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  1. I have got myself into a right pickle and am not sure how to resolve it. I have a BLME Premier Account that matures next July and I am not able to access the money until that time unless I am dying. The money is guaranteed to be no less than the invested amount (£25k)so I was wondering if anywhere might accept this as security for a loan of £12k as I need this earlier than originally planned and had presumed could access some of the money in the account earlier than next year. I live in Housing Association property and am a carer. I presume I am not able to claim other benefits
  2. I had a bed until the Friday when they (the couriers) had told me the slot for delivery of the getlaidbeds items and had already provisionally booked a man and van to clear out my room including the bed so confirmed with them after having this notification that the collection was to go ahead. It was a kingsize and being replaced by a kingsize so no room for both. It was not a defective bed but one that came in parts and some of them arrived. I had mentioned need for a high enough bed due to bad knees but not that no bed meant no sleeping at home. Today they were supposed t
  3. I ordered a wooden bed frame and was promised it would be delivered today so got my old one taken away before this one was due to arrive. Only two of the 3 boxes arrived with the courier and there is therefore no way to build the bed until the last part gets here. I live in a bungalow and have osteoarthritis so am not able to sleep on a mattress only, nor is my sofa a suitable alternative. I am therefore having to stay in a budget hotel for the weekend as I have no friends or family in the area. The couriers say they have never had the item and the company (Getlaidbeds) say
  4. What is the main document called, from which the first link is taken? Just so as I can quote it all for DWP to find it themselves. DMG51 ..does it have another name? Thanks
  5. Thank you everyone. My head is spinning just finding the needle in the information haystack even though I have been told where it is!
  6. The DWP are not disputing that the loan goes to the college, apparently.
  7. Update...Student Finance say to contact the appropriate office for Benefits and cannot confirm anything. This is worrying me. How can a loan be seen as income when it is to be paid back and only funding a course not helping with living expenese?
  8. The college have given out the leaflet that states that it goes straight to college and DWP are not denying that it goes to College only that just because that is the case it does not exclude it from being counted as income, apparently. My problem is that it not my problem but a friend who is exhausted with having to deal with such matters and is not prepared to take on DWP as he has been told this on more than one occasion. I will probably ring Student Finance myself and see what they can do to help.
  9. I totally agree Nystagmite and I also have found that bit about it being fees that go to College, but the other information is not black and white and DWP have told my friend will be counted as income (verbally via phone) so he is going to try and pay instalments himself unless I can let him have information he can believe. It certainly should not be counted as income *(logically) if being used entirely to pay fees for a course that will be likely to increase his employment chances. He is on Income-Based ESA at the moment and course is only 5 hours a week.
  10. Thanks both but I need to find where it actually says that as my friend was told by DWP counts as income even if only paying fees so he needs proof in actual chapter and verse. It is only a part time Level 3 course and the hours are fine with DWP just keep saying the loan would be classed as income apparently .
  11. I have heard mixed details about this matter. The Student Finance information seems to indicate that as the loan is only for fees, and paid to the college, it is not counted as income but my friend has been told otherwise. Can anyone point me to specific information showing definitive answer please.
  12. The statement is online and has "copy, for information only" on anything that would be printed out so they will have to have his card details and ring or give him the money. I need to know what to tell him to show his parents as confirmation that they can pay the lump sum without effecting his benefits and also a way to indicate that regular payments from them would be seen as income and effect the benefits.
  13. There is no PPI issue. Does anyone know the place in Rules that allows this payment? I think his parents are going to need proof.
  14. A friend has a credit card balance of around £3000 and his parents have offered to clear this for him but are worried that such a large payment to him will have implications on his benefit. The card account is managed online and no paper statement is available so they may have to pay a cheque into his account. He is on Income Based ESA and has no savings.
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