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  1. So basically they are going to threaten me and hope we pay?
  2. Good afternoon, After receiving letters demanding money for excess mileage and additional payment for hire I have defended it using template letters Today I gave received a letter stating that they still believe the excess mileage is due under section 100(4) of the CCA. Also for charges between our last payment and the date the termination notification was received, we missed no payments due before termination. They state that they have assigned the account to Asset link capital who have appointed Link financial outsourcing to recover the outstanding and dating all future contact needs to be with them. What is the next step I can take? Is it right they can just pass the debt on while I'm still in comms with them? They have included a financial ombudsmen leaflet also. Thanks for reading, and please help
  3. Hi The car was collected last Friday and the collection rated everything as good, and everything present. I have kept photos of the condition etc.. Today I have received a letter from ford credit entitled "reminder" under the terms of the voluntary termination i wire to advise you that the liability due is £918 or it will be passed over to debt collection agency No breakdown or anything just literally a demand for money's. This is the first letter received since collection. Do I write back requesting a breakdown or just literally a standard letter stating no liability under CCa? Thanks for reading
  4. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully you can offer some sage like advice. My partner has notified ford of her intention to vt as she is in excess of 50% of the amount. They have sent a letter confirming today. Firstly this letter is asking for payment for usage from her last direct debit date to the date of letter received. Is this correct? She was up to date with her payments with no arrears at time of them receiving letter. The car is planned to be collected from me next Friday as my partner will be at work, should I sign any paperwork they bring or refuse? Don't want to agree to something I shouldn't be doing Finally she is over her agreed mileage on the pcp deal so I expect ford will want to charge her for this? What's the correct course to deal with this? do we just remind them the cca says no further liability beyond the 50%? Sorry for all the questions, hopefully you can help ease our minds Thanks
  5. Hi, my wife is 28 months into a 36 month PCP agreement with Ford. The car is becoming unaffordable for her and has contacted the finance company to discuss VT. they have said she can as she has paid in excess of 50% but are stating excess mileage charges will apply. because she was sold this car with 6000 miles allowed which was never suitable, she has gone over that and would owe around £550 in mileage. if VT'ing the car is this amount still payable? ford are telling her it is. there are mixed views over the internet.
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