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  1. Firstly, I've had to look up what a tegu is and beyond now knowing it's a lizard I'm not really much wiser as there seem to be a number of different types. As I see it so far, this will come down to an argument over whether the lizard was in good health when purchased or they can try to blame the death on your care. Are you experienced with such animals? Would you have noticed the signs that indicated the lizard was not in good health. Did it show any such signs and did you seek veterinary care or was the death so sudden that you didn't have chance? On the face of it an animal should not just die ten days after purchase but I don't have the knowledge to say this can't have happened entirely under your ownership. On the other hand I'm incredibly unimpressed with any retailer claiming 48 hours as a cut off for responsibility. I'm assuming this lizard was expensive enough that you would be prepared to take it further. If so we really do need more detailed information to offer sensible advice.
  2. I've only ever known of the band being changed on the sale of an extended property. If you are within three months of the decision you can go to a VOA tribunal.
  3. It is with me now. I count it as a victory that I make them give up on the call and hang up. I wondered if they got in trouble for not pressing a potential victim hard enough if they give up.
  4. I'd have been right there with you until today. The increasing desperation with which she wanted me to agree with her and answer in the affirmative was honestly comical. She really did get very demanding to the point of shouting 'I expect you to answer my questions do you understand'. I never just answer yes to any unsolicited call, in response to 'hello is that Hightail' I only ever ask who's calling. Didn't realise until today how much it annoys them.
  5. It was a woman and she was absolutely furious with me towards the end, shouting at me to hang up if I didn't want to speak to her. I know it's a thing that they don't want to end the call. The other thing that was obvious was that she wanted me to say 'yes' and I wouldn't. She was saying all sorts of things to try and get me to agree with her on something - anything. I think that is so they have you recorded and can then claim you have agreed to anything. She was truly fizzing on that, yelling at me that she 'expected' me to answer her questions and stop behaving like a robot.
  6. Normally I wouldn't answer any call unless I recognised the number but at the moment I am expecting calls from strangers so have to. I've just had a reasonably entertaining exchange where I just repeated 'I don't want phone calls from you'. Must have been about twenty times with the scammer on the other end getting increasingly irate and eventually shouting at me to hang up. I didn't. I know they don't want to be the one to end the call but I don't know why. Can anyone enlighten me?
  7. Mystery solved into holidaymaker parking car on furious mum's drive for Birmingham Airport - Birmingham Live WWW.BIRMINGHAMMAIL.CO.UK Sheldon mum-of-two left powerless to move mystery car on driveway - but a note has revealed why it happened That was quicker than I expected - should have more faith in myself.
  8. I'll try and find it again. It popped up on my newsfeed on two separate occasions, once as the 'mystery car' story and then with the mystery solved. It was a house close to Birmingham airport, that I do remember
  9. There is an identical story running in the press at present. In that case the resident rents the property and got in touch with her landlord who, it turns out, registered the driveway on some parking app years ago. Might be worth checking the previous owners had not done something similar.
  10. When I took a cat from the RSPCA some years ago I just signed the paperwork after a quick scan. When I looked in more detail later I discovered I had not paid them for the animal. I had made a donation and agreed to keep/care for it. In most cases this would never be an issue and it wasn't for me. As it happens, I agree with your stance on the automatic neutering of male dogs. I'm not against it but I wouldn't do it without need and if you are going to do it then timing is all important. How old is the dog? Too young - very bad (age is breed dependent), quite old and I think the moment has passed. There's a risk/reward issue whenever a general anaesthetic is involved. I do understand a rescue's stance to an extent as it's easier to have a blanket rule. To what extent do you think they'll continue to follow up?
  11. Are you sure it's your dog? Some rescues have an arrangement where you don't become the owner, just the keeper. A bit like fostering I guess. I'm not sure exactly how it works but I think you need to check your paperwork carefully. Are they offering to pay for the procedure?
  12. Do you buy the hair directly from the company yourself or does the hairdresser supply it and you pay her? If the latter, and your post does give that impression, then you have no contract with the supplier but you do with the hairdresser.
  13. My father had it 'mentioned on the death certificate'. He had advanced esophageal cancer. Covid did not kill him, cancer did. If it hastened his death it was by a couple of days at most. The same would be true of anyone who caught it in hospital if they were admitted because of trauma with absolutely no other issue.
  14. There will be some who were +ve for Covid but it made no real difference, it wasn't why they died. Not many but there will be.
  15. That's how I read it TJ except for those who died of completely unrelated causes that just happened to be within 28 days of a Covid diagnosis. There will be some in that category. For others with underlying conditions I think it's fair to say they might/possibly/probably still be alive but for Covid. Some would not be.
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