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  1. Hello I was put at risk of redundancy , the letter said they would consider volunteers but no guarantee, was intending to leave later in the year i volunteered . had a one to one with the director and said i was interested , have worked there for over 10 years so the payout was considerable and would help with my new venture . The request was refused. There are 2 positions and 4 people , have un offically been told one of the roles is mine even though i said dont want it, was un offically told they want me to take the job as if i dont they will be forced to g
  2. Small update Recd a letter from Northampton Dated 8-9-2016 I acknowledge receipt of your defence . A copy is being served on the claimant (or the claimants solicitor) . The claimant may contact you direct to resolve any dispute . If the dispute cannot be resolved informally , the claimant will inform the court the he wishes to proceed. The court will then inform you what will happen . Where he wishes to proceed the claimant must contact the court within 28 days after receiving a copy of your defence. After that period has elapsed the claim will be sta
  3. My defence has been submitted -so i guess i sit and wait to see what happens
  4. My first attempt at the defence , 1.The claimants claim is for the sum off £9500 being monies due under a regulated agreement between the defendant and MBNA europe and assigned to the claimant on **/11/2015 notice of which has been provided to the defendant . 2. The defendant has failed to make a payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974. 3.The complainant claims the sum of £9500 4. C has complied as fas as is necessary with the pre action conduct practice direction . Defence
  5. Update 26 8 2016 Recd a reply from Shoosmith as follows We write with reference to the above matter and your recent correspondence dated **/08/16. We acknowledge receipt of your request under the consumer credit act 1974 and the cheque for 1£ ,We can confirm that we have forwarded this request to Arrow Global ltd who will now endeavour to comply with your request.# Please note however that we have issued a county court claim against you on **/08/16 you are therefore still required to respond to the court in relation to this. Should we fail to receive a response to the claim by
  6. How long do i wait before i send in a defence ,i have started composing it .The papers were issues on 9/8/2016
  7. Thanks for everyones help ,i sent off the 2 requests last week ,so my next step is to work on the defence
  8. Thanks . If im going to dispute it what defence would be best
  9. I had a few MBNA cards and other cards back then and got into difficult financially ,there must have been a balance outstanding .
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