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  1. Hi guys, help please, I have received a parking charge notice from parking eye, at Asda Wrexham. It offers a discount if paid within 14 days. should I pay this? What a diabolical trick! such nice way to thank you for spending your hard earned cash with Asda!
  2. got a pcn on my windscreen yesterday at asda newton abbot . Iwas working on site and didnt think i needed parking ticket . my van is a lease van and iam wondering whats my next move . i have seen a couple of other posts about the same site . they have had sucsess with letters .any ideas
  3. Hoping someone can help me, i have made a genuine mistake but reading through other threads, believe i could escape fine as PE might be operating without correct compliance on site. 1 The date of infringement? 28 November 2018 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] No have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? Not yet received 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] Not yet received
  4. Can I quickly ask for confirmation for what I have read up on..... If the Notice To Keep (printed out/stuck to screen) doesnt include a duration of contravention then the notice is invalid? Many thanks. No ANPR on the way in or out.
  5. Morning all, 1st time posting here. On Friday we have received one of the notorious parking eye letter indicating we overstayed in an Aldi carpark Gillingham from 6:10pm on the 14th June until 7:10am the following morning. It is a classic case of double dipping, with their ANPR missing both the 1st exit at approx. 6:30pm, and the 2nd entry at approx. 7:05am on the 15th, but no way of proving this. All suggestions welcome.
  6. Just thought people might like to know that the first time we used the Asda Scan & Go system we found that the total price on the scanner was less than the total price at the checkout ! The scanner had correctly deducted for a multi-buy offer but the checkout hadn't - so best to watch out for price discrepancies between the hand scanner and the checkout. Unfortunately both units do not show the price at the same time - so you have to remember what the scanner shows before the checkout process. Had quite a job getting staff to sort the mess out - and in fact they didn't - but we got the b
  7. A motorist has hit out at Asda after she was 'charged' £99 before she filled her car up with fuel. Jade Louise claims she was debited £99 on top of her £5 petrol transaction at an Asda in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and says there were no signs warning customers about the fee. MasterCard said the charge was introduced at automated fuel pumps so that customers didn't fill up with more fuel than they could afford - but says no money will be taken from their accounts. However Jade claims she was left out of pocket for three days. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5703487
  8. V. simple story, went to my local Asda, picked up two items @£7 each, put one in my jacket pocket as I took out my wallet, paid for one item, walked out, stopped at the door by RLP, went into their 'office', asked did I know why I had been stopped? ''No, not at all?''.... Asked to empty pocket, on realising what was in there, told them that I have a brain injury and that I fully intended to pay for everything I selected, just didn't have enough hands hence putting one item into my pocket, then forgot the item I had placed in my pocket. Signed the scrap of paper, only to be told that
  9. A couple of days ago, I walked into asda with the intention of taking 2 chewing gums from a 45p packet and I did, I also stuck it down my trousers. The security guard caught me and took me to a room and made me sign a letter saying I'm banned from asda, but told me that's the end of it and nothing else will happen. Today I got a letter from dwf saying I have to pay £125 as some civil matter and it's nothing to do with any legal action asda had taken or may take. Do I actually have to pay this as I was promised nothing else would happen and paying dwf doesn't
  10. Hi Everyone, Can you please help me as I got a Parking Charge notice while I was shopping in Asda with my son who is 1. I didn’t have change for the ticket machine and by the time I sorted my son out who was kicking up a stink about the trolley I forgot to go and get the ticket. After I came out I realized I had received the ticket stuck to my window. I have approached the Store Manager who said they have nothing to do with the parking as its not owned by them (which is a load of rubbish) I also asked him for the details of the land owner and he said he doe
  11. Hi, I have a default which I am still paying albeit a very small amount a month, the date of the default is 19.5.10. It has been sold on several times. In December they started returning my payments, I have only made one payment since, this week I have received another letter to say its been sold again, and to contact them to make an arrangement to pay. In May this year should the default be erased from my credit file. If I am still paying it how does that reflect on my credit file? or can I just stop paying it. My credit file hasn't been u
  12. Hello, I've read several cases on this forum and found most of them similar to mine, except the amount of money DWF wants from me. So I'll start from beginning. A month ago I found out how to trick self-checkout I've used this "trick" 4 - 5 times tops, and only to buy necessary groceries to survive until next paycheck and totally regret my actions. The amount of money barely would reach £70. I suspect, that they have tracked me down, by noticing repetitive entries on their system Since I am employed in a restaurant which is situated inside ASDA's premises, security
  13. A couple of weeks ago I was accused of fraud in Asda, taken to a room and the police were called. They said it was fraud that I had been buying stuff that was cheaper elsewhere to get their asda price guarantee vouchers, then returning the items after using the vouchers (Nothing in t&cs about returning goods). When the police arrived asda staff/security tried to make out the vouchers were fake, that I'd made them myself. Not true, they were legit ones and police said not fraud, no crime committed and I was let go. (they took all the apg's I had on me and my asda gift cards, an
  14. Dear Mr Clarke This morning I took my first visit to one of your stores alongside my Mother. 49 High St, West End, Southampton, Hampshire SO30 3DQ I was impressed with the layout, the presentation and despite a few availability issues probably due to the "Fresh Delivery" that had just arrived was generally impressed with my visit at that stage. The member of staff who was replenishing the delivery displayed excellent customer service and even went to search the delivery for one of the fresh "Gluten free" products that we required. Even though it was not there, the ef
  15. Hi, I received a letter from horizon parking about 4 months ago saying that I had overstayed in the car park by about 7/8 hours, I wrote to them to appeal saying that I had not stayed that long when I had actually gone in earlier in the morning then came back in the afternoon as well I don't think the camera caught me going out or back in only caught me coming in the morning and going out in the evening it looked like I had stayed for the full time there. They asked me for receipts to prove I had been in but who actually keeps receipts. I aske
  16. I kid you not. I do it all the time, this time there was a trout on the out of date shelf going for the pricely sum of 10p! So I decided to take a photo of it and post it on twitter with the line 10p trout! for a laugh, because I'm a bit silly. No sooner had I taken the photo though before one of the staff came up to me and said he was afraid he was going to ask me to delete the photo as they don't permit taking photos of stock or prices or something. I was like, are you have a laugh mate? Is Jeremy Beadle hiding round the corner? Nope, he was serious and when I said no he the
  17. But; No doubt ' Meet the new car park management company... Same as the old car park management company. ' http://clients3.weblink.com.au/clients/smartparking/headline.aspx?headlineid=6756685
  18. A mother, furious at waiting more than 48 hours for her online shopping, stormed into her local Asda and took it from the shelves herself. Danni Leadbeater, 30, ordered a £50 shop from the supermarket for herself and her two young children last week. However, it failed to turn up twice after her order was cancelled by the store and then re-booked. And after waiting more than two days, and being charged twice for it, she took matters into her own hands. She went into the Eastlands superstore, opposite Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and began taking the items from the shelv
  19. Hi, On 24 Feb 2016, I got PCN pasted on my car's windscreen with the reason 'No Valid Ticket'. That was handwritten PCN issued by patrol officer No. TEMP1. I dont know what sort of TEMP1 is who issued this ticket. I was not aware of paying for parking which could be claimed back on till. I did some shopping at that time and paid through my credit card. I brought that PCN along with my shopping receipt to customer services and requested them to cancel it out but they refused, I spoke with patrol officer but he also refused to cancel it out. I we
  20. Does anyone have a UK contact number/email for ASDA home shopping? I have been trying to get a refund on items missing from our shopping delivered 29 Sept but no one seems to want to do it and it's getting a bit silly now. I've called the number 3 times now and still no refund as well as using the online form and just had a call today from the most unhelpful woman based in South Africa who refused to let me discuss my wife's account unless I answered security correctly - which I did (they needed the email address on the account and my wife has just the one and they claim it's not the one
  21. Basically we visitied ASDA done the weekly shop and had the elderly Mother-in-Law with us and my partner had to wait at the Pharmacy to have her flu jab done and we think this parking fine is not fair, where do we stand? thanks for removing attachment uploaded wrong one didn't realize, sorry.
  22. She appealed to Smart with the same mitigating circumstance and they told her to pay. A complaint to the principle who hired the [problem] gets the charge cancelled.... http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2015-09-23/mother-fined-70-because-she-stayed-in-asda-car-park-after-doing-her-shopping-to-breastfeed-baby-daughter/?ref=yfp
  23. Hi everyone. Ordered asda groceries as always, they didn't turn up yesterday. 40 minutes later I rang up they said they said it had been cancelled reasons unknown. They promised the local store would ring me back to try and squeeze it in that day, as payment had gone through. Checked online banking and confirmed they had taken payment. Didn't ring me so I rang them, they apologised, said they would send shopping tomorrow. Got shopping today, however they have taken money a second time. Delivery driver said loads of orders got cancelled yesterday for same reason. Ph
  24. Hi, I bought a lamb leg of ASDA a few months ago and after my wife cooked it I went to carve it and found out the meat was bad the product was in date so I took it to the adsa I purchased it from they said they will send it to asda house for investigation and I will get feedback I filled out my personal details in the logging book after 5 weeks I didn't hear anything so I called asda house and found out it was not sent in for investigation. this concerned me as it looks like they hiding something my kids could of eaten this they told me to contact asda store where I took it too I did that bu
  25. We've had two letters today First letter: Notice to owner date of contravention : 27/01/2015 letter dated: 02/03/2015 received by us : 11/04/2015 Apparently we parked in a parent & child bay with no children, we do have two children under 6 but cant say for certain if they were or were not present ( though child car seats would have been visible within the car regardless ) amount: £70 second letter Debt Recovery Plus date of notice: 09/04/2015 received by us: 11/04/2015 demanding payment of £120.00 no later than 23/04/
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