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Found 13 results

  1. Operational legacy investigations and inquests – help for veterans READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/operational-legacy-investigations-and-inquests-help-for-veterans
  2. Hi there I am about to start proceedings against somebody in the judiciary and by a quick search I have found this website https://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk/ . Before I delve headlong into it has anybody had dealings with this Investigations Office ? All replies answered.
  3. Hi there , yesterday on the 1/07/2016 , i boarded a train from llansamlet to Cardiff , there was no conductor on the train , as I arrived in Cardiff I had to go to the unpaid fair's desk , as I was there about to buy my ticket I had a stupid moment of madness and told the guy at the ticket office that I boarded on Bridgend but he caught me out by saying that there were ticket tolls at Bridgend and I completely froze , I then got taken by a transport investigations officer she gave me a quick interview and asked me questions in regards to what just happened , I told her I was sorry and that it was a stupid thing to do and I even offered to pay for the fair there and then but she said no because the repercussions of this will be a lot more ' hefty' . The lady told me that I would receive a letter which I must respond to giving my side of the story , I have seen many posts where people have been summoned to court . Has anyone got any advice for me when I respond to this letter in what I should say or do should I attach a payment invoice covering the fair and the admin fee ? , I have a feeling cause I lied to them they are going to take me to court no matter what I say . If I do go to court what would the outcome be ? I have never had an encounter in this manner with the Arriva trains wales before this is the first time I have done something like this . I have encountered with the police for something silly in December which I had a fine for will that effects me if this goes to court ? I was really idiotic to even lie about where I boarded and it is something that I would not do again . If anyone can help me out and advise me I would greatly appreciate it . Thanks Shaun
  4. Hello, I have read with interest postings re: Transport Investigations Limited. I unfortunately am having to deal with them currently and am after any advice fellow consumer action group members may be able to offer. In summary, I use a mobile train ticket app which entails purchasing upfront a bundle of 12 journeys in a package. So they are pre-paid tickets which require individual ticket activation before use. On the particular day in question I genuinely forgot to activate a ticket until arriving at my destination. This may also have been down to the app being very tempremental and frequently crashing before I can perform the activation (a problem I have reported to the TOC). So this is a case of late activation of a pre-paid ticket. Once I had activated my ticket upon arrival at my destination I used the app which generates a bar code and I showed this bar code to the automated barrier scanner which alllowed me to exit the station at my destination proving my ticket valid. This was in full view of TOC staff. I was stopped by a RPO working for Transport Investigations Limited once I had passed through the barrier and had the activation time of my ticket checked which showed it had been activated after the train I was travelling on had arrived at my destination. I was questioned about this and allegedy accused of having travelled without a valid ticket, despite other passengers queuing up to buy tickets at their destination (ie paying at the end of their journey, thereby geuinely travelling without a valid ticket,which seems to be tolerated, surely you can only have one rule either you must have a ticket before boarding a train or not (pay on the train is allowed or pay at the other end)) I am being pursued by Transport Investigations Limited now alleging I travelled with intent to avoid paying a fare. I dont know if anyone else has had experience using these mobile app based tickets. I have used the app since March 2014 without incident and prior to that purchased paper weekly tickets and have done so since early 2008. They have sent a letter now saying an application may now be made to issue a court summons. I have replied in full with my version of events in writing, but the letter I have had back, in common with experiences of eveyone else on here, has none of my points/questions addressed. I now have a week to reply before they take it further, I obviously wish to avoid court and would rather accept an administrative settlement. Indeed the TOC policy I have checked says that court is only used as a very last resort the offer of paying the fare (which I of course paid upfront weeks before so they have my money) plus an admin fee is the first option. I would welcome any advice fellow commuters could offer, this has been causing me some stress as I attempt to recover from a recent hospitialisation for surgery.
  5. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/11451963.Police_tell_crime_victims_to_carry_out_their_own_investigations__watchdog_says/?ref=rss
  6. Hi again, wondering if you knowledgeable people can answer this and help me; My current employer has agreed to me leaving (PILON). They have agreed a factual reference which I have a draft of, which pretty much states that I was good at my job, well respected which I'm fine with. Now, there is a final written warning on my record which was for a year and falls of on X date. They have included a paragraph stating this and also stating that it was not due to competency. They add that there have been no further issues or concerns regarding my conduct. Now due to my line of work I would expect this. They have agreed to provide a reference without this paragraph if a reference is requested after X date. To put things in context, worked there for 20 years no issues. Started my own company, and also allegedly worked on said company during a period of sick leave and did not disclose a potential conflict of interest early enough. Naïve and stupid etc but all done and dusted. I have 2 questions The application form for the job I'm applying for asks if I have EVER been subject to any investigation, hearings, warnings, complaints or investigations (2nd mention) by any employer, agency or professional body? - The only thing that has happened is what I've said in this post. I want to answer truthfully but is my whole working life history any of their business. My instinct is to let them know what has happened in the past 2 years but is there a statute of limitations type thing regarding this? When they request the reference they will obviously ask my employer to complete a questionnaire that asks specifically if I was subject to any disciplinary or given any warnings about my conduct during my time with them, are they obliged to go into detail? I really don't want to rule myself out of being employed by being too forth coming but at the same time don't want to lie or be misleading. Advice much appreciated.
  7. The following is a link to an excellent press story featured today regarding the frankly pathetic shambles of private parking enforcement and proof once again that "cowboy clampers" have indeed turned into "cowboy ticketers" . The article also states that apparently POPLA are struggling with appeals and that DVLA have made a fortune from selling personal data. As you will also see, BPA are confirming that CEL are under "investigation" for their failure to abide by the BPA's "recommendations" by capping the maximum charge of their tickets at £100 !!! Only a few days ago local authorities were stunned by the surprise joint Press Release from DCLG and the DfT regarding the plans to curb CCTV cameras because of the damage that was being done to the high street by the excessive ticketing of motorists by local authorities. There can be no doubt that DfT will be putting "private parking companies" under investigation ( if they are not already doing so). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2442223/Private-spy-cameras-used-tickets-clamping-banned-private-land.html
  8. Hello, I'll keep this as brief as possible... I am currently on 2 weeks suspension from work following an incident that happened on the 19th. I walked out on after a customer was being verbally abusive and falsely accused me of "giving the finger" to her sister. The reason I walked out is that my duty manager seemed to find the incident funny and did not back me up, telling me to grow up. The letter I have received from works says I am suspended for: Allegations of abusive and objectionable behaviour towards customers Leaving the workplace during the duty period without permission I understand I'll receive a second letter telling me when to come in for the actual investigation. TO CUT TO THE CHASE... I wanted to know if I am entitled access to any evidence my duty manager has before the investigation? The reason being that I believe he is manipulating the events to have me unduly disciplined. I know I can appeal any decisions made after the investigation but I want to arm myself as well as possible and nip this in the bud asap. I am also considering writing a letter of events and complaining about my Duty Manager's handling of them to my General Manager or possibly HR but don't know if this is a good idea or if I should wait till after the investigation. Thank you so much for reading this far. I am at times confused and stressed by events and any advice would be very helpful.
  9. my son purchased an annual train ticket for the duration of his work placement for his 3rd year of his degree - at a cost of c.£1,800. on one of the days covered by this annual ticket, whilst already travelling, he was asked to show his ticket - he had forgotten his wallet and therefore could not show the annual ticket. he did not have any cash, so could not purchase a ticket for that day's travel. the guard reported the incident and my son received a threat of summons - no mention of any other means of resolving the situation. we wrote a letter, explaining that he had an annual ticket covering the day in question and apologised unreservedly for not being able to show his ticket on the day in question. he received a further letter threatening summons, suggesting that he had travelled with the intention of not paying for the trip, despite the fact that he had explained that he had an annual (expensive) ticket, covering that day, therefore clearly paying upfront for the travel. they have now offered to forget the issue, if he pays £85, otherwise expect to be summoned to magistrates court!! he is a principled soul and does not see why he should pay £85 for 'intending to travel without paying' when he had already forked out £1,800. should he be prepared to go to court and argue his case and see whether a magistrate will see sense or should he pay up and put this down to experience, especially as he could do without another distraction in his final year of university? any advice would be gratefully received.
  10. I was stopped on 24/04/2012 in cross country when I was travelling from Leeds to Sheffield in Cross Country. I was using a two part return ticket during that travel which i used while coming to Leeds. I used to live in Sheffield and have Travelmaster southyorkshire pass fortrain travel in South yorkshire. When I travelled from Sheffield to Leeds I was issued a two part ticket from moorthorpe to leeds as south yorkshire boundary ends there. While returning from Leeds, i just missed a train in a platform and a member of staff in the railway station asked me when i wanted to go. I told him i was returning to Sheffield and showed him the ticket and Southyorkshire pass as he wanted to see my ticket. He advised me to board a train that was about to leave then, which was a Cross Country express train. During the course of my travel the ticket inspector saw the ticket and said it was invalid on that train and asked me to purchase a new ticket. I refused because I used the same combination of ticket to come to Leeds and more over I was asked to board that particular train by a member of railway station staff who already verified the ticket. I said I wanted to raise a complaint, and asked him the details. After making few phone calls the ticket inspector said he will get my details and will issue a Zero value ticket.He also verified my ID details. He suddenly seized my travel pass and ticket and walked away. I explained him that I need to use the travel pass for other days in South yorkshire and asked him why he did not mention he would seize my pass. I even said I would pay for the ticket and raise a complaint later but I needed the travel pass for further travel. He behaved so rude and put me in an embarrassing situation and walked off. After getting down in Sheffield he came back and gave me the travel pass which he took photograph of earlier and took an expired travel pass. He said I would be contacted by cross country within a month by post and I may be asked to pay the train fare then. I had to move to Leeds in the next couple of weeks, however I did not receive any correspondence for a month from them. I was sent letter from cross country to my old address dated 28/06 asking me to contact TIL. I was then told that there was a letter dated 09/07 stating TIL is considering wether to issue summons. I called TIL said i wanted to speak to the related person and mentioned that I have moved house in the beginning of may but I received a letter from Cross Country dated the end of may.I did not mention that I knew about the second letter. The lady on the phone checked my details on the system and said there was no incidence raised in my name and address. She advised me to send a letter to TIL stating I have changed address. I am not sure what should i say in the letter and bit confused if they are trying to threaten me first even before asking for a dialogue. Kindly give me some guidance.
  11. I received a letter today to say that Incapacity now ESA had evidence to state I had a period of work between 2007 and 2010. Goes on to say they have included details from the employer and if I accept that I did this work could I answer the questions on the attached sheet. such as please provide the dates you worked, days of week worked, normal working pattern ? If they have enough evidence already why are they asking for more? At this stage I have requested an FOI but am unsure as to what other rights I have?
  12. Information Note Wednesday 4 April 2012 OFGEM LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION INTO ENERGY SALES BY E.ON Ofgem has today opened an investigation to establish whether E.ON is complying with its obligations on energy sales. The investigation is being launched following information which has come to Ofgem’s attention regarding E.ON’s marketing activities. In 2009 and 2010, Ofgem strengthened suppliers’ obligations relating to energy sales. The changes set out that suppliers are required to put in place robust processes to guard against misselling. These obligations include ensuring that any marketing material that suppliers use and information that they provide during telesales and face-to-face marketing are fair, accurate, easy to understand and do not relate to products that are inappropriate for the customer. In addition, suppliers are required to conduct any telesales and face-to-face marketing activities in a fair, transparent, appropriate and professional manner. Ofgem is continuing its investigations into the energy sales practices of Scottish Power, SSE and npower and has recently concluded an investigation into EDF Energy on this issue. -ends- 1. The investigation will examine whether E.ON is complying with standard licence condition 25, which regulates face-to-face and telephone sales activities. The fact that Ofgem has launched an investigation should not in any way be taken as implying that E.ON has breached licence conditions or otherwise broken the law. As part of the investigation process Ofgem will examine any evidence of non- compliance and consider whether there are grounds for exercising enforcement powers. Further information on the investigation process and the potential outcomes can be found in Ofgem’s enforcement guidelines. 2. Live investigations into energy sales Ofgem is continuing its investigations into Scottish Power, SSE, and npower. For the avoidance of doubt, the fact that Ofgem is continuing these investigations should not be taken as a conclusion that any supplier has breached licence conditions or otherwise broken the law. 3. Cases now concluding Ofgem recently concluded its investigation into EDF Energy’s compliance with standard licence condition 25. EDF Energy has proposed to make payments
  13. Hello, my first post so please be gentle. I received a letter from Tower Investigations Ltd on the 23rd June. The letter text spelled my name wrong (missing a vowel) and looked like a spam junk mail letter. I ignored it until I decided for fun to google the company and found a few forum threads explaining that this company was chasing debt for LloydsTSB. To give you some context, I haven't had a TSB bank account since I was a University student and graduated in 1999. I do not remember whether or not there was any debit associated with the bank account and overdraft. I am in credit in my only current account, have no loans and one credit card with a small amount of debit currently outstanding but being paid off on a monthly basis. The letter from Tower says: I would have waited to see if there was a follow up letter before replying. Today I received a letter from Global Debt Recovery Ltd. The same misspelling of my name was on the letter and a unique reference number was printed in the same location on the letter, in the same font and formatting of slashes to separate the elements. The contact telephone number for London is almost identical. All of these things are a little too much of a coincidence methinks! The letter from Global says: Okay so my question to you helping people is what to do next. I assume that I should keep all correspondence by registered mail (to prove delivery). Should I send letters to both companies asking for further information? Or should I start with this letter template: I read a post that I can't link to titled 'Global Debt Recovery' which makes me think that maybe I should not reply at all - the owner of both companies sounds rather unsavoury. I would have posted direct links but I'll need to post twenty times before I'm allowed on the forums. What would you recommend I do?
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