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  1. Hi Conniff , thanks for the reply, i can envisage the garage getting very troublesome about this. I have no intention of accepting a reconditioned engine that i have no knowledge of the condition & mileage, i am not paying out another penny on this matter. I am out of pocket with insurance, vehicle tax & time without a car so to " pay again " is ridiculous. Ideally i want the purchase price back but what are my legal rights ?. Thanks for all the help Paddy.
  2. Hello all, sorry for the delay in any update but the process has taken a very long time. looking for more advice if possible please. The garage came & collected the car & called the warranty company out to look it over , i think they hoped they would agree to the repairs being paid by them. The upshot is that the engine has failed due to lack of oil , we already knew this but had to have it confirmed. The garage have made me an offer of souring a reconditioned engine & have asked i pay £500 but will do the work as a " good will " gesture , they estimate the work to be £600 . TBH , i am really not interested in paying another penny . Thanks Paddy
  3. I have managed to get them to come on Wednesday this week & told them i need an AM appointment , they have agreed . we shall see what happens , i get the feeling that they will do their examination & still deny any liability . I will be extra vigilant in watching what they are doing during the test. Thanks for the advice Conniff
  4. No , i gave him two dates in which i could be there in person, as they requested but both were not suitable because it was their " busiest days " . I work nationwide & it is very difficult for me to be present while they look over the car & do their tests etc etc. They want me there so they can look it over & if its " my fault / their fault " we can go from there. This is dragging on far too long now & i am losing patience , the longer the car sits it will cause even more problems . Just don`t know what to do now .
  5. Further update. I have been contacted by the dealer who would like to come & inspect the car & see what has caused the problem. I think it is only fair that they should be given this chance but is there anything i should do to safeguard the situation. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all. update. the dealer rang me on Monday & it was a frosty ish conversation. I paid for the diagnostics as the maximum amount the warranty company pay would not have covered his fees, i paid the full amount & will swallow the extra £20 , the dealer has sent me an email saying he finds this " very concerning" , i replied to the email & he has disabled his email service , been working away so i am finding it hard to get the time to deal with this. I followed the warranty procedure for a break down, called mechanic in originally & he recommended the diagnostics guy . In my conversation with the dealer he said the mechanic was wrong, there was no need to to this & no need to do that . All he did was fit a new starter motor & i got the diagnostics done, the bottom line is i have had & run a car for 3 weeks 3days & from what i have been told is the engine has seized . At no point was there a warning light, any smoke or a smell that there might be a top up required, i know posters are saying it should of been checked [ by me] & i can see their point but it clearly states in the on the last service stamp " oil & filter change" , no warning light , no smell , no smoke so i did`t see a problem . This is wearing me down now, what can i do as i need to get this moving forward , disabling your website email & not contacting me in regards to this matter is a sign it is not going to be easy i fear . Thanks Foxy , i will have a look at your suggestions when i get time, i travel the country for work so its hard to get time to sort stuff but i will get round to it. Any suggestions as to where i go from here?. Thanks for all the advice .
  7. I suggest you re read the OP , very slowly so as it can sink in . If this is not possible then i would get your " husband" to explain it too you. Calculations don`t seem to be your strong point either. To say i am skeptical of your claims to be a woman who knows nothing about motors would be an understatement , considering that the vast majority of your posts are in fact on motoring topics it does seem rather strange to say the least. I would rather you did`t post on this particular thread again as i won`t be taking anything you have to say with any seriousness or gravitas.
  8. Hi all, i have sent an email via their email facility on their website as they have no physical email address on any paperwork or on the website. I have taken screen shots of the email sent with time & dates. I have asked for the vehicle to be removed & for a refund of my purchase price , i added that i had both a mechanic & diagnostics to look at the vehicle & in their opinion the engine has seized & therefore not fit for purpose . I will send a hard copy over the weekend & we shall see what their reaction is , i did`t tell them about it not having any oil in even after a supposed oil & filter replacement done with the service . I can only wait & see now , any further advise would be helpful but in the mean time thanks for all the help so far.
  9. Thanks Ford , do i outline why i am returning the vehicle , list the faults & say that under the Consumer rights act i now wish to return it?
  10. Hi bankfodder , i don`t have any chance of getting to the garage tomorrow. Can i not do it via email ? , i live nearly 50 mls away from the garage & have no vehicle or anyone who can help me in this respect.
  11. Hi everyone , i am looking for advice on how to proceed with this nightmare. I bought a car with 6 months warranty included , it had service history & the last service had been carried out on 3/12/2015 I bought the car on the 21/01/2016. On Monday 14 it just stopped with no power in the vehicle [ had to push it home] . I called out a mechanic who said it needed a new starter motor as he could get the one i the car to turn & he advised i needed a electrical diagnostics service due to my description of how it lost power & stopped, new starter fitted under warranty & the diagnostics but has today informed me the the engine has seized , we checked the oil & it was dry as a bone , bearing in mind the last service on the 3/12/2016 is stamped " oil & filter change" . At no time did an oil light come on to alert me but the diagnostics guy said this does happen when oil can sometimes cover the sensor but he thinks whoever did the supposed service that they forgot to top the oil back up after draining it & he said he has come across this a few times from garages. My question is i have had the starter motor fitted under warranty , paid for the diagnostics my self but can claim the cost back. How do i proceed in regards to getting my money back & returning the car , what proof do i need from the mechanic & diagnostics guys . The engine is totally seized & that is the fault of the garage IMHO . Any advise will be very appreciated , thanks .
  12. Hi Becky you sound very certain , is this your opinion or do you have a legal background to confirm this?. All my traveling was done on an Oyster card so don`t have the tkts to show them, i work it out at just under £20 for my travel & that is not something i can afford to lose because of their incompetence. Making a complaint is also fruitless & will be ignored , these recruitment agencies are snake pits & full of commission sales people with no concern or interest in you if don`t land the job, target driven by the very management you would be complaining too. I have emails confirming my time , date & attendance for the interview, i turned up to an interview that they had been informed was cancelled. I will put together a bill for my expenses & chance my arm for the time wasted. I personally think a phone call & email to confirm my attendance constitutes a contract of agreement. Thanks for all the replies Paddy.
  13. Hi , sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have a question regarding a recruitment agency that completely wasted my time & have cost me money. A second interview was arranged after getting through the first round. Monday 26th of October @ 11am. I had to get 2 buses & a train & finally a taxi to the interview but when i arrived i was informed that the interview had been cancelled due to an emergency meeting being held for some serious problem that had arisen , the lady conducting the interviews stated she had phoned the agency first thing to cancel & was very sorry for my wasted journey & that i should of been informed . OK, these things happen. On my journey back i was called by the agency , obviously the firm had called them to find out why i had not been informed. The girl from the agency was full of apologies & admitted she had " just forgot " because she was with another client, i was not best pleased but held my tongue ,so also lied about the time she was informed of the cancellation , they would be in touch to arrange the second interview. My dealing with agencies have opened my eyes to this industry & in my experience they are nothing short of cheap sales people who lie at the drop of a hat . I have had no further contact from the agency despite emailing & asking what the state of play was. So it looks like i did`t get the job, no problem, but i went to a lot of effort & expense to prepare myself for the second interview & my question is can i bill them for my time & expenses? , i am willing to take it to a small claims court but thought i would seek advise first , thanks in advance. Paddy
  14. I have been signed off by my doctor & gone onto ESA. I received a form from Atos that i have filled out, i omitted my phone numbers from the form as i feel that it is a private company & if they want to contact me i want a paper trial / evidence, i don`t trust dealing with them on the phone. I then had a worry that i should of checked first that omitting my phone numbers would not come back to bite me in the %^$ . Can anyone clarify that i am within my rights to withhold my numbers. Thanks Paddy
  15. Hi , Yes i did receive my payment, he was true to his word . Got another question , i have just received an Atos form to fill in , it states i should return it with my sick note. I am not sure what to do , i applied over the phone for ESA & my doctor has signed me off . I am sure that the guy [ ESA ] said he would send out a form & to return it with the sick note, i can`t send 2 notes to ESA & Atos. Atos are quick off the mark , i was only signed off last Wednesday .
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