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Found 7 results

  1. I can't get into contact with anyone at the TSB, not by phone, not by email. I was offended by a security guard at my local TSB branch (Aberdeen). I am trying to make a complaint but not getting anywhere. I tried to contact them by phone. The local branch don't pick up and I get an answering machine telling me to call back. The UK telephone line is an automated machine which asks me for my account number and sort code, which I can type in. Then it asks me for my "security number" or some such and I don't HAVE a security number. So I can't get anywhere with that. I made an online complaint and I get an auto-response only Blah, blah, blah. I'm a graduate scientist with all my faculties so if I can't get through to the TSB, goodness knows how anyone else manages.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure where to post this thread but i need help with a sign guard issue. I purchased an account some months ago but can no longer access it. It wants me to enter a password i never remember entering. I have tried sending and email to consumer action admin and a private message but have received no replies yet. I need to use the sign guard signature software asap so i am getting worried now, any advice is gratefully received thanks
  3. Shoplifting suspect dies after being tackled by store security guard Bit young to be a security guard isn't he ?
  4. A bit of a strange experience today. I had to wait about 45 minutes for a train, I thought that I would do that inside the station concourse as I usually do. I decided to wait near some shops inside, all of which were closed. A security guard approached me, told me that he was closing the retail section of the station and asked me to move on. I did as instructed and, headed for one of the waiting rooms. After entering the gents, I noticed that he had followed me in there. He didn't seem to use the toilet. He just stood there watching me. I left and sat down at a seat in the waiting room, planning on getting some work done on my laptop, only to have him stand in front of me staring at me. I asked him what his problem was, but he didn't reply. I left the waiting room, hoping that he wouldn't follow me, but he continued to do so. I asked him to leave me alone, at which point a British Transport Police officer walked by and asked what was going on. The security guard told him that the station was closing and that I was refusing to leave. I explained to the BTP that the station was still open for over two hours as I knew the time of my last train home. BTP then asked the security guard if I had been asked to leave the station, to which the reply was 'Yes'. I explained that I had been asked to leave the retail section, not the station, and that I had done as instructed. At this point the BTP asked to see my rail ticket. I showed it to him and he claimed that it was invalid. I claimed that it wasn't. The dispute was then taken to a revenue protection officer, who decided to issue me with a penalty fare as, despite the station I was at being the station I had to change at to get home, the ticket didn't permit me to wait inside the concourse for 45 minutes. Apparently I should have left and stood outside the station before returning to catch my train. My ticket was confiscated and I was left with a long walk home. I'm not really sure what to make of this as three members of rail staff appear to have got it all horribly wrong. What can I do from here though?
  5. Hi All Having spend a bit of time reading some threds this evening, I have been inspired to take on HSBC. When I opened a student account with them in September 1999, I was told I 'may as well' have a credit card - for emergencyies - and that their card protection came with it. I was told I should take it out as I could put all my other cards from other banks on it too. (I remember this bit clearly as my mother wasn't all too keen on sending me off to university with a credit card!!) The policy was annual and they write to tell me when they are taking the next payment. This is always something that I thought I needed as that was what I was told at the outset and I have never thought otherwise....until now! When completed my personal banking this evening, it would seem that I have had my HSBC account upgraded. Reading someone of the perks I get as standard made me think carefully about the annual policy and if there is anypoint to it. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that I don't. I hope someone will be able to help with with a few questions. Is this the kind of thing that I can claim back? I feel I was mis-sold this policy and the fact that I was only 18 at the time of taking it out, they probably saw a young girl about to leave home for the first time!! What should I do next? I am happy to write to the bank, and have some idea of quotes and things I can put in the letter to let them know I am serious. Can anyone give me any more advice? Have I got a claim or not? Many thanks
  6. Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right part! My husband & I have had an ongoing problem with a security guard in our local Asda store. My husband worked there when it opened in 2005 for a brief period, the security guard and my husband never had t work together but had a mutual, distant dislike of one another. Nothing was ever said. Cut to last June, we were going camping & my husband was buying gas for the stove, he was alone & chatting to the young girl behind the counter, looks up to see the security guard glaring at him for no reason. on his way out of the store my husband winked at him, patted his stomach and said something like "alright big boy" so the guy rounds on him and tells him hes banned. my husband left with no further exchanges. End of July, my husband, myself & our children, aged 4 & 6 go in, do a bit of shopping, only to be confronted by the same man shouting 'youre banned, you cant come in here get out i told you you were banned' he squared up to my husband, who had a child in each hand and was very aggressive, which upset my children a lot as you can imagine. we left after a few more heated words and we didnt go back until november (this store is literally round the corner from our house so its convenient for quick emergency dashes, i usually shop in sainsburys) When we entered the store on 4th november, we got about 20/30 yards into the store only to be confronted by a young, but very tall and aggressive looking, new security guard (the original one is standing behind his podium thing with his arms folded looking quite smug) so this lad, standing right over my husband says "he says youre banned, get out" so my husband tries to give me the basket and i refuse it, I'm not shopping in a store where im treated like a criminal, by a silly little boy so this lad squares up to me instead, presumably because i called him a little boy, despite the fact i was clearly pregnant at the time. I told him we were leaving, he walked so close behind us he almost took my husbands shoe off, the police were called and we left. i tried contacting the manager who couldnt be tracked down for almost a week. when we did pin him down he was evasive & hung up when i said i was recording the call for future reference. no further contact. this morning, my husband needs to buy his sisters birthday present (he forgot) he took our now 5 year old son, gets the cd, goes to chose a card & the original security guy comes over AGAIN with a female colleague and tells him hes banned, he is once again very imposing and agressive and once again upsets my son. As far as im aware to ban you for more than 2 weeks they need a notice of ban or something? I dont intend on ever going back but I wholeheartedly intend on getting an apology for being made to feel like a criminal when i want to buy some apples, and for my children being upset by a grown man whos on a power trip. I'd understand if I was shop lifting or something but we havent done anything wrong.
  7. Hi All, I thought I'd share my OH story to see if any advice could be given. My OH went to our local mini supermarket and took her bag for life with her. She browsed the isles putting items into her bag as she has done for a long time. The store manager approached her and said she could not put items in her bag and thrusted a metal basket towards her. My OH explained that due to her medical condition ( she has had spinal surgery and has a bad leg ) she found the basket awkward and there were no trolleys available. The manager pointed at the only trolley for the store and said that she should use that one , However is was full to the brim with stock and when this was pointed out to the manager he shrugged his shoulders and thrusted the basket at her again. My OH didn't take the basket but apologised and went straight to the checkout to pay for her items. While she was being served she spoke to the sales assistant and said that she had better check her bag as the manager was being arsey. She laughed , said don't worry about it as everyone does it. My OH paid and left the supermarket , As she rounded the corner of the building the store security guard had come out the back door and muttered something under his breath wilst clearly looking at my OH and she got the impression this was due to the shopping bag incident so she said to the guard "Get a Life" , with this the guard immediately shouted "I gonna f****** punch you in the face" , my OH was gobsmacked and said you can't say that to which his reply was "I can say what the f*** I want" , my OH replied "I think you'll find you can't" , the guard said "You said get a life" to which my OH replied "Yeah" , this conversation happened while they were walking away fom each other and by the time my other half had said "Yeah" she turned and walked home. By the time my OH got home she felt that she had done nothing to warrant the aggresive responce from the guard so she went back to the shop to complain. She spoke to the same sales assistant and told her what the guard had said , the assistant pointed towards the manager and said tell him. At this point my OH changed her mind due to the managers initial lack of sympthay and decided to leave the store and went home. After a cup of tea and a calm down she decided to go back to the store to get an item she had forgotten and find out the security guards name so she could write a letter of complaint. She took a camera with her as she felt this would give her security. As she approached the sliding doors of the store , she saw the guard and he saw her and starting shouting "Your Banned , Your Banned". My OH walked into shop and was putting the camera into her bag and asked "Banned For What?" , With the this the guard rushed at my OH and gave her a double handed shove in the chest , she reeled backwards and luckily didn't fall over , she said to the guard what did you do that for and he looked like he was going to come at her again , so she starting shouting "No , don't touch me , get away from me" and clung onto the shop railings so she wasn't pushed over. The guard was still shouting "Your Banned" and my OH was shouting "Call The Police". The manager came rushing over with the sales assistant and he said "Your banned" , my OH asked what for and he said "Lying" , my OH asked what he meant and he said that she had lied about the threats from the security guard, she protested her inncocence and pointed out that she had just been assaulted by him and wanted the police called , the manager flattely refused. My OH asked for the guards name and was flattely refused. She took her camera out of her bag and insisted on a photo of the guard and it looked like a scuffle would insue so she put her camera bag in her bag and appealed to the sales assistant but she said nothing. My OH left the store and went home. The police were phoned who arrived and took a statement , went to the store to view the CCTV but unfortunately the footage is time lapse and doesn't show the actual assault so the police couldn't do anything although the WPC said she gave him a stern warning. The stores Customers Services are investigating the incident and she appears to be given the runaround , she has been told that the guard won't work in that store again but the manager is still there and she is still banned which unfortunately is the closest shop to our house. She has been told by several people to make a claim ? against the store but she doesn't feel it will get her anywhere. She has also been put off supermarkets in case she sees the security guard again. Has anyone got any useful advice for her with regards to the security guard as she believes he's not up to the job and should not be working in security. Regards DB
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