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  1. Mother has no longer got any of the emails (she deleted them with concerns that they may have had viruses embedded within them). She assured me that no further payments have been taken out. Looked at one of their websites and see that T&C's are only accessible by scrolling down. The T&C's are similar in colour to the background and they do mention that by keeping the 'free trial' they are willing to sign up to a regular delivery of these items unless returned within 14 days. I cant see how the bank will be willing to refund this when the T&C's are t
  2. Acting on behalf of my mother, she like many others on here seem to have been caught with the Stemologica/Beutemer [problem]s going around. Just need some advice on how to best proceed. My mum in mid Nov saw a internet advert for free tesco vouchers £100 if she took up the free trial of this product. She insists that at no time was she made aware that she binding herself into any contract with them or that the she would if she didnt cancel and return the free products within 14 days. She has had two debits come out of her account before xmas.
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