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  1. Thanks for the replys, does anyone have any legal advice. I'm aware that I shouldn't have and would pay the fine. I'd rather avoid going to court and reach a settlement. In this station the sign was misplaced upside down with no text saying no smoking. when I read on the guidelines for signage it doesn't comply. The other sign outside the station does count but it's the one on the platform.
  2. Thanks for that I have about a month. I really cant afford court fees or a record etc if its still possible to settle out of court and if anyone have any advice can they pm!
  3. Thank you.The byelaw is byelaw no 3. the letter states that I "did contravene bylaw no 3 of the railway bylaws made under section 219 and schedule 20 of the transport act 2000 in accordance with the railways act 2005 in that you did smoke or carry a lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, match lighter or other lighted item on part of the railway on or near which there is a notice indicating that smoking is not allowed. " When i asked the where the signs are he pointed further down the platform from where I was standing so at the two edges of the platform and said there was one on the entran
  4. I was smoking on an outside/non enclosed section of the overground platform (something i didnt know about) and was approached by two transport officers. after two months I received a letter about court proceedings asking me to respond in 14 days notice. I responded about there being confusing or limited signs, the sign at the entrance was actually the no smoking circle and was placed the wrong way around (there was no text and I have a photo of this on the day) they’re doing renovations on the station and believe that they had removed the signs for some time. I since received a court s
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