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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all Wondered if anyone could help or offer some advice as I am in quite a stressful situation at the moment and this forum has been very helpful in the past. I was recently involved in an accident on the 5th April 2017, I am technically at fault as I went into the rear of someone at around 15-20mph, put Pedestrians went to cross a zebra crossing and the car on approach slammed his brakes early in realization of this and that forced the car in front of me to slam his and I was unable to break in time leading me to go into the back of this vehicle. Aside from me asking if w
  2. Hi All, I'll try and keep this as succint as possible, I just want to gauge some opinions on a current issue I'm having with morethan pet insurance. Our cat is 13 years old and requires surgery costing up to £8k. We've had our policy since he was 8 weeks old, with the same provider (morethan), and have never made any changes to the policy ourselves. The cover limit is £8k (plus whatever excess fees, which we'll get to)... The last paperwork we received from them was the payment schedule this time last year (it also detailed the policy renewal date as 5th June 2018; we were yet t
  3. Can insurers take the excess twice for the 1 claim? I have queried a settled claim and the insurers have decided to pay me a 2nd payment but deducted the excess again. I thought they could only take it once.
  4. HELLO PLEASE HELP, I have a car insurance with XS direct, during summer mid-July I was involved in an accident. the other party claim against my insurance the cost to repair their car over £5000. it was a really minor incident. I don't understand the huge cost. Unfortunately, at the time I have taken my insurance I didn't really understand what excess was and meant. so I sign up for a car insurance with £3000 excess because the premium was cheap. BIG MISTAKE. NOW, my insurance is claiming that I pay them the £3000 excess to compensate for the repair. I drive a BMW X3 54' Plate curr
  5. HI I'm new to this site after stumbling across it after searching for advice on how to make a claim against Swift Advances. I have read Nicky74 story and mine is not much different in that i took a homeowner loan out with for swift for £8000 in 2003 i think. I paid them sporadically for about 3 years which comprised of missed/late payments and finally settled the loan after splitting with my then partner and selling the house. Swift Advances took £28,000 of the equity in the house to settle the debt which i could do absolutely nothing about. I have absolutely no p
  6. Hi, my wife is 28 months into a 36 month PCP agreement with Ford. The car is becoming unaffordable for her and has contacted the finance company to discuss VT. they have said she can as she has paid in excess of 50% but are stating excess mileage charges will apply. because she was sold this car with 6000 miles allowed which was never suitable, she has gone over that and would owe around £550 in mileage. if VT'ing the car is this amount still payable? ford are telling her it is. there are mixed views over the internet.
  7. Hi and thank you in advance for your help, I need advice on the following parking issue: I arrived at a hospital car park and after waiting along time in the queue I got in but found no space. As my appointment was now past I could not wait any longer and decided to park the car in a non-designated space but made sure there was no obstruction to car park traffic. After my appointment (40min) I paid for my parking ticket (£1) when i returned to the car i found an EXCESS CHARGE NOTICE attached to the wind screen. The reason for the ticket is obstructive parki
  8. I Sent my car back on VT and received a bill for excess mileage, however it is not clear in my contract if I pay the charge as it says in termination your rights if you have paid half the value of the agreement and the car condition is acceptable the answer is yes and yes. I have heard that the phrase in termination my rights quote "you will have nothing else to pay". Does anybody have dealings with this I have started proceedings with the Onbudsman but heard this is probably not the best way. I have heard of people getting the charge removed and invoices being cancell
  9. Blocked drain in the back garden through which the kitchen and utility room drain, (thankfully no toilets). Local company diagnose a collapsed drain and quote ~£600 for digging it up and replacing it We got Swiftcover involved to see if we are covered. They send their approved people around who provide the same diagnosis (with cameras and wotnot) and confirm we are covered - pay them the excess of £350 and they'll come round and sort it out, taking up the rest of the bill with the insurance company. So far so smooth. Only when the two chaps turn up to do the work, they discover
  10. Hello all, I've spent the last couple of hours reading various threads and I have learnt a great deal. However, I need some advice and opinions from you good people. I was involved in a non-fault accident last month. At a four way junction, I was travelling straight ahead and the third party was travelling the opposite way indicating to turn right. At the centre of the junction, where the third party should have stopped and waited for me to clear his path, he did not and hit my car on the front drivers side corner. Dashcam is installed in my car, shows the accident clearly. Also
  11. Hi all Am new here and have joined for some advice about a parking charge I received today. The car park at the shopping centre where I work( Scott arms great Barr Birmingham) is run by local parking security ltd and charges 50p per hour every day 8am till 8pm. To be honest I think it's ridiculous anyway to charge until 8pm when there is about 10 shops and a pub( frequented by a few regulars daily) with 2 shops being open at this time ( both betting shops) the car park which probably caters for about 30 cars never has more than 10 in it even at weekends!
  12. Hi all, wondered if any of my fellow caggers could help! I had a crash back in May, car has been repaired and I paid £200 excess. The other party has now admitted liability. How/when do I get the excess back? Tesco Insurance have passed me on to Aegeas Law who are dealing with a personal injury claim (I suffered a good bump and sore neck!) - any ideas as to when the excess will be given back as £200 isn't an insignificant amount of money and since Tesco have recovered all their costs surely they should be sending this back?
  13. Hi All, Insurance company appointed a claim handler and the claim handler company appointed builders. the work was done for cracks on wall and interior decoration. I was told by the claim handler company that excess will be paid only when you are happy with the work. The claim was submitted as subsidence issue. after few months of work the cracks have appeared back at the same location. I have been going on with the claim handler please fix it properly. when you are asking for subsidence excess you should fix the subsidence issue instead of decoratin
  14. Hello all. I am on Primus broadband (20 gb per month) and for July and August have suddenly been landed with an excess broadband usage charge of£23.33 for July and £33.33 for August, which is payable at the end of the month. That much has not been used by the family - we use mainly for email/skype/whatsapp and will stream around 2.5/3hrs standard video per week. No p2p software, illegal downloads, no dodgy software installed - we have an eight year old son who does not have a computer in his room and his usage whenever he goes online is monitered. I have called primus and they insist tha
  15. Hi, I cancelled my broadband on the 16th month of an 18th month contract. I was moving house and the ISP didn't operate in my new area. I was paying £39 a month for fibre, so therefore the remaining two months of my contract totaled £78. However the ISP tried to charge me £240 to disconnect. Surely they cannot charge you in excess of what the contract is actually worth? Am I correct in assuming that? Anyhow, I refused to pay this and they have passed the debt on to a collection agency. Does anyone know what my options are now? OFCOM, seems to indicate that they ca
  16. Hello everyone, I would really appreciate some feedback regarding excess insurance charges on a recent hire car. I returned the car with some scratches and one very small dent (the dent probably less than 25mm) to the front wing, caused by a scrape against a parking gate. This was very slow moving, minor damage, of which I have photos. I would imagine some retouching would need to be done to the scratches which were only on an area of the driver side wheel arch. On returning the car, I expected to be charged. I didn't realise that it was the policy of the rental company to char
  17. Hi, I have a dog, who is insured, with a long term condition for which he is on medication. He had a stroke last April and is on heart medication. Our insurance policy clearly states that they will pay out for no more than 12 months per condition - I have no dispute with this, the period of payment is coming to an end, but that's how it is. Similarly the excesses, although steep, are made very clear (a fixed 170 plus 30%). I renew the policy every 12 months, in October, and have been with this company since we first got our dog. What I didn't expect was to have the fixed ex
  18. Starting off another thread to get educated responses. We all know about claiming back excess bank charges etc. What i wish to concentrate on are excessive charges within any financial agreement. The Office of Fair Trading decided that charges levied on an account holder for a failed direct debit as an example will no longer be challenged by the OFT if below £12.00. It would be for a court to decide Under laws of contract, a company cannot charge any fees in excess of what it would normally amount to. A computer generated bill for £25.00 for saying a direct debit has bounced will be
  19. Hello All I was recently involved in a crash where a lady drove into the back of my car as I was waiting at a T junction. So of course I phoned my insurance company Hastings Direct...my policy is a Hastings Essential policy. Initially they wanted me to use 'Albany Assistance' which I thought was a great idea until they started to ask me to agree to a hire agreement for the hire car alarm bells started to ring. After googling them I realized there was a huge danger I could be left with a huge hire car bill. Some horror stories on the honest John website where someone has had to fi
  20. Hi my insurers are Esure and back on the 16th November 2009 a lorry switched lanes and clipped the passenger side of my car and drove off damaging my car with £1100 damage. I finally have a court date set for 26th October 2010. I have had my car repaired at £450 excess and now the court require a further £75. I want to know if I should continue down the small claims court route or should I just give up at this stage and call it a day. I have captured a poor quality image of the lorry driving away and managed to record its registration number. I feel compelled to go to court as I was 100%
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