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  1. I will need to check. Honestly though the car was in top condition for a 13 plate. We looked after it.
  2. an example Bumper front scratch refinish £110.00 x 3 Wing left hand dent repair and refinish £138.00 x 3 Surely they should have allowed us to put this right before they picked it up?
  3. Hi We had a car for 4 years with VW - the lease ended in March 2018 - they collected the car in September 2018. We have today been presented with a bill for £1368 from a solicitor (Blake Morgan) acting on behalf of VW - they have listed to damages and the cost but it is outrageous - any ideas how this can be challenged?
  4. Hi I have been paying off a debt to them for some time and I want to find out what the outstanding balance is? It was a CCJ
  5. Hi does anyone have a contact number for these. I tried all ends to find one online? TIA
  6. I lodged a complaint against the solicitors and they admitted that an error had been made but nothing serious. This however is not the case and I therefore sent it to the Legal Ombudsman. I have contacted them again today so am awaiting their response
  7. I suppose in my mind I do but not sure how it would stand. I dont think i have anything to lose to try though
  8. im not really sure where to go with this. They clearly did not take on board my complaint.
  9. They were aware that I had moved as I had informed them by telephone - all correspondence since then has been by email.
  10. Hi I have now found out who this is from. It is a firm of solicitors. They were acting in my divorce but made a catalogue of errors and I had to go see another solicitor to rectify this. I wrote to the solicitors outlining my complaint and they responded saying they are not prepared to do anything about it. Is there anywhere I can go with this. It is from 2013.
  11. Hi I spoke to Northampton today and they could not discuss this with me and asked me to email (which I have done). She did say however, there is no address or contact details for the claimant? The plot thickens..... My credit file has nothing on there that matches the amount of the judgement? I will update as soon as I hear from them.
  12. Hi I have just received a change to my credit file alert and when I checked it is a CCJ added by County Court business centre. I do not know who has issued it it just says the amount. It was served at an address I moved from 18 months ago. Can I get this set aside and find out who has issued this? thanks
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