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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there , yesterday on the 1/07/2016 , i boarded a train from llansamlet to Cardiff , there was no conductor on the train , as I arrived in Cardiff I had to go to the unpaid fair's desk , as I was there about to buy my ticket I had a stupid moment of madness and told the guy at the ticket office that I boarded on Bridgend but he caught me out by saying that there were ticket tolls at Bridgend and I completely froze , I then got taken by a transport investigations officer she gave me a quick interview and asked me questions in regards to what just happened , I told her I was sorry and that it was a stupid thing to do and I even offered to pay for the fair there and then but she said no because the repercussions of this will be a lot more ' hefty' . The lady told me that I would receive a letter which I must respond to giving my side of the story , I have seen many posts where people have been summoned to court . Has anyone got any advice for me when I respond to this letter in what I should say or do should I attach a payment invoice covering the fair and the admin fee ? , I have a feeling cause I lied to them they are going to take me to court no matter what I say . If I do go to court what would the outcome be ? I have never had an encounter in this manner with the Arriva trains wales before this is the first time I have done something like this . I have encountered with the police for something silly in December which I had a fine for will that effects me if this goes to court ? I was really idiotic to even lie about where I boarded and it is something that I would not do again . If anyone can help me out and advise me I would greatly appreciate it . Thanks Shaun
  2. Hello lovelies, I'm here for some help again, if you wouldn't mind? I'm a regular Arriva bus user because of the location of my house. The bus service on the route is the most unreliable service and more often than not, the bus is late or doesn't turn up. Just to give you an idea, so far this month on the one route I take, the buses have been 89 minutes late! So of course I make a complaint every single time. Each time I put email contact only. They have previously rang my phone number that's been on their system but after telling them email contact only, they've been pretty good about emailing me. They have offered to send me free travel tickets as an apology for the delays, which I have accepted and emailed my address across. I made further complaints via email, and one was made over the phone. During the phone call, I told the man that I wanted a response in email only. I have come home today to find that someone has taken it upon themselves to write and send a letter to my address! As you can imagine, I am absolutely fuming! I've spoken to my sister about this to see if she knew who I could contact as I am not happy at all. She's informed me that it's a breach of data protection. Is that correct? And if so, who do I now contact? I'm not really happy to let this slide, since I've made it clear every time that I do not want to be contacted in any other way. Hopefully this angry ramble makes sense! Thank you! Kayleigh
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone could give me some advice? My daughter has an Arriva M ticket app which she uses to buy a monthly ticket on her phone. In December the app was upgraded, when she bought her new ticket at the end of December the app kept crashing, she tried to buy her ticket 4 times without success, however when she checked her bank account the next day the money had been taken each time at £73.80! We've been fighting with Arriva ever since, provided authorisation codes from the bank, bank statements to show the money has been taken out, her last 4 of her bank card and phone number, they refuse to provide a refund even though the evidence is there, stating they can't find the transactions on their system. I've tried to call several times to discuss but their staff are rude arrogant and just argue with you What can I do to get her her refund back it's quite clearly come from her account but the refuse to pay her the money back
  4. Hi, I'm pretty shaken up by what's just happened today when Arriva trains Wales refused me and my 2 children (aged 10 and 12) the return journey which we'd started this morning. The conductor refused to let us stay on the train, apparently because of my surfboard. We ended up having to catch a taxi from Borth to Newtown. At 10am this morning I checked with the conductor on the platform that we could buy the tickets on the train, he directed me to where I could place my surfboard and bought a day-return ticket to Borth to catch some waves. En route, he explained that we would need to change carriage in Machynlleth where the train divides and to carry my board along the platform. At no point did he mention that there might be any restrictions on surfboards and as this was the first time I'd taken it on a train and had previously seen others with boards on trains I had no reason to think there might be a problem. At 13:43 we boarded the return train in Borth (not overly full) and as I was placing my board in the cycle area where there was plenty of room (just one bike there), the conductor approached me and said: 'We don't take surfboards'. I tried to explain that I had bought a return ticket with my surfboard that morning with no mention of Arriva not taking surfboards but he was immovable even when my 10 year old, visibly distressed, asked: 'How are we going to get home?' 'We don't take surfboards' was all he said, no apology nor willingness to discuss further. Short of dumping my board, we had no option but to get off. I phoned Arriva customer service whose only suggestion was that I should wait 2 hours for the next train and 'explain' to the conductor what had happened. Considering that was what we'd just done, I rang for a taxi instead having told Arriva that I would be billing them for it. The Customer service crew told me that they had no way of contacting the on-board staff for the later train to intervene on our behalf and that they would not pay for a taxi for us to get home. I've now looked at the Arriva website and it says there may be restrictions on 'surfboards... that cannot be carried without assistance'. I can easily carry my board and had another bag in my other hand. Even if they do have restrictions surely by selling me, my kids and my surfboard a ticket this morning on behalf of Arriva which I bought in good faith, that's a contract and I could reasonably expect to be able to return. The fact that I was left stranded with children by a (second) conductor who clearly didn't give a fig is pretty shocking. Any assistance most appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hello all Just looking into purchasing a student concession season ticket for my daughter, who is about to start 6th form college. Went on to the Arriva bus site and followed the links to buy the tickets on line. As my OH uses the bus a lot, she felt that the annual price of £590 was wrong. After double checking the links and clicking on 'Buy Student Saver Tickets Online' it again took us to the page where you select Adult or Child tickets only and the price was £590 for the year for Shrewsbury Out of curiosity selected a none Shrewsbury area and there was a tab for 'Student' tickets at £340 for the year. Have fired off a question to them via there Q&A page but am a little annoyed that I had searched 'Student concessions' got directed to an FAQ about student concessions and clicked a link that says 'Buy Student Saver Tickets Online', then find that the offering was for a standard adult / child tickets only. If it had said "Sorry no concession tickets in this are" I wouldn't have minded. but in my view Arriva is mis-representing their tickets. Would be grateful for your thoughts The link is: www-dot-arrivabus-dot-co-dot-uk/student-saver-tickets/
  6. Hi, Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/respond to my post. I have just been sent a letter from Transport Investigations Ltd for travel with no valid ticket. Looks like there's a lot of people in a similar postion from other posts on here (and elsewhere). The letter states that they are considering prosecuting me under the the Railway Byelaws (2005) or Regulation of Railways Act (1889), and that I have to get back to them soon in writing with any mitigation I wish to be considered. Detail: The letter related to when I was stopped from buying my usual weekly ticket (which expired the day before) at my destination station (Cardiff Queen Street) by TIL staff, and interviewed. [...and yes, following this, I now know that I should always get the ticket from my departure station, and not on the train or at the arrival station!]. Prior to being stopped, I could have bought my ticket at my departure station (but ran on to the train that day), but couldn't on the train (as no guard/inspector came down the train on that day), and couldn't at Queen Street (as the TIL staff stopped me doing so). There are several points I thought I should be making as part of a mitigation statement to TIL (or any letter to Arriva trains prior to that) which I've put below. My question is: Do you think there's any point in me even giving my mitigation points (below)?.. . as I can't say I had a valid ticket for the journey I was making, as my weekly pass had expired the day before, and presumeably that's what I'd end up being prosecuted for. What would you do at this point? Mitigation: 1- that I didn't know it was wrong to buy tickets on the train or at the destination station 2- that buying on the train, or destination station, is never challenged or even discouraged (...and if it had been before this TIL 'sting', I would have known I shouldn't do it, and wouldn't have done it!) 3- that I was stopped from buying my weekly ticket by the TIL staff before the ticket officer could issue it 4- that it isn't even possible to leave my destination station without a ticket, due to the automated barriers in place there 5- that I buy a weekly ticket (every week for several years), so am obviously not looking to evade payment, and can prove this (as I pay by card) Thanks again for taking the time to read/respond to my post.
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