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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, Yesterday I had my classic car transported to a new storage location via an agent on Shiply and the driver damaged the car twice - once during loading and again when unloading. The first instance is a little complicated: I had forgot to tighten the anti-roll bar bolts and it had dropped down, rattling on the loading ramp. However, rather than check what the problem was, the driver heaved the car back off the ramp with such force that it inverted the ARB and crushed the chassis rails underneath. I had gone to get cash while this happened and only returned in time to see him hauling the car off the ramps. The second instance was when unloading at the other end: the driver rolled the car off the ramps and then pushed it with his backside / hip and dented the tailgate - this happened right in front of me. I didn't notice he had dented it until after he'd hurriedly left and I moved the car into the barn, so didn't get to confront him directly. I wasn't going to make any kind of fuss about the initial damage, as it was a combination of our errors that lead to it, but the dented bodywork is just unacceptable. I messaged him when I got back last night: Hi Tony, I have two big dents in the tailgate of my car from where you pushed it off the bottom of the ramp. The damage to the chassis rails I was willing to take on the chin as it was a combination of our errors that caused it, but I'm really unhappy about the bodywork damage. How do we go about making an insurance claim to cover the tailgate damage? Which seemed kind of OK to me.. I was furious but tried to be civil. His response came in three messages: 20:18 - Really, you didn't bolt the anti roll bar linkage on the car, any damage of any was caused by you not putting things back together properly. Your car damaged my truck. So please don't try this crap on with me 20:20 - What a [problem] artist 20:27 - I have just checked the cctv on my truck, there's no damage I can see done when loading or unloading your car, plus your car was covered up. I will gladly see you in court for making false insurance claims. The first two are nonsense, as I'd told him I wasn't trying to place blame on him for the damaged chassis, as the ARB should have been secured. The third is what I'd like help with, because he's claiming to have CCTV footage. I haven't yet responded, so am hoping for some advice on how to proceed first. The car was covered, but the area of tailgate he damaged was exposed, so if he does have CCTV it should show everything. I'm unsure whether I should ask for his CCTV footage, because (if it even exists) he may very well delete it. The guy clearly goes from 0-100 quickly and I don't want to ruin my chances of making a claim for the damaged bodywork by his rash decisions. Can anyone please advise how to proceed from here? His service was fully insured up to 30k according to Shiply.
  2. Yet another dissatisfied customer. I live in France and because bedding is so dear here ordered a mattress in January delivered to my daughter in the UK. I'd already found the Shiply site and had a quote. Of course, the mattress was collected but never delivered and I am £600 out of pocket. Small beer compared to some of the complaints here, but just another reason never to go near them. ETA I have discussed at length the problem with my bank today and they were most interested to hear of the 18 pages of complaints here. They say they are reviewing the company's acceptance as a supplier. Yes or no, we have nothing to lose. my bank is Lloyds, and maybe if we all try, we can get them well and truly screwed.
  3. I have accepted an offer from CNmoves (chateauneufmoves), a British company listed on Shiply, for my removal from Germany to France in the end of February. I waited for them all day on the day where my boxes must have been picked up. They did not show up....... I paid 849 EUR (700 EUR to CNmoves and 139 EUR to Shiply). I claimed the refund. I got the refund from Shiply, but CNmoves (Hayley Clarke) just run away!!! They do not react my emails and calls. I need to get my money back. What can I do?
  4. I see from a quick search on here that Shiply Limited, come up time and time again for the same problem I have recently had with them. Basically, I needed a car transporting from Somerset to Lancashire. I used Shiply to get a quote and accepted a reasonable quote from a transport provider (£175 - which is neither ridiculously cheap nor expensive). For this Shiply took a deposit and fee. Since then, the transport provider wasn't able to collect the car on 2 occasions, first time his clutch was being replaced and the second time he was having a new engine fitted (he proved this by sending copy of invoice for engine). I have no problem with that. Things go wrong sometimes. As the car had to be back by a deadline (late return was going to cost me around £500), the transport provider informed me he couldn't do the job so I asked Shiply for a refund. This is where it all goes badly wrong. Shiply refer to their user agreement that states :- 7 CANCELLATIONS 7.1 If a Job is cancelled by a Successful Transport Provider AFTER a quote was accepted but BEFORE any work on the Job commenced (a "Cancellation") the user may seek to file a "Cancellation Request" and have the Deposit and/or Auction Service Fee returned to their Shiply account as credit. Shiply does not offer refunds of deposits or auction service fee payments, instead a credit policy applies. A cancellation request must be filed within 28 days of quote acceptance, requests made after this time will be invalid. If a cancellation request is accepted (see 7.x clauses below), credit will be applied to the user's Shiply account in the amount of the Deposit + Auction Service fee already paid. This credit may be used to accept future quotes on Shiply within 6 months of the "Cancellation Request" date. After a period of 6 months from the date of the "Cancellation Request", this credit will expire and be un-usable. Shiply credit is non with-drawable / refundable and may only be used for accepting quotes on Shiply. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but I always believed the Sale of Goods and services act 1982 prohibits any term that says - No refunds. This also breaches Trading standards rules and Shiply do not have the right to add any term that reduces your rights below minimum statute. Shiply have flatly refused to cooperate, have closed my dispute after just posting their terms and conditions to it, refuse to reply or respond in any way. I have been forced to take the following action: 1. Formal complaint to trading standards 2. Formal complaint to Consumer Advice service (a.k.a CAB and the OFT) 3. Dispute via paypal to get my refund that way 4. Formal complaint to ASA It seems to me that Shiply do not have any concern for either the consumer nor the law. They seem to be confused in their terms and conditions as to who pays the fee as they state that ''We charge a success fee (the "Fee") to Transport Providers who have secured a Job'' - yet they charge that to the consumer by adding it to the quoted price and the transport provider receives the deposit less the fee and then requests the consumer to pay the difference between his quote and the amount he received from Shiply. As a result the consumer has been charged the fee entirely. Basically Shiply seem to be turning what should be a great concept into a travesty of consumer rights, protection and law. Oh, I got banned (censored) from posting this comment on their facebook page - no surprise there I would encourage anyone else who has suffered problems with Shiply to complain to trading standards and OFT. Remember, you have up to 6 years to reclaim your money from them, so if it was a while ago, you still have time I invite any Shiply director to comment on this - but notice that board administrators on here have also made that offer to them and they don't seem to feel it necessary to respond to them either. I would love to hear from others on these forums who have suffered similar misery with Shiply and especially from anyone that got a refund. I understand there will be people who have had good experiences with Shiply, but you only really find out about a companies consumer policy when things go wrong
  5. I sold an item on ebay, marked as collection only, and my buyer chose to send a courier to collect. I agreed to this to facilitate the sale - yes, everyone has told me this was a mistake. Buyer made all the arrangements, using Shiply - that was her mistake! Courier duly collected the item - a hand-carved coffee table sold for £250 - but has never delivered and will not return emails, texts or phone calls. In short, he has gone AWOL and taken my table with him. Ebay, of course, have taken £250 off me again and given it back to the buyer. Neither of us has the table. So how do I recover the goods? My buyer seems either unable or unwilling to trawl through her emails to find her booking confirmation, but in the meantime I have found his name (though I suspect it is false), email address, phone number, a copy of his terms and conditions, the city he is based in, and I have his van make and registration. What I don't have is an address, or my table, or £250 Can any one advise me on my next move.
  6. Hi all, A little advice please - I recently listed an ad with Shiply for a wardrobe to be moved, accepted a quote & paid a £20 deposit. The transport provider never replied (may of even been fake) so they credited the money onto shiply account so I could relist again. Relisted a further 2 times and still received no suitable quotes... Upon emailing them, they've said that as it's gone past 28 days they cannot refund me - I can only use the account credit for future deliveries within 2 years How can I get my money back?!
  7. Hello, I am new to this forum but hopefully this will be useful. I have seen a number of threads regarding refunds of deposits paid and am growing concerned about my claim. Although this may be nothing particularly new, it may be useful to prospective customers who will think twice before they use Shiply. I got a variety of quotes from couriers, including from one which had an overall good score and had lowered their quote a number of times (I have email evidence) after a competitor put down an offer lower than theirs. After we accepted their quote and paid the deposit through debit card, they said they had made a mistake (which they obviously did not since they kept lowering their quote for our move) and they wanted to renegotiate, which we refused. We were consequently left with the job of asking Shiply to reimburse us our deposit, when it is the carrier who cancelled their commitment. My ticket has been opened for 5 days, with no action taken on Shiply’s end. I have repeatedly tried to speak with them directly on the phone – the customer service is constantly ‘unavailable’ (which makes me wonder if it exists at all). I wish to be reimbursed the £18 deposit directly on my bank account (rather than, as I understand is Shiply’s common practice, be given a credit on their website, which I am not going to use in the future). The amount is small but I understand this is a recurrent issue! Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. hi all, i recently bought a car off ebay which was 350 miles away joined shiply transport to collect it for me, after i accepted a price from one of there drivers he said he would be able to collect i paid my deposit of £44.00 through paypal , the driver let me down after 3 days of messing me around and eventually said he hasnt got a job up that way, i contacted shiply for a refund , after waiting 10 days they eventually said i am entitled to a credit as the driver let me down but i dont want a credit as i would never use this company again surely i must be entitled to a refund as it wasnt my fault the driver let me down, thanks, Garry
  9. I listed an item on Shiply to be collected and paid a circa £30 fee however the delivery driver failed to turn up. I then requested a re-list however this wasn't acknowledged during their support hours so I had to submit a new listing for the same item due to to time constraints on the collection. I have since had the money from the first courier returned as a credit to my account but after the delivery fiasco and the fact that they do not vet their service providers I do not wish to use this service again. I have no recourse against the delivery driver as they don't receive the fee from Shiply so I am stuck with £30 in Shiply's coffers. Before i attempt a Paypal dispute followed by credit card charge-back via Paypal does anyone have any other advice on how to get my credit refund back in my account?
  10. I had the very bad idea to use this website to ask some quotes for transport and as I receive quite a good quote from a transport company, I decided to proceed. Due to the fault webiste of shiply.com, they charged me for 2 deposit transactions (tot amount around 60€), providing no service. After several email and phone calls to their customer service, the situation is still not resolved and I still wait for receiving my money back. First transaction was 9th july and second one was 10th July - I didn't have the service + I don't have my money back. Unacettable to wait for more than one month to have MY money back.
  11. Hi, I really need help with an issue I am having with Shiply. I have paid a £25 deposit to them 3 weeks ago for a courier service - this courier failed to turn up on 4 separate occasions when they said they would and have stopped replying to my phone calls after the 4th failed collection. I contacted Shiply and they have deposited £25 into my Shiply account as a 'credit refund' which I have to use in the next 6 months, but I have no use for this £25 as I have already had to pay a further £39 to Shiply to get a decent courier to deliver my item. Shiply have said that there 'terms and conditions' state they only need to give a credit refund, not an actual refund. I also opened a Paypal dispute but they did not close this case in my favour, saying the payment was for services not goods. I have emailed Shiply stating that I am entitled to a full refund under the sale of goods act as they did not provide the service they stated they would and they have since stopped responding to my e-mails. What else can I do to get my money back? £25 is only a small amount but it is the principle as what they are doing is theft. Thank you for any responses.
  12. I accepted a quote from shiply from a company called 4motionfreight ,when they sent me an invoice for all payment in advance I cancelled the contract with shiply ,as I was not willing to pay all the money before any work was done, The man from 4motionfreight then phoned and begged me to go ahead as he said they had booked the ferry etc(goods were going to Portugal )He told me if I paid £400 deposit and the balance on delivery that would be ok ,On the day of the collection ,in the afternoon he phoned to say they were not coming. They refuse to refund all the deposit ,keeping back £150 as they say I cancelled. I am now taking them to the small debt court ,as I object to being conned .I realise now that shiply is not a company to deal with ,but I would warn anyone not to deal with 4motionfreight .they tell me that their representative called byron sinclair tells a different story to mine but will not tell me what he says? as his writing on text messages is not in very good english grammer I doubt if he has much in the way of education ,so I hope if we all end up in court he will tell the truth .interestinly 4motion and shiply have the same business address!! carol campbell
  13. I was looking for someone to help me transport our household belongings when we were relocating from England. There was only one company that was able to help us on the dates requested. I had some questions which the shipping company was very quick in responding to (typically within minutes) so I accepted their quote and paid the £65 deposit. The transportation company than sent me some documents outlining their terms etc. I had some follow-up questions. No answer, so I called them 24 hours later. Got my answer. Then when I had read all the documents (lots of pages, and lots of rules) I had some more questions as the rules were not in accordance with what we had agreed on when communicating on Shiply. No response after 48 hours! As the shipment was going to happen a few days later I decided to cancel. Since there was no other bidder on Shiply.com I had to find someome outside the site. I did this and the shipment has now been done. In the meantime, I contacted Shiply.com asking for a refund. They looked into the details of the case and directly issued a "refund". The only problem is that it's credit on their site. Since I have already done the move as no one else on their site could help us, and I have no other moves planned for the next 6 months (which is how long the credit is valid for), this means that the credit is useless to me. After some emails with Shiply.com it's very clear to me that they have no problems what so ever with taking money in this way and are very keen to point out that this is stated very clearly in their terms and conditions - which of course we all read - and there is nothing they can do. - Shiply dont care at all about their customers. They are greedy and I hope someone else comes along and sets up a rivaling site. - The main problem is that I as a customer have no way of researching the companies that are bidding on my item (they are kept hidden until the deposit is paid). When the shipping company do not deliver what they have promised (which Shiply obviously agrees with since they issued the shiply credit "refund" directly), you would expect to get the money back. The way Shiply.com has handled this is disgraceful and I advice to find another shipping portal for your shipping needs. - If you search for Shiply on the internet, you will find heaps of bad reviews very similar to mine. So this is part of their strategy on how to make money.
  14. Hi, I know lots of people have had a similar experience. I booked a transport company via Shiply to pick up an itme. Shiply took £14.89 from me via Paypal as a deposit and fees but the transport company never turned up. I requested a refund from them but now after 6 weeks they have credited my Shiply account with the money owed for up to six months. I have no intention of ever using them again so asked for my money back. They have replied that their terms and conditions don't allow for a refund. What options are left for me to do? Thanks
  15. I've used my builder.com before and it was great, so when I saw shiply.com I thought it might be a good idea. I posted my job for a full house removal about 6 weeks before the moving day. I talked to several companies asking lots of questions, being honest about items I didn't feel would be reflected in the shiply inventory. I choose Noasim removals, arranging the proposed move date (obviously we hadn't exchanged so ti wasn't final) and that they would come the day before and pack. Shiply asked that I pay a deposit on agreeing the quote of £112, which I did. I spoke with Noasim a couple of times up to the date and was told there were no problems and not to worry. Their reviews seemed good on shiply too. The week before it started to worry me, they didn't seem to remember the job, then when they did they changed it from a 7.5 tonner to a luton box, which I said would not be enough, then they said they wouldnt pack the day before but first thing 7am in the morning. This concerned me greatly and when I spoke with the company there were alarm bells, the girl in the office said that Noah didn't talk about money with her and would only accept cash, and then digging around I saw that while Shiply said they were insured, infact they only did that on request. On the day, after a sleepless night worrying, Noah had his phone turned off, They didnt' turn up, they were coming from swindon (3 hrs drive away) and at 9.30am evenutally I got hold of them, we are in a chain and so had to be out by 2pm. He hadn't left, lied about the vehicle, about where he was etc, told me I'm being over the top! He would not have been there till after lunch, if at all....we had no choice but to hire 2 luton's ourselves, pack everything and by boxes in about 3 hours....it was exhausting and so stressful...they were classic cowboys. But when eventually BT set up our phone we called shiply only to hear that if I wanted a refund it would have to be in 28 days from the quote - that was before our move date!!!! And then when they did refund it was to a shiply account - I will never ever use that company again, it's a removal company NOT a consumer goods company so effectively they stole my refund! I was amazed that after the awful experience with a company that they put me onto they would be so unreasonable. I guess they could say there is some small print but both the 28 days from quote and refunding only to a shiply account mean that cowboy removals loose nothing by stitching you up, and I wasn't able to put negative feedback to warn others! Worse still, it is unmoral and downright sneeky way that shiply try to keep your deposit, personally companies that use those tactics make money are shameful. Let customers pay for honest services and when they are let down then refund them. Hell, I might have used the company again, now I'm telling everyone I know to avoid them like the plague.
  16. I booked a courier through Shiply to pickup a sofa I had bought on Ebay . Shiply charged me £29.99 and took a deposit for the courier of £24.93 The courier did not show up, did not notify me before or after he failed to make collection, could not give any date for a subsequent collection. The seller got so fed up she refunded my Paypal transaction. I contacted Shiply and asked for a refund as the service I paid for was never delivered. They refused to return both their fee and the deposit. Instead they offered a credit for my next transaction with them. I would never use Shiply again so now I have lost £54.92 and I want it back. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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