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  1. Well, the fella who came yesterday shoved a document through the door claiming they had yet it's still outside and has been used since he left. I took photos of it after he left to show there was nothing on the car itself indicating it had been taken control of. I've read online on other forums that they (as in the bailiffs) will claim they did leave documentation on it and the debtor removed it.
  2. And once I've received them what would I do with them? I just want an end to the matter now as it's very distressing for my wife and daughter.
  3. Many thanks for the reply. I got one letter from a solicitors, the name escapes me, which mentioned SiP and an amount. I received nothing after that, no further letters, no summons, no notice of bailiffs (or whatever they're called) attending. She is the RK at her address which, though in the same town, is a good 5-10 minute drive from where I live.
  4. Having just checked my credit report, it seems there's 2 on there which has destroyed my credit score. One dated September 2016, one dated November 2016. Both different amounts. These can only be related to the Tickets Issued by SiP Parking Limited as the only other debts I have are a credit card, store card and a catalogue which are paid each and every month (to which the credit report verifies).
  5. Since July 2016 when it was purchased. The parking tickets/invoices (or whatever they're called) are for a car that has now been scrapped. As mentioned above, the car I had at the time has now been scrapped but, yes, it was registered at my address. The car I currently have is one my Sister loaned me the money to buy but she wanted to remain the Registered Keeper until I had fully repaid the loan, which I was happy to do (at time of writing I owe her £300 and until that is cleared the car will remain hers).
  6. Hi Everyone, A newbie here looking for some advice. Myself and a few others work for a company in an office that has no parking. This means we always park off site, currently on a small spot of waste ground with room for 5-6 cars. Between 2013 and 2016 there was an abandoned Post Office sorting office that had room for 9-10 cars. There were no signs at all so we all happily parked there without worry. At some point in 2016 SiP Parking suddenly put up signs. The signs were usually all different, there were no clearly marked bays for us to park in and there was no machine for us to purchase a ticket. Granted, there are council owned spaces across the road which do have spaces and a machine but even I know the Council and SiP operate independently. A few of us started to get tickets. They were ignored. Then we got more. They too were ignored. After receiving my 5th ticket I decided it was best to park elsewhere. Others lasted it out longer and one colleague ended up with a glovebox full of tickets, at last count it was around 24 tickets. Lots of advice online state to just ignore them and they will go away, which is what I did (naively or not). Fast forward to February this year. 7.30am and there's a loud knocking on my front door. 2 Bailiffs are at the door with a film crew (from I believe the Channel 5 show Can't Pay, We'll Take It Away). Luckily I was upstairs and conversed with them from an upstairs window. They wanted my name which I refused to confirm until they told me what it was all about. They refused to tell me before proceeding to wake the neighbours up. The neighbours confirmed they did not know who I was (which is genuinely true, as they only know my first name). They then proceeded to knock on most of the doors on the street which would've proved fruitless due to us not knowing most of the people on the street. The bailiffs were taking photos of the house whilst the film crew did whatever it is they were doing. After around 30 minutes they disappeared. They posted a couple of documents through the door one of which was a poorly photocopied court document claiming I owed one amount. The other document was on DCBL headed paper claiming I owed a different amount. The supposed court document had a PP signature on it whereas the DCBL document had no signature on it. I did a bit of digging online and it seems these guys are not actual bailiffs (searching them on the Bailiff register produces zero results). Today, March 17th 2017, my neighbour has called to give me a letter posted through her door. I do not know how long it has been there as they've been on holiday the past 2 weeks. The envelope has a stamp dated 02-03-2017 so I can only assume it was posted that day. The letter states it's a Notice of Enforcement, has an enforcement agent reference number on it and an amount of which I owe (£978.26 which in my opinion is ridiculous for 5 parking tickets). The letter states that I must pay or agree a repayment by March 13th. Well, that was impossible as I only got the letter today because it was posted through the wrong door. The letter goes on to state what will happen if I don't pay. I have no possessions for them to take, as I've signed them all over to my wife who is not named in any of the documents, and the car I drive belongs to my sister which I can prove. Sorry for the long winded story but my question is simply, what should I do? Since getting the tickets, which I no longer have as they were for a car I no longer have, I've only ever received one letter from a supposed solicitor, which is linked to SiP Parking , and no court documents. I believe I should have received a letter from DCBL advising they were going to call at least 7 days before their initial vist back in February. Although I understand it's hard to prove but I never did receive that letter and I also understand they will magically be able to say they did send it. I really don't want them calling back round as my wife suffers severely from Anxiety and Depression and I'm her carer. Our daughter also suffers from mild mental health problems so, as you can imagine, it's undue stress they can well do without. Any help is greatly appreciated I should also add: One of the DCBL people, different to the previous guy, has just been banging on the door. The cheeky So and so even tried the handle. Thankfully the door was locked. And: The guy has now gone and posted 4 pieces of paper through the door. Photocopied Headed Paper stating it's a "Notice After Entry Or Taking Control Of Goods (on a highway) And Inventory Of Goods Taken Into Control" This shows a different amount to the one that was posted through my neighbours door god knows when. Also included was a goods taken into control document with the car that I use written on it. Now, I guess this means they are claiming they've taken control the car. The car, however, is not mine. It belongs to my sister and the log book will show that. Yes, I am insured to drive the vehicle but my sister is the registered keeper. I should add, the car is still parked outside. I'm worried now as I need the car to drop off and pick up my daughter from school. Again, any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry to keep droning on. The letter dated 02/03/2017 which was posted next door shows an amount of £978.26 owed. The piece of paper Mr DCBL has just posted through the door shows an amount of £1802.30. How on earth has it doubled in just over 14 days, 14 days in which I never had the letter stating I had until the 13th of March to pay.
  7. My signing date was the 21st and I assumed funds would hit my bank yesterday as Xmas eve, technically, isn't a bank holiday. Does this mean I will receive payment on the 29th? I bank with alliance & leicester.
  8. Hello, A bit of help needed if that's ok people. Myself and my partner purchased a 42" Baird LCD Refurbished TV from BH back in June. We did all that was required and settled back to wait for our new TV to arrive. 3 weeks later we still had no TV, twice we took time off work to stay in and nothing arrived, nor did any phone calls advising what was going on. My partner rang the store who advised a call back would be required which never came. 5 weeks after first visiting the store the TV was finally delivered and, I'm glad to say, has worked perfectly ever since. That's not the important part. In mid August we moved to a new house and advise BH that we were moving and due to this would require a payment freeze for 2 weeks only as what cash we had was urgently needed to decorate the house and more importantly to feed ourselves. The assistant said she'd need to speak to her manager and get back to us. To this day nobody has gotten back in touch. Now, some bloke has just this minute turned up at the door claiming we owe 51 days back pay which needed paying there and then otherwise he'll take the TV away. My partner refused to let him in the house as a) he had no identity to say who he was and b) he could have been anyone...just because he had a clipboard doesn't count. My partner explained the situation, basically stating the ball was left in BH's court and since nobody has been in touch over the request for a payment freeze or overdue payments she'll contact the store to sort this out. The gentleman said that was no longer an option and then asked were we refusing to let him into the property which we replied yes. He never really explained what was going to happen next apart from those magic words that seem burned into the mind of BH's employees 'someone will be in touch'. Basically, I'm just asking to know where we stand on this. I can see it from the store's point of view that we are behind with payments but we did everything by the book regards the move. We informed BH of the new address and the new house telephone number. Strangely, it seems none of the people who we used as references have been contacted by BH either so we're really puzzled as to what to do. We know we should have gotten in touch with the store but with moving and myself being made redundant it's just one of the things that's been forgotten. We never set out to pay a few times and disappear because we did everything we were supposed to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  9. Hi, Newbie here and first time poster but I've been reading this site a lot lately. I was clamped on private land behind a row of shops on Saturday. I'd only been and gone 5 minutes when I came back to the car to see it being clamped. I was carrying my child and 2 bags of food. The clamper had only just put the actual clamp on so therefore it hadn't been chained on. After reading through all the info here I duly noted that on the sign there was no mention of how much a release fee was nor did I see any visible identification on the actual clamper. The vehicle they were using as well had no signage on it all containing any information. I wasn't told by the clamper about any kind of appeal process either. Further more when I called to pay the release fee I advised them I was using my partners debit card and wasn't once asked if I had permission. Surely that is a breach of data protection? What do you think my chances are. I've already drafted a letter but want to see what you guys think before posting it.
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