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  1. I have just been told by Customer Services at Currys that they cannot discuss my claim with me, only my solicitor. Further, even though they admit that they have breached our contract and been negligent, they don't have to pay me anything in compensation. Apparently you only get damages in court if you're injured. After I informed them that I was recording the call, I have the poor girl saying that of course if she's wrong Currys will pay all my costs, including the solicitor. So for the sake of a claim for a few hundred pounds, Currys are willing to ri
  2. Earlier this evening I went to Currys/PC World to buy a new appliance at a not inconsiderable cost. As I was paying in full & they had stock I could take it away with me. I was asked for name & address and upon asking why they wanted that was told so I could have their 1 year guarantee. Seeing as the product has a 2 year manufacturers guarantee this seemed more than a little odd but the salesperson was not budging. Result being they lost a sale and I have ordered elsewhere. would No doubt they are under orders to harvest as many names & addresses as they can, I sugg
  3. Hi all, Hope someone can advise me what to do here. To cut a [very] long story short, I left my Samsung PC monitor at Currys in Lincoln at the beginning of June. They sent it off to the repair centre and it came back about a week later. Due to ill health I couldn't get to pick it up until last Thursday. When I did it was wrapped up in bubble wrap and I didn't have the time to unwrap and check it in store (BIG mistake!). I unwrapped it Monday evening and, to my absolute horror, it was covered in scratches! The whole of the bezel is just full of them; it looks like it's been laid
  4. My new fridge freezer was due for delivery yesterday, but the delivery guy said that he noticed that it was broken as he was about to take it off the van. He said that he would order another one and that it would be delivered today. However, this morning I recieved a phone call from currys saying that this new Samsung freedge freezer is also damaged and that they will order another one, and that they will deliver this on Friday. I told them that the fridge freezer that I was supposed to get yesterday was broken, to which they said that this one is also broken. I have to
  5. I ordered on line and used credit, your plan, for my payment method. When my order arrives, it was to have been a Panasonic camera, the actual box was missing the camera !!!! Yes missing I have heard back from them, after a few weeks and many many calls. The outcome is they have rejected my claim ? see below We understand that you have reported the non-receipt of the PANASONIC - Lumix DMC-LX15EB-K High Performance Compact Camera - Black from Currys PC World. We have investigated your missing item along with our delivery partners, DPD. The information you have provided indi
  6. I had a Kewood dishwasher delvered. As the men bought it in after disconnecting and removing my old one I noticed they has managed to deliver it or break on delivery the waste pipe. They connected to my original pipework so that I was not without a washer but my son pointed out it would leak which it has done and it needs towels to soak up the water. He has been employed in and has experience of this trade. I paid £50 for installation and removal. I signed the delivery form as being received broken. I emailed Currys about it I have had to chase Curries and have had two 'no shows
  7. Hi, Sorry but its quite a long story. My electrician purchased and collected an oven from currys, and fitted it. He gave us the paperwork. The first time l used it the glass oven exploded, showering glass as far as the hall. After many hours on the phone to the manager of the store, it was agreed that he would send another one, as l would not have the same one again, l paid an extra £40 for another one. He also said when it was delivered they would disconnect the broken one, and perhaps put the new one in for a cup of tea. Oven was delivered and they c
  8. Any advice would be greatly appreciated please. I have listed the main details below: Purchased a DJI Osmo camera in March 2017 Camera cost £519 Paid using Currys YourPlan buy now pay later credit agreement Paid off the credit agreement in August Sent camera in for warranty repair on 28th August Waited three weeks and heard nothing Called Currys. Unable to advise at to the whereabouts of the camera. Called again. No information. Received a call on 27th September informing me the camera was lost. Went into store on the 28th September. Was issued a refund
  9. hi, to keep this short, i really need help/advice CURRYS STORE IN SELLY OAK HAVE LOST MY TABLET case number ............ on the 28/05/17 i rang knowhow with a problem ive been having with my tablet, and they advised me to take my tablet to currrys sellyoak, so i did i spoke to chap in the store (wahid), who took my tablet in for repair, I got a call after the bank holiday from wahid advising me that he will need to send the tablet of to samsungs, since then its just gone down hill with no communications from the store at all. so i start to chase it down via the customer
  10. Dear friends. We selected a fridge. We selected a delivery date with payment not FREE. Special instructions were to call client 30 minutes before however totally unnecessary as it was a whole day delivery. We waited. No Delivery. 5 to 8 phone calls later we got new dates next day. Following day the fridge came, damaged sides. Around 5 mins of cleaning and 3 minutes of vacuuming and paperwork signed we are now promised fridge for another day. Fridge could be with us today 21st July. HOWEVER, 2 days of work had to be taken off for 2 delivery dates as my cousin does not w
  11. Hello I have accidently damaged my laptop. It was sent to repair people and come back with the letter that it's not repairable. Insurance company advise to write to Claims Investigation Department Dixons House. So, what I did send registred letter with explanations and copies of all letters and refferences. Well, at this time over a month gone since they recieved my claim, I've no answer or letter from them. Could you advise about the terms for investigation or next step wich I would need to do? thank you in advance.
  12. I brought the 49ks7000 on Black Friday for when i move house (still not moved yet) & have kept it boxed up till recently to check if it worked. At the weekend i hooked my computer up to the TV and noticed a small white dot (a few pixels in size) on the screen when the computer boots up and displays a black background. I just assumed it was a bit of fluff or something on there, last night i noticed it again on boot up and had a closer look and It seems to be a tiny chip less than a millimeter. As long as I've had it nothing has impacted on the TV at all or anything at all to caus
  13. Taken a day off to have my fridge delivered by Currys as arranged. Guess what? Just had a message saying they now can't do it. Thanks Guys.
  14. My wife bought an Acer PC from Currys and because it had an hdmi display port had to buy a TV to use with it. The salesman attempted to sell her an insurance/service contract with it which she refused. He then said he would give a COMPLIMENTARY months cover on a contract in case she had any problems connecting the two, by the way I am an IT professional hence the original declining of a contract. The item was paid for via a credit card and the amount verified by PIN was correct. A month later a charge of £6-50 appeared on her credit card which it transpires is for payment for insurance/s
  15. Hi all. My sons 50" lcd TVs developed a slightly faded section on the bottom corner part of the screen within 10 months of purchase from currys. It was still watchable but as it was within 12 months I raised a warranty repair request with knowhow. The TV was collected and a few days later was contacted by knowhow to say that the TVs fault wasn't covered by warranty as it had suffered damage and the lcd screen was cracked. I was a bit surprised as the tv was wall mounted all the time and the fault didn't seem to look like a cracked screen. (I work in IT so I've come across
  16. Hi all, I purchased a steam iron from Currys about 5 months ago but recently it stopped working. I wanted to take it back under the year's warranty it had on it but when I went to find the receipt i saw that it was faded and barely legible. Turns out it was printyed on some sort of thermal paper that fades with time... either way, no surprise, they wouldn't accept it as proof of purchase. Has anyone else had this problem???? And if so what did they do to get around it? Not the most expensive item but ridiculous that I can't take it back through no fault of my own. They sho
  17. I recently, (well almost a month ago now), purchased a laptop (Acer Aspire) on Currys online site, cost £179.99. The item was collected from store on the 29th March. Due to the colour not being as advertised I returned the item unused and repackaged with cellophane still attached. ..so still brand new. The date now is 26th April and I still have not received my refund. As follows here is my timeline of events/calls to Currys; 30.3.16—Returned the laptop to store, a lady called Elaine said the item would be picked up tomorrow via DPD (ref. no. given) and then I wou
  18. On the 2nd of December last year, I bought an LG 3d Blu Ray player (for my bedroom) from Currys. Yes, they offered the extra cover but I declined. Two days ago, during one of my poor health days, I thought I would put a film on in my bedroom only to find that the player didn't switch on. I tried everything (new fuse, new battery for the remote) all to no avail. Yesterday, I took it back. I set my phone up to record the dismissive attitude of the Currys staff and being prepared to give them what for. Currys failed me miserably! They swapped the ruddy thing with no fuss. Bug
  19. Hi I purchased a washing machine in Dec 2012 and paid for a premier insurance so if my washing machine could not be fixed in 7 days I'd get a new one. On the 10th July I called as my machine was not emptying or spinning. It came up with an error18 which meant a blockage somewhere in the machine. I had to wait 4 days for an engineer. He came, replaced a part and left. My machine worked for 2 loads then the same error appeared the next day. I called and they couldn't get an engineer for another 5 days. They said if it needed a part then they'd order one. I mentioned my polic
  20. Hi, new to this forum, found it when searching for a bit of advice. I've searched for an answer to my specific issue but can't find it here, so..... I recently bought a microsoft surface pro 3 from Currys. The advert clearly shows it with a keyboard, which is what I was looking for. I went ahead and bought it. The next day my girlfriend said she didn't think it came with the keyboard, so I looked at the advert again. It definitely does not say keyboard not included, and there is separate offer for the tablet and keyboard as a bundle. I realise I made a mistake here but are Cur
  21. We bought a £1,299 laptop from PC World buisness, with £579 Premium Cover. ANY EVENT Accidental damage, fell down multi story, concrete, car park stair well, when I tumbled when ill. To understand events, History background, 2 years later, with a vast assortment of bad medical problems, medically, I already have a bone damaged injured nose caused by using long term nazal spray from Dr, with a 5 mm hole through it. In short on stairwell, There was movement in my nose, I could not breath, forced to pick the blockage, I must have touched a nerve, I felt like I had had an electr
  22. In 2009 we bought a Beko frost free fridge freezer from Currys for over £400. Last weekend (4th July) the back of the fridge compartment blew up like an air-bag, pushing out the shelves and opening the fridge door. The freezer was still working at this stage but only until the following day. On Monday 6th I sent an email complaint to Beko and received the following reply: "Good afternoon,Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear of the fault with your Beko Fridge/Freezer. If the back wall has blown out on the appliance, this unfortunately cannot be repaired
  23. Hi all I am just back from spending 2 and half hours in a store arguing about the Sale of Goods Act. I bought a Laptop online, which keeps freezing, so I phoned Customer Services and asked how I go about returning it, I was advised to just call into my local store and they will sort it all out. So off I go to said local store, only to be met with abuse by the General Manager. Anyway, the guy on the 'KnowHow' desk claims the Laptop is not faulty at all and therefore I can't have my refund, so I quote the SoGA and he said hes not allowed to talk to me about that, so I ask for the Manag
  24. First of all I want to say hello to everybody, im new here, and I registered because I hope someone could give me some advice. A couple of weeks ago I send a desktop pc to repair to the Curry's store located in Leyton, because my pc has a broken pci slot damaged from the graphic card slot, but it was still working, the only problem was that couldn't use a graphic card. After 14 days (the only day that they were in contact with me) they call me and say that the fault can't be repaired and that I can come back and pick it up with a refund (90£). They gave the refund and the pc,
  25. So... Lets see where to start. Back in March I purchased a Surface Pro 3 Keyboard, Knowing that i was going to purchase a SP3 at somepoint in April. That I did. It remained in storage for a while until I purchased a SP3 and decided to use them together. When i started using it, I noticed a rather severe battery drain that would kill the battery life of my SP3 when attached. When not attached, it was fine. Lasting almost 8 hours with one use. So I returned it back to Curry's while I was home in Portsmouth for a quick holiday. They said to me that they would take it awa
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