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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all just want some feedback with regards to where I stand, I purchased my car in October 2016 from a reputable car supermarket. The car had 103k miles on it at the time and I purchased it for £7000. I took finance through a company and have had the car for 26 months now. I have 10 payments left before car is mine. Today I wanted to go car shopping and thought I would go and have a look at a few cars and see what price I would get for mine. I visited a garage and they began to put a valuation onto my car after doing so the guy came back to me and said sorr
  2. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472472-Please-help.-work-mileage-tax-rebate-Missold-a-service&p=4977504#post4977504 can i ask whats happened with you and this company as they have done me over too and are threatening court
  3. Hello all, I am currently having problems with the website in the title of this thread. (All one word). Being under the impression that they were in fact part of the HMRC, I requested a work mileage rebate form from them, filled it out, signed and returned it. I then received a call very recently to request some further info regarding my application. In essence they wanted to confirm my employer, my address and they also requested copies of my mileage forms. Immediately after this call I did some further research in to this website, as something didn't feel right.
  4. Last Autumn I sold my car no problem with that, But just noticed a for sale ad on Ebay for the engine ( ok so he's breaking it) but it states the engine mileage is 120000 and clocks working. Now at the time of selling the mileometer had stopped at about 198000 several months earlier and I am sure I put about another 9-10000 miles on, whilst the engine was good it had clocked over 200000 miles, Should I make any mention of this or is it now not my concern?
  5. Hi, my wife is 28 months into a 36 month PCP agreement with Ford. The car is becoming unaffordable for her and has contacted the finance company to discuss VT. they have said she can as she has paid in excess of 50% but are stating excess mileage charges will apply. because she was sold this car with 6000 miles allowed which was never suitable, she has gone over that and would owe around £550 in mileage. if VT'ing the car is this amount still payable? ford are telling her it is. there are mixed views over the internet.
  6. 2 weeks ago bought car from Copart. Car was advertised as having 70K miles on clock, picture of odometer reading shown etc. After purchase VOSA database showed last years mileage reading as 132K miles. Contacted Copart - usual bull** as we are not responsible, we deny anything, we dont check mileage etc. One of call centre staff actually informed that they had MOT on file and Copart DID see mileage discrepancy but chose not to advise buyers of this. Any ideas?
  7. I Sent my car back on VT and received a bill for excess mileage, however it is not clear in my contract if I pay the charge as it says in termination your rights if you have paid half the value of the agreement and the car condition is acceptable the answer is yes and yes. I have heard that the phrase in termination my rights quote "you will have nothing else to pay". Does anybody have dealings with this I have started proceedings with the Onbudsman but heard this is probably not the best way. I have heard of people getting the charge removed and invoices being cancell
  8. Hello, I bought a Volkswagen Golf (63 plate) in January for £14,500 cash, since buying it, it has suffered five misfires, three of which have occurred in the past three weeks, the first two of those three I was told it had been "fixed" and it's currently in the garage again being "looked at". The trouble is, this has left the car incredibly untrustworthy and it's reliability questionable at best. The last two misfires occurred in the first 9 miles of a journey to work, not exactly a lengthy journey. Volkswagen are prepared to offer me a new car "at cost", but will only give me p
  9. apologies if this is long-winded. Basically I have a hunch my vehicle has clocked mileage, there are some tell-tale signs like the wear on steering wheel. the vehicle came from Southern Ireland, so would possibly have had KM clocks, but now has mileage clocks and is in the UK, the UK MOT certificates show corresponding mileage to what the vehicle now has. I don't know if the vehicle came to the UK privately, or with a dealer of some form importing the vehicle/first MOTing vehicle. the vehicle was written off in the UK and I bought as a damaged repairable from a salvage site
  10. Hello, I need some advice please, I need to know if I have grounds to reject a new used car bought from a trader.. I bought a used car from a trader 4 days ago and this was advertised as having 44,000 mileage. After bringing the car home I noticed that it said 21,000 miles on the odometer. As soon as I noticed this I phoned the trader to ask about this and he said that the odometer had been changed which reset the mileage to zero and this is why it shows 21,000 (I phoned the manufacturer and they confirmed this). There's 5 other things that are wrong with the car which are cosm
  11. Does anyone out there have any detailed information on the definitions of Business against Private mileage in a company car? I am at loggerheads with my employers with regards to the 'within a 5-mile radius of a permanent or temporary place of employment' ruling by the HMRC. Any information or pointers would be gratefully accepted, thanks in advance.
  12. Dear members In the last few years, I had been receiving excellent service from MINI, unfortunately, I have received poor customer service. I noticed that my mileage allowance per year was very low (sadly, I did agree with it on day of making HIRE Purchase agreement) Back in April (I have been accumulating charges that I will need to pay unless I purchase the car at the end), an advisor called Liam told me that I should pay £20 in order to receive a mileage quotation. He told me that I would receive the quotation after 5 working days. I made the payment. After more than
  13. Hi all, New to the forum, and I was looking for some opinions. I recently purchased a car from a specialist dealer, and part-exchanged my previous car. When I first contacted him, I was on business in America and we discussed the part-exchange over email. The only information he asked for was the registration number and mileage. I asked my wife to email me the mileage, and I passed it across to him. He gave me a part-ex value, and told me that he would be passing it on to another dealer. Upon my return, I drove up to complete the transaction, paid him the balance, got an
  14. Hi, I owned Audi in February and sold it month ago. New owner contacted me last week and telling me that actually cars mileage was altered in 2008! I originally bought car from car company and got all receipts, service book with mileage and MOT papers for last 3 MOT's and HPI printout (i did one myself and got all clear) - and all with correct mileage (as i sold it). Now he is threatening with small claims etc. Any ideas?
  15. Good morning All I wonder if you can help a friend of mine? We all used to work together at a Major International Courier company as Account Manager's. We received £6,000 per year car allowance but no mileage allowance. Myself and one of my ex colleagues have received a rebate (His was £4800!!!) but the other friend has just received a letter from HMRC. The letter asks how he came to his working out, starting point of journey, reason for the journey and states that he could incur a penalty. I don't understand this there is nothing untoward going on he did a daily journey into
  16. I'm hoping that this is the correct forum, apologies if it is not! My wife works as a carer using her own vehicle to visit her employer's clients in their own homes - for this she is paid .35p per mile (the remaining.10p per mile is claimed via MAR) this is the current allowance and that is fair and well. The part that I disagree with is that my wife's employers state that "you may be paid a mileage allowance, if and when applicable, if you are required to work outside a two mile radius of the offices town whilst visiting clients on business", bearing in mind that approximately 60% o
  17. Hi guys, I feel like a complete idiot - I have just checked MOT history of a used car I bought last week and it turns out the car has at least 2x times more mileage on it than advertised. I bought a used Honda off a dealer in London (E7) last Friday - the car has been advertised to have 63K miles on the clock, when I checked the DVLA database just now it showed that the car had a recorded mileage of over 104K miles back in 2007 (So probably over 150K by now)! After discovering this I have checked the paperwork I've got and a Used Car Invoice has the following on it: "CAUTION: Mi
  18. Hi I am a contractor and I work self employed. I travel around the country visiting various work sites which usually means I have to stay in accommodation for that week. I worked mainly in Swansea for just under a year, travelling from my home address which is also my buisness address at weekends. The tax man is not allowing my mileage claim from my home address to the work site in Swansea then returning to my home address, staying in temporary accomodation through the week. He is saying that the travel fom my home address and work site then back again are personal miles. I am disputing th
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