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  1. Hi there. I received a police caution for shoplifting last month during a difficult period in my life. Needless to sat that my lesson has been well learned. I received a letter from DWF telling me that I owed £150 for security costs (£0 for recovered items etc). I think I read somewhere here before to ignore these letters. I havent paid this and received a reminder a few days ago. Can someone advise as to whether or not I should pay this company? If not, what are the reasons? Thanks in advance, folks.
  2. Hi. I had an awful night last night but good support from family today. I have an appointment for the GP on Wednesday and thats my intention (to ask for counselling). Thanks for the concern and the support. To update, I got in touch with a solicitor and he called the police officer and made representation on my behalf explaining my circumstances. They agreed between them that I would receive a caution and that it would remain for 5 years. Its the best possible outcome and my lesson is well and truly learned. Im so thabkful for all of your advi
  3. Thanks very much for the messages. I really really appreciate them. Just to update, I got on to a solicitor who is contacting the police officer to explain the circumstances with the hope that he uses his discretion to issue a caution only. Really have learned a horrible lesson and never want to feel like this again.
  4. Hi there folks. Im new to this forum and in dire need of some support. Im a guy in my mid 30s. Around 10 months ago, I seperated from my partner of 11 years and 3 kids. I've been going through a hard and very emotional time and the doctor has prescribed me with anti-depressants to help me to deal with anxiety and some bad thoughts but have recently been turning a bit of a corner I feel. I spent 8 months living with some relatives and the kids were coming to stay with me. Needless to say that this was the hardest time I've ever went through in my life. I b
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