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  1. Companies House today 12/06/18 confirmed that Claire Louise Sandbrook, High Court Enforcement Officer and owner of Shergroup Ltd is officially a resident in the USA, as per her completed form for Persons with Significant Control dated last year on 02/06/2017 (but filed today). 12 Jun 2018 - Change of details for Mrs Claire Louise Sandbrook as a person with significant control on 2 June 2017 - New Country /State usually resident: United States https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/04771589/filing-history Given that aside from Shergroup, Sandbrook sells her authority as an HCEO to the likes of DCBL and many other HCEO "franchises" does she really have control of the writs issued in her name? With the recent DCBL case it would appear not - DCBL Ordered to pay £20k Maybe it's finally time for a review into the HCEO system...
  2. Hello, a couple of days ago I had two HCEOs barge into our home around 7am demanding money or they would be removing goods. Not having experienced anything like this before I just panicked and paid whatever they said. I've just found this forum and have been reading the posts here. From some of these earlier posts, it appears that this firm of HCEOs are well known for charging all the fees in one go which they did to me as well. Does anyone here have any advice or suggestions as to the strength of my case? This is what happened:- First off, I was aware of the debt and do not dispute that I owe it. It's not council tax or anything but a private individual that I owe the money to, I've been attempting to agree a repayment schedule with them but they declined my offers and the next thing I know the HCEOs turn up. I have just made a subject access request to see exactly what data they have on me. From reading the section on vulnerability I believe that I have a strong case to be described as vulnerable (I don't want to go into details as it may identify me). They never sent a Notice of Enforcement. When they turned up they initially demanded an amount of money that, now I have had time to read up on this, I now realise included both the Stage1 and Stage 2 enforcement fees. I tried to pay this via credit card a couple of times but that was blocked (I later got a phone call from my cc company as they thought it was a possible fraud). I then told them that I could contact a family member and they could get cash out of the bank when it opened. They agreed to this but said that the fee had just gone up. I now understand that this extra fee was the Stage Sale fee. Eventually they got their money and left. While they were in my home they just looked around the place and said that there was nothing really of value (at that time I wasn't aware that certain goods were exempt and I thought they were going to take all my furniture). I would welcome some advice on this and I also have a couple of questions. My two extra questions are, firstly, what exactly does "taking control" actually involve? At no time did they try to secure any of my property, they did not write anything down, they simply started walking around the home opening all the cupboards etc. Secondly, I read on another thread here:- Is this something that will show up as part of my Subject Access Request?
  3. Hi and firstly thank you for this forum it is extremely helpful. My Dilema. South East water debt equalling £2000 went to court enforcement services March 2017. I arranged a payment plan for the 16th of each month of £20 and have paid every month. This month I paid on the 19th due to a payment taking time to get to me and thought all was ok as the online payment went through fine. This morning 2 HCEO officers called and clamped our car. I will fill you in on the car, last month on the 28th I sold my car to my Limited company as it was costing too much to run it so thought if the limited company owns it, it can pay road tax etc.. with us only paying tax on it. Obviously we have the green slip and also a receipt to the limited company. The value of the car is around £1900 BUT it was a previous Cat C and has a bit of a noisy engine and some dents down one side so after assessing online thought I would sell for £450 to the company as I just thought it would be better as a company car and the online values was not far from this amount anyway. I advised the HCEO of this and showed them the green slip and a receipt of sale (was paid cash) and even offered them the cash from the sale but refused. They said as there was a Writ that my wife should never had sold the car in the first place but have never seen the car nor no warrant of control placed upon it. They also said they could sue her for selling it. Even after notifying South east water and CES they still took the car. Should they have taken it? is there anything I can do? Many Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Guys..My first post and i need some advice please... I've attained judgement, elevated to High Court and entered agreement with The Sheriffs. The HCEO called at the LTD companies address to collect payment, although i instructed them to go to the actual place where the work was/is carried out and where i have viewed lots of assets. They then called at the "asset address" some two weeks late, giving the defendant plenty of time to move/relocate/hide/change ownership of the assets. Not much of a surprise that there were no assets at the second address.... Where should i go from here ?? and are the HCEO at fault ?? and why cant i speak to the agents, only an office clerk...
  5. Hi, I'm after some advice please. We recently had a visit from the HCEO following an unpaid Water debt. In our panic (at 7am with kids in the house) we paid the full amount - which was double the actual bill. We just wanted them out of the house ASAP. Since then I have asked for a breakdown of fees as I felt they had charged us too much. Below is the breakdown Description Amount Writ amount £1,515.21 Interest on Writ amount (@8%) from date of Writ to date of paid in full £0.00 Compliance Fee £90.00 Enforcement Stage 1 Fee £228.00 7.5% Fee of amount over £1,000.00 (variable Stage 1 fee) £46.37 Enforcement Stage 2 Fee £594.00 Sale or Disposal Fee £630.00 7.5% Fee of amount over £1,000.00 (variable Sale or Disposal Fee) £37.37 Total £3,140.95 Total amount paid to date £3,140.95 The above fees are inclusive of VAT at 20% I would refer you to The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014, Regulation 6, to assist you in understanding how the fees are applied http://www.legislation.gov.uk/en/uksi/2014/1/regulation/6/made There is no requirement to actually remove goods for the Sale or Disposal fee and 7.5% fee to be applicable, the commencement of the process is sufficient for the application of the sale or disposal stage fee. Could someone please tell me if this is correct I was under the impression that Sale or Disposal fee didn't come into effect just because they entered the house. Many Thanks
  6. Hi all I have today received a letter and discovered that my 20 year old son has debts totaling nearly £2000 which Marston say are for unpaid fines for not paying for several train fares after getting caught with no ticket. The letter says their client is "HMCTS Manchester". I called Marston and they say they will attend my home tonight and unless I can prove with receipts items are not mine they will take them as my son's and I will have 28 days to prove they are mine to get them back. My son lives at home and has nothing and all items such as TV etc are mine and not his. How can they taken them?! It doesn't seem right. Is my car at risk as well? Should I move it and hide it? It's in my name only and has nothing to do with my son. I know that the HCEO can't break into my house but can open via an open or unlocked door so I won't be answering when they call but I am still scared. Please can you help?! Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi - I need some help quite badly. I had a bad mental breakdown around a year ago and didn't pay some private parking fines. They were for outside my mothers house whilst she was helping me. I didn't get letters as I was away from home getting help. I don't want to go into this further - but I'm not fully recovered. I got a call on Monday morning from my Mother in tears. Bailiffs had come and barged their way into her home. They asked her to get ID and then pushed in. They have then threatened to take all HER stuff. They have said if they cannot prove it's hers they can take it. But I don't even live there. I did use to live there when recovering - but wasn't even in the country when they came. They have left all MY paperwork with her. Which is humiliating enough - they have given it to my Mother rather than me. I'm a 30 year old man! They have also made her sign a "controlled goods agreement" - but it's not actually her that's the debtor. How can she sign for it when it's not her? If anyone has advice even in the form of a charity that can help I'd really appreciate it. I'm not a freeloader I'm just mentally not that well. I can't afford the £2k right now! Of which £632.17 is the debt and £879.92 is the fees! Please help.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please. To cut a long story short my husband died 3 years ago. He left me with a business which had an enormous amount of debt and I have been dealing with those since (it has now ceased trading) and continue to do so, it has not been an easy 3 years. I am at my wits end with a personal creditor in relation to my husbands funeral costs which given the situation seems ironic as most of the other creditors have agreed reasonable plans (or i would have been forced to go bankrupt) but these just wont budge. The debt began as £2200 and was with the coop. My husbands family originally agreed to pay half of the total costs £5000 but never did after paying the rest myself i was also left with this remainder to sort. At the time, the coop sent me a couple of letters and i wrote back to ask if i could pay in installments. Because i had bailiffs at the door for various other debts and a repossession order for my home to deal with i didn't prioritise the debt and it ended up going to court. I was then given a CCJ. My fault but couldn't be helped at the time. I had stupidly assumed once that had been done i could then agree a payment arrnagement via the court. This wasn't the case. Within a month or so i had a letter from Andrew Wilson and Co demanding the full amount within 7 days. I spent hours on the phone to them but they would not consider a payment plan as said i had broken the previous. Fair enough i suppose. Not having much of a choice the guy on the phone told me to wait until the HCEO came around and agree a plan with him. Having considered this further and after a visit to the CAB i was told to go back to court and ask for the judgement to be varied. I paid the fees to do this and went back to court. In the court the judge told me he saw no reason for the judgement to be set aside (not what i'd asked for) and as i hadn't bought any reasonable evidence as to why i couldn't pay (had stacks of debt letters and my husband had only been dead 6 months) he threw it out. The solicitor for the other side was nice - looked through all of my paperwork and told me he couldn't really give me any advice as it was clear i had no money to pay and no assets to the value. He said he would speak to his client about the £20 proposal i had offered as a token payment until i could get my finances in order. 2 weeks later i had a reply from AW telling me the client was willing to accept payments of £50 a month. I couldn't afford it but agreed and somehow (mostly going without things other people might class as essentials) i have been paying it for now 20 months. Today i decided to ask for a balance on my account. The debt started out as £2200. My balance as of today including the payments i have made is £3476. I am totally bereft. I have asked for a breakdown which i will list below. AW have also told me interest at a rate of 62p PER DAY is being added on continuously along with a monthly fee and VAT. I feel like it is totally unachievable to repay this debt. I see no light at the end of the tunnel despite having worked around the clock to try and get my life back in order. Amount of judgement £2738 Execution costs £111.75 Admin /compliance fee £75 Enforcement stage 1 £190.00 Enforcement state 1% fee £163.77 Enforcement state 2 fee £495 Accrued interest £442.80 Due to claimant £3292.69 - how? Total Levy £4401.21 Total enforcement fee £1108.52 VAT £184.75 Payments £925 Current balance £3476.21 Daily Interest £0.62 On the breakdown it says received from defendant and all the dates. Each month has: £50 credit £25 "client" £20.83 "fees" £4.17 "vat on fees" Can anyone tell me please how a debt that started as £2200 where i've paid off £1000 now rises to £3476. I have emailed the coop but they have just sent me back to AW. Just seems totally unfair and pointless i may as well of just taken the easy route at the time and gone bankrupt. It would all of been over by now but i wanted to repay everything the best i could and although i knew it would be hard have worked tirelessly to keep on top of things. Really feeling down about this. Shell
  9. Hi Has anyone known of HCEO's or Debt Collection Agencies using DHL or other Couriers to confirm address? (if you sign for it they know you are there). I have a had a card through the door, I am not expecting anything and I have been incredibly careful about not giving out my address or using credit ref agencies. I was homeless for a long time and only recently housed due to damage in RTA, I have mental health issues. I lost everything I had when I became homeless except a 20 year old car worth £500 if I am lucky. My home has items from freecycle and a computer lent by a friend. I would go bankrupt but do not have the money, most of my debt was insured and sold off. It is too much for a IVA and I am three years into it being beyond statute. I have been online and tracked the item, it came from a town in the North where there is a large firm of HCEO's which is why I thought it might be them. Has anyone seen them use DHL or other couriers in this way?
  10. Hi All Summary: - I've had an agreement set up for 12 months with no issues from a debt. - Visited on 3rd August 2016 while on holiday by a HCEO, no 7 day warning in writing. Asked confidential questions to my neighbour - Visited again last Friday 12th at 06:45 am, again no 7 day warning in writing - He showed no ID, I let him in to stop any embarrassment and to genuinely sort out some confusion as a payment plan has been in place for over 12 months with no issues. - Outstanding amount before entry was £358 (oringal writ amount £2305.56), he demanded £1483.11 - Gave me no opportunity to speak with anybody from the claimants office - Served a writ - I didn't read it properly as I was in a panic with my daughter in the house - I had 1 option to pay in full, without hesitation and with no inventory made he grabs my car keys - We panic and pay the full amount £1483.11 with a credit card He leaves, leaving a trail of utter despair and emotional distress. I called the relevant parties at 09:00 the same day, the HCEO office decides to refund me £970 within 1 hour (when I mentioned the writ below) - Saying 'we dropped the ball' (the claimant and HCEO had no communication or understanding of my debt and the actual correct figures owed) From researching the past 3 days: - The writ was dated 28th May 2015 (expired) I never checked it. I've called the court who issued it and they confirmed it expired and was never renewed. - The actual HCEO who attended seemingly has no certificate according to the register I have made a formal complaint in writing but wanted to know if there is any consequence for a HCEO enforcing an expired writ? Also when a HCEO has no certificate? ...Can I take action? Appreciate any guidance. Thanks, garynansome
  11. Hi all. I had a business that has ceased trading as it didn't go as well as I'd hoped and I had a debt with a mobile provider. Cut a long story short, the debt was for £3400 and it has been passed to a HCEO. I have found out that it went to court and a ccj was issued by default which has now been transferred to HCEO. The business was registered at my home address just for administration purposes and there are no assets or anything to do with the business at my address. Can the HCEO force his way I to my house and if so can he take my personal belongings. I have read that I have to prove that the items in my house belong to me or they can take them. How do I do this. Thanks
  12. Hi All, Had a recent bereavement in the family and didn't know a CCJ was entered by a courier form for my business. Got a call saying come to premises or will call a locksmith and more £ will be charged. Met HCEO and showed him we were flooded during Boxing Day and going to be a hard graft ahead. The CCJ was for £1204.74 - their paperwork is nearly £2300, and if sums unpaid etc, and further action including sale or disposal stage will make it near £3100. Advised got no help and unable to pay in one go, he looked around - showed me no ID and didn't give me the Notice of Enforcement - but just an intention to take control of goods - no signature was asked for from me. Going to contact creditor to try and make payment direct to close debt/ Question is - when I contact HCEO - am I liable for the compliance costs only, or 1st enforcement costs as well - or are they going to try and get more from us - I assume the creditor hasnt levied another £1k on top? Pulled a sneaky one on me after reading this forum. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi There, After some advice please. My wife had an outstanding debt of £165 which was sent to Marstons. It is now at £240. She received a letter mid Dec stating she had 14 days to make payment or set up an arrangement. As she works in the theatre industry and it was Panto season it completely slipped her mind to pay it. I have contacted Marstons today asking if I can make payment on 15th Jan (initially I asked if the debt could be split over 2 months which they refused). They have advised me that they can not stop any enforcement action until the debt is paid (even though I have asked for it to be paid on 15th Jan). If it goes to enforcement then they will add a further £235 in charges which will be due as payment in full. Can they do this even though I have offered to make payment next Fri? Don't really want a HCEO knocking on the door
  14. Just saw this on youtube. HCEO with High Court Writ Tells the video poster that if he refuses to allow him access then he will be arrested for obstruction! Suggest this guy needs serious retraining. Got to love the copper too "well... your known to the Police...probably" And erm, are the Police allowed to use the PNC to check identities of people for HCEO's? Misuse of the PNC surely. The victim, who isn't the person the HCEO was after seriously needs to do some formal complaints, and I have advised him to do so. Surely a criminal offence has been committed, threatening arrest for not allowing peaceful entry? The HCEO is outright lying about his powers, threatening arrest, and the Cops just backing him up.
  15. Am I right in thinking that the HCEO employ there own bailiffs and there are also independent bailiff companies and are they part of the HCEO ?
  16. Hi, im sorry this is a rather long story but i really need some legal advice... my husband had a tenancy in his ltd co name with a pub company. when he passed away 2 years ago the pub co regional manager asked if i would continue with the pubs, he had another one at the time with them. Both pubs were struggling and i told them i wasnt sure. They assured me of financial and business support. Obviously they didnt want two closed pubs on their hands and i felt a responsibility to my husband to keep them. i struggled to manage both pubs without my husband and trade suffered due to various different factors. The rent support never happened and they often held me to ransom refusing to release orders without full rent payments. At the time the rents were over £1000 per week on each pub and we were trading at just over £2,000 a week so not hard to work out why struggling. I ended up putting around 50k of my own money in as each week unless i paid the rent on both, i couldnt have any beer and if bought from somewhere else they would fine me then refuse the next weeks order until that was paid!!! They never so much as kncocked a penny off anything, i paid full cost on rent for both pubs for the 15 months it took them to transfer in to my name despite having my name on nothing. they lied to me about what rent deal they would do on the new lease and also refused to give me proper credit terms etc. as a result and having at their insistance put a brand new deposit down on what was already my pub my cash flow took a battering and im now on the brink of closing altogether. various people i have spoken to have told me that they should not have let me trade for the 15 months it took to transfer then pub into my name as the tenancy was in my husbands ltd company name which legally shouldnt have traded after he died since he was the sole director And my name was not on anything. Is this true and if so can i do anything about it now? thanks...S
  17. Hi All, I was running my own limited company when it fell on bad times and I ceased trading in January 2015. I only had one creditor which was Howdens Joinery for about 2k. Today my wife opened the door to a HCEO from Equita asking to speak to me regarding a business debt that I am liable for. My wife explained to him that I no longer trade and that the registered business address was not my home address and also that I had sent a request to companies house to close the business down. I have no business assets and no business premises. He left a letter with my wife addressed to the company but with my home address on it advising that they will return in 7 days if I do not contact them to discuss and pay the debt. Again, there are no business assets at my home and my car is registered in my name. Can he remove goods from my home or take my car? Would be grateful if anyone could assist as I want to call the back but need some feedback. Thanks
  18. Hi all. I've received a Notice of Enforcement from Marstons for a recent CCJ for my unpaid water bill. I was out of work for a while, recently back in full time work and trying to pull my head out of the sand. The notice states that if I don't pay or make a payment arrangement by 23rd June an officer will call. I tried calling the water company (United Utilities) first, and they referred me straight to Marstons. I called Marstons, made an offer to pay, first instalment on the 25th when I get paid and they have advised that an officer will still need to visit "to make sure that I can't pay the full amount". I asked the woman on the phone if this was necessary, as the letter stated I had to make a payment or an arrangement by the 23rd, which I have tried to do, and she said that it's just part of the process. I don't want someone to visit as it adds an extra £200 plus onto the debt. Does anyone know where I stand with this? I have every intention of repaying the debt, but could really do without them adding to it. Thanks in advance.
  19. Could anyone please help: I need an URGENT Stay of Execution of a Writ as HCEO’s are about to attend my home and I believe this to be in error. It is unclear on which form we apply for this, N244 or N245? And therefore it is also unclear as to the cost of this application. A Consent Order was granted to a Claimant as we were trying to do the right thing and also to not go to court. We got caught out as our limited company was dissolve by CH without our knowledge. So for a few weeks we traded as non-limited (but didn't know) so as soon as we found out the business ended. Our suppliers solicitors got us for this small period when we traded as individuals, and took us to court. We were unaware until the day of submission of the order that this consent order was a Tomlin Order, thus giving us no time to seek legal advice. We didn't even know what a Tomlin order was? They took 3 weeks to draw up the order and it was signed at 5:45 pm on the day before the hearing. Because of mistakes in spelling we had to sign it a total of 3 times in that last day. The Tomlin order states my home address, and myself T/A incorrect business name! And as we are litigants in person is also against CPR so I believe? After paying the claimant successfully for over a year the claimant wanted more money. When I couldn’t pay, the claimant entered a judgement, and so gained a Writ Of Control. However the Judgement was entered at our business premises (not listed on the Tomlin Order) where the business has been dissolved for 2 years? We got into this mess because the business dissolved so the claimant knew the business no longer traded, and therefore we were not afforded the chance to defend ourselves or receive any prior notice; we were totally unaware until the writ came through the door. The claimant has actually traded with the new landlord at our old business for nearly 2 years, and had addressed every document to our home address so I can only say that this judgement is seriously flawed. How can they make a judgement, and send court papers to an old address, when they have been sending paperwork to my address for 2 years? This is just so we didn't get ANY notice of what they were up to? We therefore intend for the Writ to be stayed until we set aside not only this vexatious and fraudulent judgement, but also the Tomlin Order. Form N245 seems to be to stay a writ if you cannot pay, which we are not necessarily stating at this point. So which form do we use and how much do we pay? Any further help would be appreciated as I have a pregnant wife and 2 young children at home and it will not be nice for them if HCE show up, but of course they will not be gaining entry. Many thanks
  20. Hello All, I have been reading through this Forum as of yesterday trying to get as much information as possible, and its been a fantastic help. But I now direct help if that is possible. I will try to keep this factual, and short. Received an enforcement letter yesterday from 'Burlington Group' (based in camberly) is for a sum of £3746.75 plus interest of £1.64, compliance stage fee £90, totalling £3838.39. This 'writ of control' was issued on 23rd April 2015. However the original judgment was on 23rd Dec 2010. I was aware of this judgment nearly 5 years ago, and fought the claimant regarding this, however it was awarded to him. When I came to paying the debt, I had an informal 'chat' with the claimant (4.5 years ago) stating that I was not in a position to pay it, and in fact I didn't owe it. From this he didn't persue it any further...... which tbh I totally forgot all about it, until I received the letter yesterday completely out of the blue. So worried and shocked I thought I would do some research, and came across this wonderful forum, and reading lots all day yesterday way in the small hours. I had not contacted the Enforcement company at all yesterday. So after readying everything it was my intention to do a N244 - pending variation order and N245 (N244 being more important), due to the fact I am not in a position to pay this. (on low income, self employed, 2 young children) I also rang the original court who awarded the claim (Basildon County Court Essex), and asked them to provide all the dates for me. having slept on it all, I then decided to seek advice of the National Debt line, and spoke to someone today, and who basically said if I had contacted the HCEO to discuss a payment plan, to which I had at this point. So today at 14.30 Rang Burlington Group, and spoke to a representative. explained that I had received this letter (I mentioned nothing to him about my plans of N244/5). I asked if there was a payment plan that I could make. He immediately said yes we can offer that, which I was actually shocked to hear, I presumed there wouldn't be. I explained to him I am on a low income, I do not have flash cars (Y reg Beetle) im in rented accommodation, and do receive some benefits. He said that's ok, but he would still need to come to the house in order to 'TAKE CONTROL' and arrange a payment plan. My argument was but I do not have to let you in, he agreed, and said he could just take control of a watch i have on my wrist (sounded odd) and I said but how do I know my payment would be accepted. He then waffled off that they aren't about removing tvs etc etc as it costs too much money, however if there was a Monet painting on the wall, they would look to take that instead of a payment plan. Sounded fair. so my questions are: i) Do i have to let them in to agree a payment plan ii) Him attending, would this be Enforcement stage 1 fee added to the cost ii) if he takes control of items (for instance my watch) will that give him the authority he need to come back again and enter the house iii) Is what he said on the phone correct - i really need advice. I asked what would happen if my offer is not accepted by the claimant (which it may not be)he said if i do not have anything of worth and he can see i don't, to which i reiterated that he wouldn't be let inside the house, then the case would be closed and sent back to the claimant stating they couldn't collect. I'm worried and concerned that they want to come here to arrange payment plan, why can this not be done via the telephone. I'm thinking is it a tactic to get into the house, im being very cautious. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  21. we have beaten an hceo three times now. he was acting outside the law and we knew it. everyone needs to learn their rights - we have a lot we can do. we don't have to accept this bullying behaviour. if you ask the hceo to leave your property and he refuses - is he not then trespassing/aggravated trespass if he gets angry etc. ours ran off when we stood up to him. haven't seen him since and all his fees have been removed! now in formal complaint about him. apply for a stay at court if need be - you just don't have to deal with these cretins
  22. I had a visit from a HCEO today in relation to a high court writ for unpaid water bill totalling £1800. After explaining I was attempting to sort finances in order to apply for bankruptcy and that I had no other money or assets, he said if he could enter the house and see that i did not have enough goods to enable the debt and charges to be paid, he would report that back to the creditor and they would be unlikely to attempt to control the goods for sale. I was cagey about this to say the least. I said i was unwilling to let him in for obvious reasons. He said that if he was not allowed in and I made no payment then the creditor can then make an application to the court to allow them/him entry to seize goods. I asked how that was possible as this was residential. He said they would apply against 'me' and they would be allowed to gain entry forcibly. I said that I would not allow them entry, to which he said i would be arrested for obstruction. I have never allowed anyone in the house and today i spoke to him on my doorstep with the door closed. I am running around at the moment trying to get family to lend me what i need left to apply for bankruptcy, but he was deliberately trying to scare me and made me think he could get a court order and gain entry by force. Please help, I am confused by the changes in the law last year. thanks in advance
  23. Hi all, I hope you can help with situation that I find myself in within the last 48 hours and of course I can try and support with what I have learnt in recent days if it helps. Sorry for the long mail! I had a call from HCEO on Tuesday identifying himself and asking if I knew a particular person. He caught me on the back foot and I did not know the name. He proceeded by saying next steps would be taken, I had no idea what he was talking about, the name and what next steps meant even though I asked several times. I immediately googled the name and it is someone I recognize, a consultant who operated on me 7 years ago. I contacted her and spoke to the consultants secretary who outlined that since my operation fees have not been paid by Bupa. They had tried to get ahold of me a while after their invoices were rejected by Bupa but I had moved home and I have a different contact number. They proceeded with action and the company they instructed (Control Accounts) did the same, try and contact me by post and calls but obviously got the same response as the consultant. They then passed my debt through to the County Court who once again did the same and as of last July issued a CCJ against me. The case was then taken to the High Cour tand this brings me up to this week and the HCEO. I have contacted the consultants and explained and said I would call Bupa and understand what has happened. The consultants are actually sorry it has got this far but my issue is to contain and manage the HCEO right now. Bupa are not taking any responsibility and referred me to my old company TBH I can take it up with them after I contain the current process I face. I had a authorization number from Bupa, my procedure took place a month after I was made redundant from my old job at no stage was I notified my cover would stop as well as the consultants not being notified by Bupa. My policy was supposed to run from April - April but the company cut it in Dec. this has become a separate issue. I spoke with the HCEO and I have given them my new contact details inc address which they now have anyway. They said they would resend the letter of execution within the next couple of days and of course start the process from there. I am faced with a bill that was c£900 + to a bill which is now c£1800. Having read advice, spoke with National debt line and CAB hey have advised I seek a N244 or N245 as I do not have the cash to pay this. I have also spoken with the court that has the writ and they explained that the N244 form is what I need???? The CCJ is another matter and is with Salford court. I am a little confused having spoken to many people within the last 48 hours. I guess what I want to do is stop the Writ and therefore stop the HCEO action arriving at my door. Be given the chance to explain that the process has got so far down the line with me only being looped in now. Pay the money but outlay over instalments whilst I argue the case with Bupa and my old company. And finally take the CCJ off as this is something that I was unaware of until this week on this really concerns me as I will be taking steps to start a family and eventually have savings for a house!This will ruin it all! It is stressful and anybody that has been in a similar situation will know and hopefully be able to advice and help me manage and contain this matter. PS I am trying to work with the Consultants and I do understand their perspective so hence I shall pay for the operation but it is a lot of money to outlay in 1 hit. Thank you all
  24. I think I know what I am doing but just need it confirming. I have a CCJ against me for £1007 issued 9/9/14 Yesterday I received a letter from a HCEO it says Sum Outstanding £1118.75 Interest £3.09 Compliance Stage Fee £90 Total Sum £1211.84 I am going to my nearest County Court that deals with High Court Matters. It is my intention to make an application for a stay of execution (N244) and also an application for a variation of the order as it was a forthwith judgement. Just to murk the waters a little, I received a letter from a DCA after the CCJ was issued telling me to contact them within 14 days. I havent nor can I for the love of me find this letter. Couple of things, is that correct. Fill a N244 for the stay and N245 for the variation of the order. I will try and take them first thing and have ask for a Judge to do it their and then. And other advice received with thanks Sorry, any idea why the amount owed has gone from £1007 to £1118.75 within a month? Also if the value is incorrect on the writ, can this be grounds for it to be nil and void? Thanks
  25. I lost an appeal in November last year and costs were applied £750 - I appealed and this hearing was heard within another hearing Civil Case on Jan 4th 2014 - The Judge awarded the claimant £7,123 - off which £5,000 of this was costs. He mentioned something about only allowing certain sum of costs. I could not pay - single parent on benefits and offered £5 a month - this was refused so I applied for a redetermination hearing which was heard in March 2014. I informed Judge I had a caravan old tower 1997 that I could sell worth about 2k. Advertised on 8 sites including Ebay and no interest. Went back to court on Monday 23rd June to update situation and offered £25 a month (payable by my BF) this was again rejected - again given another 3 months to sell caravan then other party intends to get a high court writ. The upshot is unbeknown to me this debt has gone up - I thought the £750 for previous hearing was already added to final judgement of £7, 123 - the other party have now added interest and further costs on both amounts. I managed to sell some furniture and jewellery and paid £1,000 in April - thinking the debt was now £6,123 but the debt has now increased to £7,300 thereabouts. Impossible situation. My question would be - how do I query this £750 additional ? no mention of this in the final judgement so assumed £5,000 in costs was total. Can I question the interest side of things? if I managed ( family member) to pay off some and get it under the £5,000 does interest cease? The Judge mentioned any debt over £5,000 interest becomes payable. So would it be worth my while loaning the funds from a family member. Thank you for your help in this matter it is all very confusing.
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