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  1. Hello, I was completing a credit check after being refused to get a specific type of finance and to my horror I found out I had been issued a CCJ on the 2/10/18. After ringing Northampton they informed me that the CCJ was issued over a parking ticket issued on the 30/01/17 by JD parking. correspondence to do with this had been sent to a previous address, and even when I was living at this address at the time of the alleged incident I never received any letters about receiving a parking ticket. Now the location that this occurred was at my friends flat where he has a parking permit that was in my car at the time. I have received the evidence from JD parking's solicitors and there are a few reasons why I think their evidence is not credible, firstly the photo of the windscreen is not a full photo and has clearly been taken to omit the parking permit from the photo, the timestamps on the photos have also clearly been manipulated and added after they were taken - the timestamps state it is 22:45 yet in the photo you can tell it is the middle of the day, not that the time makes a difference to being allow to park there it just shows they are not credible. (if anyone wishes to see the photos I am more than happy to share them). I am on the electoral role and I pay council tax and many other utility bills so I feel like they have not even tried to find me in my absence of a reply and just let it all happen. I know I need to fill out a N244 form but I need help to make sure I complete all the sections correctly and that I have a strong chance of being awarded with it being set aside My hopes is that I can get the money for the N244 for back from either JD parking or their solicitor and also having their claim thrown out for being absolutely false. After reading the guide on this site I should also contact JD parking and ask for their consent to set aside? this seems bizarre because they are surely going to say no? I am looking to be applying for a mortgage in the next few years and fear that this will seriously affect my chances of being successful, so thank you for all and any help. This is a template letter I am going to email to JD Parking to get their consent to set aside the default judgement. "Dear JD Parking, Reference: Claim xxxxxxxxx JD Parking v xxxxxxxx Your Reference: parking ticket ref from POC I have recently become aware of a County Court Judgment in Default obtained by yourselves/your client on 2nd October 2018 for an alleged private parking charge from 30/01/2014 for Vehicle Registration xxxx xxx. I am writing to request JD Parking/your client consent to set-aside the Judgement. I am currently drafting my formal application to the court to request the judgement be set-aside pursuant to CPR 13.3 for the following reasons; 1) According to your Particulars of Claim in the case the alleged incident took place on 30/01/2017. At this time, DVLA records would show that the vehicle xxxx xxx, was registered at my current address, with myself as the registered keeper. 2) I have never received any communication from JD Parking and was entirely unaware of any Private Parking Charge being made against my vehicle until finding the CCJ registered against me when checking my credit file, and obtaining copies of the original claim and judgement document from the court. 3) After reviewing the evidence received from your solicitor it is clear that I should not have been issued with a private parking charge, I had a permit to park where I did but that was blatantly omitted from the photo taken of my car parked in the bay. The time stamps have also been manipulated and added on after the photos were taken, there is no seconds displayed and the time stamps state it to be 22:45 which is clearly wrong as it is broad day light outside, this proves your evidence is not credible enough to have served me with this private parking charge. According to publicly available information my circumstances are far from being unique. The industry’s persistent failure to use correct and current addresses results is an unnecessary burden for individuals and the justice system across the country. This is a topical issue: I note that the Justice Minister The Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP announced on the 23rd December 2016 a consultation and information campaign to help protect consumers from debt claims. The consultation will look at ways to; better protect consumers who are sent mail to inaccurate addresses and verify addresses again before a claim is sent. The Minister added that In the digital age, we must ensure companies pursuing unpaid debts make every reasonable effort to contact individuals, rather than simply relying on a letter to an old address. I therefore request you/your client consents to set-aside the judgement and provides me with all documentation / information relating to the original parking charge so that I may consider my position. Had I received the original charge it is likely it would have been settled immediately. You will be aware that this application without consent will cost a £255 court fee. As it is your/your clients failure to take reasonable care that any letters and the subsequent court claim were issued to the correct address I will be asking the court to order you/your client pay the costs of the application along with any further costs allowed by the court. I look forward to hearing from you/your client within 7 days after which time I shall be submitting my application to the courts. Yours sincerely xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  2. Hi, I was hoping if someone could give me some advice in best way of tackling the damage to my property caused by my local council this morning. :-x:-x I came home this evening to see my rear gate in the garden which leads on to the access road at the back of the house broken, as well as brick wall knocked down. It appears this morning around 11am one of those caged type vehicles operated by the council was collecting rubbish along the road. From the CCTV footage I have (link below) the vehicle stops outside my back gate, as it drives away the gate at the back of the vehicle swings open, hits my gate taking it clean off it hinges and taking a wall down with it and damaging my neighbours garage and fence. Someone witnessed the incident and took the registration details of the vehicle and it does seem it's from my local council. What is the best way of approaching this, as it's going to cost a lot of money to put right and I don't see why I have to pay for this though my home insurance knowing full well what and who caused the damage.I will be making a formal complaint to the council tomorrow and have also reported this to the police. Can I issue a council with a 7 days notice to repair the damage or go to small claims court. I can't leave it like this for to long as my house is not secure and anyone can walk in through the back even through I have temporarily fixed the problem. Any advise will be greatly appreciated, particularly what you would do in my situation. https://ibb.co/b5vmuz https://ibb.co/d98T7K https://ibb.co/ivPPge Link to video below. https://vimeo.com/user89721934/review/290783305/28eaa7e079 Thanks
  3. Hi there, I have just been advised my car costs more than it is worth to fix. In my agreement with AF it states i can terminate, or do a repossession: I signed a higher purchase agreement with Advantage Finance 2 years ago on a 48 month term. In my agreement it states that i have multiple options: 1. Early repayment 2. Termination of Rights: "you have the right to end this agreement. To do so you must write to the person you make payments to. They will then be entitled to the return of the Goods and to half the total amount payable under this agreement. That is £XXX (amount here, which i have paid with no exception). If you have paid at least this amount plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonable care of the Goods, you will not have to pay anymore" I have taken reasonable care of the Goods, but wear and tear has taken its toll 3. Re Possession - Your Rights: "If you do not keep to your side of the agreement, but you have paid at least one third of the total under this agreement which is £XXXX (which i have without exception) we may not take back the Goods against your wishes unless we get a court order. If we do take your goods without a court order or your agreement , you have the right to get back any money you have paid under this agreement" Can you please assist me as to: 1. If i choose to terminate my rights in option 2 how is "taken reasonable care" defined? the car still starts and could be repaired! Is this a viable option 2. Or should i just go with option 3 Repossession? Would i notify the borrower that i was stopping payments as it does not advise how i would do this. Would this affect my credit score Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hello, I got a PCN from CPS Midlands Ltd, I looked and they are not registered with the BPA (British Parking Association) and they also not registered with the IPC (International Parking Committee). I checked through their members today (17th of July 2018). I paid £2 initially for parking and got a machine error and the machine did not accept any more change. And it does not accept cards either. I then paid £5 and got my parking ticket which I displayed on my dashboard. There were two machines at their premises with the same tariff sign next to each. One of their machines were inaccessible as it was fenced off by a building company, hence I used their other machine. I wrote a complaint to them by signed for post, but they wrote back to me requesting my full details including full name, phone, and e-mail. I believe I do not owe them anything and I believe they are trying to scare me into paying. This was an interesting read: www parkingcowboys . co . uk / independent-parking-committee, how they can even allow a non-independent investigation (IPC). I read on other forums, I read that IPC does not seem to be a fair association, rejecting all appeals, hence probably they don't want to be transparent www knowyourparkingrights org / News / faq The following link is also interesting www appealaparkingticket . co . uk / cps-midlands-ltd. But in my case, I am not only totally innocent but I overpaid their parking fees by 40% due to their machine error and this company charged £25 for help so they are not for me. If anyone knows more about "manage parking on private land knowyourparkingrights . org / News / faq If anyone knows what I am entitled to obtain from CPS Midland Ldt legally and what legal phrases to use to finally get them off my back, please help. Thanks. Newmosses seem to have a good success rate. Best K
  5. Good afternoon I need some advice on who is responsible for getting my car repaired please. I have a Skoda Yeti on personal contract hire. My car suffered some minor damage to the o/s/r door at the beginning of May and at the time there was no other apparent damage. The car was collected by DLG Autos Orpington on Tue 22 May and returned on the morning of Sat 26 May. The next time I drove the car was on Tue 29 May when I drove to work when I noticed that that, apart from a small deep scratch on the driver's door that there was a knocking noise coming from the front of the car, I was about 2 miles from my house at this time. The knocking noise become louder and faster as the car got faster but abated when I took my foot off the accelerator I turned around as soon as possible and took the car to the Skoda dealership. I told them the issue and history of the RTA. The dealership believe that the problem lies within the gearbox where 'something' has been forced or bent and has come loose, maybe chassis misalignment but so far are unwilling to carry out any further tests if the fault is due to the RTA, also I believe trying to shift emphasis/cause on to the n/s/f tyre that I had changed at the beginning of the month. DLG Autos are unwilling to accept that the fault was caused by them as there is no other apparent damage to the car. Well it came back with it and another scratch and a broken door guard so what else did they do to it? My insurers Direct Line have upheld DLG Autos explanation and have closed the complaint (less the scratch that they will sort). I need to know please who has responsibility for diagnosing the fault and repairing it? The car had a full service, carried out by Skoda, in back end of April and was running as smooth as anything before DLG got hold of it. Thank you very much
  6. Where do I stand Hello I am desperate for some help. My car was taken to a garage in May 2016. Although at first there were problems getting parts, I paid a £500 deposit to get it done. I have been pushing this garage to get my car done as have messages from the garage owner saying that it will be ready July, August, December just pushing the goal posts further and further. Because its the headgasket the car was not moveable. I have been in constant communication with them for nearly 2 years. Finally I arranged for the car to be picked up as I could not see them getting the work done and since this time the garage owner has sold the garage and open a car sales shop. I hired a company to collect my car. The car has been dented in all panels, parts are missing, pipes cut off he has trashed it. Although he no longer owns the garage can I make a personal claim against him? He does own another business selling car. I cannot loose out on a £7500 car. I am livid. I entitled to take him to court? I have extensive evidence of him promising to have the car ready in certain months.
  7. Hi, i used to work for a company and when I left i was deducted £750 for "training", this was stated in the contract. I tried to fight it at that time, as I was not given any specific training other than by other members of staff. I should of taken it further at that point but due to health issues I was not in the right place to fight it. Today I was sent a link by someone pointing out that the same company has now lost a tribunal for exactly the same reasons and the company was forced to repay the with held money. the data with in the tribunal is widely available on the internet, the company love throwing law suites around but on the day of the tribunal the director that was due to attend was "ill" any advice please.
  8. Vodafone mis-sold me contracts on my account and have refused to cancel them as requested. This has been going on since June last year, even the Ombudsman didn't seem to see where I was coming from legally, but agreed Vodafone had made errors in handling my account and complaint and there was a shortfall in service. The Ombudsman also told me about an invalid charge on the account (which Vodafone have not admitted to me) and a voicemail I was apparently left regarding a credit to the account they were making, but neither has appeared and reduced the balance I'm being asked to pay. If a company don't tell you they are changing their contracts, but mislead them on the phone and make them believe their payments won't change, without mentioning increases in charges and a new 24 month contract, is that not illegal? I've quoted the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Practises as I believe they've carried out an unfair practise: Misleading practices – a practice misleads through the information it contains, or its deceptive presentation, and causes, or is likely to cause, the average consumer to take a different transactional decision specifically; general misleading information, creating confusion with competitors’ products or failing to honour commitments made in a code of conduct. They never sent me the promised email detailing the upcoming changes I should expect, which I believe is in violation of the Consumer Contracts Regulations. I also believe they broke their terms and conditions by not correctly informing me of the changes that would take place. Breaking any of these regulations/terms would give me the right to request the contracts be cancelled without penalties. I contacted Vodafone 3 times before I received a response, from June to November. Nick Jefferys was no use and ignored my legal points when I emailed him. I requested a copy of the call that took place in June but Vodafone ignored my requests, which resulted in a complaint to the ICO, who agreed that Vodafone had breached it. Does anyone have knowledge of where I stand legally please? My head's a mess over it all now, any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Found a charge of £15.99 on my phone bill, after looking into it I now know that I have be paying this monthly charge for the last 4 years. This was due to some router thing that uses mobile phone data from its own sim. I had been sold it over the phone but can only think I cancelled it at the end of the call or called back the same day to cancel this as I realised it was of no use. Well I now know the device was never sent as the phone company have told me it was sent and then returned 2 days later and on my account it says cancelled and returned. I know I didnt recieve it because I have now looked up the device and have never set eyes on this before, not even a pic on the net. It may have just been dispatched and then they had to retrieve it from courier or whatever. All I know is that I never entered into a contract. But I still have this ongoing charge. Once I understood all of this and explained this to them, they have offered me £200 good will. I refused the offer and have requested a full refund. Now they are looking into it and coming back to me tomorrow. Am I likely to get all my money back, am I legally entitled to my money back? What can I do if they dont offer me a full refund? They told me that because its been so long they cant offer a full refund. Also told me its my fault for not checking my bill. Also have been told that there is no more info as to if I have received the item or if its been returned so its not proof. They also want me to put in a claim for it being fraud but they cant tell me why??? So confusing. Would love some help with this. Thanks in advance to anyone offering some help as to how I should approach this one!
  10. Hi The company I work for went into administration last week. They ran their own sites and managed some on behalf of another company. The following day we were contacted by one of my (now ex) bosses who said that the company that owned the business at my site wanted to keep it running and would we continue to work. I, and the manager of a second site, agreed on condition that 1) we were paid weekly, and 2) money owed from last month was paid promptly this week (optimistic I know). Since then we have continued to work, but payment has not been made as agreed. We have had no contact with the owners (apart from a couple of calls from the ex boss who was trying to help us keep going to save jobs), no contact with the owners of the company we did work for and we have been left to deal with suppliers etc. The business owners are (I believe) solvent but are based overseas, having no office/support staff in this country. I suspect that the second site has now closed due to not being paid, and I think I will have to tell my staff to finish now as well. Has this last week been a complete waste of our time, given that we have no contract with this company and have not even spoken to anyone from the company?
  11. Hi I've been paying halifax, cap1 and marble a minimum monthly payment via DCAs for quite a few years now. Ideally I would love clear these, be debt free and have a useful credit rating at some point. I have some original lender and DCA correspondence but not the original contracts. Are the debts now owned by the DCAs and therefore have nothing to do with the original lenders anymore? Are SARs a good starting point and a useful thing to have? Regarding the above will the SAR go to the original lender or DCA? Never considered it until now but can I still do a PPI claim if it's owned by a DCA? Thanks
  12. Hi CAG, There is a known hardware fault amongst Apple and the Apple community in relation to my Apple MacBook Pro model (Mid 2010) whereby a hardware panic during the dynamic graphics card switching causes the MacBook to crash. I got in touch with Apple Support who advised that my MacBook is now considered as "Vintage" and so replacement parts are no longer manufactured, nor am I able to send it to Apple for repair. This fault has been reported to Apple many times from other owners, but I have never received contact from Apple to recall my laptop or advise me that there is a certain time period to receive a repair until it is deemed "Vintage". I am now left with a faulty laptop that constantly crashes, unfit for purpose and looses my work if I haven't pressed save before the laptop decides to crash. So, the only option for me now is to replace the laptop. During my call with Apple Support I asked if they are able to replace the laptop or even discount a new laptop to offset my faulty one. They advised that I need to visit an Apple Store and raise it with them there. I do not have any stores close to me, so before I decide to make the journey to one, would anyone able to offer advice as to where I stand with a replacement be it at a discount?
  13. Hi Just looking for some advice on below, if anyone can help? I have just recently received the below from appealing to POPLA, I still have the ticket with £2.70 printed on the ticket, the ticket only displays the arrival time, there was parking tariffs on the sign but believed that this would pro rata, ie additional 70p, would more than cover the additional 28mins over the £2 for 2 hours. The operator has provided me with photographic evidence of the appellant’s vehicle entering the Dovecot Street Car Park at 13:27 and exited at 15:55 for a stay totalling 2 hours and 28 minutes. The operator has provided a system print out, which shows that the appellant purchased a two hours parking time at 13:29. The operator has provided photographs of the signage that is located at the site. The signage states that “Parking Tariffs Apply …Failure to comply with the terms & conditions will result in a Parking Charge of £100”. The appellant states that he paid £2.70 and purchased a ticket. He states that there were two parking tariffs available to him, one tariff was two hours for £2 and the next option was four hours for £3. He states that as he paid £2.70 he is entitled to more than two hours. However, by the appellant’s own admission, he has acknowledged that the two tariffs available to him were two hours for £2 and four hours for £3. The appellant does not have the option to pay alternate prices in order to receive altered parking time. Therefore, paying £2.70 would allow him to park at the site for two hours. Furthermore, the signage at the site states that “You can purchase additional time (if required) at the payment machines or by phone before leaving”. The appellant had the option to purchase additional time once his parking ticket had expired. On this occasion, the appellant has failed to comply with the terms and conditions. As such, I can conclude that the parking charge was issued correctly. Just doesn't seem fair to me?
  14. I've actually put the whole question in the title. I am repaying a debt which went to court mediation and I signed a Tomlin agreement. Over a year later the DCA sold it to another DCA. For about a year the new DCA accepted my payments but are now writing/ attempting to phone/ wanting me to phone them, and saying there is not an agreement in place. I have written a letter of complaint, and am waiting their reply. But what is the LEGAL situation of my Tomlin agreement and the new DCA? Thank you
  15. I don't know if this is the correct place to post. I have a linked detached house and it isn't in the best of repair. We had very high winds last week and some of the concrete pointing fell out (the wood on the fascias has rotted) onto my neighbours drive, luckily her car wasn't there but she has said if her car had have been damaged she would sue me. Can she do that? I haven't the money for new fascia but have had a roofer round to make it safe. I just wanted to know for future reference. Also my fence was blown down nearly so it is leaning but not blown over. She has told me I need to get it fixed immediately as she cannot weed her garden . Again does anyone know where I stand legally. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  16. back in march some 1 clipped the wing mirror on my van on a country road, they barely touched, there was no marks or anything, the woman tried to blame me (even though i was stationary) i rang my insurance company, told them what happened just in case the woman rang trying to pass the blame, nothing ever came from it and no claims were ever made. renewed my insurance last month, had a call at the weekend from my insurance company saying there is going to be an increase of £900 because i havent declared a claim, i said i havent ever claimed, they said theres a claim on the motor insurance database, so i contacted old insurance, asked them to remove the claim marker and send me a letter to state there was no claim. couple hours later i get an email with a letter attached, the letter worded.. "contact with regards to your request to remove a claim. We cannot remove this as it is a notification of an accident that happened. It is a non-fault claim and for notification purpose only, if you would like to discuss this futher please contact us" where do i stand with this, the only reason i rang and told them is the fact the woman who clipped my vehcile was trying to blame me, i informed them just to cover my own back, never claimed anything, nor did the woman, no excess has been paid or anything like that!!! it seems like an absolute joke, surely this cant be for real????
  17. Hello, Probably as most of the people here I feel like I've been heavily fined for minor offence. As mentioned in the Title I'd been issued a PCN for 'Parking on a restricted bus stop/stand'. The most important question for me now is whether I should pay full amount (£154) or take it to the court. I don't know if I have the case here and whether it is worth risking for that kind of money. Also the way I dealt with it up to now was probably not too good and on top of it I'm not British which makes it even more difficult for me to understand all these legal procedures. here is the story: 1. On 02/04/2015, 22:15 at Doncaster airport I stopped in the bus bay. It's located just outside the fenced carpark but apparently is still within airport premises. I guess it might have been ca.30s and to be honest I don't remember why I stopped. As I had a kid with me and just picked up my parents from the airport it might have been some safety issue (not fastened seatbelts) or just simply to set the sat nav. I'm not from the area and didn't exactly know which way to go meaning I had to stop somewhere and that bay seemed to be the safest place there. 2. I received a PCN on 20/05/2015 with a £60 discounted rate. 3. I appealed (in my own way, not too professional and legal manner - unfortunately I confirmed in my letter that I did stop in that bay and tried to explain the circumstances.) and obviously it was rejected on 06/06/2015 having found no extenuating circumstances. Still could have paid £60 but decided to appeal to IAS as suggested in the letter. 4. I went to IAS webpage but there was no option suitable to my case so I just left it. 5. I've received a letter on 13/04/2016 from VCS that the case had been moved to legal department: BW Legal and should pay the outstanding balance (£154) or it will be taken to Court They threaten me with CCJ, affecting my credit score and employability. Any suggestions welcomed. Personally I'm leaning towards paying the penalty and getting it off my head. £154 is not a fortune.
  18. Hello all, I stumbled across this useful site and now here I am asking for some advice if possible. Our daughter was at a nursery for just over two years, it was okay but we never really loved it. A new nursery opened which we really liked the look of and after a tour decided we would move our daughter. My wife emailed the current nursery manager on the 29th Feb asking for a copy of the terns and conditions, specifically with regards to giving notice. The manager emailed back a very short paragraph stating: The notice period is 2 full months from the 1st of the month.’ She did not send or mention the terms and conditions as requested. Because it was the the first the next day, we emailed the notice that very next day. Because her email stated two full months from the 1st with no mention of including the 1st. We also gave a written copy of the same email when my daughter attended on the 2nd, which was a Tuesday. She only attended Tues and Weds. The manager saw my wife the next day on the Weds and asked her into a room to discuss why we were removing our daughter. We kept it polite and said it was just for a change etc. There was no mention of the notice period. A week or so later the manager spoke to my wife again and stated that the notice had been received on the 2nd of the month, and it needed to be a full month. My wife stated she sent the email on the first as per her response to the request for a copy of terms and conditions. She resent it at their request. Our daughters last day came and went which was the 31st March (she only goes two days). We then get an invoice for the extra month which they have then used our advance payment to clear. There was no prior warning of this. My wife emailed asking why and was told it was because we did not give 2 full months as per the terms and conditions. We explained that they were not provided to us when requested and we simply acted on the email sent form the managed when we requested them. We have now sent to letters of complaint requesting our advance fee back. They are refusing to and have also stated that we did not fill out a leaving form. Although there was no mention of this form after we gave notice or in the discussions my wife had after. The ironic thing is that on there last response they enclosed a copy of the terms and conditions we signed two years ago along with a request to remove my child from nursery. Completely useless now our daughter has left. They also state that notice should be in writing as email is unreliable, which is kind of comical as they send emails out every day stating what illnesses are doing the rounds and other important updates. So there you go, we feel aggrieved because we feel we are being penalised for acting on the information they gave us. - they never supplied us with terms and conditions as requested - they never gave warning they would not be retuning our advance fee - They never gave us or mentioned a cancellation form until after we had removed our daughter - They had several opportunities to discuss it with my wife face to face but never mentioned any issues until after leaving So we are at the stage where we need to decide if we send a letter before action etc. Any thoughts on where we might stand? Thanks in advance
  19. Long time lurker here. I own a BMW 1 series - 2007 model. Hello All, I've got a question with regards to my car and its repairs. Basically, what happened earlier this week was I drove my car to the mechanics for him to run a full diagnostics and see whether there were any problems as the yellow light on the dashboard came on, immediately I drove it to the garage to solve the problem. The mechanic ran a full diagnostics on the car and said my chain is showing signs of wear and tear which will need to be replaced. He also mentioned that I would need an exhaust vanos solenoid (which I purchased the part from a BMW dealership on my own accord). The mechanic said to me that the job will cost £900, I mentioned to him thats out of my price range and I said to him that I will take my car back home as I'm not willing to pay that. He then thought I would take it to someone else and quoted me £650 to complete the full job to change the chain, we both agreed and he started work on the car. The next day, which was a Tuesday. I came out of work early to check on the status of the job and the mechanic just assured me that the job will be done soon and to be patient, they took the car apart and he said once they're done they'll put everything back together and he will call me, it could be later this evening. I called him up on Wednesday and he just said the same thing. On Thursday, three days later to when I took it to him. I came into the garage and sat down waiting there for a few hours with no word on my car, I noticed everything was put together inside the bonnet and the owner of the garage mentioned to me, the car was starting 30 mins before you came but now its not starting so we'll check if its a problem with the battery. I had my suspicions that something was up and they were aware of it as I was sitting there for a long time but they did not want to tell me. Just before closing time on the same day, they tried to start the vehicle to no avail. The owner of the place started mentioning to the mechanic, are you sure you put everything back together properly. Naturally, the mechanic was there defending himself. The owner of the garage then said to me, sorry mate your engine has gone, I was stood there in complete shock especially since I came into the garage with it working fine. I was really annoyed and mentioned to him what would he do about it, he backtracked a bit as he noticed I overheard his conversation where he was saying his mechanic didn't put it back together properly and he goes we're not 100% it was his fault and as its late we'll double check tomorrow. I went back to the garage yesterday and he changed his tune completely. Straight away I got the impression, he was trying to cover his tracks and he goes I've got bad news for you, you'll have to pay £1400 to fix this job. He tried to get technical and confuse me but in turn he was actually confusing himself as he seems a very bad liar. I told him I refuse to pay the £1400 and I'll only pay the £650 in which I agreed. After he disagree and told me to look for a part on Ebay so he could do the job for £1400. I said that is not my job. Before I left, I asked him one question in which he dodged by changing the conversation, I said - I drove into the garage and the engine was working fine, if there was a problem with the engine before I came to the garage when you ran the full diagnostics at the beginning wouldn't that have picked it up? He just left me and went to serve another customer, totally ignoring me which made me feel so small. I've been so worried at how the whole situation has occurred, one issue has become a much bigger problem. Has anyone faced this problem and could you please provide your advice even if you haven't, I would really appreciate it. Sorry for the long post, I just feel hard done by. Many Thanks JW
  20. We live in a detached bungalow the next property which is another bungalow is after a private drive, so we are not on top of each other. The person that owns this bungalow seems a constant complainer, we keep ourselves to ourselves, have the occasional bonfire haste to say probably 3 times a year last year admittedly it was quite warm and he shouted out from his garden (to be honest I didnt know who was shouting or where it was coming from as we are not that close and both have 6ft garden fences and as I said there is a long private drive in between our properties. My hubby has a chain saw as we collect wood for our log burner he goes out in the garden about twice a week for a couple of hours and uses his chain saw to cut up the wood. My husband went out today at around 11am to use the chain saw we got a knock on the door from this neighbour to ask my husband to stop the noise its too loud, I said he has been out there less than an hour, he said I want him to stop we want to sit in our conservatory and watch the TV with piece and quite, I said last year when you were using your electric saw to cut your wood we did not complain, he said you couldn't hear me, I said how do I know you were using an electric saw if I did not hear you. My hubby stopped chain sawing after an hour and n half today and will not be out there again until probably middle of next week. He has told me he is going to complain we have a parish council. Not sure if he is going to complain to them or the council. Where do we stand and are we allowed to use the chain saw a couple of times a week for a couple of hours.
  21. Hi. I bought an ex-display bath from a local bathroom shop a few years ago because i knew i needed one soon and as it was ex-display it was a fraction of the price of a new one. It was sold as seen and it looked fine. I've had it in my garage for over two years now that i've come to install it i've noticed that it has started to go yellow. It should be white. The retailer says that it was sold as seen and as an ex-display bath it isn't covered by the long guarantee that a new bath comes with. He says that the bath has been on display in the shop for years as well as it being in my garage for a further two years and it isn't reasonable for him to guarantee it under those circumstances. I admit that i was attracted by the price as i got the bath and the taps for less than i would have paid for just the taps at full price. And i knew it was ex-display when i bought it but i didn't expect the colour to yellow and i'm disgusted at the retailer's stance. I am very frustrated and would gratefully welcome any advice that is available please.
  22. Hello, Been following your forum on Wonga loans and wondering if any had any advice? My PDLs started back in 2011 and I have been reliant on them ever since. I have only used 1 lender wonga, during the years taken out over 50 loans. Only occasional during the years having a few months when not applied. A lot of loans taken were straight after repaying a previous, otherwise I couldn't of survived the month. ..and a few times were I couldn't afford to repay on time I rolled them over. I was surprised everytime I was acceptes as unfortunately my credit rating is in a terrible way. (Which I am hoping to try and sort) Surely 50 loans over this amount of time is irresponsible? Or I am wrong? Many thanks for any advice Oh and not a refund of loans lol....just on interest I repayed
  23. Hi All, first post so please bare with me. we bought a Palram shed from an Amazon seller around 3 months ago. We set the shed up which was a painful task in itself, and where reasonably pleased with it although I did note that the plastic sides where somewhat flimsy and thin. Search Palram shed on Amazon 8ft x 6ft to see the product if needs be. Now in Preston where I live at the weekend we had very high winds and stormy conditions. Which shock horror, caused the shed to collapse! The whole thing came in on itself and the metal frame was contorted and bent. Wont let me post images as I'm new, but think bent twisted metal supports etc. I entered into a dissuasion with the supplier about where to go next... see below for transcript:- Good afternoon, could you please advise re the below issue with the shed I purchased, via Amazon: Order reference: ................. The shed was assembled shortly after delivery by my partner and an experienced tradesman. The shed was placed against a wall to the rear and the right hand side of the shed had ample support and shelter. Anchor bolts where also bought and placed into the shed as instructed. Yet during Moderate winds today in Preston (28mph, gusts up to 49mph), the shed has totally collapsed. Panels had come out, the roof and supports have lifted and the metal cross bars and supports have contorted and bent. This shed was assembled with the utmost care and accuracy according to the instructions provided, yet this has still occurred. I most admit upon construction I did note that the side panels of the sheds did see flimsy, but when constructed the shed did seemed sturdier than anticipated, yet this has still occurred. I am greatly dismayed by this, and after spending a large amount of money on this product I would expect it to be able to stand up to the elements? Could you please advise on the next course of action and what assistance you could provide in this matter. I eagerly await your response. Kind Regards, **** The Response was "Hi **** very sorry there is a problem, please could you send us some pictures of the damage please? Best regards Phil." Reply Hi Phil, Thank you for the timely response in this matter, it is much appreciated. Please see images attached of damage to the structure of the shed. Upon discovering the problem, panels of the shed had been blown from their fixings and the shed had basically collapsed and the whole structure had shifted from its base. We had very little time to try to remedy the problem prior to it becoming dark. To prevent any further damage or any risk to health and safety the shed was taken down. Due to the damaged pieces it is highly unlikely the shed will be able to be re-erected in its current state, and even still without these problems this is a less than enviable task. Thank you for your assistance, Kind regards, Reply was:- Hi **** thanks for the pics we are in Blackpool so do know that it has been windy. Could we replace all the damaged parts for it to be rebuilt? Best regards Phil. To which we said:- "Hi Phil, Thank you the kind offer to replace the parts. The shed is in such a state of disarry, it would be very hard to reassemble with replacement parts, it would mean further dismantling large parts of the shed to reassemble it. Whilst replacement parts would allow us, with some difficulty, to rebuild the shed, this would offer us no guarantee we would not get another repeat of this situation when adverse weather is repeated. This occurence worries me greatly and leads me to believe the shed is not fit for the purpose. When purchased through Amazon the listing advised the shed comes with a ten year warranty, for this to happen within three months gives me no confidence in this product for the years to come. Ideally, I would like a refund on this product and I can gladly organise a return of the product to yourself if based in Blackpool. Kind Regards," And then we heard nothing for a couple of days and received this message today:- "Hi ****, I spoken with Palram and they have said it is very rare for a shed to collapse due to the wind. We have sold 1000`s of the sheds and it has only happened a couple of times. Palram will not issue a refund due to storm damage but will replace all the damaged parts. Best regards Phil." this is where I stand as of now, I'm just looking for any advice or guidance as to where to go from here. What do you guys think? I'm remiss to just say yes send me the parts as reassembly will be a total nightmare. They have admitted that whilst rare it does happen the sheds blow down, thus not being 'fit for purpose' correct, no mater how rare the occurrence. Thanks in advance for any help ;-)
  24. Hello all, Hoping someone can give me some advice to let me know what my options are, and whether or not this company is being unreasonable. Thanks in advance. I received a notice of enforcement from Collectica for a outstanding fine for TV License. My own silly fault that I did not pay it but to be honest it wasn't something I could afford. It says I owe money to HM Courts and Tribunals service which I assume is serious. Is this the type of debt that allows the enforcement office to let themselves in to my home? It says I have until tomorrow to pay or make an arrangement, which I have tried to do but they want the whole amount (£415) in full today. I explained that, that was impossible. I'm a single mum with a 1yr old going through financial difficulties and was told the minimum I could pay is £25 a week. Again, that would be impossible in my current situation. I called back and asked for it to be put in writing that £25 a week was the only amount they were prepared to accept and was given a stern no. I asked him to repeat the offer so I could record him saying it after I was told I could get a recording but would have to pay for it. I'm not sure what I would do with the recording anyway but thought it wouldn't be any harm to have it. I have spoken to two people both rude and unhelpful and both stating paying in full or a minimum of £100 a month is my only option. He said it is not means tested so they cannot do an I&E with me and because the fine is so old (Dec 2014) that is the best offer I will get. If anyone has any advice, information I can take back to them to get a better offer in place, or something that can hold them off from coming round and kicking down the door that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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