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  1. I am waiting for action against me with trepidation, I have complex mental health problems including memory loss which means I cannot recall all transactions related to matters over a year ago. Thus, the prospect of remembering the details of DISPUTE which were raised over three years ago. I sent many letters DISPUTING with original lender credit card, but don't have copies. They eventually sold to Arrow Global. They, in turn, have used a succession of collection companies , who I have ignored / returned letters unanswered. I now wonder if original lender/credit card will be able to provide ( or even kept) my letters of DISPUTE ? There are times when my cognitive process is greatly impaired, so I am unable to talk, write, take information in. At other times, like right now, I can compose a short email. Any guidance gratefully received . I think I destroyed my records last year in during a psychotic episode. I take anti psychotics, anxiolytics, mood stabilisers and anti depressants , all of which impair my cognitive function. Original agreement 1995 Last Payment 2011 (? needs verifying ) Default Notice possibly issued 2011 (? needs verifying )
  2. Have 69 k of credit card debt, all other priority debts are been paid .. ...mortgage,securedloan,gas,electricity,council tax etc. This debt had built up over time as husband was made redundant a few times in several years. Have still been paying cards, some I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul with. Have defaulted by one month a couple of times but bought up to date. My question is can I ask for a CCA on accounts while I am still paying them or do I have to default and if I do ask and they have proper documentation can they then ask for all monies under the agreement at once. Thanks.
  3. There seems to be a lot of confusion around mental health services for veterans. There's a myth that circulates, usually on social media, that there's no support for veterans with mental health problems, especially PTSD. It's untrue, and it's unhelpful for those who are suffering because it could make them think it's not worth asking for help. Part of my job is training people in mental health, including the Armed Forces community. I also train NHS and local authority staff around the Covenant and working with the AF community. I thought it might be useful to post some up to date information. The NHS has specialist mental health services for veterans: NHS Transition, Intervention & Liaison Service A dedicated, local, community-based service for veterans and those transitioning out of the British Armed Forces with a discharge date. The service provides a range of treatment, from recognising the early signs of mental health problems and providing access to early support, to therapeutic treatment for complex mental health difficulties and psychological trauma. Where appropriate, help is also provided with other needs that may affect mental health and wellbeing, for example housing, finances and employment, reducing alcohol consumption, and social support. Veterans can self-refer, or can be referred by a GP or charity. Veterans Complex Mental Health Service This is an enhanced local community based service for ex-service personnel who have military attributable complex mental health problems that have not improved with earlier care and treatment. Many ex-Service charities also provide health care help and advice - see Veterans' Gateway or COBSEO for details. My own view is that if you are looking for treatment from a charity, stick with COBSEO members (all those on Veterans' Gateway are), because they use evidence-based therapies which have undergone clinical trials. That is not to say that other therapies don't work, but without proper trials it's not possible to know whether they are genuinely effective, and whether they stand the test of time. Personally, I wouldn't go near anyone who says their therapy 'just works', or says that they don't need clinical trials. It's also worth remembering that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another; finding the right treatment can involve trying several different methods and referral to different specialists; and recovery takes time, patience and commitment, and often includes highs and lows.
  4. Hi, I have a question regarding my credit file & 4 Lowell accounts which were closed as a "goodwill gesture" due to my ongoing mental health illness. Due to them constantly contacting me via telephone and threatening letters, I contacted them first email to request they stop contacting me via my telephone and also to try and setup some kind of affordable repayment plan to clear these accounts. I also explained my health circumstances and my very low income. They requested I complete a income/expenditure and some proof of my illness. I replied with my doctor's report and explained I will send a income / expenditure form once I have some advice from the National Debtline. One of the accounts was being administered by BWLegal who had issued a warrant of control which Lowell advised would be stopped and they would take over the account. A few weeks later, Lowell wrote to me to explain all accounts have been closed and no further action will be taken to collect any outstanding amounts. (Although they didn't inform the bailiff who turned up at my door and left a card, but having spoken to him he is now aware the debt has been cancelled, so all good) Should all these closed accounts (all equal around £1500 combined) be updated as "closed" on my credit file? Obviously I realise defaults / and the 1 CCJ remain on file for 6 years, but should the other accounts be listed as closed rather than as still active with there outstanding balance? (which they presently are) Lowell closed the accounts about 6 weeks ago, which did surprise me but obviously took a weight of my mind. Due my present circumstances I obviously won't be applying for any credit etc for some time, so I'm not too bothered about my credit file status but I like to make sure information on it is kept up to date nonetheless. Any advice appreciated, thanks
  5. Hi All, Thank you for all your help over the many years - been a long journey but almost there. Now that I have the strength and knowledge (from here) to take on the financial system in this country, I'm now trying to help my elderly Dad fight back. My Dad was always in control of financial affairs in the past but for the last few years now has become less able to deal with the modern world and now he is showing early sign of dementia. It came as quite a shock to find out that he has 6 credit cards which are now leaving him with no pension to live on. It became noticeable last year when he was a victim of identity fraud. His bank account was cleared out twice and so he ended up with loads of penalty payment and a few defaults. I want to "put the brakes" on the charges and interest with all these companies and now feel I'm in a position to do so now that I have LPA (lasting power of attorney). My idea is to send these companies a letter saying that my sister and I are taking over financial affairs for Dad, enclose a copy of the LPA, and also start the ball rolling by asking for the original signed Credit Card Agreement. Some of my Dad's cards go back to the 80's I want to see if he has an agreement and if they don't at least put them on the back foot when I ask them to freeze his account so he can just work out a manageable payment plan. Should I do it this way or does anyone have a better idea? Best regards Fevr
  6. New pocket guide for troops to access mental health support READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-pocket-guide-for-troops-to-access-mental-health-support
  7. I don’t know if this will be of interest, hopefully for people in the same circumstances it will be. The history of this is a little personal but I feel it needs to be said. In 2005 I had a breakdown, I had a MBNA credit card with £7000 credit limit when I went on a spending spree and in the interim I applied and got another MBNA card with £6500 limit. During the time of my illness I ran both cards up to the max and I was struggling to make the min payments as I also had several other cards at the time. got these cards by simply applying for balance transfers they were throwing them at me. Needless to say I defaulted on the two MBNA cards. I wrote to them explaining my situation that I was now on medication and to offer a smaller amount of monthly repayments. I made the lesser payments each month and each month they marked it as a late payment default and the balance continued to rise. Eventually I stopped paying, a couple of letters and emails from them stating I was in default. It then went to MBNA debt office, these people were quite aggressive in their emails demanding payment in full and threatening debt collectors. I then wrote to them asking for the charges they kept adding to the account for late payments, I wasn’t late I just didn’t pay the minimum, I also blamed them for putting me in this position, they kept increasing the credit limit so I kept spending and in my condition I had no idea what I was doing. Now on medication, I wrote a strong letter complaining they were the reason I was in debt and they should give me the discount on the advance charges as well as the extra interest cost, I had no reply. Two months later I received a letter from MBNA saying they had written off my debt of over 13k and closed the account. On checking my credit report it shows as closed balance 0 this came as a shock as I had a Tesco card with a large debt on who wouldn’t talk to me regarding my illness and instantly passed it to Frederickson’s. I hope this might help others who suffer mental illness and not to let the credit card co bully them.
  8. Thank you for your time and advice. We're looking for some general advice on this issue regarding my partner who is off work with depression caused by her workplace. The employer has told us they will visit this Thursday to "discuss her absence". Here's a bit of the back story: Mt partner is a Cleaner. She is off work due to depression, this was caused by her undergoing treatment for recurring miscarriages and her Manager moving her from a job she was happy in to another part of the company where it is very quiet, no interaction and a totally different world than where she had been. My partner asked to be moved back but was told it is not possible. She thinks she was only moved because her Manager had to cover 6am to 7am as she couldn't get into work for 6am. Funnily enough, the person who took my partner's old position starts at 6am (!) Events and Mismanagement that has led to my partner's Depression: 1. She was late for work twice when the buses here were effected by a huge amount of roadworks (which was front page news). Her bus simply didn't turn up two days in a row and she had to wait for an alternative bus (the following days she caught a taxi rather than lose her job). Both times she rang the Manager and let her know. All seemed okay until over 2 weeks later when her Manager issued her with a stage 2 warning for absence (not even a 'late'!). Luckily I was able to speak directly with the city bus manager who kindly emailed a letter explaining the missing buses and her Manager took the warning off her record. It was like a letter from Mummy for not having a PE Kit! 2. A few days later (revenge?). My partner received a printed warning document detailing things that would need to be improved in her cleaning duties. These included a set of stairs that experience 24-hour high traffic from hundreds of staff which she was warned were dusty and dirty. She was told another inspection of her work would take place on 4th April and if it wasn't satisfactory a PIP Procedure (warnings that can lead to dismissal) would be put in place..skipping the written warnings stages completely! Two weeks later she had the Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th March 2017 off as holiday. My partner went back on Monday 27th March 2017 and was called her into her Manager's office and told that the showers had body-fat in them, even though she had worked hard to make everything A1 before her days off. Her Manager then said "Just because you signed that warning, doesn't mean you can F?cKing slack off anywhere else!" (Bullying?). 3. Two days later (29th March 2017), My partner had a small operation to investigate the fibroids the hospital believe have caused her recurring miscarriages. She was not allowed this as unpaid leave and had to work before going to the hospital. She had to go work the day after the operation too. On the day after the operation she was taken home by the people she cleaned for in FOST and they phoned my partner's Manager to complain; which no doubt will be mentioned in the absence meeting and my partner blamed for it! Anyway, that date was 30th March which was the last day she worked and has been off with depression since. 4. On 24th April we received the letter saying they'll be coming to our home on 4th May 2017 to discuss her "illness, current health status, long term diagnosis, current abilities and when you might be fit to return to work. And also to gain authorisation to contact your GP for a medical report." - We appreciate any advice you can give and for reading this long post. If you can advise on what we should do at the 'Meeting to Discuss Absence' and whether we should print off this post and discuss it or if that would probably mean them finding an excuse to get rid of my partner? She has had depression all the time she's worked there (10 years) and never had long-term sick so could they sack her for depression knowing she has it anyway (last year she had a miscarriage and went sick with depression) Would she have the right to be asked to be moved and, if so, would they have to move her to a post that has the same hours/amount of hours? Staff who have complained in the past have always ended up sacked Finally, their letter says she can have a member of staff/Union Rep (unfortunately not in a union) at the meeting but I intend to be their. It is our home so can they say I can't be there? We will also be recording the meeting, as it is our home do we legally have to tell them so?
  9. MOD launches biggest ever mental health awareness week with new confidential support for personnel on operations READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-launches-biggest-ever-mental-health-awareness-week-with-new-confidential-support-for-personnel-on-operations
  10. Hi, Just looking for some advice as am fretting hugely and feeling a bit confused by the rules. To explain as simply as I can... I am currently in receipt of high rate DLA and income related ESA in the support group. I was awarded both of these at reassessment without any difficulty and wasn't even called to a medical for my ESA. I have been on these benefits for a long time and have also been on housing benefit for about two years since I moved into my own flat. I suffer from mental health difficulties including a long term eating disorder and type 1 diabetes which means my physical health is also very poor. I struggle with extreme spending which has been the case for some time. I have mental health issues and I particularly struggle during the evening times when feeling low. I tend to click click click on websites and buy things I do not need, sometimes parcels arrive and I am not even sure of what on earth I have ordered. By extension my eating disorder is anorexia with binge/purging subtype and the amount I spend on food is disgusting, which has been the case for the past 15 years. In October last year I was seriously sexually assaulted and a week later my dad died. This sent me into a spiral of even worse mental health and excessive spending. I try to return things but don't always manage to, and you obviously cannot return food. But I also have a pile of clothes that I've never even worn. I took out a DRO in 2009 because I had racked up so much debt on credit and store cards. This honestly saved me for 6 years as I could not obtain credit, but after it was lifted I managed about a year until I started applying for high interest credit cards and now have a stack of them which I have been trying to keep up with the minimum payments for. A month ago I took out a loan from natwest to try and consolidate these debts a bit and reduce my overdraft which was costing me around £80-90 a month in interest fees. My brother and I are waiting for an inheritance from my father. There was no will and no need for probate as my father rented, so my brother has had to sort everything out. I am not quite sure how much we will have but it will certainly be above the 6k threshold. Currently it is sat in an account my brother opened but when everything is finalised he will transfer half of that money to me. I am so scared that the DWP are going to class my spending as deprivation of capital. I really, really want to pay off all my debts including my loan because the interest on everything is so high and having that debt looming over me is a major stress. But will they allow me to do this? I imagine the loan may be regarded with some scepticism as it was recently taken out, but I was literally desperate and in a situation where I was going to be unable to pay my rent (yes despite the HB payments), I am thinking of ways I can protect myself. I'd perhaps like to have my mother take care of a proportion of the money in a savings account that I cannot touch. If I blow through the inheritance with my recklessness then I will never forgive myself. The only thing I really want to do is go on holiday, health permitting. I have not been out of this country for about 10 years and feel a break would do me some good. But again, will the DWP permit this? Furthermore, what if I wanted to use some of the money to access some private healthcare; therapy or maybe even a short hospital stay to try and get a hold on my eating behaviours? Obviously this could help me towards better mental health and I'd like to think that some day I might be well enough to begin some part time work, which would ultimately be beneficial for both the governments purse as well as myself. The other thing I am worried about is the whole showing receipts and bank statements, the idea of which I find humiliating largely due to my food expenditure. I found this quite distressing during the DRO claim process. How much scrutiny do they place you under exactly? I know it is different for everyone but what is the most likely scenario I will face? I need to ring the DWP soon and I am so anxious about it. I hate making phone calls as it is and don't know where to start/how to explain. Any advice is much appreciated. Please don't think I want to defraud in any way, I just want to do the right thing. Thank you.
  11. Defence Minister outlines expanded mental health provision for Armed Forces and veterans READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/defence-minister-outlines-expanded-mental-health-provision-for-armed-forces-and-veterans
  12. Hi, New to the forum, so please be gentle - I'm not in a good place at the moment. It has taken me days to pluck the courage to seek help on this. This is a little long, but I'll do my best to be brief. Started new job role in September 2016, after being made redundant from a role I loved. In the December 2016 I started experiencing increased anxiety and OCD issues, visited GP and was placed on a waiting list for a mental health referral. After a telephone consultation with Mental Health Unit I was deemed low risk - I work, wash myself and generally 'function' like a normal person. March/April 2016, issue became more severe and spent two days off work speaking to Samaritans. Visited different GP who immediately referred me to local mental health unit as a high risk patient. I have been under that unit since then with weekly appointments. Wr agreed weekly appointments as they discovered through treatment that working was an important part of my character and anything that could jeopardize this would have detrimental affect on fragile mental state. It is fair to say that the Unit have never experienced any like myself as they're not used to what they describe as a 'high function' mental health patient; that is I work and look 'normal' but behind the scenes fall apart. I did have a diagnoses of bipolar disorder over 20 years ago, but this was different. Have now been diagnosed with OCD and anxiety so severe I'm classed as disabled under the Equalities Act. Upon returning to work, during my return to work I explained everything with a line manager. And we agreed that I could have the weekly appointments, so long as the time was paid back and it caused little disruption. Everything has gone well until recently. In December 2016 HR became involved due to absence levels affecting the 'Bradford Score' making it really high. HR got involved and had a medical report from my psychologist, explained I am disabled and work need to make necessary adjustments. These adjustments are more around office temperature and asking people not to spray perfumes on the office floor - I work in a call centre. And, to issue a parking pass to reduce anxiety levels. Work is so hot that I sweat, it causes and OCD reaction and I often go home at lunch for a shower and fresh set of clothing, for example. I've had no occupational health referral. I still have to email daily to get the heating turned down - from 23/24 degrees at my desk. One aspect of my role I cannot do due to my OCD is ask customers to complete a survey to get feedback as the feedback will be about me. HR and myself have spoken about this and they were going to request another medical report to support this. However, this hasn't happened due to line manager leaving and HR wanting to wait for new manager. Not doing surveys has lost me an annual bonus and payrise. Doing them causes distress and self-harm. Also, they advertised for the line manager for my team, I have applied. They are announcing who has the role. I haven't even been told if I had an interview or not, as my application shows as pending. Everyone else has been told this. I even know who has the role. Last week, I had what I describe as a 'turn', after several days of having emails ignored asking for the heating to be turned down to it actually being increased last Thursday, I lost it. During afternoon break during a strip wash - I do this very break - I had heat rash all over my chest and my face was bright red due to the heat. I emailed HR and the management demanding they turn the heating down as it was torture for me in work - I actually used that word too. Friday I called in sick and was thinking of self-certifying for the week. I'm seeing my psychologist this week. I really dread the thought of going back in, but I'm also scared of the consequences my bradford score is off the charts. Any help or advice would be greatly received. Please. And, thank you reading this long post.
  13. A client of mine has an overpayment that's arose from a grey area due to having long-term mental health problems (the latter is what he is using our service for). Councils seem to vary with how they handle vulnerable adults, has any one any advice or central information? His health has deteriorated and he is worried about further action. He receives income support, HB and CT reduction.
  14. Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to view my post. I really hope someone can offer advice.. I'm going to be blunt, and please forgive me, but I've never spoken about this to anyone before. nearly 5 years ago my marriage broke down, I had to leave my family home, and close down my business. I moved away from the county I lived in as I didn't have any work any more, and my sister let me live in a flat above a pub she owned. I slipped into a deep depression that was lifted when I started to see a new lady. She left me, My sister helped me until she knew I would be OK. She then made me move into her home. I was seen by a GP and referred to mental health services. I was put on medication, and had a direct line to support workers. Around this time I applied for a credit card. I had nothing, and I guess (I honestly don't remember) I thought it would make me feel good about myself. (I had already pawned my wedding ring) I made a few payments, had to move in with mum n dad. I moved to my brothers, but I had to leave there, moved in with an old school friend - sofa surfing. Sadly I had to move out, and was living in my car - only for a few weeks, but it was bad enough. As you can guess after a while I had stopped paying the credit card. I'm not proud to say I often bury my head in the sand. it's now 4 years later, and I have a job - been working 6 months! I have a flat I rent now. Things started to look up. I am now on different medication for acute depression and anxiety, it's still there, but as i said things have been getting better. My ex wife and I are on friendly terms, and in July she is about to remortgage, which means I should get about £40,000 - which although having a bad credit score I was hoping would help me secure a mortgage to buy my own flat and save me a small fortune in rent. Until now. Today I got a letter from nottingham county court telling me I have a debt of £1550, plus costs with a company called restons solicitors - they are acting on behalf of Cabot who bought the debt from capital one. I called the solicitors, and said can I sort out some payment plan. They said the only thing I can do is pay it off in full with charges. They were not willing to enter any payment plan, and stop the action. I cannot raise the money unless I get a very high rate loan. And I can't risk that. I know lots will say it's only money - but I have just started to see sunshine, and now my only chance of ever owning my own place is fading fast. I'm rambling. Sorry - You have no idea how long this has taken to write - I have deleted pages. I am 49 years old, I know in 6 years noone would want to give me a mortgage. Oh - I'm sorry. When I told them i took the credit out during my worse mental health time the guy really seemed to sound concerned. He kept saying, but you're better now - seemed to be prompting me what to say. I was wondering if any of you can advise me? I'm not trying to get out of paying it at all. I want my life on track - with a future that looks happy. I can probably manage £50.00 per month, but it would be tight. What can i do to get this stopped, or held up so i don't get a CCJ? Is there anything? I really am so sorry to get my point across. thank you all for staying with this and reading to the end.
  15. Theresa May has just finished delivering a speech setting out her vision for addressing mental health issues. Any cause for rejoicing or should we be concerned? Discuss. Health Secretary. Hunt. Delivering a speech later today on the same subject.
  16. Hi I am tryng to help a friend get back on their feet. They have a small military medical compensation which stops benefits. Also a few months back signed off with depression and attending counseling. Separated from ex several years ago now over Christmas period this has got them in a real state. They are not wanting to dodge responsibility they drove several hundred miles pre-Christmas to ensure children got presents from them. It may be only 20 payment a month but at this moment in time she just doesn't have it and her, If she has so little money and is signed off with severe depression from her GP, how would the CMS look upon this is their a mental duty of care. When they are working and on feet would happily pay towards children costs as have done in the past.
  17. Unfortunately, many people consider that because, they have problems with mental health that a local authority should not pursue them for road traffic debts or refer cases to bailiffs. The following recent decision from the Local Government Ombudsman is therefore of importance: PS: The following is a short version of the LGO's decision. Please refer to the link at the end of the post to read more. London Borough of Hounslow. The complaint Mr A complains the Council harassed him and discriminated against him by using bailiffs to collect a debt relating to two unpaid Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) when it already had notice of his mental health problems. Mr A maintains the Council should have treated him as a vulnerable adult and told the bailiffs of his condition. He seeks a refund of the enforcement costs he has paid and compensation. What I found Council parking enforcement officers issued Mr A with two PCNs. As Mr A did not pay the charges the Council followed its usual enforcement procedures to obtain payment of the PCNs and the accrued costs. In February 2015, following the Council’s actions in sending out Charge Certificates to Mr A in relation to the PCNs, he wrote to the Council explaining he had mental health problems and enclosed a letter from his GP and the Jobcentre. The Council responded by advising Mr A that while his medical condition had been noted it was not accepted as mitigation to cancel the PCNs. An Order for Recovery was then issued in April for the two charges. As the debt remained unpaid, the Council passed Mr A’s case on to bailiffs acting on its behalf and they wrote to him at the beginning of June. As no response was received, an enforcement agent, Mr X, attended Mr A’s property. Having taken control of Mr A’s vehicle, Mr X spoke to Mr A who informed him of his mental health problems. Mr X told Mr A he had no knowledge of Mr A’s condition but declined Mr A’s request to call his office or the Council to confirm it. Instead, Mr X told Mr A he could seek legal advice. Mr A offered payment by card but made clear he believed he was doing so under duress. Mr X told Mr A it was his choice whether or not to make the payment and Mr A paid the outstanding debt in full. Mr A then made a complaint to the Council about its and the bailiffs’ lack of understanding of his illness and vulnerability and that he had been forced under duress from Mr X to make payment. Having contacted the bailiffs and sought their comments, the Council responded in August 2015 but did not uphold the complaint. It concluded Mr A’s case had been dealt with in an appropriate manner. The Council confirmed it had been aware of his mental health problems but, having considered matters, decided that his particular circumstances did not warrant the cancellation of the PCNs. Because it had decided to pursue the charges, and refer his case on to enforcement agents, it did not consider it necessary to make the agents aware of Mr A’s correspondence about his mental health problems. It did not uphold his complaint. Analysis When Mr A told the Council of his mental health problems, it considered what he had said, and the evidence he had provided, but decided his condition was not sufficient mitigation to stop collection of the charges. It informed him of its decision. The merits of this decision are not open to review by the Ombudsman no matter how strongly Mr A may disagree with it. I have viewed the recording of Mr X’s visit to Mr A’s property. In it Mr A tells Mr X his condition is such that the Council should be working with him to which Mr X replies he can make a payment arrangement with Mr A. He did not doubt Mr A when he was told of Mr A’s mental health problems and told him he could seek legal advice. I saw nothing in Mr X’s behaviour which amounted to harassment or discrimination and he reasonably took the card payment which was offered to him by Mr A. http://www.lgo.org.uk/decisions/transport-and-highways/parking-and-other-penalties/16-000-771
  18. Am due to attend the above medicals in support of a claimant. Was wondering if anybody has been to a PIP/ESA medical in the past year and what questions were asked in respect of mental health issues specifically. I know that there are lists of questions typically asked by assessors on the web etc, but am particularly interested in recent trends and any "trick" questions. Thanks
  19. So it turns out PDLs are not just bad for your Bank Account & Wallet - They are also bad for your brain too!! I highlight the below because this is still massively worrying...
  20. please redirect if posted in wrong place mother in law has dementia wanders got ran over 3 weeks ago thank goodness not to bad. had mental capacity test done in one hospital conclusion lack of it. moved to different rehab unit they at first said they wouldn't accept other hospitals conclusion her home social services did the test. how do we as a family apply for both financial and medical power of attorney she cant consent herself
  21. A friend of mine who is doing some research into today’s workplace for her university course has asked me to post this up although I have done it in my words as hers seem a little to complicated for me to understand and would like your honest answers, please not the political correct answer also. A 48-year-old ex-soldier was medically discharged from the army due to mental health issues over 15 years ago. He held down a job for 5 years at first working in a support role for a IT company but is illness got worse and he was forced to give up working, and was put on the sick with a lifetime recommendation in 2005. He is on the maximum amount of anti-depressants he can be safely given, and has tried to take is life several time over the last 17 years, but has not responded to any other treatments offered by the NHS and has now been “parked” as untreatable. Due to the recent rule changes to sickness benefits were mental health is no longer considered as a barrier to work, he is no longer able to claim Employment Support Allowance, and he is put on job seekers allowance and must try and find a job. His mental health issues have worsened over the years and he finds it now difficult to talk to people he doesn’t know well, and although he has a short fuse, he has never been physically violent to anybody, but does shout at people and then walk away. He needs several days in bed to recover from downer episodes and these may occur at short notice. He also suffers for frequent flash back episodes and has been reported to be in a drunken state after, although he is a teetotaller. The job centre says he must apply for up to 30 jobs per week in the local area but all his qualifications are now out of date, and he cannot afford the renewal fees or get any grants for over £20.000 it would cost to bring the up to date. What role would you realistically see him in at you work place or would he even stand a chance of working at your firm,
  22. We live in a private block of retirement apartments with no assisted help and a visiting manager employed to look after the building. A mentally ill man has been living in an apartment owned by his sister. For the past 6 months this poor chap has become violent and delusional. He has caused damage and has threatened and terrorised elderly residents. He also exposed himself and made many lewd comments. He also was involved in an incident where he had a gun and threatened residents, paramedics and the police with it. 4 armed policemen, three others and a dog handler eventually disarmed him (it was a replica gun) and he was detained under section 2 of the mental health act. After one month this was upgraded to section 3. His sister has put the apartment up for sale with a view to finding the poor chap more suitable accommodation. It has left many of the residents mentally traumatised and nervous. Some have had to leave for a while and some are under their doctors for nerves and heart problems. Some will still not even leave their apartment. We have now been told that he is to come back under section 17, initially for an assessment with a view to returning. Obviously residents are now even more terrified after assuming he would not be back and more suitable accommodation would have been found for him during the 10 weeks he has been absent. His sister has told us she cannot look after him because she is scared of him and there is not enough room for her and her husband and brother in their three bedroomed house. The sister is breaking the rules of the lease by allowing an unsuitable tenant in her property who cannot look after himself. Our managing agent will not get involved, The police have met us and explained that we cannot lock him out. Our question is what rights do we have, His sister has refused to house him with her but it appears we cannot refuse to house him with us even though he does not own the property. Why can his sister do this and yet we cannot, We fully understand that there has to be anti discrimination laws but this appears to be discriminating against us. The mental health unit have assured us that they feel he is OK to come back. If that is the case, he should be OK to live with his sister. Where are we going wrong with out thoughts and is there anything we can do to safeguard the health of the other 70 residents who live here?
  23. Do any of these things happen to you? This could be i every general day life. Aspects of social anxiety Social anxiety affects our body our feelings and behaviour and thinking, but it dose not affect everyone i exactly the same way. Think about things that might happen to you while you are anxious in social situations if the things that you notice are not on the list below then add them yourself. Examples of effects on your body Shaking or trembling Sweating Blushing Tension Racing Heart Examples of effects on your feelings or emotions Panicky feelings Fear. apprehension, nervousness Frustration, irritation, anger Shame Sadness, depression, feeling hopeless Examples of effects on behaviours Avoiding places people or activities Escaping from difficult situations Protecting yourself from things you fear Trying not to attract attention Examples of effects on thinking Worrying about what others think of you Becoming painfully self-concious and self-aware Dwelling on things you thought you did wrong believing or assuming that you are inadequate bankes4me
  24. NHS England has launched a survey on mental health services for ex-members of the armed forces. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/developing-mental-health-services-for-veterans-in-england
  25. Hi my first post so please excuse any mistakes. Yesterday I was woken up at 6.45am by two burly bailiffs from swift stood in my hallway, they had let themselves in via an unlocked door. The debt is for council tax I owe £184. I asked them to leave as I suffer poor mental health and got upset very quickly. They asked to see my medication but I was so flustered I couldn't find it. I told them I suffer badly with anxiety and paranoia and couldn't cope with them being there I quickly became anxious and stated behaving quite manically throwing DVDs at them etc. Probably sounds an over reaction but I seriously couldn't cope. The one then started writing out a levy of goods which included my sons TV my landlords sofa a broken computer and the DVDs I launched at them. I was led to believe that the only way I'd get rid of them was to sign and as my children were waking up I did under duress to get them to leave. They informed me they would return today at midday to collect payment in full which I told them numerous times I don't have the money. I then filed a complaint with swift which for now has suspended any further action but I know this is only short term. I'm not disputing the debt not trying to not pay. Where do I go from here? I now feel unsafe in my own home I haven't stopped crying I feel violated that my pleas for my mental health were ignored and I'm angry I signed the levy under intense distress. I'm a single mum with 3 dependents receiving ESA and awaiting assessment for pip. Thanks in advance
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