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  1. Hi All, I am looking for some help, my husband has recently passed his driving test but only has an automatic licence and we are in the process of changing our car. We have already been accepted for finance for a new car with another company with better rates. We took out HP finance with Advantage Finance in July 2016, the agreement was for 54 months. If my calculations are correct we have made 29 payments back which is over the 50% they state you need to pay before you can proceed with a VT. I have sent an email and letter to inform them I was to terminated with immediate effect and I am awaiting their reply. (I have attached a copy of the letter/email sent) I have never been in this situation before and want to know what my next steps should be? I have never been in arrears with them, never missed a payment or been late with a payment. I just made a payment for the car on the 26th January 2019 (this would have been payment 29), should I still make my payment in February on should I cancel my direct debit? I have been reading quite a few threads lately on dealing with Advantage when proceeding with a VT and I am petrified they try and charge us extra for scratches etc. that were already on the car when we originally purchased it. I will take lots of photos before it goes back, I have had it professionally valeted and washed also. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I have just been advised my car costs more than it is worth to fix. In my agreement with AF it states i can terminate, or do a repossession: I signed a higher purchase agreement with Advantage Finance 2 years ago on a 48 month term. In my agreement it states that i have multiple options: 1. Early repayment 2. Termination of Rights: "you have the right to end this agreement. To do so you must write to the person you make payments to. They will then be entitled to the return of the Goods and to half the total amount payable under this agreement. That is £XXX (amount here, which i have paid with no exception). If you have paid at least this amount plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonable care of the Goods, you will not have to pay anymore" I have taken reasonable care of the Goods, but wear and tear has taken its toll 3. Re Possession - Your Rights: "If you do not keep to your side of the agreement, but you have paid at least one third of the total under this agreement which is £XXXX (which i have without exception) we may not take back the Goods against your wishes unless we get a court order. If we do take your goods without a court order or your agreement , you have the right to get back any money you have paid under this agreement" Can you please assist me as to: 1. If i choose to terminate my rights in option 2 how is "taken reasonable care" defined? the car still starts and could be repaired! Is this a viable option 2. Or should i just go with option 3 Repossession? Would i notify the borrower that i was stopping payments as it does not advise how i would do this. Would this affect my credit score Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, so apologies if not. My husband returned a van (voluntary termination) to Advantage Finance Limited a couple of weeks ago (March 2018). We knew the van had to be in a reasonalble condition, which we believe it was. We also only had the MOT done in February which it passed (so no repairs required to result in an MOT fail). However we've just received a letter from Advantage Finance stating that we owe them £294 for repairs to bring the vehicle to a satisfactory standard, with no indication of exactly what repairs?? When my husband returned the van to the garage they told him to take it to, they didn't even look at the van, they just told him to leave the keys. No conditional report was done so my husband took photos inside and out, all around the van. I'm just wondering how we should respond to this as it seems completey ridiculous to ask someone to pay £294 without explaing exactly what for, but besides the point, we don't believe any repairs were actually needed! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Hi I put a claim to the Ombudsman for the return of fees for my Advantage Gold account after months of wrangling with the bank over its perceived mis-sale which the bank denied. However I received a letter from the Ombudsman who has advised that whilst they haven't looked at my case or paperwork yet the bank wants to make me an offer which constitutes of the return of my fees plus interest, less any benefit I received for the preferential loan and overdraft rates I received. Thats fine as it stands. However I want a lot more than that if redress is supposed to put me back in a position I would have been had I not paid those Service fees. If I do a running total on the account from the account start, the bank hypothetically owed me £85 in Service fees before they applied a lending charge of £25 to the account. If you remove that charge and add subsequent Service Fees, the next charge of £35 was again more than covered by what the bank is now prepared to return to me in Service Fees. When you continue in this vein all of my bank charges are wiped out and i believe should be returned to me with interest. In short we are talking about a reconstruction of the account. I hope this makes sense. Now I believe Lou Lou probably benefited from having a running total of Services charges which facilitated the return of her bank charges which her bank returned. However, this occurred without the intervention of the Ombudsman and my bank having previously kicked up a fuss will not want to pay me 20 x what they are offering. (Which would be the outcome) I believe the Ombudsman would be reluctant to do the same given that they have recommended that I take the offer as they believe it to be fair My questions are below: Has anybody benefited from this approach from an adjudication via the Ombudsman before when they got or sought redress? If this level of redress has been declined by the bank and or the Ombudsman, has it been tested in court and if so what were the outcomes? Other than Lou Lou on another site do we know of any other cases out there where the accounts were reconstructed and lending charges returned? The Ombudsman as not actually come up with an adjudication as yet and has asked that I wait for the bank to get back in contact with me. I am asking the above questions in anticipation of receiving contact from the bank and I just need to determine my next steps. Do we have any Advantage Gold/Ombudsman/redress specialists on this forum who can answer my questions? If so, please do! Thank you
  5. Hi I purchased a car on finance, the finance provider is Advantage at the end of August 2017 (still within 6 months as of today) Just before Xmas the car developed a fault (burnt out alternator which resulted in total loss of power without warning) The AA tested at the roadside and confirmed the alternator was faulty (it was drawing over 130 amps from the battery) and recovered the vehicle to my home address I had an operation over XMAS and was unable to get the car fixed until 2 days before new years eve. I purchased the new alternator myself (through an ebay seller) and had a local mobile mechanic fit the part In total I paid around £140 for the repair (the alternator was £100 which I have a receipt for, the mobile mechanic took cash and no receipt!) My question is as the car went faulty within 6 months and the AA tested the part as faulty. Are Advantage Finance responsible for paying for the repair costs? I just spoke to them and they said since its already been repaired and they didnt authroize the repair then they wont pay for it appreciate some help
  6. Hi guys . I purchased a car and the finance was provided from advantage. the finance amount was for 7k. I recently received a statement and this is where my question has come from , I am paying ridiculous payments at present but this is due to a poor credit history . All sorted now and im building it back up nicely . the finance was over 48 months there were some additional fees as well £175 option fee last £325 acceptance fee. the interest rate applicable as it says on my statement is 21.00% per annum (fixed) I pay £275.11 per month. I have used various online calculators and they all suggest my payment should be around £210 is per month. Now a friend who financed a car recently there figures were finance of around £7500 and an interest rate of around 22% and there paying about 225 per month . so my question is am I missing something and the amount is correct ? If its wrong is there anything I can do im about 18 months in ? any help would be great
  7. to cut a long story short(ish)... my wife got a car on finance a few years ago from advantage finance. the value of the car was £6,000 ... the amount payable back was £12k my wife at the time was in a well paid job and was able to afford monthly repayments of £260, a year or so after the original start of the agreement my wife started to suffer from various health conditions which involved having a number of major surgical operations that meant she had to take time off work. During these times she had to ask for reduced payments, after much persuasion advantage agreed reduced payments for a few months each time. when my wife went back to work advantage told her that she needed to pay extra each month to reduce the arrears. She agreed to pay £280 every 4 weeks. this amount was quite considerable and on top of petrol, car tax, insurance, mot and repairs it became quite expensive running the car. recently our financial situation has become extremely bad, causing health problems for myself and my wife. in total my wife has already paid over £8,000+ towards the car, but we have also noticed that advantage have added an awful lot of charges onto her account each month.. . one constant one is for being behind with payments!!!! many other ridiculous costs have been added as well. advantage have also claimed my wife is now over £2,000 in arrears!!!! my wife explained her situation to advantage who refused to put the account on hold at first but after 3 letters all explaining her situation they finally agreed. their constant pressure and threats are not helping with our situation, just adding more stress and adding to our debt problems. because our situation got that bad we visited a debt advisor due to the amount being paid on the car our money coming in was far less than what is being paid out. as the CAB was quite rushed we didn't get much info about the car except that we should ask about payments, charges and other costs they have added. now the thing is we previously asked in november 2016 for all the info the had and sent the request with the £10 and got the info on a disc. that was over 8 months ago. the CAB didn't discuss many options what we could do with the car except give it back to advantage. my wife was advised to first send a letter requesting all financial transactions, if they didn't respond within a time frame complain to them, after that if we still was not happy to then go to FOS. the thing is we do not want to be to really be paying another £10 for another sar request. is there a way that we can request all payments, penalty charges and added payment insurance etc from advantage without any cost to ourselves and if so could anyone point me in the direction of a template letter as i am not very good when composing formal letters. at the moment we are in a no win situation...my wife needs a car for work, if she doesn't have a car she can't get to work any advice would be greatly received thank you for your time.
  8. Hi all, I've noticed that there are some real horror-show complaints about Advantage Finance on this forum, and I'm here to add to this in my own small way. I would like to mention in advance that I believe some of this stuff to sound implausible, but there is written proof of everything I say here. So, a quick summary of this would be: 1. I bought a car from a dealer, using Advantage for finance for £3000 of the £4000 price. 2. I made several payments on time by DD. 3. I notified them that there were several issues with the car; a - the parking sensors have never been reliable, and this nearly caused a couple of incidents before I realized they were intermittent b - the brakes make a clunking noise and squeal when applied - this wasn't apparent on the test-drive, but has been getting worse c - the brakes also caused one of the tyres to be damaged, and this had to be replaced d - the power steering pump clunks sporadically 4. I got reports on all of these faults from a local Kwik-Fit, and Advantage paid to have the brakes repaired. This did not resolve the issue, however, as the issue persists, and this has also been the subject of another report by the same Kwik-Fit. Advantage refused to pay for the replacement tyre. 5. Some arguments were had with Advantage staff about the car, which I notified them that I wanted to return as faulty as I was within the 6 months, I was unhappy with the number of faults. They refused, and they spoke to me pretty badly. I reminded them that they are a finance company and that I am their customer - they shouldn't be treating everybody who owes them money as if they're some sort of criminal: we're their customer and their sole revenue stream. 6. I sent another report to Advantage from the garage detailing faults 5 months in and they didn't respond. I chased again, they still didn't respond. They have since admitted that this is an accurate description of what happened: I tried to get in contact, they didn't come back to me. This will be important later. 7. I rearranged all my finances and now have all my direct debits paid out of one specific bank account. I provided these details to Advantage in writing 3 weeks before the next payment was due. They wrote back saying that they were declining to accept these details as they weren't provided in a way which they approved. I said I thought providing them in writing was sufficient and that I wanted all future payments to be taken from the account I had specified. At this point in time I was not in arrears and they had loads of time to arrange the direct debit. I genuinely felt like they were treating me the way they were because of the previous arguments over my attempt to return the car as faulty; it always felt like I was being drawn into an argument. 8. I received a call from Advantage I was told again that they were not accepting the direct debit information. said, and I quote: "I sent the same details to providers of my car insurance, home insurance, car tax, and lots of other companies. gave them to you in loads of time and if it's good enough for the DVLA then I don't see why it's not good enough for you. now you're deliberately inconveniencing me and trying to justify it by quoting some technicality." The agent tried to tell me off for swearing at her, I said that in the context I used the word I wasn't swearing AT her, and she hung up. I then received a letter from Advantage which demanded a written apology for my conduct and threatened me with police action for the virulent verbal abuse I had subjected their member of staff to. I ignored this threat, of course. 9. Advantage set up a direct debit with my bank, using the details I had provided to them. This was confirmed by my bank, in writing: they set up the direct debit, they were fully capable of taking payment on the agreed payment date. Advantage then sent me confirmation in writing that they had set up the direct debit, and would be taking payment. 10. I then received a Termination notice in the mail which said that since I had refused to make payment they had cancelled the agreement and would be going to court in order to repossess my car. I called them and was told this was an administration error, that this letter should never have been sent out. 11. Advantage did not take payment on the agreed DD date. I then found a note on my doormat from some collection 'agent' saying he'd been to collect the car, and I wasn't home. This note demanded that I surrender the car. 12. I did not surrender the car, and I told Advantage I would be making a complaint through the FOS. 13. I complained to the FOS, citing: a - Advantage's refusal to deal with the fact that the car was faulty when sold b - Advantage's refusal to allow me to reject a car as faulty, despite my provision of several garage reports within six months of purchase c - Advantage refusing to take payment, despite setting up the Direct Debit d - Advantage lodging a default notice against me, and putting this on my credit file despite the fact I had never once refused to pay them, and despite the fact that they had full access to the payment, having a direct debit established and then not taking the money, and despite the fact that I can prove that there were funds in the account more than sufficient to cover the direct debit amount. I provided all of this detail in writing to the FOS, I was sure that my case was strong because I had shown good faith continued to make payments even when Advantage refused to uphold their obligations relating to the faults on the car and my rejection of said car, proved that I had not only provided the details with time to spare but that Advantage had used them to set up a direct debit and then not taken payment. How could I lose? 14. The FOS adjudicator somehow came to the conclusion that even though Advantage had complete access to the money and didn't take it, they were within their rights to cancel the agreement, and not only am I the one being "obstructive" (she somehow thought that even though it was Advantage refusing to respond to me, which they admitted, it was all my fault for "refusing to engage with Advantage", see point #6), but that I'm also liable for the entire balance of the agreement. Advantage have done nothing wrong, apparently, and I'm the one in the wrong, because I had an argument with one of Advantage's people on the phone a year ago. She also described this as a "favourable" outcome for me, which actually made me burst out laughing. 15. My bank manager told me he's never seen anything like this, and said that he's never seen before a case where the FOS have found in favor of a company who have outright refused to take payment, even after sending me confirmation that they would be taking payment. He was also the guy who provided me with the proof that the direct debit was set up with more than enough time to take payment on the agreed date. 16. I'm absolutely sure that a financial agreement includes two-way obligations, and that both parties need to be held to the same standards. I'm agreeing to make payments, and they're agreeing to facilitate that. I don't honestly see how Advantage can cancel an agreement in this way, for no good reason, and I'm still being held over the fire. I'm not up on breach-of-contract law, but this seems to me to be a clear breach, and now I'm faced with either finding the money to repay in full, entering into another agreement with the company who have already screwed me over at even worse terms than before, or having my car taken away and being liable for any disparity between whatever price they sell it for and the balance on the agreement. 17. I'm amazed that I can put my finances in order, so that part of my salary is automatically transferred into a separate account meant for the purpose of paying my bills, and now I find myself with a huge debt and a default against my name. Can anyone advise on what my next course of action might be?
  9. Hello, I have a car that is on HP from Advantage Finance. I have contacted them regarding a Voluntary Termination of the HP, and am currently awaiting a reply from the company regarding what I need to do next. Meanwhile, a few questions popped up in my head: 1. Would this affect my credit rating? 2. I have not serviced the car in a while (about 10k miles overdue), and the car has a couple of minor dents and scratches. If I fix the cosmetic issues and service the car now, will they still charge me for damages incurred, etc.? 3. Is there anything I need to watch out for with regards to doing this? Ive read that finance companies tend to draw the whole process out aslong as possible so that payments continue for a while. Would be nice to hear from people who have gone through this process so I know what to look out for. Thanks for replying. M
  10. need a bit more help. I recently VT a car with advantage, left the car at a local dealer where it sat for nearly two weeks, despite me chasing them and advising that my next payment day was due soon and I wasn't in a position to make the payment. the day before payment was due I got an email from one of their staff saying they had got the car and no further sums were required. last Friday I received a rather formal letter from them, demanding £177 to bring the car up to scratch and failure to pay would result in marks against my credit file etc. this caused a fair amount of stress over the weekend and a lot of loss of sleep . can I complain to them or the ombudsman over this? they are now saying the letter was sent in error, but I wonder how many people would just of paid it.
  11. I VT'd my car at the beginning of February and it was collected by the auction company, it failed to sell in the first auction and as far as I know it sold in the second one on the 21st March. Now I made an extra payment after the VT and just let them have £80 for collecting the car as I wanted it out of the way as it was parked on the road, I phoned Advantage to request a refund of the remaining money only to be told there was a charge for bringing the car up to standard, it turned out I owe them £173 for refurb of 4 wheels and painting scratches on the rear bumper. Given that the car was 10 years old I thought this to be unreasonable got the car auction to take some photos for me on the 21st March, guess what no work had been carried out. today Advantage called me chasing up the money I asked them for proof of work in the form of an invoice they said the work doesn't have to be carried out just that is what it would have cost so I owe it. Also they said my account was still open and wouldn't be marked as settled until I paid, I told them this charge is nothing to do with the credit agreement itself so it should be marked as settled. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  12. Hi folks, I know there are similar posts to this one but they mainly focused on being under the 50% paid point of the agreement. I have a hp agreement with AF over 48 months to the value of around £7800. This includes interest, the car was £4500 when I bought it. I have made 36 payments and cleared around £5800 so well beyond the 50% mark. I'm considering giving the car back to the finance company as I have £2000 left to pay and the car is likely worth just below this figure right now. This will be much lower by the time the agreement ends in December. The car is a Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 2006 with only 60k miles on the clock. The main depreciation causes are a flooded market of this car and the scare stories (overhyped imo) when a small percentage had issues with the heater systems catching fire. Only adding this detail to highlight the low value of vehicle not being due to doing moon miles and used for banger racing. What is the probability of me having any further financial liability for this vehicle after VT considering I've paid the majority of the agreement already? Any advice appreciated.
  13. Hi All, I have just received a large tax bill and i need to free up some finances to make a payment arrangement with the beloved HMRC my Hire Purchase Agreement was started in January 2015 on a 42 month agreement and i did opt for the GAP policy. can you please confirm if i can Voluntary Terminate the agreement and if so how. i did have arrears but these have been cleared and everything is now up to date. Thanks in advance.
  14. Has anyone had any dealings with a finance company call advantage finance ? Took out a secure loan with its sister co communitas finance in 2007 for 15k was making regular payment until I fell in difficulties the loan I took out had a ppi of about 5k I stopped making payments after I lost my job they then got a CCJ I came to an arrangement with them . To make repayment which I have since 2011 I am about selling my flat I call them in May2016 asking for a balance of account they gave a figure of 13k I didn't get this in writing and took theirword for it I have statement from ending 2014 amount owed 14k earlier last year I got letter saying my loan was now with advantage finance their parent company CCJ was also transfer to them as well as LR . I got my conveyance solicitor to contact them for settlement balance in their reply the balance now owed 21kplus of £4 daily until settled how can they suddenly increase amount owed. I knew there was ppi on the account which I believe would be a bargaining chip for settlement . In response to it I have now written them a letter including the statement I have for the account and cited ppi plus interest £7.5k threaten complaining to Fca , settlement offer 7k . Does anyone have other way as to deal with this issue as I don't whether my tactic would work .or is there a legal way of dealing with this : ?:please help someone tell me it's against ofcoms unfair guidelines
  15. Long story short I bought a car on finance had it for three months and life changed enough that I missed the next payment and would miss further payments. I agreed to them having the car back. the repo men turned up we had a cuppa and they went with the car no bad feeling. Due to family circumstances I moved house very quickly to another town to a farm yard hard to find. I stopped paying into a pension and months later thought they were still taking it to find out it was an ATE £100 they have taken me to court for payment including interest - almost £10,000 for nothing:-x Now my stupid bit: This has been going on for over four years (i have had depression etc and could not fight my way out a wet paper bag) I have called the court for an appeal but I had to do it within 21 days I wonder if I have any way out of this . .. i feel £10,000 for nothing is very unjust Looking forward to some replys ... I already know how stupid this seems:???:
  16. Evening all, I could do with a bit of advice please. In January 2016 the wife and I took finance out on a car with Advantage finance. Unfortunately our circumstances have changed dramatically in that time and we can no longer afford to run the vehicle. We have been in contact with StepChange debt charity and they have gone through our finances and the only logical way forward for us out of a bit of a mess is to Voluntarily terminate the agreement and give the car back. We will still owe money on the vehicle as we haven't paid half the finance agreement, but StepChange have said we will deal with that once Advantage have got the car back. The advice I need is on the collection of the vehicle. The vehicle has no major damage to it - no dents or rust etc. There is a little scratch in the door which was there when we bought the car. Advantage have been really pushy on the phone to my wife already - to the point of bullying. I can understand from their point of view, in that they lent the money in good faith, but we are not burying our heads in the sand here, we are trying to do the best thing. On the phone they said any any marks or damage to the car would be charged. It is a 10 year old car, so of course it has the odd blemish here and there and, as I said, a scratch. What constitutes 'fair wear and tear'? Can I argue it at all if I don't agree with their assessment? What should I do if the person that comes to collect the car puts on his inspection sheet that it has a scratch etc? I am tempted not to sign it, or sign it as I am accepting they are taking the car but not accepting there is any 'damage' to it. As I said the car is in as good, if not better, condition than when we got it. The other thing is they are coming to collect the car Friday. They have said they are going to charge £80 to collect the vehicle. Now, StepChange have said they are not legally allowed to charge to collect the vehicle. I have read online that they are not allowed to charge. Does anyone have a definate answer as to if they can or can not charge to collect this car. In the grand scheme of things £80 is a drop in the ocean to be honest, but it is more a point of principle. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  17. Hello, I recently VT'd my car with advantage finance. I got in touch with them regarding it, after which they sent me a letter with the outstanding amount available. The letter was dated 01/02/16, and it stated that I needed to return the car within 21 days in order for the letter/sums to still be valid. The car was returned to their "drop off" point (transportation company) on the 22/02/16. I am still to date waiting for them to complete their "inspection" and send me a final sums due. A number of things have seemed a little "off" with the whole process, is this typical AF? They offered me a drop off point that was about 70 miles away, or a pickup for £80. I was able to be present for an inspection with the transportation company, in which we both agreed that the car was in good condition. AF have said they do not accept a conditon report from the transportation company, so how am I able to be present? Thier communication is TERRIBLE. They literally reply once I mail them 2 or 3 times with a vauge "its not done yet" They will not accept me paying off the remaining HP sums, and then whatever damages separately. I want this so I can get it in writing from them that the agreement is over. It all seems very unprofessional to me, I mean sure they are losing out here ultimately - but I would expect to be replied to in the very least, and a degree of urgency so they can sell the car on. My next step if I don't get anything back by tomorrow is to follow up with a formal letter, would this be wise? I did opt for a drop off point even further away in the end as it was local to where I picked my temporary car up from.
  18. I currently have car finance with Advantage car finance. I can no longer keep up the payments due to severe personal circumstances. Now rather than just defaulting on the payments i would prefer to voluntarily terminate the agreement and surrender the vehicle. Then manage the outstanding amount after they have repossed the car. Can anyone please advice on how i should approach this as i am terribly embarssed and do not cope well with telephone conversations and a confrontation with a collection man would be too much to cope with - TIA
  19. Hi all, in 2013 I acquired a grand scenic with Advantage Finance. I had passed the point where I was able to return the car via a VT and not pay anything back. That was 2-3 ago. In the months before the car was taken, I had bought a brand new battery and fixed the alternator and also changed all 4 wheels. I paid for the car to be collected as Advantage told me the nearest return garage was in Slough and I live in London. So the guy came for the car and left my husband with a pink receipt We also took a video of the inside and outside of the car. Today I got a letter from Advantage stating that I need to pay more than £1800 to bring the car back up to 'standard'. I am shocked because there is nothing wrong with the car, the interior was cream so it did need a clean but that is how I bought it and it certainly isn't bad enough to cost that mush to fix, the car is only worth £3000. I am planning top call them tomorrow but it will be a Saturday so I'm unsure if they will be open. I am looking for any advice really. I don't even know what to say to them. I can dispute this but I don't want them to fob me off. Do they have to show me how they came up with this amount? I am so annoyed. I believe that I will be able to claim back my motor, Gap and other insurances (hopefully), but do I have to pay this £1800 first? I only got the insurances because the guy didn't want to take no for an answer and he said that the monthly payment would actually be LOWER with them. Please help
  20. Hi everyone. I have read a lot of your posts and want to thank you all in advance for the contributions made on this forum. It is incredibly helpful and am grateful for what I have read already: I worked for a company in Jan 2010 - April 2011 selling vehicles. I was a trainee for Jan, Feb and March 2010 not supposed to sell cars. My shady Dealer Principle asked me to sell in March and verbally told me I would be paid in front of everybody also there. Along the way he even used my good performance to motivate the rest of the team. This was my first job ever full time under contract & handbook in a proper place. In March 2010 I outsold the team (I needed the money for my father's treatment and he KNEW this!) and when it came to March 30th he told me that there was no commission sheet for me and that I wouldn't be paid. I was so angry because I had worked 7 days a week to do the best I could. Should have been about £4900 in commission for 23 cars sold. In April 2010 I had a letter this time saying I WILL benefit from commission in writing, but it was not paid to me again. There was a complaint from a customer so the Dealer Principle said to me again that I would not be paid for the whole of April (around £4700). It is in writing in a letter! He demoted me to trainee for 3 months. In May 2010 (21st) he changed his mind and had me start selling again back to Sales Executive. I sold 9 vehicles earning £1489. This was paid to me in the June payrun. I got a letter stating the change back to Sales Executive but as of June 1st despite this payment of MAY commission being paid to me in June 2010 (on time). I wrote to them as I now know I can claim money back even at this time... and they have said in a letter that after completing an INVESTIGATION... I can only ASSUME that the payment of £1489 is for April and it was paid late in June's payrun (no payment has ever been late). And that because I was a trainee, I was not entitled to be paid for March 2010 at all. I have evidence of what I sold, who I sold it to, the letters stating I will be paid, my bank accounts, my payslips showing I did not get paid, First letter, second letter even showing the breakdown exactly of who, what and how much sold for. Do I go straight to a Letter Before Action? The last letter says "I confirm receipt of your letter dated 7 October 2015, written in response to my investigation findings. As Per my letter of 24 September 2015, it is my findings that no commission is due to you". He has basically given me a corporate hands over his ears. He didn;'t even acknowledge any of the evidence I gave in my previous letter at all and is closing the door shut despite it being a very clear case.
  21. Hi there. I really need some advice. So I got a car through advantage finance in February of this year. Through past mistakes and an awful credit history the interest was shocking but at the time I needed the vehicle for work. The figures are; Cost of the car £2000 Interest on the credit £840.12 Acceptance fee £325 Option fee £175 Total charge for credit £1340.12 Total payable £3340.12 23 months at 131.88 and 1 month at £306.88. Now since buying this car I have replaced the back box and had the green flag out five times. Today as I was setting off for work the car won’t start yet again and so I have had enough. I am wondering what my options are. I know that I can voluntarily terminate the agreement and hand the car back providing that I have paid 50% of the total figure. So this would be £1670.06 and I have paid 6 months at 131.88 = £791.28 Leaving £878.78 to pay to be able to just hand the car back? My second query is, my MOT runs out at the end of this month. It is booked in for 26th August but I have a feeling that it is going to be costly. Where do I stand with this if I wanted to give the car back without at MOT? Does it have to have a valid MOT for them to take it back? I know from a bit of research that the finance company can take a couple of weeks to reply re the outstanding figures etc? I’m guessing I can’t just leave the car parked outside of my house with no MOT on it? (has valid tax & insurance) Any advice would be really appreciated. Please no clever comments as I’m trying my best to understand all of this. Many thanks in advance
  22. I have a caravan which was purchased through AFL. I have paid over 50% of the total amount due, however due to family break up I have fallen behind with two payments and they are seeking possession. I have asked if they can lower the monthly amount or if I can hand it back due to paying over 50%, but because I have missed the two payments they say I cannot hand it back under voluntary termination. I could do with walking away from it to be honest, but they only way to do that is let their bailiff take it and then it's auctioned, leaving me unsure of how much it will go for and what I'll be left to pay. I'd rather not have the uncertainty. Can they tell me I can't take the voluntary option due to missed payments? Can I somehow put this in front of a Judge to request reduced payments? What options advice does anyone have? I'm worried to death that some big bruiser is going to be banging at my door.
  23. If a credit card account is in arrears and PPI claim is up-held by bank, do they offset all of refund against arrears ? Will this also include the net 8% statutory amount or will that be mine ? I have tried looking on FOS website for some clarification for this circumstance but I cannot find anything ? Thank-you
  24. Hi does anyone have a copy of terms and conditions for travel insurance advantage gold account for the year 2000 I am trying to put in claim to get back monies paid. I had a pre existing medical condition Cancer which the bank knew about. They are saying I can not claim as my insurance was valid. I know it was not. I never went on holiday so the policy was useless.
  25. I lodged a complaint via telephone this morning to say that I downgraded from Advantage Gold at a review meeting in March 09 after I had recently been made redundant with my then relationship manager. It was established that I had no need for the account. I was advised that it had been open since 1999 and I thought the charge was in relation to my overdraft. For the duration of when I had the AG account I had a company car and company mobile which were covered by the companies insurance and would not have agreed to purchasing this product. To reinforce the fact I was in financial hardship the relationship manager arranged for a loan I had to be extended therefore reducing monthly payments. I gave all this information to the complaints team at 8.09am this morning and they came back at 3pm to say that they were not upholding my account due to the length of time I took to raise the complaint. I informed them that I did not realise at the time I could complain and in fact there should have been some duty of care at the meeting and advice to do this give my financial situation (hardship). Due to the media it struck a chord and I went through some paperwork to find I had had the AG account and that is why I was complaining. I asked the complaint handler what investigative work they had done to come to the decision but she would only talk about the timescale as the reason for rejection. I am aware that you can complain outside the 6 year timescale and feel that this is unfair as my account number is still the same and active and they have full records of the AG account which I downgraded from. I really believe that no investigation has taken place today and they are trying to fob me off with the timing issue. Can anyone give me any advice as I feel that I would like to complain about this to the CEO as no mitigating circumstances have been taken into account.
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