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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All. I was recently travelling home from London on a Southeastern train after a few drinks with my work colleagues. Due to the onboard toilet being out of use and me bumping into an old friend on the train we decided to exit the train and use the station toilet in the knowledge that the train may depart and we'd have to get the next one. As i left the toilet the train was about to depart, and although i can't remember exactly what happened due to the drinks id consumed, i may have swore a few times asking them to hold the train. My friend, however, was still in the toilet long after the train had left the platform. Next thing we knew a policeman grabbed my friend as we stood on the platform and started to drag him out of the station, all the while accusing him of kicking the train and swearing at it (later changed to swearing at the rail staff). My friend denied this completely but the officer insisted it was all captured on cctv - somehow? When we got to the station entrance another officer joined the party as well as a rail staff worker. The story then changed to it being me who'd sworn at the rail staff as well as apparently banging on the the doors and the windows. Since my friend was with me (we'd bumped into each other two seconds before we got to the station as we were both looking for the onboard toilet) he was being ejected/ and also they still insisted they had us both on cctv committing the offence. In the end we gave up arguing after the threat of an arrest on the basis of Bylaw 6 - Unacceptable behaviour on the railway. I am now in the process of making a formal complaint as I don't feel the actions of the officers on the night was appropriate. I accept that my case is weakened by the fact that I don't have a perfect memory of all the events that happened BUT my friend does and whilst i admit i may have sworn as the train left, I strenuously deny doing it in anything other than jest based on the mood i was (and that we'd already preempted this the train leaving) and i certainly am not one for kicking inanimate objects, drunk or not. Furthermore, when the rail staff who i'd supposedly sworn at arrived at the exit I had never seen him before so I really think it's a case of mistaken identity - which is evident from the fact they originally grabbed hold of my friend (who is tall, skinny and SriLankan) mistaking him for me (I'm shortish and I'm told my Irish heritage is clear to see!). The investigating police officer has assured me that if the cctv evidence proves a crime was committed they will prosecute - which feels like they are trying to blackmail me into not pursuing it. I'm now stuck needing advice as to what to do next. Ordinarily i'd leave it and put it down to a bad experience but being stuck 40 miles from home after midnight and then having to pay £100 in taxi fares means I feel I should pursue it. Even if i did swear, I feel it would be totally reasonable given that we'd left the train to use the toilet, when most other people on the train were just using the bins or the seats! I don't feel they'd have sufficient evidence to prosecute me or if there is even a prosecutable offence for that matter? but they may try and use this as a way to ban me from using the train services in the future, which will be much more costly than £100 when i have to find other means for getting to and from work. However, ignoring my issue, my friend has clearly been picked on for absolutely no reason, other than maybe his ethnic appearance and anything they said about having cctv of him is an absolute lie. I don't think it is reasonable that someone can make a wild accusation and the police simply side with them without first checking the supposed evidence themselves. Any thoughts appreciated!
  2. A ticket was placed on my car when parked in Malvern. Although it looks like a Parking Charge Notice which I'd ignore, it does talk about contravention of Byelaw 9 of the Malvern Hills Conservators. Shall I be safe to ignore this? I received a further letter requesting payment in 14 days, together with an invoice attached to it - which i have attached here. So am I safe to continue ignoring this one?
  3. I was smoking on an outside/non enclosed section of the overground platform (something i didnt know about) and was approached by two transport officers. after two months I received a letter about court proceedings asking me to respond in 14 days notice. I responded about there being confusing or limited signs, the sign at the entrance was actually the no smoking circle and was placed the wrong way around (there was no text and I have a photo of this on the day) they’re doing renovations on the station and believe that they had removed the signs for some time. I since received a court summons and am unsure if they received my original letter. I know that there are laws on proper signs and in the summons it says that 'near which there is a notice indicating that 'smoking is not allowed'. I read that businesses not displaying the proper signs can be fined. also what is the best option, is it possible to settle out of court or pay a fine (used with money for quitting smoking) should i get a solicitor on this. any help, thank you.
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