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  1. Loved the area, we were actually looking at moving up there. Invermorris if you know it?
  2. Thank you for your reply I agree with what they say, obviously if the boot was on the other foot etc. Its just the fact that it happened and i really wasn't at fault, I put the nozzle all the way in etc as I've done thousands of times, maybe it was just one of them things. Thank you for the technical bits on the response, Ive no idea about that, my knowledge is now updated! If there's nothing that can be done, i will have to take it on the chin, but i just don't feel it was my fault, and yet im to reap the consequences lol.
  3. Hi all, I apologise from the outset if this is in the wrong forum, but if it is not, Great! Im looking for help! The reason being is the following story. on April 4th (I think it was) I was at the Fort William Morrisons Petrol station. Me and my wife were doing a bit of a child free holiday and touring the Highlands (Beautiful place). We had popped in and decided as a supermarket its the best and cheapest place to fill the tank before heading south again. I pulled up, held the nozzle as per I have done thousands of times and continued in my quest to fill the tank up w
  4. Rang again today and they are saying that I owe half the agreement if I VS and and the same figure if I VT. I asked about my settlement being nearly 29k and if they get 24k at auction I should only owe 5k, they said no that’s not how it works and they will still want payments up to 50% of the total igreement price including interest (38k) Obviously I’m only 1 year into a 4 year agreement so I’m not sure if a VT or VS makes much financial difference the only difference being on my credit rating. (Although I could be wrong) (Approx figures on scenarios below) So they have sa
  5. That’s what Black horse said on the phone. Also that figure plus my next monthly payment (if I was to make it) would equal the halfway amount that is of course including the payments I’ve already made.
  6. Right.... In the Termination:- Your rights It says, I have the right to end the agreement and return the goods. They will be entitled to half the total amount payable under this agreement that is £19,103.81. So I'm guessing the figure i need to put is £19,103.81 - £4554.60 (already paid) = £14,549.21. However, On a voluntary surrender BH are saying the figure is £14,093.75 I really don't get this...... How is a Voluntary Termination better if its going to cost more? Im sorry to be a pain and appear thick, but i really don't get it.
  7. How do I work out the section 100 figure? Is it the same as the one they give you to surrender?
  8. No they haven't sent me a default notice, as ive been keeping up payments. It was on a PCP so all going well (as many years previous) i have just swapped at the end of the agreement so never had to pay the whole amount. So to me it wasn't 38k but only a monthly charge of 455. I know this still seems a lot but there is no MOT and its warranted etc and ive had previous HP for 10K costing £200pm and ive had to pay all that out myself so this (and to drive something quite nice) was a good option (at the time)
  9. so i van still VT even though they have sent me the: Notice is served under section 76(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 agreement letter? I would put a picture up but i don't know how, sorry oh and how do i work the amounts out to fill in the blanks? Sorry to be a pain.
  10. Hi all, Im just after some advice…. I am currently in a IVA and when it was accepted allowances were made for my car payment to black horse. To cut a long story short, things have changed rapidly and my income has stayed the same, well it’s actually due to go down and my expenditure is going to rise. This means that I can no longer afford the vehicle that the allowance was made for. Im ok with that, My dad is going to gift me an old car to be able to run, and on completing my income and expenditure form, if I get rid of the current PCP vehicle then I can still afford to
  11. I don’t suppose there is any template letters and advice on the amount I should be offering them? Also, what address should I use? The ones on my credit report or the ones for contact on there website? Thanks again
  12. What would your advice be? I have rang and spoke to 3 creditors today, and they basically don’t want to know. They have just said, that if a payment is late or goes to default then they will instruct a collection agency
  13. Hi all, I spoke to a IVA company and all they wanted to do was massively pressure me into a IVA, im assuming they work on commission? Ive rang Citizens Advice, but am waiting to hear back for a appointment. If anyone has any thing else to add, please help
  14. Hiya, I left the Army back in 2002. I know a bit about the changes, we’ll say a bit.... I know I’m on the old scheme which for myself is a lot better. I was medically discharged and received compensation back when I left, but my condition deteriorated about 5 years ago I got some more compensation but I also appealed the decision on the advice of my doctors and went to a Tribunal. I won the tribunal and a war pension was granted at £53pw and a monthly payment of £305. I also have a disability in my arm that I had in a accident at work and get a lifetime i
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