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  1. Coniff thank you for your reply. I will indeed write a formal letter of complaint to the bank. Sorry for the first post not explaining things properly. The order was suspended. When we asked about having this reversed the bank said they can keep it for up to 12 years.
  2. The first person we spoke to regarding the issue said a substantial payment had been made in Dec so he lied. So Id like an explanation as to why. Secondly if we had broken the court agreement the bank would have soon noticed and took the house. Why then had the person handling our account not noticed the mistake when our payment amount was calculated. As you can see the amount we owed was not massive and even the judge was shocked that they had brought the case to court. We had tried to sort things with the bank regarding payment of the arrears and had got no where. Also it was a case of the dwp paying the interest late and then cocking up by not paying for months on end. The dwp would not talk direct to the bank and the bank to the dwp. The rep for the bank apologised to the judge about not having all the paperwork with regards to the case so really the case should have been thrown out. We also have had his fees added to the mortgage. As Iv said Im glad the arrears are gone but the amount of stress we have been under to make sure this payment was met and the fact it should have been a much lower amount needs to be addressed. We have two children also who have had to go without when the bank were taking that extra money per month. Yes we were aware that the dwp made payments but the bank told us the amount we had to pay after they had said the dwp had been calculated.
  3. Thanks for the replies and I meant eleven hundred not eleven thousand. As for not noticing we had trusted the bank to deal with our account properly. As for dealing with my financial affairs the bank has also been made aware that Im bi polar and frequently ill. My partner is also disabled. Now to get to the point the bank has broken the court agreement and we do not have tons of money coming in so the fact that we were left to struggle should mean we have a valid complaint against the bank. The dwp pay direct to the mortgage not into my account. The agreement we stuck to was what the bank said we had to pay after the dwp payment was added.
  4. Dont have a morrisons close by, I find that Tesco and m&s get rid of food around 5.00 on a Friday by us. Iceland is also great for picking up meat bargains.
  5. Another tip buy your little ones clothing in the sales . Buy the next size up. Buy your little ones clothing in bulk from ebay. Lots of people sell clothing in bundles that their little one has outgrown. Freecycle for clothing, Car boots for clothing. Other mums in your area arrange a clothing swop party. School uniform our school gives away any lost property not claimed after a year. Also parents whose children are going on to high school donate used school uniform.
  6. I keep some money back each week from my food shop and then when I see meat on sale I get as much as I can afford. My freezer has 10 chickens from M&S that should have been 5.00 each and were reduced to 1.50 each. I also look on the reduced isles in supermarkets for anything that is suitable for freezing like bread,cakes and the like.
  7. Please bear with me on this. In Sep last year our mortgage company took us to court over arrears of 11000. The judge agreed that we could pay 50.00 a month off the arrears over three years. In July we get a letter from the mortgage stating that the arrears are no longer and that we are no in credit. Phone mortgage company and we are told that we are indeed in credit. Ask how this is possible informed that a substantial payment in the Dec was paid. Check paperwork no payment was paid in Dec. Phone again, told that they had not taken into account the 100.00 paid by DWP per month when they had calculated our mortgage payment amount. We had been paying 150.00 a month off the arrears instead of the 50.00. Im glad that we no longer have arrears but it makes me mad to think that they took us to court where a judge made an order only for the bank to break it. Do we have a valid complaint against the bank.
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