17. Seems stores are now going to be charging us for plastic carrier bags. Whilst I have no problem paying for these, I object strongly when these bags are plastered with the logos of the stores. IMHO, they should be paying ME to do their advertising. Anyway.. having a fair old stock of plastic bags anyway, I have knitted/crocheted my own bags out of these. They are far stronger and none of the logos show There are plenty of knitting patterns available if you google them, but these two links have proved to be useful. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-450744/Knit-shopping-bag.html http://plasticisrubbish.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/knitting-with-plastic-bags/ And I have attached a pdf for a crocheted bag. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46859[/ATTACH]
  18. Had this shared to me on FB so I thought I would share it with you lovely lot. IF you don't like swearing, stop the video as the credits roll. If you don't mind, let it run. The end is classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKsGKERivTQ
  19. Hi I placed an order with Select Fashion online on 19th June; they took money from account on 20th June. I was informed the order would be delivered within 5-7 days, but it never showed up - I called them - no reply, I emailed them - no reply, so I sent them a message on facebook and they replied with excuses about moving warehouse etc, eventually my order turned up yesterday (3rd July - 14 days after the original order) However i am missing 2 items and instead I have 2 items that i never ordered! So i sent them a message on facebook as this is the only time I ever get a response - they called me back this morning. I do not even want the missing items now as I am fed with waiting, so I asked them to refund me the items that i am missing but they said they will not refund my items until I send the incorrect items back, but i have to pay the postage! I want to know what my rights are? I paid for items but they have failed to deliver them. It's not my fault they have sent the wrong items, I am happy to send them back but not at my cost.
  20. When i was 14 years old, i got caught shop lifting from tk maxx. They took me into a back room and took down my name, address and other details. The police well called and dropped me outside of my home with a document explaining what had happened. Then i got a letter in the post for a £40 fine, i paid it and nothing else has happened. A couple of years later ( now ) i was thinking will this be on my record and stop me from getting a job ?
  21. Orderd my ususal online shopping last night as usual totalling £125.39 with a delivery slot of 1-3pm I waited and waited, no shopping arrived so I rang the store and they said "your payment was not authorised by your bank" ummm dont think I would do a shop without any money in my bank so I rang the bank who kindly told me.......YES ASDA did take the money for my shopping the total of £125.39 at 8.02am today and gave me the authorisation number of the transaction. The guy even said there is nothing on my account whatsoever that would stop a payment going out. Went on my online banking account and YES ASDA has taken the money out of my account!!!! Armed with this info I rang Asda home shopping who basically just didnt want to know!!, asked why hasnt anyone rang me from the asda to tell me there was a query with my shopping order (VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE), Got a reply "Oh really". Asked to speak to a manager to wherre as my money gone to be told, (after 5 minutes on hold) Manager has gone on lunch and will call you back on his return.......STILL WAITING. I have spent most of the day ringing ASDA but to no avail as cant get through as they say on their AUTO " We have a high number of calls but will answer as soon as a customer service rep becomes available" ... I wonder why, I wonder why I just want my bloody money back as Natwest told me ASDA have taken it out of my account even checked this info twice, also can see online. So ASDA give me my money, YOU CAN KEEP YOU SHOPPING AS I WILL NOT BE SHOPPING WITH THESE JOKERS AGAIN as no one will take ownership of this shambolic error Yet ASDA policy is taking care of the customer!!! YEAH RIGHT NEXT MOVE PLEASE ANYONE
  22. Hello everyone, I would be extremely grateful for any help or advice that any of you may have regarding a recent incident in which my car was damaged by a shopping trolley. I will try to make this as clear and simple as possible. Earlier on today I parked my vehicle in a council managed car park that adjoins the local Waitrose supermarket. Not liking supermarkets very much I decided to wait in the car whilst my partner went in for a few bits. The space I chose happens to be next door to a marked trolley bay. Whilst I am waiting a customer pushes their trolley in to trolley bay area. At this point, the trolley deflects of another trolley and protrudes through an opening in the barrier and in to the side of my car. The barrier is one of the scaffold bar types which has large openings. Getting out to inspect my car I find a nasty gouge that will sadly require body shop repair. My contention is that Waitrose, the local authority or in fact both parties have a duty of care and that duty of care has been breached. I believe this to be the case because the purpose built trolley bay does not adequately contain trolleys which in turn exposes car park users vehicle's to risk of damage. I would be very grateful for any thoughts on this matter. Kind regards, timetoshine
  23. Online shopping: Your rights Goods must be delivered within 30 days, unless agreed otherwise You can cancel an order within seven working days in most cases (longer for financial products) and get a full refund The refund should include any delivery charges, although you may have to pay for returns You don't have to return the goods in their original packaging You are responsible for the safe return of items The retailer would have to pay for return postage if the items are going back because they are faulty or not as ordered
  24. Can anyone offer some advice? i have an account with ace for about 8 years. over this period i have had quite a few default charges. i wrote to ace in may asking for details of all default charges enclosing a postal order for a pound and asked for a data subject access reqest. they replied promptly with acopy of an unsigned cdreit agreement and a list of transactions on my account from 2004 to the present. i have been unable to deal with this up till now due to family issues. they state that i should send a 10 pound cheque for access request, i think charges ammount to about 600 pound ,what should i do now ?thanks
  25. My father is a pensioner and he recieved a small catalogue in one of the National Newspapers. He seen a clock that he liked and decided to order it. http://www.hss.uk.net/2495/product_detail.html However, they have sent him a plain square clock that at the most I value at £3-£4. In the smallprint at the back of the catalogue, it does state @If in the unlikely event your item is discontinued or unavailable, we reserve the right to send you out a similar item og the same or higher value. The clock they have sent him doesn't do anything except tell the time. Also, although he can send the item back, he is expected to cover the cost of return postage. I know this is only a trivial matter, but if they send out a couple of hundred crappy clocks, then about 80% of people will just keep them as they cannot be bothered sending them back. This means that the company has made quite a lot of money, and I think it is made ilegally (immorally at the very least). My father has been to the Citizens Advice, but they were not much help really. I think if there were wnough complaints made about a company, then things may get done to stop them [causing problems] people. I have noticed (bu Googling the company) that there are a few complaints about them, but when approached by the ASA, they have refused to respond. What would you suggest my dad does that will not cost him the earth to do? This is more a principal matter than a monetary one.
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