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  1. I have three current credit cards with smallish balances would I benefit by paying these off? the defaults are 3 years old (would this still impact massively)
  2. Whats the best thing to do to improve the score?
  3. Hi all I am desperately trying to improve my score. I have defaults with HSBC, Natwest, Vodafone and o2. I have a sum of money and wondered what my chances are of getting full and final settlements with these lenders?
  4. response from Leasing company As per the contract that you signed when you took the vehicle, you agree to reimburse us for all fines and penalty charge notices incurred during the lease, along with the added cost of the £35 administration fee, If you do not pay the invoice you are in breach of your contract and will be treated as such, It is irrelevant that the fine has been paid, you do not own the vehicle and therefore get no say in how the fine is dealt with, it is at the owners discretion how a fine is dealt with, We also have no say in a how
  5. They have not got any money from me - I just received an invoice from them saying they had paid the parking charge and added a £35.00 admin fee
  6. 4. Depending on the Local Authority or Private Parking Operator, the Lessor shall either pay the fine or parking charge notice and re-charge the Lessee or shall advise the Local Authority or Private Parking Operator that the Vehicle is on lease to the Lessee so that it can deal with the Lessee direct on the matter
  7. Is there anything I can do - or is it dead in the water as it has been paid. We are also been charged £35 admin fee from lease company paid pcn.pdf
  8. Hi I lease my car and I have just received a letter from the lease company saying they have paid a PCN that was issued on 5th November for parking in a supermarket car park. I was not notified by a ticket on my car so did not have the opportunity to appeal this. However, the lease company think I can still appeal this and wondered if someone could offer any guidance on this? Thanks
  9. I will need to check. Honestly though the car was in top condition for a 13 plate. We looked after it.
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