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  1. Yes I can do that Update today voicemail left by Lady from DWF in the voicemail she said I'm ringing as a courtesy call to let you know that on the 7th of March we will be taking litigation proceedings on the matter in question if you don't call us to make an amicable arrangement to pay by Thursday of this week.
  2. He has received 3 letters from DWF the latest saying that if payment is not made in 7 days then he will have to go to court, something about high court and then bailiffs. The lady who originally called has been leaving voicemails urging him to get in contact to discuss payment. He blocked her number but still the voicemails keep coming through.
  3. Thank you for the replies. We are going to call the solicitors tomorrow for some guidance hopefully we can be seen by them Asap. My partner does not know if was a generic reference, he signed a form for his new job allowing them to check his previous employment all he knows is that it all went through well with the references. Who does he contact for the CCTV footage, sainsburys themselves? Or will the solicitors take care of this?
  4. Thank you for replies. My partner has since been successful in getting another job he starts in January. The company he is now going to be working for contacted Sainsburys for a reference and a reference was given from them. I told him to see a solicitor when he was first dismissed but he was unsure how to approach the matter and worried about costs. Do you not think it would be too late to seek legal advice? I think he may be worried now that they could say why did you not do it sooner, the case might be hindered a little now due to the time frame.
  5. I am very worried In October my partner was dismissed gross misconduct. He was accused of company theft stealing a large amount of money (he worked for Sainsburys) he was investigated by his employer numerous interviews with a witness in the room taking notes. CCTV was shown of him attending to his duties this is the point where he was accused of stealing (May I add he did not do what was accused) Eventually it was determined that they had to dismiss with immediate action gross misconduct. At the time of dismissal they stated that police would be involved. N
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