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  1. Hi all. I originally had a debt with HFC bank on a credit card to the tune of £9838. My monthly payments were 172 and suddenly, Weightmans wrote to me threatening me with a CCJ if I did not consent to a voluntary legal charge. They refused to accept my £172. To cut a long story short, I did agree to the charge because at the time, I was under severe emotional stress - my Dad was dying from a terminal cancer, which Weightmans knew! I have just received a letter saying that I can get a 50% reduction on the debt! But: I cannot afford this right now ev
  2. Hi All, I am looking for some help, my husband has recently passed his driving test but only has an automatic licence and we are in the process of changing our car. We have already been accepted for finance for a new car with another company with better rates. We took out HP finance with Advantage Finance in July 2016, the agreement was for 54 months. If my calculations are correct we have made 29 payments back which is over the 50% they state you need to pay before you can proceed with a VT. I have sent an email and letter to inform them I was to terminated with immediate effect an
  3. hello any advise would be greatly appreciated. 6 months ago we bought a Audi a3 on finance over a 4year contract after a few weeks the Audi started cutting out while driving and would roll to a complete stop RAC called out recovered to a garage after a week no faults were found and we collected the car this started happening on a weekly basis after an hour or so the car would start and go until it cut out again. we got in contact with the car sales garage they agreed to cover any costs as long as it was not caused through wear/tear rang finance company and mad
  4. Hi We had a car for 4 years with VW - the lease ended in March 2018 - they collected the car in September 2018. We have today been presented with a bill for £1368 from a solicitor (Blake Morgan) acting on behalf of VW - they have listed to damages and the cost but it is outrageous - any ideas how this can be challenged?
  5. As i understand it I can Voluntary Termination at any time but will be liable to 50% of the total agreement. I intend to VT my HP agreement however I am £93.00 away from 50%. If I send notification of VT on Monday along with a cheque for £93.00 would this be accepted?
  6. Hi all, Im just after some advice…. I am currently in a IVA and when it was accepted allowances were made for my car payment to black horse. To cut a long story short, things have changed rapidly and my income has stayed the same, well it’s actually due to go down and my expenditure is going to rise. This means that I can no longer afford the vehicle that the allowance was made for. Im ok with that, My dad is going to gift me an old car to be able to run, and on completing my income and expenditure form, if I get rid of the current PCP vehicle then I can still afford to
  7. I have a vehicle on finance from Trax Motor Finance which is just short of the halfway mark. Due to ill health I a no longer able to drive it so I sent a request to voluntary terminate using a letter template from this site. I sent I recorded and they have signed for it and acknowledged it via email. I know that there will be some liability left to see the agreement to the half way mark and have detailed this in the VT sent to them. They are insisting that I contact them via phone to sort out the details but I have replied on several occasions that I will only communicate v
  8. Hi, I am after some advice regarding bankruptcy and voluntary repossession. After losing a previous job, I am approx £8k a year down on my wages. I am currently in arrears on my credit card and loan repayments. Up to now my mortgage is up to date, but despite my best efforts to cut back on expenditure I still cannot make ends meet. I do not want my house anymore as there is work that needs doing to the property I have no way to finding the money or repaying it if I did. What I have decided to do is fie for bankruptcy and ask the mortgage company to
  9. I have a car I've paid over half of and wish to return. I emailed them Friday to a previous correspondence address, no reply, I called them yesterday morning and "no one was available right now in VT department" they gave me a direct email address, still no reply. I want this returned by 20th as I'm going away, can I force them in to a speed up? What is reasonable notice? also does mileage penalty apply to the halves rule? The wording in my document says "You have the right to end this agreement. To do so, you should write to the person you made your payments to. They will the
  10. Hi Hope someone can advise if they have done this before. I am nearly 3 years into paying a 4 year hire purchase with first response I have been told as I have paid 50% off I can hand his car back via VT. If I was to trade my car in for a new car I would be £1500 in negative equality. I have been accepted by car finance for a much better deal but said I would be better to refinance than VT, of course they are gonna say that as they are a car finance company but told me if I do this I would struggle to get car finance. I have already b
  11. Hello I was put at risk of redundancy , the letter said they would consider volunteers but no guarantee, was intending to leave later in the year i volunteered . had a one to one with the director and said i was interested , have worked there for over 10 years so the payout was considerable and would help with my new venture . The request was refused. There are 2 positions and 4 people , have un offically been told one of the roles is mine even though i said dont want it, was un offically told they want me to take the job as if i dont they will be forced to g
  12. Hello, I have a car that is on HP from Advantage Finance. I have contacted them regarding a Voluntary Termination of the HP, and am currently awaiting a reply from the company regarding what I need to do next. Meanwhile, a few questions popped up in my head: 1. Would this affect my credit rating? 2. I have not serviced the car in a while (about 10k miles overdue), and the car has a couple of minor dents and scratches. If I fix the cosmetic issues and service the car now, will they still charge me for damages incurred, etc.? 3. Is there anything I need to watch out for with regards to
  13. Hi, my wife is 28 months into a 36 month PCP agreement with Ford. The car is becoming unaffordable for her and has contacted the finance company to discuss VT. they have said she can as she has paid in excess of 50% but are stating excess mileage charges will apply. because she was sold this car with 6000 miles allowed which was never suitable, she has gone over that and would owe around £550 in mileage. if VT'ing the car is this amount still payable? ford are telling her it is. there are mixed views over the internet.
  14. Hi We are currently in dispute with a builder. We have taken all appropriate pre-court action steps and are now at the point of submitting an N1 form to kick off a claim. Could someone tell me if any supporting evidence is supposed to be enclosed with this claim form? Or will this be requested later? We have quite a file of letters and expert reports and we are not sure at what point these come into play. Also, (maybe a silly question but I want to do this right). If there is not enough form for the particulars of the claim in the space provided,
  15. Evening all, I could do with a bit of advice please. In January 2016 the wife and I took finance out on a car with Advantage finance. Unfortunately our circumstances have changed dramatically in that time and we can no longer afford to run the vehicle. We have been in contact with StepChange debt charity and they have gone through our finances and the only logical way forward for us out of a bit of a mess is to Voluntarily terminate the agreement and give the car back. We will still owe money on the vehicle as we haven't paid half the finance agreement, but S
  16. my job center adviser mentioned voluntary placements. and said it would look good on my cv. i told her i only finished a mwa program a few months ago , and told her i don't want to work for slave labor in the same job Ive been doing over 40 years and it will not help. she then asked me to go around local company's volunteering my services for free, don't they listen? she said this wont go away i will be discussing it on are next appointment , what can i do can they make me volunteer with the threat of sanction.
  17. Hi there, I am hoping to get some advice. I purchased a car using finance from Barclays Partner Finance at the middle of last year. At the start of this year I was expecting a bonus from work and stupidly overspent over the festive period. T he bonus didn't materialise until the end of March and I missed 2 payments as I had to juggle my finances and at the time, the car payments seemed the lower priority. In March I was sent a letter which said I needed to clear the arrears within 14 days or they would issue a default notice. This took me quite nicely up to pay day when
  18. Hope you can advise! Daughter (21) has car on PCP finance with VW finance, paid for 18 months so still has 30 months left. She is going to Australia to work but we dont know what to do with the car. We're not in a position to take over payments an run the car, ideally we want to give it back. We know we might be liable for outstanding debt. Any advice will be welcome. Thanks. PS Its all in her name, we're just helping sort it out as parents!
  19. Got a work experience interview tomorrow to work in a charity shop working through the back got it when I went in to do my daily sign on does it last 6-8weeks ? If am not happy with it can I get out it after 2or weeks or some? Just like some feedback on it. Anyone worked in a charity shop for work experience before via job centre And what hours and days? And was it through the front of store or back of store? Hope to hear back
  20. Hello all. I hope I'm in the right place. My pension fund has taken a LARGE (£1000+) amount out of my recent payslip. I did not request this additional deduction, but they are arguing that I applied for it online by logging in through my workplace portal. Again I have no knowledge of this, so I immediately changed my login details. However, they are refusing to return the money as they feel they have done nothing wrong. I cannot afford to lose this money. Please tell me where I stand in terms of getting it back? Thank you.
  21. I have a question re the above, not sure if this is the correct place for a general question. Some years ago Cabot took my wife to court over a Barclaycard account, although there was no signed agreement, my wife and I disputed the amount, we were advised by the judge to enter into a Tomlin order agreement. We have been making regular payments on that ever since, making sure we don't default. It is my understanding that a Tomlin order is old fashioned and it has now been superceded by a IVA's. I further understand that these IVA's run for a maximum of 5
  22. To cut a long story not at all short, after trying all other avenues I have asked my mortgage company to repossess the property I own jointly with my estranged husband. We split 6 years ago, and the property is rented out to cover the mortgage. My ex has pretty much done a bunk, refuses to tell me where he lives, and will not pay anything towards repairs & maintenance etc. He has previously stalked & harrassed me so I am also refusing to give him my address. I have previously spent nearly £3,000 on pointless letters between our solicitors, acheiving nothing. He point blank refuses
  23. just got back from joke center.where i was told to start looking for charity work ,i did the mandatory 4 weeks work trial a few month back now she says i need more recent experience on my cv . even though i have a 35 year reocord of working. im nearly 60. i told her i think its my age why im getting no interviews ,she said its nothing to do with my age being nearly 60. what will happen if i dont get a voluntary job ,why should i be forced in to it at my age.
  24. Hi, we've all been offered voluntary redundancy, ahead of 'proper' redundancies later in the year. It's a big firm, so a vanilla online 'calculator' has been setup for us to get a quote on the package. However, I have a concern around the notice period in lieu being offered. Rather than it being per my contract, they look to be basing it on length of service. (But clearly calling it Notice payment, not Stat pay or Additional Service Pay). So I'm being offered 9 weeks, rather than the 13 in my contract. Some who I've spoken to has suggested that with VR, it's all based on mutual
  25. I currently work as a web editor employed in a department that is undergoing consultations pertaining to a potential restructuring that could take effect in a month's time. I've been in this role for four years. They've sold this restructuring as only a "proposal"; one that will be subject to our input as they try to refine a new system that everyone can "agree" to. So far the process hasn't resembled anything close to democracy (as one would expect) so when it inevitably goes ahead my job will be disestablished within about 6 months or so. There are three web related roles in the new str
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