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  1. Bank is Clydesdale and afraid they have never explained or provided further info on why the replacement new agreement was deemed as incorrect
  2. Based in Scotland and took a bank loan out in Dec 2001 Hit difficulties in 2007 where upon entered into a reduced payment direct with the bank Was made redundant in 2008 Around the same time i also complained of mis selling against the PPI element of the loan which was upheld in 2008 and refunded In 2008 the bank sent communications detailing the original loan closed and a new & different credit agreement to cover the new figure which was duly signed and returned In 2011 they sent more letters claiming that this previous agreement may have been set up incorrectly and enclosed another agreement - which was not returned During all this still receiving default letters & statements etc with the wrong account and outstanding balance Have refrained for various reasons to commit to payments to this loan and have had not paid towards it since 2008 but now facing redundancy again (same with a few other debts) Sent a CCA request again recently (not receievd anything back yet) but a week later have received a citation from Sheriff Court detailing the wrong figure and (in my eyes) the incorrect loan agreement number In two minds whether to defend this action (and its possible implications - either financially, time & stress) or go for damage limitation and request time to pay with token payment Is this an open and shut case where by the original account number and wrong figure is being incorrectly detailed on the citation sent to me Will the court allow this technicality to be ignored and get bullied by the bank If the inconsistancies help my case would there be a specific way to deal or highlight this to court without a solicitor acting on my behalf Would i be too cynical in assuming that the bank have some loophole to their benefit I appreciate that the majority of my issues may have been covered with other posts / topics but would be obliged if anybody could shed any light or pass on any advice or possible solutions to my specific issue Cheers for reading and thanks in advance
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