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  1. Gap is 5147 assuming pro rata of 29250 total to my 34397 actual, so £514.70 No PPI/GAP/Warranty BS. PPI is pointless an I get full sick pay etc, GAP was a bad judgement call given the huge devaluation IMO, no warranty bill as it was new and covered by Nissan. We'll see how this develops
  2. I reckon I'm 3 payment over half way, £750, I'm about 39 months owned at 9k miles a year. So my deal is about 29250 miles and it's about 34k on the clock. 10p a mile penalty. I didn't know that rule, where did you get that info?
  3. I called them, the collection agency have a backlog of about 3 weeks. Great. Might be leaving it with my MUM. I recorded the call with VT Dept, Someone called Natalie told me I had nothing more to do other than talk to the Agency and arrange collection. They seem to think it is definite that I have to pay mileage allowance penalty. Despite the wording in my contract of: I guess the answer is in the question, does a VT count as an earlier ending of this agreement?
  4. they are asking me to fill in a return slip. This talks of excess mileage yet my contract states no further charges. I want this returned and resolved before Friday next week when I go on holiday. Any suggestions? Their email is worded like this, Attached forms for information only? Yet they ask for a completed slip to be returned?
  5. Stolen from another thread. I've sent them this. Dear Sir, I am writing to notify you that I am exercising my right to terminate the above Agreement under Section 99 of the consumer credit act 1974. You will understand that the aforementioned section permits the debtor to terminate the agreement at any time before the last payment is due. There is no restriction regarding the exercising this statutory right, particularly none in respect of any perceived arrears or monies due on termination. I understand that I shall be liable to you for the amount calculated under the formula in Section 100 of the consumer credit Act 1974. As I have paid more than the amount calculated under the formula in Section 100 the amount due is zero. The above agreement will be terminated 14 days from the date of this notice. Please send me details of how the vehicle can be returned to you. You will be aware that statute prevents you from levying a charge for the recovery of this vehicle; guidelines also state that if you require me to deliver this vehicle it must be no more than a short, reasonable, distance from my registered address. Please confirm receipt of this request in writing within seven days of receipt. Yours sincerely,
  6. I have a car I've paid over half of and wish to return. I emailed them Friday to a previous correspondence address, no reply, I called them yesterday morning and "no one was available right now in VT department" they gave me a direct email address, still no reply. I want this returned by 20th as I'm going away, can I force them in to a speed up? What is reasonable notice? also does mileage penalty apply to the halves rule? The wording in my document says "You have the right to end this agreement. To do so, you should write to the person you made your payments to. They will then be entitled to the return of the goods and to half the total amount payable under this agreement, that is £11891.97. If you have already paid as least this amount plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonable care of the goods, you will not have to pay any more." That seems pretty clear to me there is no more to pay?
  7. I bought a £500 graphics card from CCL 15 months ago, it broke, CCL said it has 3 year warranty, but after 12 months you return it to Gigabyte directly. I created an RMA with Gigabyte, they gave 3 options, Pay £15 for a company to deal with the return (at the time I thought this was just to collect the card from me and return it to Gigabyte, as I assumed Gigabyte would pay for the return), Send the card yourself or deliver it in person. I chose option to send it myself as I thought £15 was a lot for a 1 way delivery. I posted the card at the post office, £15.26, grrrr, hindsight! I got an email from Gigabyte telling me the card is repaired, I should arrange collection and let them know the details. At this point I thought, hang on a minute, you want me to pay for return!!! So I sent this email. They replied with this. So, where do I stand now? Who is liable for the return costs? CCL or Gigabyte?
  8. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09243301 CAR HUB LONDON LIMITED Company number 09243301 The car was M444JED AVOID BOTH AT ALL COSTS!
  9. they made contact 3 days before the final date. They arranged to come collect the car and wire me the money, then the night before they said they'd bring cash. I told them to plan to sit around an hour whilst I deposited the money in the bank and have it checked for counterfeit notes, they then saw sense and wired the money. I moved the car to the pub car park next door as I didn't want that slime on my property. They arrived, I filled in the V5 online and they left, the slime that sold me the car didn't have the decency or testicular fortitude to look me in the eye, just got his minion to run around. Given that I have won my case against these awful traders I feel I should name and shame them on here so people looking them up on search engines will see what a shocking outfit they are and avoid them at all costs, is that against forum rules?
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