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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, TL;DR version of events: I received a SJPN. I believe I technically am guilty of the charge, but had ignorantly committed the offence out of sheer financial desperation, having had no money and just started a new job. I'm desperate to avoid a criminal conviction. I contacted TfL's IAP to apologise, explained my circumstances, and I provided proof for everything possible and asked to settle this out of court, and that I'm happy to pay the necessary fine. Today they finally responded - with a very generic response to say they wish to proceed with the case... However, the Revenue Control Inspector's statement is factually incorrect, has the date incorrect. The date provided is a date on which I can prove I had a valid ticket. Do I stand a chance at fighting this as 'Not guilty' in court, on the basis that their evidence is incorrect? Complete story: On Thursday 26th July 2018 - I was caught using my mum's 60+ freedom pass by a Revenue Control Inspector on my way to work. I had just started a new job 10 days before, on the 16th July. I had used the card between 18th-26th July (until I was caught) for my commute to and from work. I could not afford a monthly travel card at the time I had been caught as I had been unemployed for past 8 months; maxed out two credit cards, and had been borrowing money from my family to afford rent and food already. I only intended on using the freedom pass until I received my first partial paycheque at the end of the month. I'm not denying - it was a stupid idea, and I obviously hugely regret having used a card I had no right to use. I'm not typically a dishonest person, and this was my first and only offence. 5 months later, just after christmas, I received a Single Justice Procedure Notice, charging me for not having a valid ticket in a compulsory ticket area; 'Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws made under paragraph 26, schedule 11 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.' Understanding I was guilty of the offence, despite it having been committed out of sheer desperation. I'm also desperate to try and avoid a criminal conviction as I’m currently unemployed, and in search of a job again, and wish to avoid anything that might damage my chances of re-employment. So I emailed TfL's IAP email address, explaining my financial circumstances, expressing that this was my first and only offence, apologising and pleading for any way for this matter to be settled without landing me a criminal record for it would really damage my chances of getting employed again- supplying bank statements, credit card statements, providing anything and everything to support the facts I had stated. ... Today, I finally received a totally generic sounding email response from one of the prosecutors at the IAP department: “On the 27th July 2018 you were approached at ***** ***** station after using a pass to enter that activated the monitors. You produced a 60+ Oyster card that you admitted belonged to your mother. These passes are not transferable and therefore was not valid for you to use…” “…Transport for London intend to continue with the matter listed against you and I would advise you to complete the paperwork and return within the required timescales” I noticed that in their email response they have the date of the incident incorrect, (She said 27th July 2018 instead of 26th July 2018. On the 26th I was caught and cautioned, on the 27th, I actually paid for my fare and can prove it) Furthermore, the Revenue Control Inspector's statement says the incident happened on the 27th instead of the 26th. It's only on the second page of the SJPN under the "Statement of facts" that they have the date correctly stated as the 26th July. Do I stand any chance in fighting this case as 'not guilty' in court, on the basis that the statement given by the Revenue Control Inspector is factually incorrect, and if they were to pull CCTV from the 27th - they'd find that I'd actually used a valid ticket on that date? Any help or suggestions would be massively appreciated. I have 5 days to respond to the SJPN letter Many thanks!
  2. I have a car I've paid over half of and wish to return. I emailed them Friday to a previous correspondence address, no reply, I called them yesterday morning and "no one was available right now in VT department" they gave me a direct email address, still no reply. I want this returned by 20th as I'm going away, can I force them in to a speed up? What is reasonable notice? also does mileage penalty apply to the halves rule? The wording in my document says "You have the right to end this agreement. To do so, you should write to the person you made your payments to. They will then be entitled to the return of the goods and to half the total amount payable under this agreement, that is £11891.97. If you have already paid as least this amount plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonable care of the goods, you will not have to pay any more." That seems pretty clear to me there is no more to pay?
  3. Hi Guys I recently return a car at the end of its lease to RCI. It was in pristine condition, so much so that I had to show the collection guy where it had been repaired (by the dealership) . .The wheels were repaired and two slight scratch all sorted ...Yet they want to charge me £600 I have of course told them to whistle. They are also trying to charge me the incorrect excess mileage charge .. . again I have told them to whistle .. . now they marked on my Experian and indeed Equafax file that the loan agreement was settle in full and closed .. .but I have now seen that they have reopened the account and having it showing the ancillary balance that they are arguing with me!!!? I cannot believe this is legal!? I have made up my mind to take this to court and show the court all the pictures I took of the car and the invoices for the repairs carried out to dealers standard .. plus they told me the car sold at auction for more than the balloon payment I would have made to them if I HAD KEPT IT!! To be honest no matter what happens even if it goes to court and by some miracle I lose ,, ,, on principle . .I will NEVER pay them again .. I just wanted to see if anyone else had these type of issues ? Cheers Nige
  4. I took out a car on finance from RCI in May 2014 and made regular payments of £214 to RCI. Myself and my husband were both made redundant in February 2016, I subsequently managed to find a new job quickly, however my husband's health rapidly deteriorated and has been out of work since. In September 2016 I was issued a Default Notice from RCI and I made a post term agreement to pay £240 a month until May 2018 which was the original end date of the finance. I have struggled upto this month to maintain the payments as we rely on the vehicle to get back and forth hospital appointments and for me for work. However this month I have been unable to pay the required £240 and received a phone call 2 days later from RCI to ascertain why payment had not been received. I explain that I had sent them a letter and email stating that I was experiencing difficulties maintaining the payments and proposed a revised payment plan (They have denied receiving either). I explained my circumstances to the caller and my payment proposal and was told that they would call me back. A few hours later I received a phone call to state that they would send an agent to collect the vehicle and my proposal had been rejected. I asked if I could speak to someone to discuss payment and was told that there was no other options left to me. On Thursday last week Anglia UK rep posted a letter through my door whilst I was at work and my husband was there requesting I make an appointment to discuss my agreement with RCI. I call Anglia on Tuesday of this week and explained the call with RCI and their response. Also over the weekend my step-father has reach the final days of COPD and I have been spliting my time between work, caring for my husband and visit my step-father in his last days. The agent from Anglia was very understanding and suggested I go back to RCI and explain the situation. I have spoken to RCI again today and again was told there was no room for negotiation and that I was to surrender the vehicle to Anglia UK on Friday at 2pm. My question is can RCI repossesses my vehicle without a court order? Do I have to return my vehicle to Anglia UK tomorrow? Sorry for the long post, am at the end of my nerves atm with everything that's going on atm
  5. Not sure if anyone can give me any guidance on this one as it is going back a while. Back in 2009 my husband who was a subcontracter at the time was working away - he had bought a nissan xtrail on finance a couple of years before - as the recession hit his work dried up and consequently he fell behind with payments - It got to the point where we thought we cant keep the car and as the fianace company were not willing to offer any kind of assistance we wrote to them and asked to hand the car back - I have to admit at the time we were going through such an awful time financially that we were not on the ball - in the January of 2009 they came one night and took the car away - In the march we received court papers re a ccj for the rest of the money owing on the agreement - We knew we had paid quite a bit back but were still shocked as they claimed we still owed £10,876 - they had included all of the interest which would have become due. I think we thought there was nothing we could do my husband had an offer of 2 weeks work up in scotland when the court date was on he couldnt make it the ccj was granted. we have been paying £60 a month ever since never missing a payment. I thought I had lost the original credit agreement from the car loan but I have been clearing out paperwork and I have found it - The amount of credit was £23,314 the interest was £7,239 At the time they took the vehicle back at our request we had paid £15,223 back and they got £4,833 from selling the car- which was ridiculously low on the credit agreement from Nissan it says that we had the right to end the agreement - it s ays that if we had paid £15,379 and handed the car back they would not ask for anymore money. we have paid a further £5000 to them. Obviously in hinsight I should have looked into this I asked and asked for help from the company when I mentioned about returning the car it was never mentioned that I was just £154 short of paying back the half required - Is there anything you can suggest we can do about this because we are still required under the court order to keep paying for probably another 5 years - Salans dealt with all of this at the time
  6. Hi hoping you knowlegeable people can offer some advice on my PPI claim. I bought a car in 2006 from my local car dealership which i took finance on with RCI (formaly RFS). I still have all the paperwork from this and thought that the PPI had been missold as the finance was in joint name however the PPI was solely in my name. I sent off a copy of the agreement and a consumer questionaire to RFS and received a letter back informing me that due to legislation changes in 2005 the responsibility for the selling of PPI lies directly with the supplying dealer. I then forwarded copies of the above to the local dealership as advised. Fast forward 8 weeks with no contact and i have now received a letter from the dealership stating: After a full investigation i can confrim that the vehicle xyz was sold to RFS ltd on your behalf. RFS Ltd than made one payment in full for £XXXX to ourselves. That was the balance outstanding on the vehicle and concluded the financial transaction between ourselves and RFS Ltd. A £xxx deposit was paid by you to ourselves to secure the vehicle and our accounts show that the vehicle was paid in full with those two transactions. I can confirm that the HP agreement signed by you was made with RFS and all payments made under the agreement were due to them. Any PPI was agreed with RFS and made to RFS not to ourselves. All records of any PPI sold to you will therefore be with RFS and we are unable to be of further assistance in this matter. Please accept this as final response however you can take this matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you wish. So who's right? I thought that it was the dealership who sold the PPI from what i've read so if i've understood it correctly should i write back to the dealership disputing this and if so any idea which change in legislation in 2005 i should quote to them or do i just go straight to the ombudsman rather than wait another 8 weeks for them to get back to me or have i got it wrong and should i write back to RRS? I had hoped they'd just give me the money back in time for xmas but think that was wishful thinking on my part! Thanks for any advice you can give me that will help reunite me with my cash
  7. Hi, I sent in a letter to RCI financial asking for my PPI money back, they have responded by letter this morning telling me that the company that administered their PPI has gone in to liquidation and that I need to claim via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. .. how do I find out who the company is, or does anyone know, ill send another letter to RCI but thought I would ask on the off chance anyone knew who RCI dealt with.
  8. My husband has been suffering immence pressure and depression lately but I wasnt aware he had missed payments on our HP vehicle until a man called by to serve a reposession notice - he took photos of the car on our driveway and left. RCI have terminated the agreement but we have paid more than a third off it so it has to go to court. We have not yet recieved the N9C forms because the man ( debt agency) said he would give us 10 days to come up with the full arrears of £6,500 approx) my husband was/is in the process of getting a secured loan with Blenhaim finance to pay this!!!! I want to stop this now - but we desperatly need a car for our 4 children to get around - we live in the middle of nowhere! I want to be able to sell the car - its only a yr old and done less than 20K miles so I could buy another vehicle and pay off the arrears but RCI were very abrupt on the pnone " we do NOT UNTERMINATE agreements!!"" so basically.... what do we do next? what are our chances of keeping the car? what are our options? IF they do take the car do we get anything at all back???? its worth more than they are owed in arrears!! If I get the court to suspend the order then can we legally sell the car?
  9. posting on behalf of family member who has court case (allocation??) tomorrow WEDNESDAY Looking for real quick pointers and advice on what they should say or do at the hearing ... no real idea what an allocation hearing is ? They say all figures are different that they received compared to the package sent to the courts Details .... They are in a dispute with RCI Financial services (Nissan, Renault) Purchased a car in April 2010 for £13,500, paid instalments until needed to change payment date from 2nd to 28th this was agreed however RCI stated that we had missed one payment and owed £300, In September they took the first payment from the new agreed payment date of 28th in October they decided not to continue the contract In October they issued a default notice and termination notice and in November they proceeded to use a company called Anglia to snatch back the car. (Not sure if Default Notice was ever received by them but in SARs documents that they requested) The car was snatched back from private property proceeding to break into the car, this was against the 1974 consumer credit act ? In March 2011 they sold the car in auction and stated they received £8,500 from the auction they then issued court CCJ action to recover “repudiated” damages for £16,500 minus the £8,500, We ended up with no car and a damage claims for default of £8,000, they claim repudiated for all Facts 1) RCI are extremely difficult company incompetent in managing HP contracts, very aggressive and not able to negotiate with. 2) RCI use the repudiated contract clause to extract damages 3) RCI are not interested in any form of negotiation 4) RCI employ Anglia recovery who use lies and misinformation to recover vehicles 5) RCI are now pursuing court action and use Solex solicitors who again do not want negotiation they want f=damages and costs Avoid this company do not use for the purchase of Renault or Nissan vehicles Any help much mich appreciated Merc
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