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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All Newbie here, hoping someone can point me in the right direction please. Just over 10 years ago I lost my dad to dementia, just over 5 years ago sadly he died, unfortunately he wasn't insured or had any saving it was down to me to find the money for his funeral not having much money myself I had to rob Peter to pay Paul so too speak a lot of my own bills got missed in order to find the money needed. Long story short I ended up defaulting on my very catalogue account, they quickly sold it on to I think at the time it was Reston's, they gave up after a couple of letters then Moorcroft took over again gave up after a couple of letters then Lowell took over with letter after letter they even sent a 50% reduction letter at 1 point unfortunately I buried my head in the sand and hoped it would just go away as I was in a bad place at the time after suffering ill health myself, no excuse I know. Eventually this year I finally got myself together and started looking around the web to see if I could find some help after doing some reading on various sites it all pointed to sending lowell a CCA letter by post which I did, after approximately 6 weeks I got an email from a company called Lucas Credit Services Ltd I thought it was time to join a site and seek help properly, the letter says :- Dear xxxxx Our Ref: xxxxx Client Ref: xxxxx Outstanding Balance: £4,724.88 We refer to your recent contact with our client Lowell. We have attached herewith a copy of your Credit Agreement and Statement of Account as per your request. Please note your agreement has been terminated and the outstanding balance of your account stands at £4724.88. Please telephone this office on xxxx xxxxx on receipt of this email to discuss the matter further. If we do not hear from you within the next 7 days, we are instructed by our client to refer this matter to their solicitors, Cohen Cramer Ltd to commence legal action. We look forward to hearing from you. Your sincerely Attached to the email was a statement, an agreement and a blank agreement for some reason. I joined Experian yesterday to check my credit file on there it says I have 1 negative and it was Lowell that had recorded the default on the 26/02/2014 with a default balance of £4022 on the statement it says sold balance £4724.88. now I'm wondering what I have to do next as it says never ring these people. Hope this is enough information and that someone can help me please, thanks in advance clock
  2. Hi All, I have been contacted by a company called Cohen Cramer regarding an alledged debt for a mobile phone bill with Orange back from 2013. I do not recall having a mobile phone from that period, although I did have a mobile internet dongle thing which I believe was on a one month rolling contract. I really wanted to know what I should send them in order to find out more information. I am aware that mobile phone contracts are not covered by the CCA, so is there a template for a letter I can send, and also what documentation will they legally need to be in possession of in order to win if they decide to take this to the county court. Appreciate your help in advance! Thanks!
  3. I had a letter come through the door a few weeks ago from Lucas Credit Services, stating that they were acting on behalf on Lowells. In the envelope was a letter from Lowells saying Lucas were sorting the debt for them, and i had 7 days to reply Before the 7 days was up i had Lucas emailing me "if you don't reply to us, we will continue to correspond to you via email". I had no more letters but 3 emails. Up until now, i've not heard anything about this debt since 2011. It seems as though they are trying to get a rise out of me. Do i correspond to them via email? At the moment, i set it to go into my junk folder, i did debate blocking them. History: Its a Vanquis credit card taken out in 2010 of around £400ish. I tried to pay them multiple ways: went into bank and was refused, rang up and they kept disconnecting me. with that, i didn't bother to pay I then came into financial difficulties, i'd gone beyond the point of no return. It was defaulted in 2011, and no payment was ever made on the account. Its no up to £600 odd, and i know most of that is charges. Whats your guys take on this?
  4. Quick Question, I got a letter about an alleged debt with Lowell from Lucas. I sent a CCA request with a £1 postal order, got a letter back a month later saying "No payment was enclosed, so your request can't be dealt with" (Appears to be a tactic to get a phone call to complain... I didn't bite) Then I get a copy of an online application form for a credit card from the CC Company a few weeks later Then a few weeks after that, I get a statement of account for the same credit card, with a copy of the online application form. Then yesterday I get a letter asking me to pay for a 60% discount if paid in 1 go, 30% if paid over 3 months or 0% if I make a longer term payment plan. I looked and the last payment was over 6 years, and also the account was "Closed - Writeoff" by the CC Company over 6 years ago too. Am I right in saying this is Statute Barred, I have made no other contact with them (Or any other DCA) apart from the single CCA request? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi My wife has been receiving letters from Lucas concerning a debt to 3 Mobile that I assume Lowell have bought from them. At first we were not sure what the bill was for as my wife has been with 3 for many years however, we then recalled that she was allowed a second handset which she got for our son and we are pretty sure this is what the bill is for. Before I reply to them I was wondering if anyone had dealt with Lucas Credit Services, in particular are they an 'inhouse' debt collector for Lowell or just someone they have chasing the debt on their behalf? Also, are there any tricks that either of these 3 companies use such as adding on silly amounts to push up the balance? Other than that is there any general advice anyone could offer in dealing with a mobile debt? Thanks - Lee.
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