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Found 18 results

  1. I've known this was going to happen for a while, but I have now become the proud owner of a shiny new wheelchair. I've opted for self-propelled even though my upper body strength is sufficiently limited to mean that most of the time I'll have to have help, but I'm a control freak and leaving my speed/direction/ability to move entirely in the hands of someone else totally freaked me out. I've had the session with the physio but that was of necessity very limited, and the physio doesn't actually have the knowledge a day-to-day wheelchair user has, so thought I'd see if any other CAG members would be willing to share. We've already run into issues with door thresholds - even if I could open the two fire doors between my front door and the entrance to the building, I'd not be able to get myself over these and my son had some difficulty even pushing me over them. The supermarket was also quite illuminating. Since my son had the trolley (they'd run out of the wheelchair ones since the other two wheelchair users got there first!) I was quite successfully moving myself around but had to learn very quickly that people can stop much quicker than I can, they never look behind them before stepping back and never see anything below their own eye level. I'm not complaining - I'm sure I've done exactly the same things hundreds of times because it simply wouldn't have occurred to me that I might be causing a problem. Having had so much fun negotiating the supermarket, I can't wait for a visit to the pub tomorrow, and I'm certainly not planning any solo excursions any time soon, but would appreciate any tips/hints/advice from more experienced users. Also any recommended forums/websites for wheelchair users that might prove useful.
  2. I wonder if anyone could answer a query about tips. My brother in law is working this weekend at a famous racecourse parking cars for the attendees of the racing. He is working as a temp for an agency. He was told he would get an hourly rate plus he could receive tips. Whilst working the supervisors (not from the employment agency) have told him any cash tips must be handed in and will be given to a charity. He wants to be honest and has sometimes been given tips of £20 in cash but has to hand in. Is this legal? It is virtually minimum wage and the tips (which really was part of the bargain when he accepted the job) would have made doing this worthwhile. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Business Tips-Have You Got Any For Newly Self Employed- Good morning old Tawnyowl here i hope you are enjoying your weekend. My brain does not seem to want to relax,full of ideas,some may think rubbish. The Entrepreneurs Of The Future. Can you offer them any advice from your own experience. Donate a little time to help others. Well i have tried all my life to make it big. Enjoyed the ride,the nearly man.But how do you class success. Are you happy to say i managed to bring my family up,provide for them,create a stable home.Worked hard all of my life. Time goes that fast in business before you know it if you have children they could be teenagers,grown up and gone. Then you wonder what the hell one day as you take stock one day. Entrepreneurs do not take much notice of hours worked it means nothing a target is there and you try to hunt it down in any way possible. Myself well it took me till i was 55 when i shot down London way to try my last shot bar ten to try,you never give up.6 years ago now,seems like yesterday. Tools in a case,train to Euston and only a few pounds. Ended up in Essex and walked the streets for days leafleting till i found work. Waiting in a alley very early the morning,catching commuters travelling to London to work giving out leaflets to them. Down there it is the same as anywhere 7 days a week. Pressure,you love it or hate it.Do not work do not eat. Finally on a break i came home and then it happened, a heart attack. In hospital as the Nurse was about to give me my jab i asked if i could finish my phone call. I was still organising jobs locally for a couple of workers to keep them going. Looking back i see the nurse now with needle and syringe waiting to take aim.A wonderful woman. It was nearly Christmas. Coming out of hospital,i realised when this job was finished i had to face the fact i was getting older. Gym usually 4,5 times a week then work was a normal day.Construction. I have made massive mistakes along the way so i am trying to give a few tips.Have you any. For those starting out full of enthusiasm.Like i say i hope what i am saying some may agree on. For those wondering,i had no money left so had to find how to make money from nothing. Surprising how people vanish from your life when things change.When you need help. But found a way and have just scraped by and about to employ a talented artist who should really be successful in his own right.Naturally talented but lost. There must be many out there. Money from nothing a new start.But the last one for sure,perhaps. So what would i do differently if i had my time again. Well i have only a few because as i say i never took time to take stock just ploughed on. But,lets have a go. 1-Most important is to have a stable home life,a partner who supports you.A strong base. 2-Try to find something that people return to you again and again. Example people buy milk,bread each day. Having a product that a customer only uses you once means you are forever having to find new customers. 3-Trying to do everything yourself. Usually means sooner or later you will burn out. Bring others to the table listen to them although your decision is the final one. What happens if you get ill,you could be finished. 4-Skills. You have a Skill that has been honed over years,a quality product that needs really skilled labour. Trouble could be brewing. You find yourself overwhelmed with work but when you go to find help there is no one skilled enough to employ. Those who are are already in demand. Expect to train someone but do not be surprised when you train them they go self employed themselves. Natural thing to do although the first time it may rile you a touch. But deep down you have helped someone.Some may stay as self employment does not suit everyone. Some like the stability of regular guaranteed income. 5- Try to find a market for when you get busy that unskilled labour would be easy to find. The job could be completed much easily .Nothing worse than turning work away.It stings a touch. And those pounds should be yours. 6-Learn how to be your own accountant it is not hard if you take your time. Keep tax returns etc upto date.There is a lot of advice,help on line nowadays. Even new apps so you can do things as they happen. Keep receipts safely,motor costs,everything you spend keep. Become used to doing this. Of course accountants are experts in saving you money if you earn enough. Register as self employed,get insurance. 7-And make a little time for yourself,your family,time goes fast. Ah well just thought i would start a thread. Any other advice from anyone please post away.There must be many Self Employed out there. Bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  4. Hi all. My wife (28) and I (40) are looking to get income protection should one of us suffer ill-health. Please can I ask for any advice on what potential pitfalls to avoid or any other tips? Also, is a price comparison site a good place to start? Thank you.
  5. Old Tawnyowl here with entrepreneurial adventure number 966. For various reasons,a small heart attack a while ago and i suppose slowly aging i had to change my life around. Could not do what i used to do.It hurts a little but just the way,i miss my life in the construction industry and the people and customers i met.To myself it was fun and looked forward to going to work each day for many hours. I find now after a few hours i have a little pain,probably due to the medication.Hospital and doctors says i am ok. At the time i did not go on the sick but struggled on after coming out of hospital,not one of my better ideas. Developed another small ailment that trapped nerves in my back and shoulder and had no choice but to go on the sick. Ended up at the medical centre for a assessment as many do.Being chirpy despite a little pain i received 0 point,fit to work. I wanted to work,many of us have that drive,it feels good to have a little money for lifes essentials. Such as food,warmth,heating,and perhaps if lucky a outing or two. My small business at the time was one of the top reviewed in the country,and no trickery could take place,things were checked carefully. Anyway after ending up at the job centre the week universal credit arrived in town i was accepted. Just did not seem to fit in,tried telling them about my ailments,not to avoid work but to find something that fitted to my new life.Say maybe 4 or five hours a day.I feel in all honesty i would be tricking employers applying for many jobs as i would be found out. Do you want to be a Kitchen Porter,a Taxi Driver,a Tram driver,Conductor. Nothing wrong with those jobs but knew i would not cope and maybe the medical for some would find me out. And my mind is funny ,i worry about what ifs.The idea of a weakened heart and moving the public about things like that. Hundreds were applying anyway,younger,fitter and correct for the jobs. I got along with the staff,not all of them but most.But just did not fit in it felt that way anyway. Nobody seemed to listen. Finally the greatest idea came,would you like to be a security guard perhaps,go on a course get a card. You felt obliged to apply for any job which is the way i suppose.If you do not all hell could descend on you. There is no doubt i felt intimidated and just walked out feeling absolutely useless.After enrolling. Excuse me sir would you not mind grappling with me i have a heart condition and please do not hit me with that bottle you have just nicked,my blood is a little thin,never mind chasing anyone thoughts were going round my head. I saw some sad things that people this day and age should not be going through. Phoned them up before the course and said i am off to take a chance. You cannot do that you need to see a adviser specially trained for self employment,a business plan and god knows what else.Fair enough for younger ones who have no experience and young but i am approaching 61 and have a little experience gained over 40 years. Which before i go on any longer i will have to mention my thoughts of a Basic Income for all. Many things will have to be ironed out but seems a idea fit for today,never mind the future. A idea whose time has come. A thread discussing this idea for those that like a good read perhaps with a few laughs.Not all is serious. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?461005-Basic-Income-Guarantee-Do-You-Like-The-Idea-Any-Views-Have-Your-Say. Now where was i up to i have lost track. It was now a few years since the old heart decided to give me a shock and slowly had started propagating and collecting things over these years with a rough plan. To set up a online business and the odd car boot and sell a few things. Registered with the tax man and away i went.It had to work or else. Maybe a year now. I know perhaps this seems a little funny but here are my adventures in car booting for those that have not read it. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?464368-Car-Boots-Dealers-Stories-People-i-meet-and-more-you-can-join-in.Your-story. Now this is what i am doing.You have to be pretty tough in business,so many ups and downs. My idea online is to probe away,looking for weaknesses in things i know about,like certain plants.And other things.Online and who is selling them and then try to get a market share.As big as possible with stock you have.And at a fair price with reasonable postage costs. It is funny if that is the word watching them watching me trying to outmaneuver me,Cockneys,and people from around the country wanting their share which is right.I know i am having a little effect. One line has now reached a,do not laugh,perhaps up to around 20 pound a week with much more potential next year. So obviously i am now probing elsewhere.trying things,trying to beat my competitors,checking things out,looking for weaknesses in my competitors as in my plant business. But with larger potential. Get perhaps 15 lines selling reasonable and you can see ,well in my lifestyle i will be like a contented cat. So this is where your expertise comes in for those selling online wherever. I know we do not like giving away places where things are selling well. But have you noticed some online sites weakening and people moving to other places. Things change so fast nowadays. Any tips for businesses who are just getting going,perhaps setting up your own website to cut costs a little. Where are the up and coming areas to try.The places to open a website and how.Not everyone knows and could save days making mistakes when time is so important. I have written so much now i do not know where i started from. Hope it makes a little sense. Bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  6. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/financial-top-tips-for-service-personnel/financial-top-tips-for-service-personnel
  7. Hi all. I was assaulted at work little over a month ago, this was entirely the fault of my employer as they didn't take the required steps to ensure staff safety. Despite many complaints from the team. I haven't been to work since and have been signed off with work related stress. My employers haven't contacted me at all during this time and the meeting is at my request follow contact that I made with HR. I don't want to return to work. I want them to to pay me off to leave, obviously signing away any rights to a claim for PI or anything else. How likely is this?
  8. Hello, I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I have a £10,000 debt with MBNA which resulted in me going to court and a charge being placed against my house. Basically I pay a set amount each month, but if I sell my house they get paid the full amount. The only problem with this is my house is in negative equity to the tune of around £30,000 Due to a serious operation it looks like I may be dismissed on capability ground as Occupation Health feel I am no longer able to do my job and due to cutbacks there is nowhere else to place me. My debt with MBNA is managed by Optima Legal who have said they will only accept offers of 85% of the debt. If I can offer less they have said they will put it through to the 'client'. I have spoke to MBNA who have said that it is Optima who make the decision. Prior to the debt going to Optima MBNA offered me a settlement figure of £2800 which I didn't have at the time. I'm trying to do the right thing by sorting out a settlement figure now - before I lose my job as I am pretty sure once that happens the amount I will be able to pay them will drop to literally a couple of pounds a month. Has anyone any thoughts or experience of what figure MBNA would be likely to accept? Thank you for reading this far. Hx
  9. Hi, I'm going for an interview session soon about starting the Work Program. I do want to get help to get back to work, particularly help getting a part time job. But one that's suitable and doesn't make my health problems worse. Does anyone have any tips for being on the Work Program? I've learnt that when I do sign up it will then become mandatory for 2 years. I'd like to know about my rights on the Work Program as well as how to get the most out of it. I read stories about people being offered or forced into unsuitable work and I want to avoid that. I want to do things that will help me get back to work not just give the company money. For example I already volunteer and I'm concerned that the company will want me to drop that and do different voluntary work just so they can get money for putting me on it. Or putting me on internal courses that won't do me any good. So, any tips or info very welcome! Or links to anywhere you've found good info. Many Thanks.
  10. http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/winterhealth/Pages/KeepWarmKeepWell.aspx#close
  11. Have you just received your A-level results and are planning to start university this autumn? If so, you're likely to be one of the many students who will soon be moving into halls of residence or private rented accommodation for the first time. Moving away from home can be quite daunting, so it's useful to know what to expect before you move. Our student housing information can help you along the way: if you're thinking of moving into halls of residence if you're thinking of moving into private rented accommodation.
  12. Public Transport Safety Tips
  13. Public Transport Safety Tips please see PDF:
  14. I want tips for getting jobs, rather than just not being sanctioned. Th WP Advisors are not much help, more of a hindrance. Mistake: this should have gone in the Employment Forum. Bad night's sleep problems.
  15. Another tip buy your little ones clothing in the sales . Buy the next size up. Buy your little ones clothing in bulk from ebay. Lots of people sell clothing in bundles that their little one has outgrown. Freecycle for clothing, Car boots for clothing. Other mums in your area arrange a clothing swop party. School uniform our school gives away any lost property not claimed after a year. Also parents whose children are going on to high school donate used school uniform.
  16. As a novice in this area, I would be grateful if you would give me the benefit of your advice and list the most common mistakes made when pursuing a claim. Apologies if a similar query has already been posted. Many thanks
  17. Based in Scotland and took a bank loan out in Dec 2001 Hit difficulties in 2007 where upon entered into a reduced payment direct with the bank Was made redundant in 2008 Around the same time i also complained of mis selling against the PPI element of the loan which was upheld in 2008 and refunded In 2008 the bank sent communications detailing the original loan closed and a new & different credit agreement to cover the new figure which was duly signed and returned In 2011 they sent more letters claiming that this previous agreement may have been set up incorrectly and enclosed another agreement - which was not returned During all this still receiving default letters & statements etc with the wrong account and outstanding balance Have refrained for various reasons to commit to payments to this loan and have had not paid towards it since 2008 but now facing redundancy again (same with a few other debts) Sent a CCA request again recently (not receievd anything back yet) but a week later have received a citation from Sheriff Court detailing the wrong figure and (in my eyes) the incorrect loan agreement number In two minds whether to defend this action (and its possible implications - either financially, time & stress) or go for damage limitation and request time to pay with token payment Is this an open and shut case where by the original account number and wrong figure is being incorrectly detailed on the citation sent to me Will the court allow this technicality to be ignored and get bullied by the bank If the inconsistancies help my case would there be a specific way to deal or highlight this to court without a solicitor acting on my behalf Would i be too cynical in assuming that the bank have some loophole to their benefit I appreciate that the majority of my issues may have been covered with other posts / topics but would be obliged if anybody could shed any light or pass on any advice or possible solutions to my specific issue Cheers for reading and thanks in advance
  18. My account has recently been passed to a DCA from the bank to whom I have been paying regularly £160 per month for a number of years. Needless to say this was presented as a 'fait accompli', I received a letter from the bank and the DCA on the same day in the same day, the bank saying they were within their rights to do this without notice(which of course the are), the DCA offering an assurance that there would be no change to the terms and conditions (i.e. no interest or charges) attached to the repayment schedule. As an aside, the DCA have issued a new account number and called it a 'loan account' a bit naughty to do in my opinion seeing as I have never had a loan account with the DCA. I requested a full and final settlement amount from the DCA who only quoted the outstanding balance owed to the bank. I wrote again requesting a full and final settlement based on a factor related to what they had paid to accquire the debt, not on the 'notional value' assigned from the original creditor. They replied stating that they would only consider an offer base on me providing them with a full financial statement detailing, a complete breakdown of assets, income, shoe size (joke) etc., they also stated that if they were magnaminous to accept my offer, they would only mark my credit file as .partially satisfied'. I have replied in the following manner 1). I have no intention of giving them details of my financial position 2). I made an assumption as to the value of what they accquired the debt for, and made a generous offer of a full and final settlement based on a multiple of what they accquired the debt for. 3). I have also stated that if they only mark the account as partially settled I want a statement in writing that the balance will not be passed on to another DCA for further attempts at collection. I do not know what others on this forum think, but I believe the law should be changed such that any settlement with a DCA should bear a correlation to the amount paid for accquiring the debt rather than the 'assigned value' passed from the original lender. The DCA trade association will tell you that their members cannot tell their clients what they paid for a debt as this is 'commercially sensitive' information , that being the case then policing is required from OFT to achieve two aims 1). Protect the DCA industry such that good rather than excessive profits are made 2). Give clients a better change of clearing their debts 3). Divest the DCA business of the cowboys who only want ecessive profits rather than reasonable ones
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