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  1. Hi all, Just a bit of a background, I called Blackhorse on the 23rd December 2018 to check whether I had any PPI on loans that I took out many years ago. The first and most relevant was taken out in 1987 as I recently found out from them. They found I had three within 87 and 91. They didn’t indicate or tell me whether or not there was PPI on any of my agreements and instead sent out a complaint form and explain to them why I was misold any of the policies attached to each loan. I had no paperwork at the time of calling. A week later I sent back the form and gave the reasons why each were misold. Before doing this I called Blackhorse again and requested a copy each credit agreement agreement they hold on file which they said ok but still fill out the form and send it back which I did. 2 weeks after sending of the form, instead of receiving credit agreements, I was sent each loans running Statements from the opening payments right up until the last. 2 do not show an indication of PPI. But the largest and earliest loan clearly stated PPI £1637.11 included in a total amount of £15,387.78 to repay back. This is on the first page of the statement. Ive keep asking them to comfirm and they keep saying that there is a strong indication and a final response would be provided The Final response date I was given was 18th February. But I received a letter today stating they need at least another 8 weeks to fully respond to the complaint. It’s quite frustrating that they are not providing a final response. I understand there busy and that’s why they have such sufficient time provided to them under their regulations. The reason they have provided for this responses is that they are busy and it hasn’t gone to the relevant departments yet. It funny because I’ve spoken to 3 different people so far during the weeks that have gone by and they have each stated completely contradictory stages as to where the complaint currently is positioned. 2 weeks ago someone told me it’s half way, a week later someone said it’s not even been seen yet by the case handlers and now they have decided to extend for another 8 weeks. I don’t know what to believe. I’ve mentioned to them that I’m going through hardship at the moment as I’m now disabled and require funds for a needed private operation and the money would come in very handy at the right time. Is this common practice or is there something more to it? Would it be wise to take the complaint to the ombudsman? What’s the best thing to do going forward? Given that there is records of each loan, whats the hold up? Could they be passing liability onto someone else, and would have they not of done that already to address the matter ASAP? Any advice or experience anyone has with dealing with Blackhorse PPI dpt is very welcome and I look forward to receiving everyone’s responses on how to best get a reasonable response in a reasonable time. Thank you
  2. Forget TV for ten days or buy a replacement! Our Freesat set top box (cost £209.99 March 12th 2015) started to malfunction I rang Argos under their extended warranty. They put me on to D&G who would fix it. After two and a half hours on the phone the best offer was to have the set top box couriered 200 miles and then fixed and couriered back. This would take ten days, they said. Meanwhile as a 77 year old partially disabled I can sit at home and stare at the walls. The next offer was to refund the price of the warranty (£59.99) so that I can buy a replacement (estimated £200). That is the end of me with D&G and Argos.
  3. This is questionable, Some work coaches are saying the above whilst others claim they can use their own discretion , really that isn't what the DWP's official guidance says about EPS As someone who is very sceptical of the establishment & DWP Sounds like someone was in la la land or stoned maybe, or is there something more sinister at foot , why do this , to cause confusion for fun ? or are they testing the waters, to see how much opposition they meet, before they scrap eps , ? https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/470857/v4am47.pdf
  4. I am mightily confused. I have been signing on for 12 months, at the start of my claim I signed a claimant commitment stating I will do X number of steps each week to find work, IE look in papers, ask family and friends, use UJM etc. I completed my job search online and always filled in my activity history on UJM, ensuring I recorded X number of steps as required in my claimant commitment. Part way through the year I was told not to use UJM instead I was given a paper template to fill that stated I must do 35 hours job search per week, this had a section to fill stating the time each task took. Some time later I was issued with a pie chart diagram which showed different activities I could include in my 35 hour job search. Now I have been given another paper template form which states I have to apply for and record 10 vacancies jobs per week. What the heck as happened to my claimant commitment, no where in that did I agree to a 35 hour week job search nor did it state when I signed it that it was a requirement. Secondly, I would never agree to applying for X amount of vacancies per week , what if the only suitable vacancies are ones I have already applied for. And now they have just reissued me a new claimant commitment to sign which is basically same as my old one except they have added “ engage with the work program” Can they enforce this 10 job application rule and what is in place to prevent me from just jotting down bogus applications. Obviously I am fulfilling my claimant commitment still but as there is no actual way to record that activity any more am I even obligated to carry it out. From what I can gather the 35 hour per week is only a suggestion and not enforceable as long as client shows they have took reasonable steps they cannot be sanctioned but I cannot find any info at all regarding the 10 vacancies per week.
  5. Hi guys, I'll be ringing up the company tomorrow and Wanted to know what they are like dealing with ? Thanks
  6. I am hoping to purchase a new TV soon, looking online there are few companies like John Lewis and Richer Sounds offering a free 5 or 6 year guarantee instead of the standard manufacturers 12 month warranty. This seems to be to good to be true, what are the catches if any?
  7. Hello Friends, Skoda refused my claim saying that my car has run out of warranty. I made the claim on 25-April and my warranty was valid till 07-May but they said that since they can't get an appointment by 07-May, they refused. When I pressed they gave me an appointment for 03-May but I could not make it because I was not well. Then they gave me an appointment for 09-June but when I went to the service center on 09-June, there they refused saying that warranty has run out. Is that valid? I sent them a letter before action today. If they don't agree within 14 days, I plan to raise MCOL for £300.00. Can you guys please tell me if they are correct in refusing my claim.
  8. I bought a second hand TV on gumtree 6 months ago, the guy had bought extended warranty cover and it still had a year to run. Last week the TV broke down and in the small print it stated that the warranty should have been transferred into my name at the time. When I contacted the guy he said deal with it yourself "phone and pretend you're me" which I did. The warranty group have honoured the warranty and arranged for the TV to be picked up and repaired. Today I got a call saying the TV has been written off. Which means I can have a replacement or vouchers I think. So my question is this, if I ask for vouchers, will they come in the other guys name or gift card. My point is, I don't want to request vouchers or a gift card in someone else's name that is useless to me. Thanks
  9. I wanted to know what the new rules are with regards to withdrawing consent for the WP to share your info/contact people on your behalf/claim their fat payment for my hard work when I get a job .. as I am sure I read it had changed since last year, also coincidentally each time I attend a review meeting I get loads of spammy job/credit emails in the weeks after which seems a little timely!! Am getting increasingly fed up with the WP provider, by and large I have had a year of having to attend weekly job clubs with slow computers and the like but since I hit the year mark it seems to have ramped up big time, I have a good work history with good companies and a degree and the minute my latest advisor saw it his eyes lit up and I have been pestered left right and centre. I was upped to two job clubs a week and also appointments/training sessions/interview techniques etc on one or more additional days a week and it was getting silly and made me ill so I had two weeks off with stress symptoms. I then had more blinking appointments and changes to my job clubs and was told a few weeks back at 1pm on a Monday that I was to stay after job club that day for extra sessions looking into agencies and applying for more jobs for 2 hours each day that week (mysteriously my letter had 'got lost in the post' telling me this), I kicked up a bit of a stink as I am a single parent and said I had to pick my son up from school at 3 so those times were unsuitable, so with a bit of looking at bus timetables he relented to sessions from 1-2.30 each afternoon that week which was still pushing it as am reliant on public transport which is never the best, I attended the first and then had enough, got upset (I am on antidepressants and suffering severe anxiety at the moment relating to a thyroid condition I have just been diagnosed with) and I decided to get another doctors note for 2 weeks. During this two weeks I had a letter from them saying I had to come in during that time and I politely told him NO, the day my sick period ended there arrived a letter saying I had to attend a review appointment in 2 days time and I just knew he was going to mess me about, sure enough on the Friday afternoon at the appt he says I need to up my attendance to daily sessions of 4 hours, which means dropping my son at school, a 45 min bus journey there, then getting back in just enough time to pick him up, I protested that I had a PC at home and why did I need to do all this on their premises and he said I might 'get distracted' at home (as opposed to their noisy office of course!!), that I had appts to arrange and so on which were being neglected due to them calling me in all the time willy nilly saying they are mandatory and have to attend, and he said as I was a jobseeker I should jobseek during those hours, I have no prob doing this, my JSA agreement says 5 jobs a week and they say 10 which I do easily and have never not done, he is also pressurising me to do full time work/get a better off calculation for FT work, which my JSA flexibilities say I don't have to pursue due to being a lone parent, there is no mention of any beneficial training, and any suggestions for that or clothing for interviews have been shot down in flames, its just flaming jobsearching in their offices every day, presumably so I can't attend any interviews without them knowing and that I get fed up with the arrangement. Its not as if I am not trying to get a job, I have had about 6 interviews in the last few months but none successful, am really fed up with the situation with the WP and its making me feel worse, we are reviewing the situation tomorrow after my session and I know he is prob going to suggest the same again next week when I have 2 inset days at my sons school, I really just resent the fact that they think they can pressure me like this and assume I have no plans for the week or anything else to do, and then get a nice big payment for MY efforts at the end of it all so want to know what my rights are, unfortunately at the beginning I signed all their docs as I was being too blinking nice!! PS. Sorry this is a bit of a rant having looked at it, but felt good to vent!!
  10. Hi everyone was just looking for some advice I bought a new car a few weeks ago and took out extended warranty to start in 2018 I changed my mind and informed the dealer that I wished to cancel it 13 days after I paid for it they have now told me that it is non cancelable and I can't get a refund I am worried as it is a lot of money I spoke to consumer direct and they told me I have a 45 day cooling off period as I brought the extended warranty with the vehicle does anyone know if this is the case This is all very worrying it's nearly 600 pound I've chucked down the drain I'm not sure if this is the correct sub forum Thanks Richard
  11. Hi, It's been a while, but I'm back in hope for some advice for my mum. My mum purchased a washing machine form John Lewis 2 years ago, with an offer of 2 yrs Warranty provided by John Lewis, and another 3 years provided by Siemens. She contacted Siemens (as she had to) specifically requesting a printed copy of the extended warranty. She reluctantly provided them with my email (as she was bullied by person on the phone), but specifically stated she wanted a copy in the post. Needless to say a copy was sent by email, which was I was not able to open, so she called again and re-requested a postal copy. Whislt on the phone the operator pretended she was actually printing it from her desk (whilst my mum was on hold for many minutes on a help line, costing her money unessarily). The girl assured mum it was I also placed into the out postal tray, there and then! Mum mum didn't complain about this inappropriate behaviour, she just wanted a copy of the warranty. Needless to say, it never arrived, and it was duly forgotten an extende warranty was not provided. Roll on one year (last year), and I helped mum write a letter to Siemens chasing this warrantee. No reply, and once again it was forgotten about. Roll on to a month ago, a sales pitch arrived from John Lewis attempting to sell an extended waranty! So I helped mum write 2 formal complain letters to both John Lewis & Siemens. We asked john lewis to assist in contacting Siemens to get a copy of the warranty. No reply from Siemens, but basically john lewis have fobbed her off. They claim Siemens will not talk with them, (data protection!) advised my mum to contact Siemens (clearly they didn't read the complaints letter which provided full history of the attempts made), and completely dismissed any responsibility of helping provide a copy of this warranty. The letter also advised my mum to print it out from the email - she's in her 70's and specifically requested a postal version as she is not a silver surfer. I knew john lewis customer service had gone downhill, but I was not expecting such a dismissive response. My questions for help are in relation to how much responsibility have john lewis to assist in providing the warranty. Mum purchased the machine from them as it was part of the sale. Whilst I understand it is provided by Siemens, ( and all relevant information was provided as required) I believe as the retailer should john lewis help us a little more? Many thanks Me_too I forgot, all calls were recorded too, but seem irrelevant if Siemens do not respond.
  12. Hi new here so be gentle!! I took out a Loan in August 1999 with then Cedar Holdings over 180 months. This was later transferred to Black Horse. The Loan was secured on my home and I have never had a late payment or missed any payments. This weekend I remembered I was still paying the Loan and dug out the paperwork and with my minimal maths skills I worked out it should have finished last July. I have just got off the phone with Black Horse and although they tried to fob me off they were scrambling for an explanation. There explanation is that on our original documents we signed the forms agreeing to them being able to vary the term, but this agreement was with Cedar Holdings and I have the original paperwork and there is no mention of being able to extend the term only the interest rate. I explained that I had the original paperwork and this stopped them in there tracks. They then said that they had a letter signed by me in 2008 saying I had agreed to the change in term (I have not signed any form) They said the term had increased because of an interest rate change, which yes my payments went up from that date, but are they implying that they have back dated the rate back to 1999? even then it only works out 3 extra months and how would they be allowed to do that without my written consent. When I said I had not had any correspondence to that effect they again started mumbling. Now they are saying they can do it as it is in my terms and conditions. I explained that I am not happy and wanted a full explanation from them. they replied that the loan ended next month, but being the wag that I am I said yes but not if you decide to increase the term again!! Finally they asked what I wanted to happen to resolve this issue and they will call me back later today. This is where I need help. Have I got any basis to ask for compensation or are they entitled to at will alter my term without informing me.
  13. I have searched online for help but not much to go by. My story: I bought a car from carcraft 3 years ago via hire purchase and they also sold me their drive happy extended warranty for 5 years, the period of the hire purchase . The warranty was on a second finance payment by their all in one finance. And I have been faithfully paying. I have had to make a couple of claims as the car kept having issues, which they repaired. So I decided to Voluntarily terminate the hire purchase, which went through smoothly. But Carcraft drive happy keeps taking payments. I have contacted carcraft to cancel the extended warranty and issue a refund for the remaining unused time and they say it is uncancellable. I stated to the carcraft that I had checked the contract agreement and there was no indication that after the initial 30days the contract could not be cancelled if the vehicle was not in my possession. The rep said oh...it was in their booklet. but I never signed the booklet ...should this not be in the contract ...like every other contract out there. Even the hire purchase contract had clear termination clauses on the contract, why then could the carcraft warranty contract not have clear termination clauses, why did they have to hide it in the booklet ..a booklet which I was not even given when i signed up. the carcraft rep bfobbed me off , saying I have to pay for the warranty even though the car is not with me any longer . am seeking advice on how to get a refund on the remaining value of the warranty. I am ready to go to small claims court on this, but I need help on what legal argument I can state in my petition. Can anyone help please?
  14. Hello, I am looking to refer a complaint to the financial ombudsman as I believe the company I am complaining about have overlooked a couple of key points. Firstly, I would like to review all of the information myself. Therefore, I need to submit a subject access request. Is the company required, under the law, to provide me with recordings of my telephone calls plus their own notes on my file? Many thanks
  15. I was employed with a 6 month probationary period. 10 days after the expiration of this 6 month period, I was sent a letter to notify me that due to performance issues this period had been extended for a further 3 months. At the time I agreed to the extension and carried on with my job. One month later I was called to a meeting with my line manager and HR Manager and told that y probationary period had been unsuccessful and was asked to leave my position with immediate effect and they would pay me the one week notice period as outlined in my contract. As my probationary period had expired when they informed me that they were extending it, am I entitled to the month long notice period pay that is outlined in my contract as I had been with the company for more than the 27 weeks it states is needed for a 1 month notice period? I know that I agreed to the extension, but the letter I have notifying me of it is dated after the 6 months was up.
  16. Does anyone know if comet extended warranties are being honoured? my 82 year old dad has a tv he paid £1000 for plus £300 for a 5 year warranty. tv has developed a fault and the aftercare number is now just a statement of comets closure. I cant find any other info or number to contact. Hate to think my dads gonna be £1300 outta pocket.
  17. Hi, I'm just hoping for a bit of advice. I live on a small unadopted lane, which has houses at both sides and a rectangle of common land in the middle with room for a few parked cars and to turn your car around (it isn't a through road). Recently one of our neighbours decided to 'extend' their drive onto the common land (not sure why), which wasn't really a problem even though I don't think they have the right to do this, but they've now taken to placing rocks across the entrance to this drive, making even harder for us to turn our cars around. I'm fuming, but I'm loathe to say something, but I'm sure this must be illegal? If someone damaged their car whilst trying to turn it round, would our neighbours be liable as they're the ones who have placed the obstruction there? I know there is a lot to be said for looking where you are going, fortunately I know they're there, but the lane is very dark at night as there's only a couple of street lights. Being an unadopted road means I can't really involve the council. Any advice much appreciated Thanks
  18. Hi guys & Gals Im not sure this is the right forum but here goes, I have HP Extended warranty on my laptop from last three years. My 20 months daughter was palying in living room me and wife we both were in kitchen; my daughter accidentely dropped it down while she was playing and it bonced its way to the bottom, After i picked it up and saw there is damage on right hand side and also where is my screen hooks it's come out from screen. I am not sure Here is the policy for my insurance and to what i can read and understand , Is that i should be covered, I use my laptop every day for work and personal. I need laptop I am not in that situation buy a new laptop Limitations of Service: • Service does not include assistance that involves application programming, isolation of coding errors, performance consulting, the provision of peripheral drivers, or data recovery. • If a failure of the Product has already occurred at the time of Purchase of this Service, such failure will not be covered under Service. • HP does not provide support for Product to which unauthorized modifications have been made , or if Customer does not allow HP to make HP-requested or factory-specified changes. If HP determines that Service is made more difficult because of a non-qualified device connected to or installed in the Product, Customer must temporarily remove such device at Customer’s risk and expenses to allow HP to deliver Service. If Service is made more difficult because of such products, HP will charge Customer for the extra work at HP's standard service rates. • Unless otherwise specified in the Service description, Service does not include the provision, return or replacement, and installation by HP of consumables, user replaceable parts, batteries, and maintenance kits. • HP is not obliged to provide Service needed because of: (i) use of media, supplies and other products not approved by the manufacturer; (ii) inadequate site conditions or maintenance by Customer ; (iii) neglect, improper use, fire or water damage, electrical disturbances, transportation by Customer, work or modification by people other than HP personnel or authorized representatives, natural disasters or other causes beyond HP's control; or (iv) inability of non-HP products in Customer's environment to correctly process, provide or receive date data (i.e., representations for month, day, and year), and to properly exchange date data with the Product. • Customer’s failure to activate this Agreement and the Product to be supported within ten (10) days of the purchase of the Service may result in a delayed delivery of service. If anyone thinks they can help then please do, Thanks
  19. Looking for a little advice. First post, but this has been playing on my mind for a few days. Story. Got a perm job through an agency. Not a bad number. Job was sold as accountant PLUS review and improvement duties. The team i joined, long standing small team been there for between 15 - 6 years. I am the first new person for all that time. One line manager. One Director. Director wants improvement, that why i was picked, he calls staff meeting to tell everyone. Line manager does not, and states that his way is perfect and i must not attempt to do what employed to do. I am told i must never communicate with Director without first going through Line Manager. 6 weeks into job, friction within the team, expected but sorted. Now fully integrated. 12 week review for probation period, and line manger says that though i am doing the job, and now integrated, never late, always do what i am asked etc he felt that i didnt spent enough time with him. Though he also said that there is never enough time for him to spend with me. 6 weeks previously i asked for objectives so that i can make sure i meet his expectations, he refused. Bottom line. My line manager if very competitive, feels like he is never to be questioned etc. He finds me a threat, as the Director wanted me to improve the existing processes, on paper i am higher qualified etc, but i am always keen to learn. I feel that he wants me removed as he doesnt like the competition. The conflict stems from the Director and line manager, i am just stuck in the middle. I have started looking for another job. I will continue to remain fully functional in the organisation. I will not question, and will always do what is requested. He may change his mind and keep me on. Either way i cant stay and will make efforts to move as i am clearly not wanted by the line manager, i accept that. So here's my question. I have no legal rights. I know, i looked into it. Should i "formally" raise my concerns to the Director now, or wait until i am told they wont keep me on? Should i just shut it and suck it up? Should i "formally" complain after being told to go? I dont think the Director knows the line managers stance regarding the review, and i have my concerns about the line managers approach to many things including HR management and professionally. Once asked to leave, i have little reason to carry this on, but professionally i feel that the company is suffering because of the line managers approach. This is in direct conflict of the shareholders requirements. Any ideas?
  20. Firms that sell extended warranties such as Argos, Currys/PC World, Tesco and Richer Sounds, Domestic & General and Warranty Direct have launched a comparison website. They agreed to set up the site after an OFT study last year found limited competition. Although most extended warranties are generally thought to be a complete waste of money, if you want peace of mind, it may be worth comparing prices first. http://www.compareextendedwarranties.co.uk/
  21. Someone please help! I'm running into some major issues with my extended warranty from comet. I purchased a mac from comet before it went bust... i took out an extended warranty with them and i swear they said if i got it fixed via their warranty it would be carried out by Apple or an Apple approved servicer. I had it fixed via the warranty but it wasnt with an apple approved service, this has now voided the manufactures warranty. I have a recurring graphics problem and apple said if i went in again they would replace my whole machine as they cant pin point the problem. (ive had a new graphics card an logic board and everything) so i feel that no matter what they replace my whole machine is just buggered!!! Ive checked all the ins and outs of the warranty and i get where apple is coming from.... but is there any way i can prove the warranty i took out with comet specified it would be fixed by an approved apple service? now they've gone bust i cant get a hold of any warranty information or anything? I might be wrong as they might have used the same warranty company before and after their demise but am i right in thinking they have passed over this warranty to another company? and if they've passed it over to a company that have different terms and conditions should i have been informed? and do i have a right to claim the warranty company is at fault and get them to replace my faulty product? Its all a right fandango... If comet hadnt of gone bust this would be so simple.... now its all confusing! I'm thankful for any help i can get! thanks!
  22. We have recently bought a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD Limited with 60,500 miles on the clock and full service history, some with the main dealer (1st 3 years). Although mechanically these vehicles are fairly sound as they have a Mercedes engine and a good transmission box, they tend to suffer from electrical/software failures which can be expensive. Warranty Wise seem to offer a good deal for the vehicle at £60 per month plus as long as have not claimed, you can cancel giving 30 days notice. My only concern is that your card is debited and no DD is raised. They advise that in case of insufficient funds the payment is declined and no charges are incurred. We have never ever bought an extended warranty previously as we have always bought Toyota cars which in comparison have been fairly low tech and easy to repair. One could always put the £60 into a savings account, but if several months down the line you require a repair costing £500 you have a problem. Do you have an opinion on these extended car warranties? Thanks.
  23. Hi everyone, I recently bought a car from carcraft on finance, and I was mis-sold the extended guarantee ( I was told it was free, but on looking closely at the paperwork I've been charged). I want to cancel the guarantee, Im still in the time limit to do so, but to cancel it I have been told I need to go in and re-sign the finance documents. I really dont want to do this because I have really bad credit, and I'm afraid if I cancel my current agreement I might not be able to get finance again for the new agreement. Is it possible to be refunded a diffrent way, i.e. cash, cheque?
  24. I don't know whether I am in the right forum, apologies if not. I bought a Garmin Nuvi Satav from John Lewis and purchased their extended warranty for the 3 years. For some months before this ran out it was taking 10 minutes to turn on which was annoying but we coped as it still worked once it did turn on. I have mental health issues and find communication difficult due to extreme social anxiety and am registered disabled under mental health. Eventually though before the warranty expired I contacted the JL extended warranty company and they collected the SatNav to repair it. It came back but though it would turn on straight away so the original fault seemed fixed, it turned itself off every couple of minutes which rendered it useless if someone else wasn't in the car to reset it as obviously the driver can't do it. It went back again, and again came back with the same fault. It went back a 3rd time and they considered replacing it but decided to repair it. Unfortunately when it was returned I was extremely unwell and didn't leave the house and so it was over a month before I was able to try it out and it still has the same fault repeatedly turning off every few minutes rendering it useless. So from the moment I sent it off with a fault, it has never worked and in fact is in a worse state than when I sent it off originally as at least once the 10 minutes start up time was over it worked ok. I have contacted the extended warranty company and they say too much time has elapsed and they won't now repair it. The extended warranty then appears to have been useless and it has not worked since I sent it off originally the first time. Do I have any rights, or because I left it so long before checking the 3rd repair was successful, have I lost all those rights? I can't afford a new one so this is my only hope. What a waste of money that £39 extended warranty was!
  25. Hello i brought a Beko washing machine on 05/10/2010 and decided to take out the Dixons mastercare extended 5 year warranty. Unsurprisingly the machine developed a fault on the 28th june. I called the hotline number and had to wait a week for an engineer to come out and "fix" the problem. He ran a cycle of tests and declared the machine good to use . After trying to do a wash after he had left it became apparent that the fault was still in tact, the engineer had in fact fixed nothing. Back on the phone and a week later a second engineer turns up, tells me he replaced the pump and didn't know why the first engineer hadn't already done this as it was an obvious problem. Off up the road he goes we try to do another wash and this time a different fault has developed, the machine starts it's cycle, fills up with water and then stops! .. ...back on the phone again to take another date for engineer number three who after another five days makes a complete no show!... ..back on the phone again, this time to be told that due to a system "error" our appointment has been cancelled and that the next one available is five days away which currently leaves us (still) three and a half weeks with a washing machine that is still not guaranteed to be repaired .. ...at my wits end and the family can't wash their clothes completely hopeless experience from this company and endless fobbing off from their condescending /patronising customer service, never again, do yourself a favor and avoid it too it's cheaper and less grief to buy a new washer!
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