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Found 7 results

  1. The CAA's plan for airlines to sign up to ombudsman type schemes hasn't been a success. So far, only Thompson have signed up. To encourage a greater take-up, from 1 June, airlines which haven’t signed up to an ombudsman scheme will have to pay £150 for complaints made to the CAA. The change could push airlines to settle legitimate claims more quickly, to avoid incurring a charge for escalated complaints. It may also push airlines to sign up to ombudsman schemes if they’re cheaper. The complaints service will continue to be free to passengers. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/travel/2016/05/caa-to-charge-airlines-150-to-investigate-flight-delay-complaints-as-ombudsman-schemes-stall?_ga=1.101036417.1454227081.1456681947
  2. Hi. I will try be short n sweet here. I was claiming JSA through 2015, I was away visiting family for 3 weeks in the summer, with this JSA I was also getting reduction for council tax. When I come back they placed me on the newer Universal Credit. OK not a problem. Now they did not tell me I had to apply for reduction on council tax as separate. So from October till March they are asking for £280, not bad you might say but I am only on £150 a month, as after I have paid £350 rent I have that left. I called them and explained that I thought it was automatically done with this revolutionary new system but they said 'I should have been aware of how the system works'........ Uhm no because you complicate the hell out of it so we don't understand it). So now I literally have no money to pay this £280 and they have sent a letter back saying they will not change their mind on their decision, they said I can appeal it but let's face it, the same people answer the letters and make the same baboon choices. So what do I do here? I don't need this right now, letters coming through doors, their pathetic threats of court action and all that rubbish. I am just getting by on £150 a month (£37 a week). Impossible. What do you think I should do? The women on the phone was a right toff nosed. What annoys me is that a local department store has just been liquidated, and the owners were let off with £180,000 in business rates, then 2 weeks later he opens up as with the same name but with a different parent company or something. What is going on with this work?? .
  3. This has just happened to me! Diid you pay DWF? im terrified. the police believed me that it was a genuine mistake so why am I receiving these scary letters from DWf. I didnt even leave the shop but CAB have told me I should pay the £150-seems ridiculous for a letter saying 'amount of goods taken- £0, amount of damage - £0 and security costs £150 Please help me I am not sleeping and do not want to go to court! After a self-scanning mistake (£3 vegetables unpaid on a £20 shop) the police were called and believed me that it was a mistake. There was no mention of RLP to pay but now sainsburys have banned me from their stores for life (a joke!?) and DWF are sending me letters asking for £150 or they will take me to court. I am terrified and not sleeping. The letter seems ridiculous as I didnt even leave the shop with any 'stolen' goods- the security stopped me before the exit doors. The police also didnt fine me or caution me, just wrote me a stop and search note. Can DWF claim this money? I cannot have a criminal record and do not want to go to court for a self-scanning error. I will never use the self-scanning tills again and feel badly treated by sainsburys. DWF are real solicitors so can they legally ask for these costs? Surely sainsburys didnt lose any money on my behalf or have to pay the security guards extra to rudely interrogate me. Also surely the supermarket has no right to retain my details or pass them on? Please help put my mind at rest. thanks
  4. Households are being alerted to a new [problem] that involves fraudsters purporting to be from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). [problem]mers are reportedly calling households claiming to be from the FOS, which deals with complaints from consumers about the financial services industry, and telling the person on the phone that they need to pay £150 to “release” compensation for which they applied. The FOS said it would never "cold call" households and that the service was completely free, so it would never ask for money. It has said a customer had been in touch to warn of the [problem]. It advised anyone who had received a suspicious phone call to call it directly on 0300 123 9 123. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/11135365/Ombudsman-warns-of-new-150-compensation-fee-[problem].html
  5. Hi Please help and explain if a landlord can legally increase monthly rent by £150. A bit of background. At the end of August we will have been in this property 4.5 years. When we moved in back in 2009 our rent was £850. almost 2 years later I mentioned to our landlord that we were expecting our second baby due around the 2 year anniversary of living here. We then received a letter stating that the rent will be increased to £900 which is what we paid consistently. Earlier this year my husband who works on a commission basis received salary of £960. His lowest ever. All our other direct debit went off and the biggest amount (the rent) didn't go off as we didn't have enough. Initially she wanted to evict us if we didn't come up with it in a weeks time. And then finally agreed we could split the £900 over 3 months and therefore pay £1200 for 3 months which the last one would have been paid end of June. Luckily for us after paying the first £1200 we managed to get help of £600 to pay her the rest and we were therefore upto date with her rent and been paying £900 since April now. Earlier this month we received a letter stating that the rent would be increased from September to £1050. My immediate thought was that she wants us out now as she is fully aware that we just about covering our monthly bills. Her later stated that we need to increase our standing order if not to take it as our official 2 months notice and vacate. Now the problem is in our area we cannot find anything cheaper. They all similar priced. We were looking into putting money slowly away to move by next year before our 5 year anniversary in the property as we really cannot afford the deposit, rent and credit checks upfront at this time of the year. We also think that increasing it by £150 is really really high and it is her way of getting us out because of having problems before. Can she do that. The first 2 years we signed 1 year contracts but have never signed anything since. She also stated that she has never increased the rent before which is not the case. And rental properties with the value of £1050 in our area are all semi detached with dining room or conservatory or something additional which hers isnt but a small mid-terraced property. Thanks
  6. This is the link to this article: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/tenant-wins-extra-150-in-deposit-fight-129899n.21525792
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