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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, Im just after some advice…. I am currently in a IVA and when it was accepted allowances were made for my car payment to black horse. To cut a long story short, things have changed rapidly and my income has stayed the same, well it’s actually due to go down and my expenditure is going to rise. This means that I can no longer afford the vehicle that the allowance was made for. Im ok with that, My dad is going to gift me an old car to be able to run, and on completing my income and expenditure form, if I get rid of the current PCP vehicle then I can still afford to
  2. Hi everyone. I was wondering if I might get a few pointers in regard to a tenancy agreement that we had with a previous landlord. Three months into the agreement the landlord started texting daily asking for the rent. he was quite abusive in these texts, swearing and threatening to call at the property to get the keys unless payment was made immediately. The payment from housing benefits had been adjusted and we were waiting for it to be sorted. He has now actually had the backrent that was due. We were a bit concerned for our safety if I'm honest and told hi
  3. Hi there, I am hoping to get some advice. I purchased a car using finance from Barclays Partner Finance at the middle of last year. At the start of this year I was expecting a bonus from work and stupidly overspent over the festive period. T he bonus didn't materialise until the end of March and I missed 2 payments as I had to juggle my finances and at the time, the car payments seemed the lower priority. In March I was sent a letter which said I needed to clear the arrears within 14 days or they would issue a default notice. This took me quite nicely up to pay day when
  4. Hope you can advise! Daughter (21) has car on PCP finance with VW finance, paid for 18 months so still has 30 months left. She is going to Australia to work but we dont know what to do with the car. We're not in a position to take over payments an run the car, ideally we want to give it back. We know we might be liable for outstanding debt. Any advice will be welcome. Thanks. PS Its all in her name, we're just helping sort it out as parents!
  5. Simon Weston has called Jeremy Corbyn's Falklands plan "repugnant surrender" Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by veteran Simon Weston of "repugnant surrender" to Argentina for suggesting it should be given the right to jointly govern the Falklands Mr Corbyn, who opposed the invasion, said that there has to be a move towards "real peace" and that Britain must open a "dialogue" with Argentina over the future of the islands. He said that under the arrangement the Falklands could retain their British nationality while a joint administration is put in place. The comments were severely cri
  6. Hello. First post, hope this is the right section. Our landlord wants to sell the property and since we don't have a break clause (we moved in 3 months ago for a 2-year lease), we as tenants agreed on breaking the contract under the conditions: 3 months of free rent and moving out in Apr. Now the next step is to sign the deed of surrender and, since I'm new to this kind of paperwork, I'm seeking for an opinion on the clauses in the agreement. DEED OF SURRENDER Agreement 1. The Tenant hereby surrenders to the Landlord the Tenancy Agreement and the property on
  7. Hi everyone! Sorry if this has been asked time and time again. I can't seem to make sense of what I am liable for. I took out a HP agreement with a company called Moneyway through CarCraft in 2012. I needed the car for a new job which would easily enable me to pay for the car. Long story short, i think two payments were made on time and then I slipped into arrears of around 3 months due to the change of employer and lower training wage. I spoke with Moneyway on occasion about getting back on track and they wouldn't agree to the timeframe i was asking for to get back on top with
  8. Hello, I signed up for a 16 years commercial least on August 2011 with rent reviews every 5 years and paid 20000 to landlord as premium and now due to the downturn and competiton in off license I am not doing well as expected and I have asked my landlord the option to surrender the lease he asked me to find a new teanant so that I can be realeased. I am trying to find people but no one wants to come in even i said there is no premium. I explained the circumstances to my landlord and he says its not his concern as I am in lease. I always pay his rent and now a days sometime its getting dela
  9. Hi All I signed up as I have a question regarding my attempt to surrender my tenancy after 4 months of signing a renewal. I have personal reasons for wanting to leave which do not effect the problem I have. It is a genuine reason I have been at the property for over two years (this is my third renewal). I would rather keep the reason to myself as I do not want to be identified just incase the letting agent may read these forums. I understand that a surrender is a mutual agreement between landlord and tenant to release me from the tenancy agreement. I fully understand I am liable for
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