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  1. I have said so far that i know i was in the wrong etc , i know how much fair evasion costs transport companies and i respect the current legislations that are in place and i have apologised for my actions and said it would not happen again and that i am willing to pay any cost that they deem fit to avoid a criminal record as it would affect my future employment as i am currently studying an engineering course . Has anyone else got any ideas on what i could say to persuade them for an out of court settlement Thanks once again in advance
  2. Hi there i have recieved my second response from TIL , not good news they said they see no reason why they should not proceed with court action and a summons will be issued soon. Any one got any advice on what to do next .. Or should i just take this one on the chin and wait for a court date many thanks in advance Shaun
  3. The solicitor seemed confident but the fee was just way to expensive considering my financial situation.
  4. Thank you for that BazzaS , really appreciate it. Just spoke to a solicitor but he is requesting £1800 to help me not get a criminal record , but that is a fee that is not just possible. See how they respond to my second letter and ill go from there.
  5. Thank you honeybee for the advice , i really hope they go for out of court settlement. Do you have any idea on how much the fine could be around roughly if it was to go to court?
  6. Hi just a quick question , i am about to send my second response to TIL , do you think it would be worth giving them a call and trying to reach an out of court settlement over the telephone. I am worried sick about this going to court.
  7. Thanks everybody for the help and advice , im going to write my second letter today and get it sent off. I was clearly in the wrong and it was just a stupid moment of madness. Only thing i am worried about is how much the fine is going to be if they do not agree to a out of court settlement , i am unemployed at the moment and anything in the region of £500 plus would be very difficult to pay.
  8. What £500 even though i am a unemployed student ? In my second letter should i offer a amount as an out of court settlement?
  9. I thought i grovelled pretty well in my previous response to them. Any tips on how i should reply this time ? I am a student at the moment and would struggle to pay a hefty fine , what would be the outcome of i do go to court? This is my first offense in regards to any transport issue
  10. Hi everybody , i have had a response from Transport Investigations please find the letter attached i have taken a picture. Iit looks like they will take me to court for the incident , i know every case is different but does anyone know what the outcomes are when you go to court ? Like how much the fine is etc? In slight panic mode at the moment , i am not to sure but can anyone tell me what act they intend to prosecute me under , should i write back to them and ask them to consider my case again ? I have been caught bang to rights so not sure if it is worth it . arriva response.pdf
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