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Found 5 results

  1. this will be a long one so please bare with. I want to make sure i am not going insane as I feel like i am slowly losing my mind where this firm is concerned. Ive seen the others who have been threatened by BW Legal and offered advice, but i think i need some too ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2012 - I suffered a case of ID Fraud. There was a loan from TMS for £100 I think. I also had another loan taken in my name for £300-odd which is not with them thank god but is with PDUK who are under the same brand. I had tried with both firms to prove it was ID Fraud. We didnt reach an agreement on both accounts and subsequently i left them well alone at this point. Now the PDUK is still with ICL but i think this will not be going anywhere for a while due to the fact that I have enough proof for that one from 2012. Now here's where BW Legal come in. In December last year they had purchased the £100 loan from TMS. It had been inflated to £200-odd. In Jan i got the usual welcome to BW Legal letter however the tone of the letter was rather threatening from the offset. They told me that my account was being considered for legal action right off the get go i complained to the CEO Sean and his cohort COO Rachel. back and forth we went with me trying to prove that i was not liable while they provided no evidence that I was. I refused to provide any ID because its not my issue and i fed this to Actionfraud and got the usual reference. this is where Sean decided to access all Social Media related info about me. From then on I was rattled... And with good reason, how would you feel if your social media was used against you in that way. Photos and photos of you being spammed into your inbox. the end result i put them into a pass where the account was closed off as they werent able to verify the loan was mine. this wasnt the end of my nightmare. The FOS stated that BW Legal hadnt overstepped the mark which by that point it was over with the FOS. in April i had subsequently found out that they had purchased another account from 2016 - £722. Slightly concerned i dont recognize it - I began to investigate it. BW Legal were rapidly threatening to take legal action on this one. to stop it - I agreed to pay £1 per month to them to lock up their system so i could investigate it and collate evidence to disprove my liability to them. Before this i had asked for 3 months to allow me to investigate the issue - I was abruptly told no in writing and over the phone. hence why i decided to pay them the equivalent of a small price of lambrini over the last 8 months. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- towards August I start to get frustrated with the firm as I begin to go through their complaints process. During the entire time of this process - I found out that the address that the loan was paid out from was incorrect. It was apparently changed i had no idea of what was going on behind the scenes. I also subsequently managed to find an email address that had been hijacked that Ive managed to gain control again (Thanks to Google). However there are no emails in there from TMS - Only from BW Legal escalating their claim. During September - I get my Final response from them stating the below; I further challenged them to provide a copy of the agreement and statement which they provided what they gave me was most certainly not a correct calculation of the balance etc from what i received from elsewhere on my investigations. Since then i have been to see the police and discovered that some of my post may have gone missing around that time. This was March 2016 when the loan was "Taken" - Heres the clincher. I have checked with my bank which BW Legal claim the money was paid into. There is no deposit on the date in question - Infact there isn't one until the 28th of March which was my salary from my job at the time. There was no deposit between End of Feb and End Of March. I have had this verified on a number of occasions by my bank and they confirm every time - Nothing to be found. On top of that - I requested a copy of the Famous "Fraud Declaration Statement" that we have seen here on CAG to retain in the event that this goes any further. I have also now reported this to Actionfraud and got a ref. When i went to see the police again early this year to double check Actionfraud was the right move, they agreed and they stated that i should be left alone after that. on the 5th December i receive a letter telling me that "We have already identified that you are liable for this in our previous investigations so we wish to know your reasons for why you want the "Fraud Statement" - Then they still sent it anyway without me even responding... I then snapped at work with a few people after i got no sleep when i responded to their letter for the Fraud Statement. Im not gonna lie - Its kinda taken sleep away from me and put tremendous strain on me... They seem so tenacious. last bit to now... i snapped and gave in and offered them £200 over 10 months. But with some caveats. - Full removal of CRA info - Full removal of searches by BW legal. - No further contact... Free money to them - Just to get them off my back. They declined and I was told that it would 50% of £356 and no removal of info. My response "I didn't ask you for a counteroffer, Douchebags" - i upped it to £240 over 12 months. Told that that had also been rejected. i responded telling them that my offer would remain open until the day that a claimform hits my doormat. And then after that day - All offers are off the table. Now here we are... While this part might be irrelevant, but ive known for a while - Rachel is also Director of PRAC Financial - It turns out they have virtually no staff and that all offers for consideration (Even though my offer doesnt need to be considered because they dont get a choice in the matter) go only to her. Consider she is Sean's sidekick as well as COO of BW Legal its kind of gutting that the director is pulling the strings on what is acceptable. I found this out tonight. aside of that i need advice on how to proceed. I have invited them to litigate because they dont have what i have but some good news - they have the correct address so no backdoor CCJs. This really is doing my head in i know i shouldnt contact DCAs in this case I have tried to open a positive, constructive discussion with the firm only to have it bounced back in my face. They appear rather greedy in my eyes... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hi, I ended up with an overdraft as a company I was working for managed to trick me into giving them my card details, allowing them to take £3500 out of my account when there was no money in the account, ending up in an unauthorised overdraft... This was 3 months ago. I was lead to believe that id be paying back £225 pound a month (roughly), on the 29th of each month. Now that I checked, they are charging me interest and some other card charges, totalling in 3 extra charges on the 3rd of every month, adding to £75 on top of the overdraft, I only have a debit card? One charge is £20 because I don't have money in the account. Is this right? what can I do? can I claim it back? Court? I'm raging! Please help, I would hate to find out there was nothing I could do, I have the dreaded feeling that there is nothing I can do... I need my credit rating up as I am trying to start a business, this all happen at the worst time... word of advice for anyone its relevant to, "Don't Work For Amazon", they are slave drivers fringing on the law...
  3. Hi all, I've looked through and tried to find a similar case, and was wondering if someone could help shed some light on the issue I detail below: 1 - my wife received a letter stating a £65 private parking charge from NGP (New Generation Parking) for supposedly parking in an unauthorised area of Capital Retail Park (Cardiff) in October/November 2012.......subsequently ignored the letter as per instructions elsewhere on the web. This letter had been sent to an old address for my wife. 2 - received a letter from DCBL saying they had been instructed to claim the 'debt' by NGP, and had added charges so the new sum 'owed' was £180. This letter had been sent to an old address for my wife. 3 - as my wife had not received the letter in point 2, we were not aware of the charges/actions, and have recently been sent another letter stating (something along the lines of) ''as all attempts of contact have been ignored, more charges, now totalling £340 are payable immediately to DCBL, or they shall instruct their client to file for a CCJ. If possible, could someone please advise on the following points? 1 - What right do NGP have to chase the debt and what proof do they need to provide? 2 - My wife's name is spelt incorrectly (2 letters different) on all correspondence, is this a 'strike out' and therefore unenforceable? 3 - My wife has changed her name, as we got married in the 2 years during the time where there was no contact from NGP/DCBL. Should either/both parties have conducted any relevant identity/address checks? Again, can this be struck out and therefore unenforceable? 4 - My wife sold the car around 18 months ago, therefore she is no longer the registered keeper, is the 'debt' therefore enforceable? 5 - Are DCBL legally allowed to add on £275 in charges if they are now returning to NGP and advising them to try and obtain a CCJ? 6 - Would NGP/DCBL be successful in obtaining a CCJ if (as per above) my wife has changed name, address and sold the vehicle? Sorry for all the questions, am hoping that I've covered all the points and some of you experienced people will be able to help! Thanks
  4. Hi, I completely lost the plot this evening. I went to my local Tesco Express (it's attached to a petrol station) and suddenly got a craving for cream cakes. There were some which were reduced but they weren't the one's I like. In a moment of madness I swapped the price labels to not 1 but 2 packets of cream cakes. I took just 1 packet to the cashier along with some other legitimately reduced items. The cashier realised the what I had done I pretended I had no idea what was going on. In fact I went back and grabbed a packet of legitimately reduced cream cakes, paid for my total shopping using a Tesco Credit Card (I was obviously having a total meltdown) and left. Total value of the swap 43p or 86p if you include the 2nd packet of cakes I left behind in the chiller cabinet. So my questions are: 1) The store staff didn't take me anywhere to question me, didn't make me fill in any forms, no Police were called I guess they couldn't really apprehend me as they don't have a security guard. However they do have my credit card details s o could they review the CCTV footage and then tell the Police? Would the Police be interested in a 43p matter? 2) Can Tesco pass the matter onto RPL anyway just on the basis of the cashier's suspicion and possibly some CCTV footage? 3) Could Tesco subsequently ban me from all their stores? 4) How quickly do RPL / Tesco work in such matters. If I don't hear in a month from anyone should I assume I've got off? I'm hoping that as nothing was done at the time, that Tesco aren't going to involve the Police over 43p. However whether they can get RLP and a ban in place after the event is another matter. Has anyone had a letter from RLP and /or a ban from Tesco after the event, or are you always told at the time the offence was suspected/caught? Of course this would all be moot if I hadn't been stupid enough to use my Tesco Credit Card to pay for it all! PS Yes I know I am a total moron. I have never done anything like this before and never will again!
  5. I'm going to number these points to make it easier to follow. My landlord has taken a certain irreversible path, and my question here is what can I do to minimise the damage, and what counter-action can I take, including but not limited to reporting him to any regulatory body. 1. I lived in shared property for just short of three months, leaving mid way through the last calendar month. This arrangement was governed by an AST. 2. An informal agreement was made by email that the final few days of my tenancy would be paid for at the end of that calendar month, three weeks after I had moved out. 3. A few days later, my deposit was returned, less money deducted for unsubstantiated bills. 4. When the end of the month arrived, given the discrepency with the deposit, I asked for a copy of receipts/accounts of transactions throughout my short time as tenant. 5. The landlord refused to provide these, and demanded payment, claiming I was wasting time and evading payment. 6. I asked for a list of receipts/transactions (dates, figures, brief explanation) on ten separate occasions in writing over the space of around a month, explaining that I now needed to be certain that the figure claimed was properly substantiated. 7. I made a token payment (gesture of good will) which represented 25% of the amount being demanded. I assured that I was not evading payment and committed to full payment of an agreed figure within seven days. 8. The landlord point blank ignored my request for receipts and provided just a partial scan of part of a utility bill, attempting to explain the deposit discrepency. 9. The landlord has now levelled an allegation of 'fraud' at me, and has contacted both my current landlord and my employer, demanding payment through them and making vague threats. I know this only because they have told me. I believe I have acted in good faith, and have demonstrated willingness to pay what is fairly owed via commitments to timeframes and payments demonstrating good will. I do not feel that asking for a record of receipts, especially in light of the discrepency with the deposit, is being unreasonable. I do feel that dragging in third parties including my current landlord and employer (and god knows who else he's contacted without telling me) is unreasonable on his part. He previously threatened court action but appears to be trying to strong arm his way through extortion. So... what can I do? I can't reverse the contact he's made, and am working with both employer and landlord to repair that damage, but I won't be bullied and feel strongly that I am within my rights to withhold payment until at least I'm sent a few receipts and can establish what may precisely be owing.
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