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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I got promoted last Oct to new position and reporting to senior vise president (SVP) of the company, he retired in Feb, and when new SVP came in he told me he doesn't have a role for me...after being uncertain of what is going to happen to me, I was told by HR and SVP that I have to go back to the department I was promoted from and report to a manager who is lot lower in the company structure. no salary cut and a very small change in my job description.. I was very upset and unhappy about this and felt completely embarrassed and to me it feels like demotion. when I went to HR and asked if I can do another job for a while till I get my head around it..and whether there is another option i was told. i have no choice but to report to this guy... this has made me very depress and i cannot simply cope with this. do i have a case to ask for redundancy? is it legal what they have done to me?? thank you for the help
  2. Hi All I'm due to have my yearly review shortly and I have been pre warned by a senior manager, although not my direct report, that it may not go well and that I may possibly be forced into a demotion and that this may be due to perceived performance problems. Can they legally take this course of action, should they not at least offer some sort of improvement plan? I must state that this is all theory an conjecture at the moment, I've heard nothing from my managers, and why this manager has warned me isn't entirely clear.. Many thanks in advance..
  3. Hi there My husband was informed yesterday that it is to be demoted from a position as a supervisor that he has held for 7 years, due to restructuring of the department and that they will be employing a manager. He was told not to apply for this "new" position as he would not be considered. The new position has an increased work load. His salary will stay the same but his car "band" will decrease though this is part of his remuneration package. When he asked - " What if I decide not to take this job?" the reply was "You could always go for redundancy, which we will fight in court as the job offered is of a similar role." It has also been discussed within meeting prior to Friday and my husband had been informed that something was happening by a collegue, not his manager or HR. What are his rights he has been employed by them for over 23 years, this demotion through no fault of his or the standard of work will be acutely embarrassing and stressful. Thank you in advance SFx
  4. I have worked for my current company over 10 years and have been a successful manager for over 8. 10 months ago my unit ceased trading due to rental contract renewal issues. I transferred to another unit as manager to run that for it's final 3 months (same rental contract renewal issue) and then moved to another unit in a different town. I unfortunately suffered a stress related mental breakdown and was signed off work with depression after attempting suicide. When I was well enough to return to work I felt I was still not strong enough mentally to return to work as a manager so requested that I might take a voluntary demotion to deputy manager at a different unit for the sake of my health. This was agreed verbally and in my letter to personnel I explicitly stated that I was requesting a demotion from manager to deputy manager. Fast forward 2 months and I have just been informed that there is no room for a 2nd deputy manager at the unit I am at, and that my position is actually a shift manager. 6 months previously at this unit there were 2 deputy managers and I was introduced to all the staff & management team as the new deputy manager but I have yet to receive a new contract. There is no difference in basic pay, but there is a large difference in potential bonus. If I decide to move on from this company, my CV will look awful having the drop from manager to shift manager, the drop to deputy manager will look bad enough. So my question is, is the verbal agreement worth the paper it was written on? can they refuse to honour it and not give me the position of deputy manager?
  5. Hi. I was wondering if someone could please help me. I have been demoted as a result of a disciplinary meeting for usingmy position as a manager to influence a member of staff to do something. I am currently awaiting my appeal. The accusations are utterly untrue and the member of staff is known for lying to protect themselves. I can prove all of this and they have broken so many procedures regarding my disciplinary but I have states that the demotion was harsh as a punishment. Demotion is mentioned in the handbook as a possible outcome but there is no information it just says demotion is possible that's it. They demoted me immediately to 2 pay grades lower resulting in my wages being halved and loss of all superiority. I am still waiting on my new contract 3 weeks later. Can they just terminate my management conteact like that with no notice and half my wage? Seems very harsh. Thank you in advance for any help.
  6. I wonder if someone can offer me some advice. I have been having problems with a new manager for quite a while. He won't share any information even if it is vital to performing my role. All decisions appear to be taken during a 2pm coffee meeting which is only attended by "friends". Myself/my team find out from others that decisions have been made retrospectively. I find this extremely frustrating as I am used to input/influence. All of my team are complaining that nothing is done fairly anymore. I have tried speaking to my manager but he just carries on with the same behaviour. Now I have been given some documents that are public knowledge off the internal websites showing a change to the team structure. I currently have a small team of circa 8 people reporting directly into myself. The new structure shows all of my managerial responsibilities being removed and a very flat structure. There are hierarchy documents, job descriptions, project allocations and development schemes. The documents are published not draft so it is obviously finalised. My manager now knows I am aware of the documents but all he is interested in is getting the person who shared them with me. My job title is going to change, it will no longer contain the word manager and all of the people who did report into me are now deemed to be my peers. Some of them only have 3 years experience and no qualifications (I have 2 relevant professional qualifications and +20 years experience). I feel totally humiliated. My team knew about the changes before I did and everyone has been talking about it behind my back. At my last review I was marked as high performing so there are no performance issues. I know I can't do anything about the job title change or removing my managerial responsibilities as they are going to continue to pay me the same salary. My biggest concern is my manager has expressed on 3 different occasions that he doesn't think I have the skill set to perform the role they are going to create for me. I am in the process of going through the grievance process but my main issue at this point is I obviously can't trust him and I fear he is setting me up for failure to dismiss me at some point in the future. Getting over the humiliation is going to be a big issue for me as I pride myself in doing a very good job. Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can force my manager to provide adequate training/support to ensure I can perform the new role. HR haven't told me about the changes so I don't really feel that I can trust them either.
  7. Hello im looking for advice on demotion at work heres my story i work for a well known painting firm in england for 23 years continuously they work to the working rule agreement construction ive been a foreman for the last 8 years which comes with extra allowance per week paid as foremans money ive been told the company are stopping this with 1 weeks notice and thats that is this right. Also im told they want to change all our night shifts and overtime allowances to single time instead of our time and half or double time can they do this many thanks
  8. I have worked for my company for 12 years.4 years ago I was promoted to team leader.4 months ago I was moved into retail from chiller doing same job.today I was given 2 weeks notice for demotion as they no longer need the post I work at,this means taking a cut in pay.I was offered redundancy if this was unacceptable to me to 'save face'.I was never given a review and have been told only my job as team leader is being demoted non of the others are.can they do this and do I have any rights as I cannot go back to the position I held before as I have been replaced.please help.
  9. Hi, Im hoping someone may be able to help me out with a bit of advice, im currently an assistant manager in the retail industry, it is a large retailer across the UK and Europe. Im finding myself demoted with 3 days notice and the reason for this demotion is that the Store manager above me is under performing and will be being demoted into my current role, as a knock on effect of this i am required to also take a demotion, losing my manager status and my monthly salary. The short story is that my manager is under performing and will be being demoted into my role, therefore i am required to demote myself and return to an hourly paid role on the shop floor. The only alternative i have been given is to transfer to another branch ( very inconvenient ) and continue my role there. Any ideas where i stand with this would be greatly appreciated, stressing out here !!!
  10. I have been with my employer for 3 years. I was promoted by my line manager 9 months ago to a new postion, and in a time of restructure within the company. Last week I returned to work from Holiday to be suspended due to an allergation of falsification of documents a work. I was so angry but kept my calm throughout and went to the meetings and hearing. At the hearing I was cleared of the allergation, but however they feel thatI have struggled in the role as I have had lack of training, saying I should have asked for more. They had decided therefore to demote me and reduce pay accordingly to provide me time to retrain and then possibly reapply in the future. There has been no mention of performance in my hearing letter just the allagation of mis-conduct that was cleared. In every reveiw I have had at work I have had postive feedback and never been told my performance in lacking, far from it. I admit there is a lack of knowledge in certain areas but I have been asking for help , but not given any. I was told I should have been beating down doors when I raised that point at the meeting! I have been working 70 to 80 hours a week due to lack of staff and being in a business for the 4 weeks before my holiday and I was offered no support in this time. It was during this time that the mistake was made. I have a new line manager who I have 'history' with and I feel she has instigated all this as she wants me out. I love my job, but I feel I ,ay have to leave, but I do want to clear my name first. Can they demote me for performance without warning, reviews etc etc? I would add that every single performance measure we have is positive and I am not lacking begind. I was simply told it was training and behaviours that have caused the demotion, but when asked could not define any. I was not prepared to defend my performace at the hearing as I was lead to beleive it was for misconduct, he simply said he could see I was struggling and this was his reason. I wish I had stopped the meeting, but I was in shock. I am about to put in an appeal, but this line manager is the appeal officer. I want to get my arguements right and to know on what grounds I can appeal. Thanks in advance M
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