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  1. Thanks for replies. Hopefully a better end to this, had a meeting where I told Manager how I feel and we have agreed to get rid of one location completely and visit the others every other week staggering them and give telephone advice the other days. I feel I can manage this and give it a go. Thanks, again.
  2. Thanks for reply. I have had to go to one location today and it was a 4 hour round trip. I am with a union and I am waiting for them to get back to me.
  3. I work for a welfare to work charity and have done for 6 years. The project I work for is coming to an end and I expect to be made redundant on or before 6 months time. Lots of staff have left and I am being expected to travel to outreach offices and this is now over 500 miles a week (in 4 days), they do pay travel. I have always driven for work but I am nearly 60 years old and am finding it tiring and stressful, the company's answer is that there isn't anyone else or enough work in my area. My question is, please, is this unreasonable? I feel I can't keep this up for 6 months but obviously I would like to collect my redundancy money. Are there any steps I can take? My contract obviously has the usual 'extra duties as necessary' clauses. Many thanks for any advice.
  4. OK thanks for replies, will try Love Holidays first.
  5. Would Love Holidays tell us who are the tour operators do you think? or how could we find out? Thanks.
  6. Thank you Uncle Bulgaria. I will try and find out who the actual tour operator is.
  7. Thanks for reply. Had a look at their T and C's but it's very vague and as I said they say the contract is with their suppliers (is that the hotel and airline)?
  8. Please can anyone help. My daughter has bi-polar and will often spend money on things she cannot afford. She booked a holiday to Las Vegas in December and all the money has come out of her account but she doesn't have enough money to actually go. Love Holidays say the contract is with 'their suppliers' and she can't get her money back (we didn't expect it all). Anyone had experience of this issue please.
  9. Thanks ericsbrother they are wise words. With everyone's input I understand more and I can explain to the family.
  10. Thanks for replies. My family feel the trolley job is like he is being demoted and worry the winter will be too hard (he's in his late 50's). He himself does do trolleys sometimes when needed and doesn't mind it but the family is adamant. I am worried that if the family digs its heels in too much he will lose this chance and he does need to keep the job.
  11. My uncle has learning disabilities and has worked for a major supermarket for over 20 years. The company has now introduced minimum service levels and say he is not reaching these. One problem is getting cages out and the other is customer service. A mystery visitor gave a damning report of his interaction with my uncle who apparently blanked him. The manager says that he does know what to do but doesn't always do it. The company have offered my uncle a different job doing the trolleys but our family doesn't want him to take it. The company have also brought in an in work support advisor from a charity to help support him and given extra training. My question is can they change his hours and duties as they say he is not achieving these new criteria? There are not as many hours available to all staff as there were last year due to the supermarket not taking as much money as they did. Is it discrimination if they change his job? Thank you for any help.
  12. Thanks again for replies. I feel this gets away from why people do tip, it is for good service and customer care. I also feel it is fundamentally wrong to mislead a worker over the conditions of work while they are giving up their bank holiday weekend. Bet the person who thought this up isn't on minimum wage.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Very mixed advice. The charity the tips are going to is the Injured Jockey's Club. The tippers are unaware that the tips are going to this charity. The agency is closed as a weekend.
  14. I wonder if anyone could answer a query about tips. My brother in law is working this weekend at a famous racecourse parking cars for the attendees of the racing. He is working as a temp for an agency. He was told he would get an hourly rate plus he could receive tips. Whilst working the supervisors (not from the employment agency) have told him any cash tips must be handed in and will be given to a charity. He wants to be honest and has sometimes been given tips of £20 in cash but has to hand in. Is this legal? It is virtually minimum wage and the tips (which really was part of the bargain when he accepted the job) would have made doing this worthwhile. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
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