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Found 18 results

  1. I have been asked a good question by a friend. M&S near us have now introduced a 4 hour free parking, using Parking Eyes as the administrator. But they share’s this car park with 2 other large stores, Tesco and outfit. *This is a massive car park and people use it park and walk to work, There are no options for all day parking, The bays are not marked with any floor paint indicating whose bay they belong to Tesco or M&S etc. PS. To be fair to my friend she use M&S most days to get her lunch. So her question is, there are no parking sings on the entrance that she uses to get on to the car park is she still labile if they put a ticket on the car. My question is what are the laws on signage on car parks?
  2. Hi, Just a general question, there's no hidden agenda. A private road close to me has a no parking sign at it's entrance stating that anyone parking in the road will receive a 'penalty' of £60. My question is are they allowed to use the word 'penalty'? Thanks
  3. Hello guys, So this morning I had a letter through the post stating the following: PARKING CHARGE - NOTICE TO KEEPER Vehicle Registration: redacted Vehicle Make / Model: redacted Site Name: Ferry Meadows Period of Parking: Sunday 11 Jun 2017 18:06:52 to Sunday 11 Jun 2017 19:16:24 Reason for Issue: None Payment of Parking Amount of Charge: £50.00 reduced to £25.00 if paid within 14 days Driver Liability The driver of the above vehicle is liable for a Parking Charge in the above amount which, at the date of this notice, remains unpaid in full. The charge having been incurred for the reason as stated above and liability for the same having been brought to the attention of the driver by clear signage in and around the site at the time of parking. Register Keeper At the time of this notice the creditor does not know both the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver and as the registered keeper of the vehicle YOU ARE NOW INVITED TO (i) Pay the unpaid Parking Charge; or (ii) If you were not the driver of the vehicle, to notify us of the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver AND pass this Notice on to the driver Appeal In the event that you wish to dispute liability for this Parking Charge, within 21 days, (beginning with the day after that on which this notice is given, please provide your full name and address, vehicle registration number and the Parking Reference at the top of this Notice providing your full reasons. Appeals should be sent to (insert email) or by post to Appeals Dept, Unit F the Court, Kestrel Road, Manchester, M17 1SF Appeal decisions should be provided within 28 days. In the event that your appeal is unsuccessful then we will provide you with appropriate details enabling you to lodge an appeal to an Independent Appeals Service. Details of the appeal procedure can be found at www the IPC info Payment Payment should be made at parkwithease co uk, or by sending a cheque to the address above quoting your reference Cheques SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO PARK WITH EASE Today after receiving the notice, I returned to look for the signs, on leaving there is 3, however very small. and often just a P with a £ under it. There is also no signs showing that its CCTV monitored. The time I was there is also incorrect, at the time it states is actually when my car was parked on my drive. - After checking I don't know if this is true. I thought this was issued in July. Looks like I am going to get 2 tickets coming! I would appreciate if someone will let me know what my rights are and if I should appeal. On a side note, if I do decide to pay, there website is not HTTPS protected and who does cheques anymore, so will probably have to call them anyway. Thanks, Tom
  4. You've helped me once before (post4830039) with a 'parking charge notice'. I don't think I actually need help this time, but wanted to post on this site for general awareness in case there's a pattern in how this firm operates. I parked in a car park where controls are effective 08:00-18:30. The PCN shows I entered the car park at 18:08:25. I purchased a ticket (which I still have) at 18:12, paying £2 for 20 minutes as I didn't have anything smaller. The ticket I purchased shows the expiry time as 18:32 (ie, 2 minutes after parking controls ceased to be effective). Today I received a PCN from CEL citing 'Payment not made in accordance with the terms displayed on the signage'. I've gone back and checked the sign and I can't see any term that I failed to comply with: - I paid the fee - the ticket was purchased within 10 minutes of entering the car park - I didn't exceed the maximum stay Although I said I don't think I need help on this, any offered would be appreciated especially if you spot something I've missed. Otherwise I will email CEL advising the above facts and that if they don't withdraw the charge they must stipulate exactly which term or terms they believe I contravened, with the effective date of the charge being the date they reply. Incidentally, I only received notification of the supposed offence 3 weeks later and it's pure luck that I still have the ticket. What does anyone do in the situation where no parking notice was issued at the time and the ticket has been discarded? It seems pretty outrageous to me that these parking cowboys have the law on their side in cases like this...
  5. I have received a penalty notice for turning left at a junction when there is a "no left turn" sign post at the junction, and a "must turn left" sign post about 30 metres further back on the road. In the past it was OK to turn left, but I guess at some point in the last year, usage had changed. My question is in two parts: - Is there any legal requirement to have a painted "turn right" sign on the road itself, in addition to sign posts? - What is the legal requirement for lighting the signs? - the junction is in a commercial area with street lights, ..because I simply did not notice the sign posts in the dark!
  6. Good afternoon, On 07/10/2016 I parked in the Bradford Forster Square carpark, lost track of time, and overstayed by 37 minutes. On 17/10/16 I received a Parking Charge Notice for £85, payment to be made within 28 days of issue (of notice); discounted to £50 if I pay within 14 days. They have stated the Date Issued as 13/10/2016 in the reference section and 10/11/2016 in the big black box, but that is probably irrelevant. I have entries on my bank statement to prove I went to Costa there, I actually spent all morning there catching up with an old friend, but the entries are dated 08/10/16. I guess their payments don't show up automatically. I have emailed Costa for help, they replied immediately saying they have no influence. I also emailed the land owner, British Land but have had no response yet. I have read quite a lot about parking charges in the last few days, mostly about Beavis... I remember reading on one thread on this forum that the company placing the parking restriction signs must have planning permission. I have checked Bradford's planning portal and cannot find an application for PP for parking restriction signs at Forster Square. I then telephoned Bradford's planning dept and was told that the signs were probably small enough not to require PP. I told him the signs are 0.9m x 0.7m, to which he suggested that I email the enforcement team. I have done this and included the measurements and a photo of a sign. I know the enforcement team are thin on the ground and I think it unlikely that they'll carry out an investigation in a time scale that will be of help to me. What I would like to know from the kind people on this forum is, do I have a case for no contract because of a lack of PP for the signs? I have read The Town & Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regs and I think I have a case, but I'm not a lawyer ! I hope to use this in ParkingEye's appeals process. If I am unsuccessful I will probably pay up as I do not want to pay the full charge, which I'll have to pay if I go over 14 days.
  7. Since they now seem to know exactly who I am I see no point in continuing to keep my fight against this particular 'company' under wraps, though of course I may not always reveal all details in advance ... For those who haven't seen my previous posts re this particular parking company, some background is that I live in an apartment, the car park for which can only be accessed by crossing an Aldi car park for which we have a right of way. The Aldi car park is of course managed by PE who have ANPR cameras pointed at the entrance/exit, but nowhere else. This means of course that once a vehicle has entered the car park, PE have no idea whether it parks there or in our car park and what's more, they don't give a monkeys! In 5 years this household and our visitors alone have had well over 100 parking charge notices. Until October 2012 they were just ignored, but since then I've appealed every single one. Up until a couple of months ago PE just cancelled them - only one slipped through the net and got sent to POPLA and that one was cancelled too as soon as they knew about it. To save anyone doing the maths 100 'fines' per household x the number of households in the block = approximately £100,000 so no prizes for guessing why PE, despite knowing about the problem for 5 years, have done nothing to resolve it. In the last couple of months PE have upped the ante. They no longer allow me to do appeals on behalf of my guests - totally contrary to BPA and POPLA rules - and far from cancelling every charge, they're now disputing every one. With less than a week to go before the next POPLA decision is due, they suddenly submitted a pile of junk they called evidence. Not only that, we have today received yet another charge for the same vehicle. The final straw was having to apologise to the other half's ex because I told her I would deal with PE (one of their sons had used her vehicle to visit - had we not had a civilized relationship, the repercussions of this 'ticket' could have been horrendous) who then insisted on directing all correspondence about the appeal to her. prior to the POPLA evidence thing, I had submitted complaints to DVLA, BPA and Aldi with no holds barred. Despite the apparent connection, there's no way the complaints could have been received and communicated to PE in time for them to put their bundle together, it is just coincidence. I am not expecting anything from BPA, PE are far too big to have any action taken against them by the association they fund, I'm expecting DVLA to initially refer my complaint to BPA at which point I will involve my MP, but I'm hoping Aldi at least will finally see sense over this. It wouldn't be difficult to solve my issue and stop their car park being horribly abused by all and sundry - a simple count of the number of cars parked their when the store isn't even open would be a clue to how effective PE's current methods are, though of course the last thing PE want is for no one to abuse the car park ... currently there are outstanding complaints to anyone I can think of plus 3 outstanding POPLA appeals, one of which is due to be decided this week, and 5 outstanding appeals to PE which I may or may not get a response to any time soon. Progress will be posted to this thread, as will anything I think will help anyone else once it's done it's job for me. Hopefully. Here's Parking Prankster's thoughts on the subject http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/is-anpr-always-fit-for-purpose.html
  8. A couple of days ago I parked on a road that had a sign that I noticed said 'Permit Holders Only on Event Days' but nothing else. i.e. It did not indicate what days the events were or indicate where the nearest sign would be to find out the dates or time of the restriction. When I returned about 30 minutes later sure enough I had a ticket. I have since established that the restriction was for 2 hours before the event started and lasts for an hour after it finishes. There are also alternative signs at the ends of roads that show the restriction dates and periods but I only established this from looking at the PCN photographic evidence and then driving back and looking for those signs. Do you think I would have any chance with an appeal that argues that the signage is unclear at the parking spot as t does not indicate clearly when the restrictions apply or where to find this information out? Thanks in advance.
  9. New store opened up close by, so had a visit. I think the small print is even smaller than PE's... And as a parent I can park within marked bays, but my child ( and any other child ) cannot drive legally, so would not need a parking space surely?
  10. New thread for discussing (possible) PPC signage and website non compliance with the Companies Act 2006. I've asked that a couple of posts be moved here from another thread, and we can then continue the discussion without hijacking another thread
  11. Hi guys, new here so I hope I conform to set posting standards. Any issues, please point them out. Anyway, I got a PCN by the council through the post for "BEING IN A BUS LANE". I think the PCN itself didnt contain any errors which would make it invalid. The photographic pictures show that I did indeed briefly use the bus lane. I was surprised at myself that I would drive in a bus lane without realising it, so at the time I put it down to it being dark and raining heavily, causing glare off the road surface. I appealed the ticket on many grounds, including compassionate, highlighting the set of circumstances which caused the offence to take place as well as many bus regulations which I believed wernt met. I expressed the fact that there was no traffic in either lanes, so no advantage was gained or buses obstructed in the use of the bus lane (which I must have used for a max of approx 50 metres before I turned left). I really didnt think it would get rejected, but the council have said there are no grounds on which it can be cancelled. The next procedure they say is that I can either pay it at half price (£65) within 14 days or pay the full within day 15-28 and if im not happy with their decision and want to make a formal representation to the council I should not pay them at all and wait for an enforcement notice. If they do not accept my formal representations then I can take it to an independent adjudicator, but I lose the right to pay half price after this current point. Anyway, the following is the reason why im posting on here: I have 3 grounds of complaint with the council- 1) There was not enough space on their website to make my informal appeal (I ran out of characters and had to therefore print out the letter and post it recorded the next day. I would have been screwed if I was attempting to submit my appeal on the last day on their website) 2) I requested video evidence from their website, which highlighted that they would email me with a link or something of it within 24 hours. This didnt happen. 3) I realised after I sent my letter of appeal that the bus lane signage was not correctly displayed-which I now believe was most likely the reason why I failed to realise I was in the bus lane to begin with. Basically the camera enforcement sign is there, as is the time plate which states 'at any time' but the main big sign which is supposed to show the restrictions and limitations of the lane to include only buses, motorbikes and taxis is turned 180 degrees to face the oncoming traffic, so would not be seen by the motorists approaching the bus lane. Would this be a valid ground on which to resist making payment? If its not a valid argument that will overturn the ticket then ill just make the payment but I suspect a lot of people have been caught out by this. I have noticed the sign to have been like that for a few weeks now, so believe it must have been this way at the time of enforcement too. I have taken pictures so you can see what I mean. In any case, the signs are right at the start of the bus lane and not 30 metres beforehand, which I recall reading somewhere that they should be. Do I have good grounds to resist or do I not have a chance in hell and should just pay up? Does it matter that I didnt mention this issue in my original appeal? Should I write back to them now or should I ride it out and follow their set procedure? If I do have a case, what should I say/cite? Any drafts would be appreciated. Many thanks guys. You have a great community here, where everyone is pulling together to help the common man against what seem like unscrupulous capitalist councils.
  12. Can anyone explain what signs are required on pay and Display car parks. Are there any rules regarding size of lettering/colour of background etc? Is there precise legislation I can refer to?
  13. I would be grateful for some advice on this, as I have been reading around UKPC Parking charges and seem to be getting a mixed message as how to proceed. Yesterday I parked in a multi-storey shopping centre, in what I thought was a free space. I paid the ticket in a machine and returned to find a Parking Charge notice stuck to the windscreen. I realised, having read the notice that I was parked in a permit only space. There was a sign which I had not seen, on the wall behind saying that it was a permit space but with a car full of children, I had not noticed. The penalty is £100, reduced to £60 within 14 days. Surely if they don't want to catch you out, they should make these spaces look more clearly different from the rest?? Should I contest, on the grounds of inadequate signage, or completely ignore this? Please help - I do not have a spare £100 or even £60 and paid my parking fee in good faith!
  14. Just a quick question........ I am aware that clamping on private land has now been outlawed, but what are the rules on signage? My local Homebase store has a large sign up in the car park stating that illegally parked vehicles will be clamped and a release fee will be charged. As clamping is now illegal I assume this is just a scare tactic and they will not clamp anyone, but is it legal? Thanks
  15. I have been given a ticket and appealed it on the basis that the signage isnt clear. The council say that its a market traders bay and active only on match days as it is near arsenal football ground. Before I went there the person I was seeing made the effort to get a valid temporary residents parking permit for the day which I correctly adjusted. I researched the day before to make sure that it wasn't a match day and the team were in fact playing away. I arrived on the day and read the sign very carefully and there was a bay with a number in it but on reading the sign which was between my space and another it said there were additional controls on match days. I parked in the space and got a ticket. I have attached photos that I took as soon as I saw that I had a ticket. I don't believe that the signage and road markings are clear, the single yellow line is in fact broken and the sign makes it seem that the yellow line was in fact there for match days. I have never seen a number in a space before and there was no info on the sign to indicate that it was a market traders space at all. can any one advise please as I am quite annoyed by this and the council are acting like stubborn mules. I don't live in London and where I do live there is no market.
  16. Hi All Hope I have uploaded this picture correctly. It's the first time I have tried this! I came across this sign earlier this week and just wondered what people though of it for clarity? Which part of the sign is your eye drawn to and which part could easily be missed? Kind regards R
  17. I was smoking on an outside/non enclosed section of the overground platform (something i didnt know about) and was approached by two transport officers. after two months I received a letter about court proceedings asking me to respond in 14 days notice. I responded about there being confusing or limited signs, the sign at the entrance was actually the no smoking circle and was placed the wrong way around (there was no text and I have a photo of this on the day) they’re doing renovations on the station and believe that they had removed the signs for some time. I since received a court summons and am unsure if they received my original letter. I know that there are laws on proper signs and in the summons it says that 'near which there is a notice indicating that 'smoking is not allowed'. I read that businesses not displaying the proper signs can be fined. also what is the best option, is it possible to settle out of court or pay a fine (used with money for quitting smoking) should i get a solicitor on this. any help, thank you.
  18. Just wanted to share some successes. I have had tickets for my own car on private property, been ticketed and ignored the letters, they stop very soon IF it is on private land. Please do follow the advice on this site and absolutely ignore every letter you receive, there is nothing these private companies can do to enforce the 'illegal' tickets. It has worked for me. My company's delivery van has been targeted by Glasgow City council for parking in a loading bay. We are off loading but they say we are exceeding the time limit. The signage does not have any time limit shown and more importantly the lines are faint and no kerb markings are visible from the pavement. I have appealed 3 tickets to the Parking Adjudicator and won 3 so far. I will now send an invoice to Glasgow City Council for reasonable costs if they issue any more tickets as they know they aren't legally enforcable at this spot and will set a debt collection firm on them if they don't pay!
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