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  1. It's obvious that the government is making it so difficult with benefits they are hoping that everyone will just give up claiming but I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or head butt the wall with this situation and just wondering if anyone has had similar problems because apparently the people in front and behind me in the cashiers queue had the same issue!! Had a medical appointment in London yesterday for my ongoing vertigo issue and am on UC at the moment (although haven't received anything as yet due to my last pay packet back in July!). However I can't remember where but someone tol
  2. Just after a bit of advice. I have successfully defended a claim brought against me and at the end of the hearing I asked the Judge if I could submit financials for consideration. I was told I could claim £45 for a half day hearing attendance but no more. The case has actually cost me £1200 to defend (time off work, mileage, parking etc) which is of course a tad annoying. Seems unfair that I can be dragged through the civil legal system, win the case and be out of pocket. Is this normal?
  3. I recently left my employer as the job really wasnt what I had been sold. As part of my package I received international relocation expenses to move to the uk, with my contract stating 75% should be repaid if leaving within 18 months. Upon leaving I owed around £5000, £2500 of which I repaid. I am now being chased for the remaining, I haven't paid this because I dispute around £1000 of these costs. the shipping company the firm used we more than double the highest quote of any other supplier I can find. All of this I explained to the firm and tried to resolve before leaving to no avail.
  4. Hello all I have joined this site to ask for some serious advice, as I can't find a strait forward answer anywhere and not so trusting of Youtube video's, without meaning to discredit the knowledge obtainable and to be disrespectful, I'm just an anallytical kind of person. My case is one which has caused me a lot of suffering my father passed away back in 2015, I rang around to find the cheapest funeral option for myself to take out (sounds bad I know, money is tight) I contacted one director who gave me a price of £3100.00, who then dropped it down to £2900.00. Just under half was p
  5. BIT OF BACKGROUND... ..I have lost a court ccj against lowell, I tried twice to have it set aside, first time despite evidence that a ccj had gone to empty property not mine, (found 6 months later) letters from 3 neighbours stating long standing postal problems the judge at county court chose to not believe, only skip readed one, second time i tried to get it set aside i had a solicitor on it, he said that lowell had no deed of assignment and had not followed correct procedures on four counts, judge chose to ignore and said couldnt overturn first judge and w
  6. Hi Folks, Can interest incurred on legal expenses be claimed against a perpetrator? For example, if a high interest credit card is used to pay for representation against a bank that have deliberately refused redress for more than a decade, the interest alone has more than tripled the cost of litigation. Can the victim claim any expenses? For example, having to hire a private detective to trace the key witness to the crime? I'm stuck with Scottish Law at the moment but I'd be interested to hear if it's possible in England. Of course, there ought to be provisions f
  7. I am not going to name names. I just read of one MP who claimed a Large amount for tidying up their constituency home and garden. Then votes for a cut in ESA of 30.00 a week. I am neutral but feel free to have a look around at MPS expenses in your Town,City,Vllage,Hamlet. For whatever year you would like to see. Does it matter that much whether the woodwork has six coats of Chelsea Blue paint or Postbox Red or whatever coulour you like. Or whether the grass,flowers look like Chelsea flower show or a bowling green. And all the rest you can think about. Aggregated Annual
  8. OK, here's one for you. My wife works in sales for a multinational. She travels extensively around the UK & Ireland and frequently clocks up business travel and accommodation expenses in excess of £1000 per month. He salary is modest and after tax etc. she takes home about £2100 per month. The company have issued her with an AmEx card which is in her name. This account, in her name, needs to be paid off at the end of every month. This means that from her £2100 take home on average £1000 is immediately paid to AMEX, if it is not then the card is frozen and she ends up having to fu
  9. Hi everyone, I feel I am being put into a position by housing benefit regulations of having to consider giving up my job, I would be grateful for any help or advice. My story starts with leaving a job I was in after 12 years as an employee to do the job I am doing now. I started this job in June 2104. Basically I am a door to door collection agent, (like a provident agent), different company. I am NOT self employed but PAYE, I am on a commission only basis and I pay all my own expenses from my Net Pay, e.g fuel, car repairs, mobile phone, wifi etc. these expenses are not recoverable from
  10. Hi All, I left the employment of a company on the 31st August with my last day at work being the 18th August. On my last day I submitted a claim for my expenses for the last six weeks of my employment electronically along with a paper copy of receiptsto support it.. The claim was a similar amount to what I had claimed most months for the previous 4 years and had been paid without quibble by my employer. (expenses usually being credited to my account within 5 days.) However, the week before I left in my exit interview I said the reason I was leaving was due to the management sty
  11. please help, case for expenses due not disputed, case to make a claim not disputed, case dismissed as not done on correct form using information of journeys completed eg post code to post code and dates. all information on electronic diary, no paper copy of visits used by any employee, accurate mileage claim relied on access to diary at work which was refused. My estimated amount discussed for over one hour, gave calculation of how I had got amount, ex employer asked to produce figure for court of their estimation of amount. case dismissed due to not applying on the correct form or produ
  12. Does anyone know how Legal Expenses cover works in general - i assume it is not for a event that has occured ? or it their a backdate time frame? .I am referring to employment issue Oddly , i looked at the documents of Policy Expert and they conspicuously make no mention of exclusions regarding employment issues (page 2) http://www.policyexpert.co.uk/wp-content/public/downloads/optional-extras/legal_expenses_and_id_theft_Keyfacts_PELEIKF1012.pdf
  13. Hi all, Legal n00b here, and wouldn't want to give too much info for fear of spying eyes!! I currently have a MCOL case where I am the claimant, that has recently been transferred to the local courts to sort out. Mediation was tried, but the courts could either not get in contact with the defendant to sort out dates, or she, (or her solicitor) could not supply the courts with suitable dates. The case has now been transferred to the local courts, which happens to be 200 miles away from where both I and the defendant live. It has been transferred to the court that is local to
  14. How long does it normally take for ATOS to put your travel expenses claim into your bank account. I filled out the form before I left the WCA Centre and handed it back
  15. I have been told that I will have to work from a different office twice a week, meaning an increase of work mileage of 120 miles a week. I just can't afford to pay this. Can I ask for the costs to be covered - I didn't ask for this change in work situation.
  16. Hi there, I am currently on ESA (the work related group which I protest but nothing changes) and on Avanta's work programme, which is a waste of time (I've been telling them for over a year I want to go back into education and each month they say "hey how about self employment", etc..). Basically, I'm currently in Newcastle staying with family and must attend the monthly appointment which is in Bolton. That's a £50 rail fee away (with my railcard), just for me to walk in and say hi, tell them I don't want self employment I want to go back to education, and yes I am still seeing a the
  17. Had an appointment at the JC on Saturday - first time I've been asked to attend at the weekend - and was annoyed that my JC didn't have a cash box available to pay my (and others) travel expenses. I can get it next time I sign on but this is totally unacceptable. Now I wasn't in dire need of the £6, but there's plenty who would have needed that money reimbursing immediately, especially younger people on lower benefit rates. If you're normally paid expenses in cash at your JC and are called in at the weekend, best to get confirmation that you'll get your expenses on the day. I ha
  18. Hello I'm just enquiring about the Job Centre's ability to pay for travel expenses to an interview. I have an interview in Edinburgh but I live in Manchester. My 'Work Coach' has advised the Job Centre will pay for my travel, but they will only pay for the train. The train works out to be nearly three times as much time travelling as going by plane, but it's also more expensive. Having done some research, it seems the money comes out of a 'Flexible Support Fund' but information about this is very scarce as it seems to be allocated at a local level by District Managers. I'm wo
  19. Hi all just want some advice again from this great forum again this time its for expenses claim from the local council i get a call from the council a few weeks back saying im getting a new refurbishment kitchen result i think as never heard nothink about this before. monday morning comes all suits turn up at the door doing servays etc measuring. ok your haveing a new kitchen ,bathroom and electric wiring ,boiler radiators , starts in 3weeks time ok we think result new kitchen etc work starts on the 4/8/14 still aint complete yet so every day my family me wife 4 children and 11 week old
  20. Hi , I had an interview last week [ did`t get the job] but i had to go by taxi , can i claim full or part of my expenses back ?. NB Sorry i should of made it clear that i am claiming JSA & if i could claim the money back from the JC when i next sign on.
  21. Hi I began a new job in June 2013. For the role I was offered car allowance @ £360 per month by my employer. I told my employer that I do not drive, therefore they offered to pay me the car allowance for 6 months until 31 December 2013 - on the view that I must have a full driving license by 31st December for the payments to continue beyond 2013. In August my father had a heart attack and subsequently had to have double bypass surgery - this stopped my lessons for around a month. Then in October 2013 I was diagnosed with pneumonia - I therefore stopped the lessons again until the en
  22. This is the second time I'm asking this... Anyway... I'm sick and tired of my council and plan on a full assault.... By this I mean on going for the jugular and nailing their expenses... Anyway, can someone point me in the direction of a letter/template, if no explain how I can get a copy of their books? From my understanding, because they're a public body, the books are public information. Any help would be great!
  23. I am almost permanently travelling around the country for work so my expenses are essential for travel /food/accommodation. As I can be away up to 6 nights a week the bill can be substantial. This was never an issue when expenses were paid weekly but now my employer has changed their expenses policy to only pay it monthly. I cannot afford to cover all these costs for a full month until we get paid. It could amount to over 50% of my wage and they are refusing to negotiate. I cannot find any specifics on this issue in employment law. Can anyone help?
  24. Hi we fought and won a case against preferred mortgages when they tried to repossess and it was all charges plus they mis-used our mortgage payments to clear insurance leaving shortfall which created arrears. We had 5 court appearances and the sheriff finally dismissed case in our favour with expenses. Need to understand how the taxation thing works and to ensure we get as much as we are entitled. Any help appreciated.
  25. Help Please - Advice for best recovering losses in the following situation from 23rd August 2013 Overview Flight from Bristol to Dublin (EI3285) eventually cancelled due to technical issue with aircraft after a 4 hour delay. Technical issue was a dent in the nose of the plane. Suspected bird-strike! Alternative routes where provided on first come 1st serve basis during period of delay. This involved a bus trip to Gatwick then an onward flight to Dublin. Apparently this bus got mixed up in traffic and missed the connecting flight. £3 each for refreshments was issued after 3 h
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