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  1. Yes ...they said if i did not get warrantee , I would not get the loan as the guarantee would make sure the car remains sellable for the finance company.
  2. Reading through all the google search result...I am not sure what sure fire way to approach this. Can the second personal loan be argued as missold in court . ..because I was only told about the black horse one... ..it seems it is regular practice by carcraft to just add the extra money's using their own inhouse finance firm. is the fact that the contract for the second loan not saying anything about cancelling the guarantee and only just mentions the cost for the guarantee...not enough to show the contract as void . I read up a bit about this and am thinking of stan
  3. There were 2 contracts on the car...one with blackhorse which I have VT ed on and the other contract was with All in one finance ...which has the extended warranty drive happy stuff, am trying to cancel.
  4. I have searched online for help but not much to go by. My story: I bought a car from carcraft 3 years ago via hire purchase and they also sold me their drive happy extended warranty for 5 years, the period of the hire purchase . The warranty was on a second finance payment by their all in one finance. And I have been faithfully paying. I have had to make a couple of claims as the car kept having issues, which they repaired. So I decided to Voluntarily terminate the hire purchase, which went through smoothly. But Carcraft drive happy keeps taking payments. I
  5. I cancelled the DD with the bank and called tmobile to cancel the dd with them. ..30 mins later i got a text to call them and they said they had cancelled the £3000 cost for internet and now my bill was reduced to 65pounds.. ...Great.......thanks everyone on second thoughts am actually upset for the stress they caused me.. .loss of sleep and everything. ..i wonder if i can get them to compensate for that stress... i have the good mind to get sars and go through my bill with tooth cumb for any overcharges.. ..what do you think or should I
  6. Thanks everyone for the quick responce.I will cancel the DL. ..with regards to the account breakdown...do you mean a SARs?
  7. This is my story . I had a £16 a month sim only contract with tmobile for 2gb of data ,1000mins and unlimited text. My contract was due to end on October 28th. In september i got a bill from tmobile saying i had to pay about £158 for internet usage , which they promptly took by direct debit. With this incident I decided I would leave t-mobile > I called in to cancel my contract as i knew October was the last month, they refused to cancel and said I had to give them a months notice and since I was telling them to cancel in October , I will have to wait
  8. I really need help on how to respond , on how to fill the N244 form please...can anyone help me please
  9. Yes I have been paying with extra ..higher than what we agreed with the lender
  10. I had a suspended repossession order from a lender with regards to a secured loan. I have been making the payment plus extra towards the arrears but had some issues in 2011 and 2012 and missed some payments but since 2013 I have had a good job and have progressively been trying to clear out al my debts . I had even increased the amount I had agreed to pay towards the arrears. For some weird reasons I never got any statement from the lender to let me know the balance on my arrears. Around about May this year I got a letter from the lender saying that I had arrears of about £4000,
  11. What about a situation where a vehicle has been clamped...by an EA for pcn and then debtor files an N244.....what happens? does the bailiff still have the right to still have the car clamped....can the car owner remove the clamp if the bailiff does not remove the clamp...especially if the hearing for the N244 takes months to happen.
  12. Out of desperation I had to fill out a form N2 44 ....For a hearing... What do I do do now as my car is still clamped. I hear it might take a couple of months or weeks to get a hearing....will the car be clamped until then. I would really appreciate any help or point in the right direction.
  13. Hi tomtubby Have you had a any chance twith regards to how I can file in a N244 ....any help will be appreciated....the car is still clamped .what are the possible costs of the n244......apart from the £155 for the form...... I know if I win ....it could go back to the original cost...but what happens if it is vice versa...what extra cost will i have to pay ...and will I still pay the bailiff fees... On the incident of the bailiffs not sending a compliance letter and over charging on the compliance fees...not signing and writing the ref of the pcn on the clamp notice.....what
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