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Found 23 results

  1. I went through the barriers at Oxford Circus with Grandad's freedom pass (which I used by mistake thinking it was my own ticket - we'd gone out to lunch for my 18th and he gave me his stuff to look after) and got stopped rather aggressively by a Revenue Inspector. I got the impression that he was the police 'cos he read me my rights. I was sh .... ing myself cos I'm not from London but had heard stories of brutality from the police. This guy was definitely trying to provoke a physical response from me but I kept my cool 'cos I was in a suit. He questioned me about the freedom ti
  2. Hi there , yesterday on the 1/07/2016 , i boarded a train from llansamlet to Cardiff , there was no conductor on the train , as I arrived in Cardiff I had to go to the unpaid fair's desk , as I was there about to buy my ticket I had a stupid moment of madness and told the guy at the ticket office that I boarded on Bridgend but he caught me out by saying that there were ticket tolls at Bridgend and I completely froze , I then got taken by a transport investigations officer she gave me a quick interview and asked me questions in regards to what just happened , I told her I was sorry
  3. A bit of a strange experience today. I had to wait about 45 minutes for a train, I thought that I would do that inside the station concourse as I usually do. I decided to wait near some shops inside, all of which were closed. A security guard approached me, told me that he was closing the retail section of the station and asked me to move on. I did as instructed and, headed for one of the waiting rooms. After entering the gents, I noticed that he had followed me in there. He didn't seem to use the toilet. He just stood there watching me. I left and sat
  4. A subsidied bus service is required in order to offer transport to a small number of elderly and disabled residents who otherwise would be housebound or severely lose quality of life. One has already ended up in hospital due to not being able to get out. Bus shelters/stops are in place but buses stopped years ago. Bus company is dragging their heels. It would not take much to redirect a small bus to cover this patch. M.P.s not answered request for help. Any way to push this along? ANy relevant legislation? Thanks
  5. This afternoon the long awaited judgment regarding Stephen Duff's Judicial Review was handed down by Justice Edes. For those who have been following this case, Stephen Duff (the Claimant) is a Certificated Bailiff and runs a business called ProServe which made a large number of requests in 2014 to DVLA for disclosure of keeper info despite not being a member of an ATA. The judgment is extremely important and no doubt the legally minded members on here will have observations after pouring over the finer details. It is now expected that DVLA will refuse to provide data to any ot
  6. Hello, I have read with interest postings re: Transport Investigations Limited. I unfortunately am having to deal with them currently and am after any advice fellow consumer action group members may be able to offer. In summary, I use a mobile train ticket app which entails purchasing upfront a bundle of 12 journeys in a package. So they are pre-paid tickets which require individual ticket activation before use. On the particular day in question I genuinely forgot to activate a ticket until arriving at my destination. This may also have been down to the app being very tempr
  7. hi all, i recently bought a car off ebay which was 350 miles away joined shiply transport to collect it for me, after i accepted a price from one of there drivers he said he would be able to collect i paid my deposit of £44.00 through paypal , the driver let me down after 3 days of messing me around and eventually said he hasnt got a job up that way, i contacted shiply for a refund , after waiting 10 days they eventually said i am entitled to a credit as the driver let me down but i dont want a credit as i would never use this company again
  8. Hi All, I travelled last night from Cardiff Central to Newport. Due to being short on time and the barriers being open, I opted to just buy the ticket from the conductor on the train, which had been on the train 24 hours earlier when I had bought the ticket from the machine (Cardiff Bay to Newport, ticket checked twice). No conductor came down, so upon arrival at Newport I went up to the guys at the barriers, which were open, and before they said anything to me I said 'I need to buy a ticket, as the conductor didn't come down the train' whilst I was getting the money out of my wallet.
  9. I have to attend my nearest specialist eye clinic tomorrow as an emergency. It's nearly 30 miles away. It's far too short notice to arrange for someone with a car to take me - though actually I don't know anyone with a car who could do it anyway, and I don't even have someone available to accompany me on public transport, nor can I wheel my self in the wheelchair, which I would definitely need for such a journey. I only got back from my local A & E, who have referred me, half an hour ago but from what I've found online and what they said, getting hospital transport at such short notice
  10. Public Transport Safety Tips
  11. Public Transport Safety Tips please see PDF:
  12. i have a severley disabled 16 year old son. in september they changed his school bus and driver since then he has been very difficult in going on the minibus. he is refusing to put the shoulder straps of the harness on. this results in the passenger assistant refusing to transport him, so he was off loaded. At that time i was ill with pneumonia so that resulted in him not going to school as no other way to get him there. My husband works abroad. It was then agreed that they would get a Taxi this was decided before October half term(28/10/201
  13. On the 23rd of August 2012 I was travelling back home from Leeds to London Kings Cross on a train specific ticket. In a rush as my connecting train had been delayed, I did not pay full attention to the board, and accidentally got on the wrong train. I was travelling with friends and, being engaged in conversation, and relieved that I was on the train, I did not realise my error until the ticket inspector told me when he checked my ticket after Wakefield. I apologised and offered to get off at the next stop and board the correct train when it arrived, which I thought would
  14. my son purchased an annual train ticket for the duration of his work placement for his 3rd year of his degree - at a cost of c.£1,800. on one of the days covered by this annual ticket, whilst already travelling, he was asked to show his ticket - he had forgotten his wallet and therefore could not show the annual ticket. he did not have any cash, so could not purchase a ticket for that day's travel. the guard reported the incident and my son received a threat of summons - no mention of any other means of resolving the situation. we wrote a letter, explaining that he had an a
  15. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/oct/28/west-coast-rail-transport-secretary
  16. Transport Officials Suspended Over West Coast Rail 'Fiasco' Read more :- http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/10/03/transport-officials-suspe_n_1935100.html
  17. Hi, I have read other threads in this section of the forum and found the feedback by senior members to be very positive so I was hoping if you would please help advise me on my case. At the end of June, I was on the bus when I was found using my father's discounted Oyster card by the ticketing inspector. Up until this point I was unaware that I had accidentally picked up my father's Oyster card until the ticketing inspector had asked me "Do you have the photocard for this pass? These passes are not transferable?" and I replied "It's my dad's" knowingly at that point I had picked up the wr
  18. I was stopped on 24/04/2012 in cross country when I was travelling from Leeds to Sheffield in Cross Country. I was using a two part return ticket during that travel which i used while coming to Leeds. I used to live in Sheffield and have Travelmaster southyorkshire pass fortrain travel in South yorkshire. When I travelled from Sheffield to Leeds I was issued a two part ticket from moorthorpe to leeds as south yorkshire boundary ends there. While returning from Leeds, i just missed a train in a platform and a member of staff in the railway station asked me when i wanted to go. I told him
  19. I was smoking on an outside/non enclosed section of the overground platform (something i didnt know about) and was approached by two transport officers. after two months I received a letter about court proceedings asking me to respond in 14 days notice. I responded about there being confusing or limited signs, the sign at the entrance was actually the no smoking circle and was placed the wrong way around (there was no text and I have a photo of this on the day) they’re doing renovations on the station and believe that they had removed the signs for some time. I since received a court s
  20. I really have had enough of hearing that there is nothing that can be done when my friend needs medical treatment at the out of hours or A&E but has no way of getting there...she is on benefits and public transport to the hospital where the out of hours clinic is stops at 6pm meaning there is no way to get there easily or really at all without money. Doctors say she should come in immediately but back off as soon as she says she has no transport and then she gets a lot worse waiting for the following morning when she can get her one and only friend with a car (when on benefits most pe
  21. It all happen when i got on a c2c train from barking to upminster I touched in at the gates at barking got on the train to Upminster during the journey rail inspector asked for my ticket which I handed for checking but it wasn’t reading I opened up the sleeve to remove all the cards to find my oyster missing it had slipped into an inner pocket it took several minutes to actually locate the oyster card. I buy each week zones 3 to 6, which expires on Sunday I had sufficient funds on my oyster to pay for my single journey fare to Upminster i had about £13 with the intention of purch
  22. Can you get free school, invalidity or elderly transport if you live in a remote area ?? The tools on 'magic.gov website can help. Please remember to click on the 'accept terms' button to enter the site On the bottom of the page, Use the + & - buttons to zoom in and out and the 'hand' to center the map. At the top of the page , use the 'Ruler' button to measure distance. http://magic.defra.gov.uk/website/magic/viewer.htm?startTopic=maggb
  23. Just got a letter from UKCPS - Car park solutions asking me to pay for overstaying in a car park. The car park is shared by a pet store and Co -op supermarket an we can park there for 2 hours free of charge. The letter says that my car was caught on a ANPR camera entering the car park at 12:12pm an leavong at 14:24 but i swear that i got there at 12:25 an went back at the time i went. I always park there on a saturday, for the last 7 years and i always check my watch to make sure i don't have any problems. They are asking £60 if i pay in 14 days and £100 if i take more than that to p
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