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  1. but they didn't check my address against any ID, it could've been anything i'd wriiten on there i don't want my family opening the multiple mail, that's more my concern than a dwf mail
  2. Did he tell you he was going to ban you? If so did he confirm your id and address before letting you go?
  3. I was in a rush for a charity event, which the irony of the whole situation. I didn't have the change for the second set of chocolates (£2) I just walked out with them. I was taken into a small room and after being given a talk on not doing it again I wasn't banned or given anything to sign, as I was told it wasn't worth the hassle given the extent of the items, and was just given a verbal warning. However on a paper they wanted my address, will I be getting any fines in the mail, or third party fines? If so would I have to pay it?
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