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  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on a first registration on a new car please. The car I opted for a couple of weeks ago has had to be factory built. The dealership estimated the delivery date of end of April, (would let me know mid-March when date of delivery would likely be). Fast forward to this week I get confirmation in an email that the car has been built (!) and is on its way to the dealership, and will be in touch in the next couple of weeks to arrange collection. Great stuff, but due to this would the car still be classed as the new 19 registration? If it's now re
  2. Hi. Parked at a Southern railway rail station today and used the phone number to pay the daily charge . I had used it before but with a different car and the system recognised my phone number did a fast track to payment confirmation . I didn't spot that the registration number quoted by their system was not that of the car I was using today (lot of background noise in the car park). There was a penalty notice issued by Indigo when I returned. What are the chances of success if I appeal? I can prove that I own both cars and that the one for whom they issued the ticket
  3. Hi all, Just after some advise as this may be a bit different to other people cases. Today I received a Parking Eye "Parking Charge Notice". It's my car which my wife drove to take me to hospital, she paid using the Pay By Phone app, however she entered her cars registration by mistake. I worry she done this again the following day also! I've appealed and sent a copy of our proof (screenshot with incorrect registration on it) but now I'm wondering should I of come here first before quickly rushing into an appeal? 1 Date of the infringement - 13/09/2018 2 Da
  4. I do hope I've posted this in the correct place as I'm new to the forum. Sorry for the long post but can anyone advise me if I have any comeback on the following: I have a domain name which was set up for auto renewal on 03/03/18 (2 years for £38.38). On 24/02/18 I received an email saying the payment had failed. On 25/02/18 I received a further reminder saying the renewal was overdue and I risked a disruption or loss of services. I checked my account and noticed that the credit card details they held were out of date so I updated my credit card details. On 27/02/1
  5. As i understand it I can Voluntary Termination at any time but will be liable to 50% of the total agreement. I intend to VT my HP agreement however I am £93.00 away from 50%. If I send notification of VT on Monday along with a cheque for £93.00 would this be accepted?
  6. Good morning, I have recently received a parking charge notice from parking eye, to which I have appealed and provided proof of parking twice and they have rejected both times. Can you please help? please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 06/07/17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 21/07/17 3 Date received 26/07/17 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Not that I can see (howver I am looking at a scanned copt at the moment could be on the rea
  7. I was wondering if you knew how the registration number is displayed on the parking ticket that you get from the machine & display in your window ? (Full Reg, Partial, etc) My mum initially received a letter, for the same car park, stating she didn't pay enough when we sent the evidence in they now claim she didn't enter her registration number correctly but haven't given us evidence. Her ticket only displays the last 3 digits & I wondered if that was correct or if it should show the full registration. Thanks for any help you might be able to give.
  8. Letting Agents Registration and Code of Practice Comes into force 31st January 2018 ***Scotland Only*** The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 made provisions for the mandatory letting agent registration, regulation and training requirements in Scotland. Housing (Scotland) Act 2014: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/asp/2014/14/contents/enacted Part 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 makes provision for the registration, regulation and training requirements for letting agents in Scotland. They include a mandatory register of letting agents, a ‘fit and proper’ person test, training req
  9. Hi, My Clearscore report has just updated, the only change was one new protective registration has been added to my report, my score had not changed. In the protection section it gives a case ID and my address. It states NOT GRANTED 18th May 2017. Fraud Date: 25th May 2017, Case: Identity Fraud, Supplier: Callcredit PLC. I have no idea what this is about. I have googled it and that led me to the CIFAS website, but their site doesn't appear to have an explanation for what I am seeing on my report. Does anyone know what this is? Can it be seen by creditors if I apply for
  10. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nurse-walked-out-care-home-10166243 The Nurse was giving evidence at a Coroner's hearing into the the deaths of the 3 men. The tale told was quite shocking and I was surprised that the coroner reckons that neglect was not a contributory factor into their deaths !. I think I would rather go to Switzerland and take my own life than end up in a care home. I guess you cant tar them all with the same brush, but even those where residents pay very high fees are coming under scrutiny !
  11. Hi all, After transferring a private number plate off my old car and buying a new one, I waited till my V5C came for my new car. Goes online to try to transfer the private reg but comes up with error message "cannot transfer this number online". So use the online chat to speak to DVLA giving all the details and they say "vehicle does not meet the criteria for transferring number plate" and that this has been passed to the relevant department to see whether or not its possible.... Bizarre, so now having to wait a few weeks to learn the outcome...anybody had this before ?
  12. I qualified to become a driving intructor in 2012 and in Oct 2015 I gave my ADI badge back to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) as I was no longer teaching due to being in a full time job. The DSA sent me a letter to confirm they received my ADI badge in Oct 2015 also confirmed they removed my name off the Driving Instructors Register. The DSA said in a letter I had ..."12 months from the date your name was removed from the ADI register on 30th Oct2015 to re-register without taking the driving instructor qualifying exams..." So in late Oct 2016 a few days before the 12 months was co
  13. I recently received a PCN ticket whilst parked in a council run car park in Aylesbury Now, I actually had purchased a ticket and was displaying it, it appears it had slipped down the windscreen slightly, but it was just about visible. Indeed see attached photos, you can see the ticket directly under where the warden stuck the PCN (circled in white) I was going to appeal on this basis, but I have also noticed a problem with the actual PCN. It appears the warden's printer must have been dodgy, as it;s only printed half the text on the ticket. Much of the wording is cu
  14. Do you RENT your home, If so, then you will know that good landlords are very very hard to find, Getting a repair done can be very difficult, or have you rented from a landlord who would suit the name slumlord more. There is currently no compulsory registration scheme for landlords or letting agents, I am petitioning the government to sort this out, Compulsory registration will help improve the industry, keep tenants safe from rogue landlords, and improve the quality of properties for rent. Please click the LINK below and sign this petition, You never know, it may help to improve your ho
  15. Hi, New on here - great site. Have read many threads on incorrect registration numbers captured to PCN that attached to vehicle. In my case the reg quotes number zero (e.g. 07) as letter O (e.g. O7). Discovered the error when logging onto the parking firms website and entered the ticket Id and my registration (correctly) and my issued ticket was not found. Looked closer and realised the number to letter error, typed incorrect registration and ticket was found on their system - of course proceeded no further!! Many threads on this site simply state ignore, cant find me as no
  16. A question i have had in my mind for ages, but i have not found a conclusive answer. There are huge numbers of people who own vehicles but do not have a fixed address. My understanding is that DVLA require a UK address for all UK registered vehicles. This is so the registered keeper can be contacted. How do people manage to own vehicles, but not have fixed addresses ? They must give an address for vehicles registrations and Insurances. Now that you can pay road tax online and do so much online, it may be easier for people to own vehicles, but not to have fixed addresses. This c
  17. Hi, Apologies I am sure this has been covered before but I couldn't find one exactly the same:- I parked my car at NCP Cardiff Central Station, I parked correctly in a space, I paid £9.30 for 1 day and I paid for the correct vehicle registration number online and I have a receipt. When I returned to the car there was a little yellow package waiting for me, the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) states that registration number *X** *** was Code B3 parked without clearly displaying the required valid pay and display ticket and no other cashless parking payments detected.
  18. I attended Comer Business And Innovation Centre at North London Business Park managed by Secure A Space Ltd on the 19th of March 2015. On my arrival I attended the facility reception area where the lady on reception instructed and guided me to park in one of parking spaces available which was marked "Staff" and following on instruction given I Parked my car. I was even given a Visitor Parking Permit that I clearly displayed in the Windscreen After finishing and attending my car I realised my had parking ticket The Vehicle Registration on the PCN issued is incorrect however make, mod
  19. Hello friends, My pension fund administrator took a long time due to their system being dis-functional (over thirty days, when it should have been just two days) to register my account and make status of my pension fund available on-line. My pension fund pot is around £25000.00. I really had to continuously call and chase them to fix my problem. Is there any legislation that entitles me to compensation for keeping me deprived of being able to view my pension fund on-line? Thanks
  20. I have received a 'fine' for a car park I have never been in. Thats one thing. But more importantly does anyone have any idea how they have targeted me? Even if they are using the registration of my car, how the hell have they got access to my private information from the DVLA. Is it legal?
  21. Hi I have a CCJ registered against my ltd company, and I want to appeal the 'set aside' decision which went against us, and still can if I act quickly. If I did pay the the amount disputed would the CCJ be removed as it still open to appeal or would the CCJ remain. I hope that it makes sense and I am grateful for all info and advice. JP
  22. If anyone has experience of this I would love your thoughts. I received a ECN from Excel Parking with a mistake in the car reg. I have ignored the first Notice to Owner to pay (I don't know how they found me with the wrong reg number written down). I now have a 'copy' of a court summons for a Magistrates' court (it's a photocopy or a scan or something and looks suspiciously similar to the other correspondence I've had from Excel, rather than from a court). How should I proceed? Do i have a case due to their mistake on the original ticket?
  23. Hi, I received a Fixed penalty notice for shoplifting in August and paid the fine the next day. The policeman at the time scribbled out the printed £80 on the Metropolitan Police Service Penalty Notice and said "it had gone up to £90" which he then wrote next to it. I tried paying over the phone but for some reason kept being told to try again later and the call dropping, so I paid online where there was no option to change the £80 to £90. I started receiving letters from Loss Prevention Ltd for £147 which I have ignored on the advice from this forum but today received a Notice of Re
  24. The night before last,for no particular reason,I typed my name into Google. I was perturbed by the fact one of the results returned was on a website named checkSURE.biz,which appeared to list me as a company director,along with my address. I have contacted checkSURE to find out what is going on.I have never,ever been a director,much less run a business from my flat! As I understand it,this can be one of the steps in Identity Theft,and fraudsters can basically register anyones name and address to run up business debts or similar nefarious activities. I have also contacted Companies Hous
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