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  1. Thanks Andy He wrote a letter in his name confirming that he would pay back the money in monthly installments. He wrote this in an email with the company email address. However, he wrote it on Oct 7. We now know that he had started the ball rolling re voluntary liquidation on Oct 4. Also, a meeting of creditors was held on Oct 21 and a notice was put in the gazette on Oct 11 confirming the date of the meeting. So, I'm wondering if this would act as a personal guarantee i.e. he made that promise of installments knowing full well that the installments would occur after his company had gone
  2. Thanks Dx Sorry, I probably should have done that. I've just spoken to the guy from the firm who is liquidating the company. Before I said anything much at all, he described the Director of the company as 'a complete scallywag' and 'a despicable human being.' He said he has rarely come across anyone who he dislikes so much. Not much of a help but at least it means they are not particulary sympathetic to the company! He told me his hands were tied to an extent but that I should send him some of the pertinent correspondence so that he can send me a form. The
  3. Hi I posted at the end of last week. We are (at least were) about to put in an N1 Small Claims form re money owed to us by a rogue builder. We had already put in an ojection to Companies House on Oct 20 re a compulsory strike off. This had been accepted. Just whilst having a final look at the records on CH before getting the form off today, I noticed that the firm's address had changed - as of Fri. Also records for today show that the firm has put in an Extraordinary Resolution to wind up and have appointed a voluntary liquidator. These are my questions: 1. I thought that th
  4. Andy That's excellent. Thanks so much for your help. Such a relief to find somewhere to double check things - doesn't matter how carefully you read things, it always feels better to ask, particularly when you're dealing with something new to you. I won't bore you with the details but this is month 11 of a very stressful dispute with a builder. Firm has left our house in chaos. Not sure it's any consolation to discover that other people up and down the country are also after him for similar problems! Thanks again.
  5. Much appreciated. I thought that was probably the case but then I read something in a guide that confused me. Cheers.
  6. Hi We are currently in dispute with a builder. We have taken all appropriate pre-court action steps and are now at the point of submitting an N1 form to kick off a claim. Could someone tell me if any supporting evidence is supposed to be enclosed with this claim form? Or will this be requested later? We have quite a file of letters and expert reports and we are not sure at what point these come into play. Also, (maybe a silly question but I want to do this right). If there is not enough form for the particulars of the claim in the space provided,
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