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  1. Hi all, Just a bit of a background, I called Blackhorse on the 23rd December 2018 to check whether I had any PPI on loans that I took out many years ago. The first and most relevant was taken out in 1987 as I recently found out from them. They found I had three within 87 and 91. They didn’t indicate or tell me whether or not there was PPI on any of my agreements and instead sent out a complaint form and explain to them why I was misold any of the policies attached to each loan. I had no paperwork at the time of calling. A week later I sent back the form and gave the reasons why
  2. Forget TV for ten days or buy a replacement! Our Freesat set top box (cost £209.99 March 12th 2015) started to malfunction I rang Argos under their extended warranty. They put me on to D&G who would fix it. After two and a half hours on the phone the best offer was to have the set top box couriered 200 miles and then fixed and couriered back. This would take ten days, they said. Meanwhile as a 77 year old partially disabled I can sit at home and stare at the walls. The next offer was to refund the price of the warranty (£59.99) so that I can buy a repl
  3. This is questionable, Some work coaches are saying the above whilst others claim they can use their own discretion , really that isn't what the DWP's official guidance says about EPS As someone who is very sceptical of the establishment & DWP Sounds like someone was in la la land or stoned maybe, or is there something more sinister at foot , why do this , to cause confusion for fun ? or are they testing the waters, to see how much opposition they meet, before they scrap eps , ? https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file
  4. I am mightily confused. I have been signing on for 12 months, at the start of my claim I signed a claimant commitment stating I will do X number of steps each week to find work, IE look in papers, ask family and friends, use UJM etc. I completed my job search online and always filled in my activity history on UJM, ensuring I recorded X number of steps as required in my claimant commitment. Part way through the year I was told not to use UJM instead I was given a paper template to fill that stated I must do 35 hours job search per week, this had a section to fill stating the tim
  5. Hi guys, I'll be ringing up the company tomorrow and Wanted to know what they are like dealing with ? Thanks
  6. I am hoping to purchase a new TV soon, looking online there are few companies like John Lewis and Richer Sounds offering a free 5 or 6 year guarantee instead of the standard manufacturers 12 month warranty. This seems to be to good to be true, what are the catches if any?
  7. Hello Friends, Skoda refused my claim saying that my car has run out of warranty. I made the claim on 25-April and my warranty was valid till 07-May but they said that since they can't get an appointment by 07-May, they refused. When I pressed they gave me an appointment for 03-May but I could not make it because I was not well. Then they gave me an appointment for 09-June but when I went to the service center on 09-June, there they refused saying that warranty has run out. Is that valid? I sent them a letter before action today. If they don't agree within 14 days, I plan to raise MC
  8. I bought a second hand TV on gumtree 6 months ago, the guy had bought extended warranty cover and it still had a year to run. Last week the TV broke down and in the small print it stated that the warranty should have been transferred into my name at the time. When I contacted the guy he said deal with it yourself "phone and pretend you're me" which I did. The warranty group have honoured the warranty and arranged for the TV to be picked up and repaired. Today I got a call saying the TV has been written off. Which means I can have a replacement or vouchers I think.
  9. I wanted to know what the new rules are with regards to withdrawing consent for the WP to share your info/contact people on your behalf/claim their fat payment for my hard work when I get a job .. as I am sure I read it had changed since last year, also coincidentally each time I attend a review meeting I get loads of spammy job/credit emails in the weeks after which seems a little timely!! Am getting increasingly fed up with the WP provider, by and large I have had a year of having to attend weekly job clubs with slow computers and the like but since I hit the year mark it seems to have
  10. Hi everyone was just looking for some advice I bought a new car a few weeks ago and took out extended warranty to start in 2018 I changed my mind and informed the dealer that I wished to cancel it 13 days after I paid for it they have now told me that it is non cancelable and I can't get a refund I am worried as it is a lot of money I spoke to consumer direct and they told me I have a 45 day cooling off period as I brought the extended warranty with the vehicle does anyone know if this is the case This is all very worrying it's nearly 600 p
  11. Hi, It's been a while, but I'm back in hope for some advice for my mum. My mum purchased a washing machine form John Lewis 2 years ago, with an offer of 2 yrs Warranty provided by John Lewis, and another 3 years provided by Siemens. She contacted Siemens (as she had to) specifically requesting a printed copy of the extended warranty. She reluctantly provided them with my email (as she was bullied by person on the phone), but specifically stated she wanted a copy in the post. Needless to say a copy was sent by email, which was I was not able to open, so she called again and r
  12. Hi new here so be gentle!! I took out a Loan in August 1999 with then Cedar Holdings over 180 months. This was later transferred to Black Horse. The Loan was secured on my home and I have never had a late payment or missed any payments. This weekend I remembered I was still paying the Loan and dug out the paperwork and with my minimal maths skills I worked out it should have finished last July. I have just got off the phone with Black Horse and although they tried to fob me off they were scrambling for an explanation. There explanation is that on our original docum
  13. I have searched online for help but not much to go by. My story: I bought a car from carcraft 3 years ago via hire purchase and they also sold me their drive happy extended warranty for 5 years, the period of the hire purchase . The warranty was on a second finance payment by their all in one finance. And I have been faithfully paying. I have had to make a couple of claims as the car kept having issues, which they repaired. So I decided to Voluntarily terminate the hire purchase, which went through smoothly. But Carcraft drive happy keeps taking payments. I
  14. Hello, I am looking to refer a complaint to the financial ombudsman as I believe the company I am complaining about have overlooked a couple of key points. Firstly, I would like to review all of the information myself. Therefore, I need to submit a subject access request. Is the company required, under the law, to provide me with recordings of my telephone calls plus their own notes on my file? Many thanks
  15. I was employed with a 6 month probationary period. 10 days after the expiration of this 6 month period, I was sent a letter to notify me that due to performance issues this period had been extended for a further 3 months. At the time I agreed to the extension and carried on with my job. One month later I was called to a meeting with my line manager and HR Manager and told that y probationary period had been unsuccessful and was asked to leave my position with immediate effect and they would pay me the one week notice period as outlined in my contract. As my probationary period had expi
  16. Does anyone know if comet extended warranties are being honoured? my 82 year old dad has a tv he paid £1000 for plus £300 for a 5 year warranty. tv has developed a fault and the aftercare number is now just a statement of comets closure. I cant find any other info or number to contact. Hate to think my dads gonna be £1300 outta pocket.
  17. Hi, I'm just hoping for a bit of advice. I live on a small unadopted lane, which has houses at both sides and a rectangle of common land in the middle with room for a few parked cars and to turn your car around (it isn't a through road). Recently one of our neighbours decided to 'extend' their drive onto the common land (not sure why), which wasn't really a problem even though I don't think they have the right to do this, but they've now taken to placing rocks across the entrance to this drive, making even harder for us to turn our cars around. I'm fuming, but I'm loathe to say so
  18. Hi guys & Gals Im not sure this is the right forum but here goes, I have HP Extended warranty on my laptop from last three years. My 20 months daughter was palying in living room me and wife we both were in kitchen; my daughter accidentely dropped it down while she was playing and it bonced its way to the bottom, After i picked it up and saw there is damage on right hand side and also where is my screen hooks it's come out from screen. I am not sure Here is the policy for my insurance and to what i can read and understand , Is that i should be covere
  19. Looking for a little advice. First post, but this has been playing on my mind for a few days. Story. Got a perm job through an agency. Not a bad number. Job was sold as accountant PLUS review and improvement duties. The team i joined, long standing small team been there for between 15 - 6 years. I am the first new person for all that time. One line manager. One Director. Director wants improvement, that why i was picked, he calls staff meeting to tell everyone. Line manager does not, and states that his way is perfect and i must not attempt to do what employed to d
  20. Firms that sell extended warranties such as Argos, Currys/PC World, Tesco and Richer Sounds, Domestic & General and Warranty Direct have launched a comparison website. They agreed to set up the site after an OFT study last year found limited competition. Although most extended warranties are generally thought to be a complete waste of money, if you want peace of mind, it may be worth comparing prices first. http://www.compareextendedwarranties.co.uk/
  21. Someone please help! I'm running into some major issues with my extended warranty from comet. I purchased a mac from comet before it went bust... i took out an extended warranty with them and i swear they said if i got it fixed via their warranty it would be carried out by Apple or an Apple approved servicer. I had it fixed via the warranty but it wasnt with an apple approved service, this has now voided the manufactures warranty. I have a recurring graphics problem and apple said if i went in again they would replace my whole machine as they cant pin point the problem. (ive had a new gr
  22. We have recently bought a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD Limited with 60,500 miles on the clock and full service history, some with the main dealer (1st 3 years). Although mechanically these vehicles are fairly sound as they have a Mercedes engine and a good transmission box, they tend to suffer from electrical/software failures which can be expensive. Warranty Wise seem to offer a good deal for the vehicle at £60 per month plus as long as have not claimed, you can cancel giving 30 days notice. My only concern is that your card is debited and no DD is raised. They ad
  23. Hi everyone, I recently bought a car from carcraft on finance, and I was mis-sold the extended guarantee ( I was told it was free, but on looking closely at the paperwork I've been charged). I want to cancel the guarantee, Im still in the time limit to do so, but to cancel it I have been told I need to go in and re-sign the finance documents. I really dont want to do this because I have really bad credit, and I'm afraid if I cancel my current agreement I might not be able to get finance again for the new agreement. Is it possible to be refunded a diffrent way, i.e. cash, cheque?
  24. I don't know whether I am in the right forum, apologies if not. I bought a Garmin Nuvi Satav from John Lewis and purchased their extended warranty for the 3 years. For some months before this ran out it was taking 10 minutes to turn on which was annoying but we coped as it still worked once it did turn on. I have mental health issues and find communication difficult due to extreme social anxiety and am registered disabled under mental health. Eventually though before the warranty expired I contacted the JL extended warranty company and they collected the SatNav to repair i
  25. Hello i brought a Beko washing machine on 05/10/2010 and decided to take out the Dixons mastercare extended 5 year warranty. Unsurprisingly the machine developed a fault on the 28th june. I called the hotline number and had to wait a week for an engineer to come out and "fix" the problem. He ran a cycle of tests and declared the machine good to use . After trying to do a wash after he had left it became apparent that the fault was still in tact, the engineer had in fact fixed nothing. Back on the phone and a week later a second engineer turns up, tells me he rep
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