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  1. told them i will pay £100 pm back agreed over the phone they need to create an invoice or somthink so its all sorted now hopfully
  2. would they offer a deal like a 1 off payment at a discount ? as im only limited to pay x amount monthly thanks for the replys
  3. she got paid monthly basic pay £470.15 didnt earn enough to pay tax or national insurance but paid £7 for union
  4. she was told by HR that she earnt £1 less then the criteria for them to pay maternity allowance @BankFodder think it was just spent on everyday bills etc because she went on maternity in march and the 1st payment they paid was in augest she honestly thought it was her money to spend as there was no payments for the 1st 5 months would also like to add that when she was working there she had to sign a time sheet every week to be paid so why would they pay her if no authrised time sheets had been submmited by her employer
  5. Hi all i would like some help, advice or info regarding over payments from an employer my wife worked for the local council at a school for 13hrs a week for 4 and a bit years, Last year she become pregnant and continued to work till april 2014 when she took maternity leave she was told she didnt earn enough money so she wouldnt qualify to be paid materntaiy pay, instead she was paid from the local job center, in august 2014 her employer paid wages into her account because she works for a school and it was during the 6 weeks holidays she thought the money was hers as how could the council mak
  6. Ive already said i dont have the pcn ticket all i have is this letter that come thru the post as i stated i go to login the council site and it asks for a pin code which i dont have so as prevousely stated il update once i tecive the appeal descian
  7. sorry i dont have the origanal ticket to get info from i just gott he letter and on the back it had go to this web address to appeal so i did . trafficandparkingcontrol@havering.gov.uk below is what i wtote I wish to appeal ticket issued PCN xxxxxxxx at the time of the said offence I was the driver of vehicle reg number xxxxxxx. My name is xxxxxxxx I live at xxxxxxxxxx. I wish to appeal on the following ground on the 05/03/2015 I pulled up in the parking bays and went to the ticket machine which is allocated at the other end of the street, when i arrived back at my car which was
  8. im trying to login to the council to get a copy of the times but i dont have a log in its asking for a web code Please enter the Penalty Charge Notice number and the Vehicle Registration in the boxes below. These are displayed on the front of the Notice and/or correspondence you received. Please enter your personal web code i have the 1st 2 details whats a web code as i have no idea would like to add i also add to get my child out the car which would have taken a minute or so b4 i begain walking to the machine
  9. ok heres the tickets in pdf format as requested many thanks
  10. it dont say obsoverd time just says contrravention 06 parked without displaying a ticket at 16:39:53 ticket machine is say 60-70 meters from car my ticket purchased at 16:42:00
  11. so does that mean i have a case or not these rip off councils taking libertys 2 minutes to walk to a machine
  12. its from the local council and yes penalty charge notice is on the letter doesthis make a difference then ??? many thanks
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