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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, TL;DR version of events: I received a SJPN. I believe I technically am guilty of the charge, but had ignorantly committed the offence out of sheer financial desperation, having had no money and just started a new job. I'm desperate to avoid a criminal conviction. I contacted TfL's IAP to apologise, explained my circumstances, and I provided proof for everything possible and asked to settle this out of court, and that I'm happy to pay the necessary fine. Today they finally responded - with a very generic response to say they wish to proceed with the case... However
  2. I have a car I've paid over half of and wish to return. I emailed them Friday to a previous correspondence address, no reply, I called them yesterday morning and "no one was available right now in VT department" they gave me a direct email address, still no reply. I want this returned by 20th as I'm going away, can I force them in to a speed up? What is reasonable notice? also does mileage penalty apply to the halves rule? The wording in my document says "You have the right to end this agreement. To do so, you should write to the person you made your payments to. They will the
  3. Hi Guys I recently return a car at the end of its lease to RCI. It was in pristine condition, so much so that I had to show the collection guy where it had been repaired (by the dealership) . .The wheels were repaired and two slight scratch all sorted ...Yet they want to charge me £600 I have of course told them to whistle. They are also trying to charge me the incorrect excess mileage charge .. . again I have told them to whistle .. . now they marked on my Experian and indeed Equafax file that the loan agreement was settle in full and closed .. .but I have now s
  4. I took out a car on finance from RCI in May 2014 and made regular payments of £214 to RCI. Myself and my husband were both made redundant in February 2016, I subsequently managed to find a new job quickly, however my husband's health rapidly deteriorated and has been out of work since. In September 2016 I was issued a Default Notice from RCI and I made a post term agreement to pay £240 a month until May 2018 which was the original end date of the finance. I have struggled upto this month to maintain the payments as we rely on the vehicle to get back and forth
  5. Not sure if anyone can give me any guidance on this one as it is going back a while. Back in 2009 my husband who was a subcontracter at the time was working away - he had bought a nissan xtrail on finance a couple of years before - as the recession hit his work dried up and consequently he fell behind with payments - It got to the point where we thought we cant keep the car and as the fianace company were not willing to offer any kind of assistance we wrote to them and asked to hand the car back - I have to admit at the time we were going through such an awful ti
  6. Hi hoping you knowlegeable people can offer some advice on my PPI claim. I bought a car in 2006 from my local car dealership which i took finance on with RCI (formaly RFS). I still have all the paperwork from this and thought that the PPI had been missold as the finance was in joint name however the PPI was solely in my name. I sent off a copy of the agreement and a consumer questionaire to RFS and received a letter back informing me that due to legislation changes in 2005 the responsibility for the selling of PPI lies directly with the supplying dealer. I then forwarded copies of the ab
  7. Hi, I sent in a letter to RCI financial asking for my PPI money back, they have responded by letter this morning telling me that the company that administered their PPI has gone in to liquidation and that I need to claim via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. .. how do I find out who the company is, or does anyone know, ill send another letter to RCI but thought I would ask on the off chance anyone knew who RCI dealt with.
  8. My husband has been suffering immence pressure and depression lately but I wasnt aware he had missed payments on our HP vehicle until a man called by to serve a reposession notice - he took photos of the car on our driveway and left. RCI have terminated the agreement but we have paid more than a third off it so it has to go to court. We have not yet recieved the N9C forms because the man ( debt agency) said he would give us 10 days to come up with the full arrears of £6,500 approx) my husband was/is in the process of getting a secured loan with Blenhaim finance to pay this!!!! I want to stop t
  9. posting on behalf of family member who has court case (allocation??) tomorrow WEDNESDAY Looking for real quick pointers and advice on what they should say or do at the hearing ... no real idea what an allocation hearing is ? They say all figures are different that they received compared to the package sent to the courts Details .... They are in a dispute with RCI Financial services (Nissan, Renault) Purchased a car in April 2010 for £13,500, paid instalments until needed to change payment date from 2nd to 28th this was agreed however RCI stated that we had missed one p
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