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  1. I've known this was going to happen for a while, but I have now become the proud owner of a shiny new wheelchair. I've opted for self-propelled even though my upper body strength is sufficiently limited to mean that most of the time I'll have to have help, but I'm a control freak and leaving my speed/direction/ability to move entirely in the hands of someone else totally freaked me out. I've had the session with the physio but that was of necessity very limited, and the physio doesn't actually have the knowledge a day-to-day wheelchair user has, so thought I'd see if any other CAG m
  2. I wonder if anyone could answer a query about tips. My brother in law is working this weekend at a famous racecourse parking cars for the attendees of the racing. He is working as a temp for an agency. He was told he would get an hourly rate plus he could receive tips. Whilst working the supervisors (not from the employment agency) have told him any cash tips must be handed in and will be given to a charity. He wants to be honest and has sometimes been given tips of £20 in cash but has to hand in. Is this legal? It is virtually minimum wage and the tips (which r
  3. Business Tips-Have You Got Any For Newly Self Employed- Good morning old Tawnyowl here i hope you are enjoying your weekend. My brain does not seem to want to relax,full of ideas,some may think rubbish. The Entrepreneurs Of The Future. Can you offer them any advice from your own experience. Donate a little time to help others. Well i have tried all my life to make it big. Enjoyed the ride,the nearly man.But how do you class success. Are you happy to say i managed to bring my family up,provide for them,create a stable home.Worked hard all of my life. Time goes that fast
  4. Hi all. My wife (28) and I (40) are looking to get income protection should one of us suffer ill-health. Please can I ask for any advice on what potential pitfalls to avoid or any other tips? Also, is a price comparison site a good place to start? Thank you.
  5. Old Tawnyowl here with entrepreneurial adventure number 966. For various reasons,a small heart attack a while ago and i suppose slowly aging i had to change my life around. Could not do what i used to do.It hurts a little but just the way,i miss my life in the construction industry and the people and customers i met.To myself it was fun and looked forward to going to work each day for many hours. I find now after a few hours i have a little pain,probably due to the medication.Hospital and doctors says i am ok. At the time i did not go on the sick but struggled on after coming out of
  6. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/financial-top-tips-for-service-personnel/financial-top-tips-for-service-personnel
  7. Hi all. I was assaulted at work little over a month ago, this was entirely the fault of my employer as they didn't take the required steps to ensure staff safety. Despite many complaints from the team. I haven't been to work since and have been signed off with work related stress. My employers haven't contacted me at all during this time and the meeting is at my request follow contact that I made with HR. I don't want to return to work. I want them to to pay me off to leave, obviously signing away any rights to a claim for PI or anything else. How likely is this?
  8. Hello, I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I have a £10,000 debt with MBNA which resulted in me going to court and a charge being placed against my house. Basically I pay a set amount each month, but if I sell my house they get paid the full amount. The only problem with this is my house is in negative equity to the tune of around £30,000 Due to a serious operation it looks like I may be dismissed on capability ground as Occupation Health feel I am no longer able to do my job and due to cutbacks there is nowhere else to place me. My debt with MBNA is managed by Opt
  9. Hi, I'm going for an interview session soon about starting the Work Program. I do want to get help to get back to work, particularly help getting a part time job. But one that's suitable and doesn't make my health problems worse. Does anyone have any tips for being on the Work Program? I've learnt that when I do sign up it will then become mandatory for 2 years. I'd like to know about my rights on the Work Program as well as how to get the most out of it. I read stories about people being offered or forced into unsuitable work and I want to avoid that. I want to do things that will h
  10. http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/winterhealth/Pages/KeepWarmKeepWell.aspx#close
  11. Have you just received your A-level results and are planning to start university this autumn? If so, you're likely to be one of the many students who will soon be moving into halls of residence or private rented accommodation for the first time. Moving away from home can be quite daunting, so it's useful to know what to expect before you move. Our student housing information can help you along the way: if you're thinking of moving into halls of residence if you're thinking of moving into private rented accommodation.
  12. Public Transport Safety Tips
  13. Public Transport Safety Tips please see PDF:
  14. Moving to your own place? If you’re renting for the first time follow Shelter’s top tips to avoid the common pitfalls. http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/young_people_leaving_home_and_finding_a_place/young_people_dealing_with_housing_problems/top_tips_for_first_time_renters?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=first_time_renters_h3&utm_campaign=february_advice
  15. I want tips for getting jobs, rather than just not being sanctioned. Th WP Advisors are not much help, more of a hindrance. Mistake: this should have gone in the Employment Forum. Bad night's sleep problems.
  16. Another tip buy your little ones clothing in the sales . Buy the next size up. Buy your little ones clothing in bulk from ebay. Lots of people sell clothing in bundles that their little one has outgrown. Freecycle for clothing, Car boots for clothing. Other mums in your area arrange a clothing swop party. School uniform our school gives away any lost property not claimed after a year. Also parents whose children are going on to high school donate used school uniform.
  17. As a novice in this area, I would be grateful if you would give me the benefit of your advice and list the most common mistakes made when pursuing a claim. Apologies if a similar query has already been posted. Many thanks
  18. Based in Scotland and took a bank loan out in Dec 2001 Hit difficulties in 2007 where upon entered into a reduced payment direct with the bank Was made redundant in 2008 Around the same time i also complained of mis selling against the PPI element of the loan which was upheld in 2008 and refunded In 2008 the bank sent communications detailing the original loan closed and a new & different credit agreement to cover the new figure which was duly signed and returned In 2011 they sent more letters claiming that this previous agreement may have been set up incorrectl
  19. My account has recently been passed to a DCA from the bank to whom I have been paying regularly £160 per month for a number of years. Needless to say this was presented as a 'fait accompli', I received a letter from the bank and the DCA on the same day in the same day, the bank saying they were within their rights to do this without notice(which of course the are), the DCA offering an assurance that there would be no change to the terms and conditions (i.e. no interest or charges) attached to the repayment schedule. As an aside, the DCA have issued a new account number and called it a 'l
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