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  1. I had to go on the work program a few years ago. The advisor I saw took one look at me and said straight out that there was nothing they could do or me. I have arthritis and angina and am unable to walk much distance as well as a couple of other things. The office was up 2 flights of stairs and on my second visit I had a rather large and painful angina attack the bods thought I was going to die on them, funny now looking back on it. I must admit they were ok with me though.
  2. Typical of this government. But what do you expect from the nasty party. For some reason the unfortunate in this country are made out to be feckless wasters and charlatans.
  3. I've been getting hassled by ARC for about 6 weeks now, they phoned me about a debt, I have a few debts, but as they would not tell me which one and the fact I would not give them any personal info they have taken to phoning me to get in touch with them. As they have not bothered to send me anything in the post as requested I let them run up their phone bill.
  4. bart, my sincere condolences for your loss. I do not know for sure but I would expect a judge to take the funeral expenses and the sad loss of your daughter into account if this ever went to court. You must be in bits I know I would be if it was one of my 3 daughters, good luck.
  5. Thanks for the reply essexmat. Our problem is that my daughter who is nearly four will not be able to lead a normal life so the DLA we save for her is for her future. So we want to save it all and not spend it, we have no need to spend any of it, we do not smoke or drink or have big telly's and things like that so we would spend it for spendings sake and that's something we do not want to do if you see what I mean.
  6. Hi all. I have a question to put to you all if I may. I am on ESA and receive PIP as well plus housing benefit. My disabled daughter gets DLA which we put in her bank account as it's her money. I think you can only have £6000 savings and a child £3000, she nearly has that now so I do not know what I can do with her money we do not want to spend it willy nilly on rubbish so what can we do legally? Any help will be gratefully received.
  7. @dx The debt is about 4 years old now that is when I had to stop work due to Arthritis and a dicky heart. Their client is Santander consumer finance.
  8. Thanks ScarletPimpernel, That sounds like a good plan.
  9. Thanks for your quick reply citizenB. I do not bank with them, it was a car loan through a garage. I have had no problems with Santander before about my disability which unfortunately will not get better. I live off ESA which although is not much we get by, mind you I had to give up smoking lol.
  10. Hi all, I received a letter from dwf regarding an arrangement I have with Santander over a car loan. I have been paying Santander £1 a month for the last few years as I am unable to work due to disability. The letter says: - It is our clients policy to review such agreements on a regular basis. To this end we enclose an I&E form which you are required to complete and return to us within the next 14 days, including documentary evidence of all figures stated. Not sure what to do with this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks all.
  11. Hi there. I applied for PIP at the end of October last year and was awarded high rate care aspect but not mobility. This was for 3 years but I think they will contact me after 2 to see if anything has changed. It took until two weeks ago before I got a decision so be prepared to wait. It was atos who held things up they took ages to call me for an interview and ages again to send the result to DWP who then took 6 weeks to make a decision.
  12. Hi ali00 I just got awarded PIP after applying for it last October (I have RA and OA). I had to wait until Febuary to see Atos, then had to wait 6 weeks or so for them to send the result to the DWP. I kept badgering them on the phone I was told by the DWP they like to have the decision in 3 weeks, in my case it was 6 but I did get a nice apology from the DWP and the money backdated to end of October so just keep on at them I phoned once a week. Good luck. Steve
  13. Hi beddz glad everything seems to have gone your way. I know what its like to have severe depression too, I must admit my dealings with atos so far have been fine and am in the support group (also due to me having Arthritis) any how the HCP I saw at atos advised me to apply for PIP (whih I did and got awarded) so I am passing on the advice to you. My your future be brighter and your condition get better Steve
  14. I am fairly sure that DCA's are not allowed to withhold their phone number. Not sure what you can do about that though.
  15. Hi mr m I have RA and am on methotrexate and other drugs and have an appt with Atossers soon. I last had one 2 years ago and the "healthcare pro" reckoned I would recover in 6 months??? When I get there I am going to ask what he/she knows about RA and the therapies I am on. I would imagine he/she will know very little as lets face it the consultants work many years for their qualifications whereas the so called professionals know bugger all and just tick boxes. My other point is blood tests do not lie so if I have to I will show my metho book and see what the bod thinks to that. If your wife goes to see atos then tell them you want the interrogation recorded that way the HP cannot try and twist things to suit the DWP. As for her sister there is a doctor on the appeals panel with a judge so present everything to them and hopefully she will win. Good luck. Starman.
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