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  1. Probate isn't cleared funds and I can confirm it's taking much longer than usual. Even a simple bank account can take over a month and NS&I are taking around three months to release funds to executors. I've only just paid out on the will of my aunt who died on 2nd March and I held an LPA for her so knew exactly what was where and the financial institutions already knew my identity.
  2. I guess we can expect ‘clarification’ from the PM tonight while the sky fills with flying pigs. My best guess on further measures: You can cross parish boundaries as long as you hop on one foot whilst humming happy birthday Cars can move between different boroughs with differing restrictions as long as the combined ages of the occupants total no more than 90 years If your journey involves crossing county boundaries you need to download a government approved eye test chart and use this as your permit to travel.
  3. My husband spends a lot of time walking on a treadmill (bad knee) and watches mindless TV to pass the time. Yesterday he turned on the TV and pressed 'resume' to continue watching a series called 'Chuck' on Amazon Prime. This was episode 5 of season 5 of something which has always been included with Prime ie no charge. Next thing we knew he had an email confirming his purchase of this episode for £2.99. I wouldn't have thought more of it if charges had been imposed at the start of a new season but this is really sneaky, not only part way through a season but part
  4. Maybe they're hoping the threat of it is enough. The next major issue will be the collapse of Universal Credit as many thousands of jobs are lost once furlough ends. They'll claim they couldn't see that coming too.
  5. That does make some sense to me. The drunker people get the less likely they are to attempt any level of social distancing, behaviour in general deteriorates. It’s also why ‘table service only’ is introduced.
  6. Boris claims to be against a full lockdown but surely it would be better while furlough is still in place. Can’t see them reintroducing it as they’re so determined to cut off support for all sectors at the end of next month.
  7. I’d take a wild guess you’ve just listed many who have been tested more than once and will also be exempt from any form of rationing going forward.
  8. I’d called it for mid October a couple of weeks ago and have been much ridiculed by friends for doing so. Seems I wasn’t pessimistic enough.
  9. I completely accept that. Would they have turned on the population the same though? We now have some of the most entitled individuals in the country telling us the problem is that the rest of us are clogging up the system because we aren't 'entitled' to tests without symptoms. I obviously misheard when it was all 'we can open up because test and trace is the answer'. How is it the answer if there's no entitlement to testing until you've already passed the virus on to others?
  10. It isn’t even the constant failures which annoy me most, I accept this is not a situation with absolute and easy answers. It’s the automatic response of lying to me at every turn which means I’ve lost any and all faith in government. We all know politicians lie but this shower have surpassed themselves and then when the lying doesn’t work they blame us for their failures. They’ve lost whatever grip they ever had because success always depended on trust and compliance. I think that’s gone for good.
  11. Some centres are designated 'walk-in' and there is confusion as to whether an appointment is needed. Sometimes it hasn't been and more recently they are turning away even those who do have a QR code. Some don't open at all, or do so hours late with no reason given. Some stop testing/close early even when there are booked appointments outstanding. This does seem to be recent, roughly since the schools went back. About three weeks ago my daughter managed to book a test at a local centre for the next day. Now there's nothing.
  12. There’s precious little doubt in my mind this is someone producing kittens to make money. The irony is that because they are doing so in such a callous and irresponsible manner there may be little evidence.
  13. No vet would say a kitten is fit to be rehomed if it isn't fit enough to be vaccinated. I know I'm pushing this point and it's because this could be considered a 'private' sale and therefore deliberate misrepresentation could (on top of everything BF has said) be important if you have to take it further. I'm afraid there's every chance that will be the case because this has all the hallmarks of a backyard breeder who doesn't care. This cannot have been a registered pedigree kitten, what paperwork were you given?
  14. I am sorry this has happened to you. It is heartbreaking and especially difficult when there are children involved. Was this kitten a particular breed? No proper 'breeder' can sell a kitten until a week after it has had a full set of vaccinations which means they have to be 13 weeks old at a minimum. Do you have anything in writing (email maybe) where the seller told you the kitten had been seen by a vet and cleared for sale? I suspect this may not be true and if so there was clear misrepresentation. Nine weeks is the normal age for the first of two vaccinations which make up the ful
  15. The only possible solution IS herd immunity however it’s achieved. It is herd immunity which controls/prevents spread. I’m struggling to see what other option exists other than us all cowering inside our homes for evermore.
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