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  1. Thank you - both. Very grateful to have this shower mentioned in the title, I wasn't sure if I should
  2. Evening all, I ordered some equipment from Fitness Superstore, checked both items were in stock (it showed as such on the website but I checked anyway)and there is an email trail showing this. As I was having them install it I had to submit a form which I did and they acknowledged receipt. I had to hasten info on a delivery date but once they had been reminded of my order this was set for next Monday (11th Feb). Yesterday they informed me that the Monday delivery is only for one item and the other will be restocked 'sometime in March but they don't know when'. It could potentially be 7 weeks before it's available again and then there's the wait for installation. A kerbside delivery isn't an option for us with equipment of this size and weight. After some discussion I have today cancelled the whole order. I did use a credit card but I transferred the money to it on the day of the order so I am out of pocket over £3000. I want the refund sooner rather than later. The way this went I've lost all confidence in this company as they don't give a damn and I want my money back so I can go elsewhere. I can email an LBA first thing on Monday and I'd like to give close of business on Friday as a deadline - all they have to do is press buttons to refund my credit card and I know it can be done. Must I give them any longer? I see two weeks quoted on here quite often.
  3. Thank you BankFodder. I'm ridiculously impressed with them. No arguing, no attempt to make it difficult to claim, Just an admission, an apology and the compensation. They did everything right on the night too - handed out vouchers and leaflets outlining rights and how to claim. Can't fault them. Really can't blame them for an airport bar (the only outlet still open) charging £1.50 for a bag of crisps!
  4. Just by way of a change on this forum I thought it would be fair to point out when a company gets it right. Put in a claim for delayed flights at around 11pm six days post journey and by mid afternoon the next day the airline came back saying they had investigated, the flight was delayed by 3 hours 12 minutes due to operational reasons, this was within their control and considered non-extraordinary circumstances under EU law and they would be paying £440.26 (£220.13 per person) into the bank account of the details you gave within the next 14 days. They've also agreed to an extra £6+ for extra expenses because the vouchers they gave out weren't adequate. This isn't a prestigious airline with expensive ticketing. It's Easyjet and it was a short hop costing approx £60 per ticket. I think they deserve a public pat on the back. Yes, they should all get it right all the time but they don't. This lot did this time.
  5. That argument suggests that any harness, however badly designed/made, would be fit for purpose as long as the dog only ever walked perfectly on a loose lead. What about when they're off lead and running? Is it OK for exposed seams to rub the dog's skin then? This was clearly addressed in the OP's original email so it isn't true there's nothing in writing.
  6. Surely the whole point of a custom made item is that it should be suitable for the dog in question when the special requirements were clearly set out in the email.
  7. So true and the morons we pay to govern this country will let him. We're going to lose all the protections for safe food and replace it with drug ridden/chemical soaked products. He'll insist on that as a minimum in return for any sort of trade deal.
  8. Hopefully. The harness I gave a link to is roughly comparable in price and is a comparator showing the quality a buyer should get when they rely on the professional knowledge of someone who makes such a thing.
  9. That's in the email and is a known issue with some breeds. The brand I gave a link to lines the parts which could cause such a problem with fleece for this very reason. The seller accepted the commission knowing this and exposed seams are absolutely unsuitable.
  10. If the harness is not suitable for the dog's skin (exposed seams) and does not have the requested handle then surely that's not as ordered and can be returned for a refund. As an aside can I suggest you look at this https://www.dog-games-shop.co.uk/perfect-fit-harness-size-guide Each part of the harness can be bought in the size needed so the overall fit is correct whatever the shape and size of your dog and you can exchange any part which isn't right until you have the perfect fit. Not cheap and not waterproof but soft and doesn't rub because of a good fit and I considered mine great value.
  11. Don't think she's quite got the same attitude to men groping women - so no.
  12. Pretty sure it's British Gas and I would move her except she is now going full time into a care home. It's been on the cards for a while which is what led to my inertia. Would have loved that but they'll do anything to put you off doing it and to be honest there comes a point where (shamefully) I just give up.
  13. Positive. They admit it and lower the dd to a sensible level but then it creeps back up again and I have to give it a while to show that their excuses for doing so are invalid. Then I have the fight to get it repaid. I've learned to do it around March/April as they can't claim she needs to 'build up an amount ready for winter' - that one used to be a favourite.
  14. She's very old and just wouldn't have argued - wouldn't even have known what it was. I simply don't understand how a supplier can install them and then continue to transfer money which isn't owed from a customer's bank account into their own. What's the point of the things?
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